We Teach Cops to Panic and Exploit Every Little Danger: No wonder they are left vulnerable to the insurgents of chaos

I don’t talk about it much; much of it was a long time ago.  I wouldn’t say I’m lucky to be alive.  I would say it was mostly skill, so I made it through some wild and deadly years.  I didn’t think it was so unusual, but it was quite clear that it was an extraordinary life as I’ve grown older.  But needless to say, I’ve had lots of guns pointed at me, and I’ve been shot at plenty of times.  And I enjoy those kinds of things, so it disgusts me a lot to hear people being babies about how they fear for their lives when they are shot at.  Police unions spend much of their lives defending dumb things that their members do, and they have cried wolf too much on the danger that police officers engage.  As I said in the above video, I don’t relate to people who panic.  I don’t panic about anything, and I never have, so all these police shootings that are happening on what mobs want to make into riots result from a loss of masculinity in the gunfighter process.  There are lots of causes for it.  But with all that said, we still need the police to protect law and order in our society.  If the police make mistakes, I consider it collateral damage based on lousy training.  I believe in this topic so much that I wrote a book called Tail of the Dragon, published about a decade ago now.  My first book, The Symposium of Justice, published nearly two decades ago, was about this issue to a large extent also.  So, I have some passionate thoughts about police efforts, the need for police and justice, and the kind of cool persona needed when in a firefight or a fistfight that requires a lot of experience. 

I understand mistakes happen.  I don’t understand the female cop who didn’t know she had a gun instead of a taser and accidentally killed the kid they were trying to arrest. I’m sure she feels terrible about it.  Like many of these victims, the kid didn’t respect the police, which is a significant problem.  Police are trained to subdue their arrestees no matter what.  That power goes to the heads of a certain percentage of cops, and that is another problem.  And the kind of training we give cops just doesn’t fit the circumstances. I’ve been to lots of gun classes and been around many gun users, and there is a tendency among them to overplay the danger of the weapons, which makes the gun users into panicky messes by the end of it.  I prefer the stone-cold competence of the old cowboys who spent so much time with guns that they could spin them in their hands and never injure themselves or others while using firearms. I’m used to people who shoot in SASS and Cowboy Fast Draw who have guns as natural extensions of themselves, not some armed villain that might accidentally go off and kill people on a cross draw.  The female cop should have never had a chambered weapon in her gun otherwise would have never mistaken a taser for a real gun ready to shoot.  Yeah, I get it; mistakes happen, but these communist plotters who control these inner cities are looking to exploit every mistake for a change state in law enforcement, which is an even worse problem. 

However, for context, everyone always says that until you know the raised heartbeat of chasing down some dangerous kid down a back alley who may be armed and ready to kill you, you don’t know what you’d do.  Or some guy freaked out on drugs might resist arrest, meaning you need to use deadly force; I can relate.  And it doesn’t bother me in the least.  People then ask, well, why aren’t you a cop?  My answer is that police are too structured for me, and they don’t make enough money.  Doing a job for the thrill of it isn’t enough in a world full of options.  But deadly encounters are not a deterrent, and there are plenty of people in the world who feel the same way.  We need them as cops, not some of this progressive stuff we see today where we can’t discuss the necessity of courage in the workplace or the differences in the sexes.  Instead, to avoid the discussion, we give aggressive police training and turn them loose politically ill-equipped for the political circumstances.  And when corruption is detected, the police unions cover for their members, making the public suspect every deed was done with suspicion, which has, in the long run, worked against the police.

That’s where the parasite insurgents have come into the picture.  They are using these political elements of policing, and the overreactions typical of most police encounters to their advantage whenever a mistake does happen.  The people crying over all these black kids dying under police hands don’t care for anything about the black-on-black violence in Chicago every day and night.  They don’t care about the many abortions that happen in black neighborhoods all year long.  They don’t care about the gunning down of drugged-out thugs by police, only what they can exploit it for to gain political power.  And that is the hard truth of the matter. It’s a shame, but that’s what we have before us. It’s not a problem that will solve itself, but one that must be identified, even if the admission is difficult.

Even with all that said, we must stand by our police.  The system is imperfect because we are inspiring the wrong kind of people to work in law enforcement.  The cool cats who have ice water in their veins are not going to the police academy.  There is too much bureaucracy in police work, and people like that don’t have the patience for uniformed work.  Who wants the rigidity of police work for payment under 70K?  Not the kind of people born with ice water in their veins.  But the power-hungry, the overdramatized attention getters, they do. I’ve had excellent friends who went on to become cops, and they made a game of pulling over young girls and making them exchange sexual favors to get out of tickets.  Not something they are talking about in the mainstream news, but it happens in every community, and that is because we fail to distinguish the good from the bad and reward the tough and fearless.  And in the wake, we end up with a mess.  The communists and socialists in these black neighborhoods want to exploit these tragedies to collapse the American way of life.  And the media is there to throw gas on the fire to help make it happen.  They don’t wish to preserve law and order.  They only cheer on the destruction of our nation and the laws that should bring peace but instead usher in an age of terror. It’s a path to hell paved with good intentions, and despite the trouble, we must stand by the cops because it is evident that nobody else will.  They need us more than ever and should not be penalized because of their terrible training in the arts of panic rather than courage. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Old Hippie Neil Young and his Pro Communist song “Ohio”: Liberals want to take away guns so they can finish what started in China

I didn’t appreciate it at all when Neil Young resurrected his old hippie song “Ohio” ahead of the November 6th election hoping to influence the Republican “red wave” that was obviously emerging. In an updated video of that old Vietnam protesting diatribe about the “Kent State Massacre” the implication is that the Nixon administration deserved to have college protestors speaking out against the American war effort in Vietnam, and that when the National Guard was called in the quell the protests, the four people who ended up dead and many others one of whom was permanently paralyzed should have never occurred and is part of a larger gun violence problem. Neil Young these days is a fat slob who in the video wondered about on stage in front of a large crowd of degenerates likely high on marijuana smoke and other intoxicants and celebrated that the old hippie managed to come up with a catchy guitar riff about that massacre. For many years the leftists, who are generally all communist sympathizers have used the entertainment industry to sell liberal ideas to the public and Neil Young is certainly one of them. But these days conservatives have someone in Donald Trump who can draw bigger crowds and he doesn’t even need a guitar. Sure, times are changing and the assumption that anybody cares what Neil Young does is negligible. Yet his message is disgusting and deserves to be ripped to shreds for his attempt at political discourse.

Colleges during the two decades leading up to the May, 1970 shooting on the Kent State campus in Northern Ohio had been leaning to the political left that entire time and it was becoming a real problem. American youth were being taught in those places to think like communists and many of them never got over it. They are now a big part of the progressive left and are now running large media companies which has allowed the MSM to wholly be considered leftists organizations and a big part of the anti-Trump movement. For them a lot of what they know started in liberal universities like Kent State. It is disgusting that as Americans we have spent so much money on all these liberal colleges thinking them to be good things for our young people, only to find that they had a number one goal of liberalizing America for the sentiments of globalism. Those intentions clashed on that day in 1970 that Neil Young was singing about in his hippie song.

Even worse, American academia took their influence from Europe, which they never should have done, and decided to sell to their students this utopian idea that guns were not part of any society, and that the use of them by the National Guard in the case of Kent State was part of an authoritarian government that took up arms against its own people. Yet the colleges themselves were stoking the fires of communism in support of the spread of it across the entire Vietnamese peninsula. One of the biggest mistakes the United States ever made in the history of our young country was not to listen to General Claire Chennault at the end of World War II when he warned that the communists moving into China were more of a threat than the Japanese ever were. But nobody listened and communism ended up taking over all of China, and Korea then Vietnam. If communism had been stopped in 1948 in China, many lives would have been saved, but the American left wanted the spread of communism, so it paralyzed the American political system and we ended up with at least two bloody wars over the issue which killed many more people than some protesters at Kent State.

You see, there is always cause and effect. The American universities were guilty of allowing the spread of communism in America by radicals and attempting to hide that activity behind free speech protected under the American Constitution. Liberals have always been acting as Trojan Horses against American capitalism and using the sentiments of rule of law to hide their aggressions. Entertainers working on behalf of the political left soft sold those aggressions with hippie songs like that disgusting “Ohio” that Neil Young put together. And they are still using those same methods this time trying to tap into the leftists love of communism, socialism in pursuit of an anti-gun utopia. Liberals hate guns because it is the gun that has perpetuated American capitalism. Take the gun out of the culture of any society then leftists can have an unimpeded access to the minds of that portion of civilization. Liberals have never been about love, peace and sentiments of passivity, they are about cramming their vision of the world down everyone’s throats and they need everyone defenseless while they did it.

The National Guard panicked on the day of the Kent State Massacre. They should have never fired shots into the crowd. These days the protestors at Kent State were mild compared to some of the losers like ANTIFA that we have now. But back then in 1970 nobody really knew what to do with insurgents functioning on American soil and using the Constitution as a way to undo life in the United States. People should never have to die in protests, but then again, the colleges shouldn’t have been using their student body as soldiers for the spread of communism either, because that’s what America was fighting in Cambodia and Vietnam at that time. That was after spending a very costly war effort against North Korea in the previous decade. The battle was between the different political philosophies, capitalism against communism, and that is essentially what the battle of today is in what many consider a split America. Democrats want communism, they have just changed the name to progressivism, and Republicans generally want capitalism, although until Donald Trump came along, many didn’t really understand capitalism. American universities have left most people lacking a proper understanding of the economic power of capitalism leaving many weak on the subject, and susceptible to catchy songs by liberal artists like Neil Young. We all have an obligation to protect the American Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic and from the point of view from the National Guardsman, that’s what they were doing. The American press, which leaned to the political left because they had been trained at those same liberal universities of course chose to blame the violence on the National Guard.

And that brings us to the point of Neil Young’s updated video to that old song, the implication is that gun violence is out of control, especially in our schools and that if people want to see an end to it, that they need to vote out Pro NRA candidates. And this theme comes from one of the most liberal senators presently functioning who happens to come from Ohio, Sherrod Brown. During the many debates with his challenger Jim Renacci during this campaign season Brown tried to paint Renacci as a pawn of the gun lobby. Well, I am the gun lobby, and so are you dear reader if you are a member of the NRA. Of course, I expect politicians to listen to me from the power position of the NRA. I am part of what makes up that gun lobby through my membership dues and other things that I buy from them to help them fight away the corrosive influence of liberal senators like Sherrod Brown. If Neil Young had his way all of America would be run by liberals like Sherrod Brown and not conservatives like Jim Renacci. And they are so audacious to suggest that they had a big crowd at a Neil Young concert full of old pot smokers and communist sympathizers and think they have a right and obligation to continue making schools gun free zones, when it is the exact opposite for which the solution resides. But Trump gets bigger crowds than Neil Young and that is a real game changer for Republicans. For the first time they have someone who can actually sell conservative ideas back to people who need to hear it leaving old, fat slobs like Neil Young with nothing to do but sit in the forest, in the last house on that street and look at all the animals and redwoods and contemplate that America didn’t listen to their bullshit hippie talk. They voted for a red wave anyway and turned finally away from the communism the liberals have always dreamed of.

Rich Hoffman

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The Communists of ‘Black Lives Matter’: What we can learn from LaVar Ball

Now we are seeing what they are all about, but never forget that from day one, yours truly told you that Black Lives Matter was a communist group advocating for anti-American sentiments.  They have never been about justice regarding police violence, and their controversy within the NFL has never been about fairness.  Those were always just cover stories.  What they don’t like about America and the people who founded it is that it was built on Adam Smith’s brand of capitalism—and they want to put a stop to it. What they want for America is essentially what we see today in modern-day Africa.  Think about it for a moment, let’s go visit the great cities of Africa on that vast continent and study what it is they want for us all in America. Oh, wait a minute—there isn’t a single city in any nation that is of a comparison.  Every country in Africa is an impoverished mess with not a single powerhouse of economic activity among them.  Most American households have a stronger GDP than any African country—so why would Black Lives Matter be so against American capitalism?  Yes that was a facetious statement, but you get the point.


Hey, Black Lives Matter people, yes I’m a white man—but I’m not guilty of shit.  I didn’t bring any black people to America on slave ships.  European losers who were defeated in the American Civil War did.  I live in Ohio which is about as pro-Lincoln in the movement to end slavery as anybody was in the 1860s and I’m very proud of that.  If I had been alive during the years leading up to the Civil War I would have been on the side of John Quincy Adams and advocated my hatred of any culture that owns another human being in any way.  So I don’t want to hear any bitching from a bunch of uneducated, lazy slobs who happen to be black on what kind of country we should all live in.  In America anybody is welcome to make good with their life if they so choose, but you have to want it. I know a lot of people of color who do quite well for themselves under American capitalism and they are a whole lot better off here than in their countries of origin, especially anywhere in Africa.

Going back to the villainous Black Panthers what these communist advocate groups have sought to do was use the guilt of racism to advance their arguments for collectivist oriented governments—essentially big villages like what they have in Africa.  In America we have been way more tolerant than we should have been as black communists have infected our youth with their thuggish culture of hatred, which you can hear in any song from Snoop Dog, or Jay-Z.  Behind the lyrics of their rap songs is a hatred of American capitalism which seeks to corrupt the youth against it.  Many of our white youth in America looking for their own way in life have found that siren song of hate attractive—as their own generational thing.  But when it comes to really choosing communism over capitalism, that’s quite another thing—most people, black included prefer running water over their counterparts in Africa who still shit in the corner and try to put up a curtain to keep the flies off them. In America we like our microwaves, our cars, and our Playstations.  Capitalism is quite nice to all those who live under it—even if they don’t appreciate it.

These idiots in Black Lives Matter are communists and they should be treated as enemies of our nation—they are domestic terrorists.  It has nothing to do with their skin color which they hide behind as a shield to unfold their plots of villainy.  Everything about their movement is to bring America down as a nation of values and to convert it into a mess of economic instability and war—just like every country in their home world of Africa. What they are trying to sell to the world is that same dank communism that has been bouncing around since the early part of the 20th century.  But because many of the leaders of BLM can’t read very well, they don’t know their history enough to understand that communism was and will always be a sinking ship. That’s why nobody who utilizes it is a profitable country.  No country in Africa has done well under communist revolutionaries and many, many innocent people have died under the economic depravity of those failed economic policies. Far, far more people have been beaten, raped, and died poor because of communism in Africa than ever suffered under slavery in America.  Far more—by the millions even up to this very day.  America provided a way out of impoverished conditions—and it was capitalism that freed those people where it could—within American borders.  Even as villainous as slavery was in America it at least provided a path to freedom which those left behind in Africa never had.  Their family lines have suffered much more since.

There is nothing for Black Lives Matter to complain about—nothing, not even police violence.  They don’t have a point to make for which sympathy has a role.  If police beat black people, it’s because too many black people are involved in crime.  Police beat white people too—the difference is that culturally black people have been taught from children up to adulthood not to respect anything about American lifestyles which the police are sworn to protect.  The stupid parents of many black youth who are addicted to welfare benefits and the ghettos set up by Democrats to garner bloc votes in elections to keep them in power on the backs of modern slaves, have raised their kids to hate capitalism—and thus the police who are there to protect private property.  Black kids specifically have been taught by their baby mommas to hate white people and to hate the police—and like militant soldiers of ISIS, to attack those symbols of capitalism anywhere they could.

Look at the situation with LaVar Ball whose kid was one of those busted in China for shoplifting while on tour with the UCLA basketball team.  Ball’s kid was in serious trouble before Donald Trump convinced the authorities in China to give the kids a break.  Rather than show gratitude for giving his kid a second chance Ball went after Donald Trump.  Ball showed no shame that he raised a kid that would conduct himself poorly—especially in a foreign country.  LaVar Ball’s argument against Trump was essentially that tired old communist banter that Black Live Matter is advocating—and the result is that he raised a kid oozing with natural talent, but can’t behave in a civil society.  The fault for the shoplifting in China was the fault of LaVar Ball’s terrible parenting—which was on defense nationally once the father attacked President Trump for even trying to help the kids.  When you get an opportunity to sit down with people like LaVar Ball and understand the values they have instilled into their children it becomes clear that they are guilty of a form of espionage that likely could be prosecutable in a court of law if we were that kind of country.  In some places around the world—especially communist nations—what Ball did to his kid intellectually could justify the death penalty.  In America we simply live and let live and we let economical means be the judge and jury.  But people like LaVar Ball should be careful what they wish for—because they just might get it.


There isn’t anywhere in the world where people, no matter what their name is, can have a chance to make it big in life because under American capitalism, that is the mode of operation.  Anybody who hates that system are just lazy fools trying to justify their failures or lack of ambition behind their skin color as cover for their bad decisions in life.  There is no system more just than the one all people have under the flag of America and I’m personally sick of enduring the communist messages of Black Lives Matter. They don’t have a point worth listening to.  If black lives matter so much, then the parents of black children need to raise them to be good kids instead of little ghetto thugs who hate everything, because that’s what they are being raised to believe.  If you step into many black households right now it will be discovered that many of the parents secretly are using their children to be young militants to fight battles they lack the courage or intellect to do themselves, and that’s why the kids get pulled into gangs and other criminal behavior.  That’s also why young people like LaVar Ball’s kid are out stealing when they actually come from a wealthy family themselves—because the values taught to them are wrong.  If black lives really matter then it starts in the home in what a parent teaches their children—and where they go wrong is in teaching those kids that capitalism is bad.

Rich Hoffman
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Hillary For Prison: Communists outside of the RNC and the media who support them

For the recorded the communists in the following video calling Alex Jones and his entourage “nazi scum” need a history lesson.  Hitler and his Nazis were socialist offshoots of a secret society called Vril based on the book The Coming Race.  Nothing about the Nazi has any relevance to American life other than the fact that many of those Vril inspired Nazis were recruited into NASA’s space program because of what they were working on under the SS during World War II.  Yet, Jones was correct in what he was asserting and a clash erupted between his group and the communist supporters protesting outside of the Republican National Convention.  What you are about to see is what’s happening outside the mainstream news outlet coverage and defines quite well the massive void that currently takes place along political lines.  The obvious determination that is so evident in this exchange is that communist insurgents really can’t assimilate into American culture.  We can’t all live together in one country under the umbrella of two parties.  It’s just not possible.

It is unlikely that the main press outlets will show all the chants inside and outside the convention for Hillary Clinton to go to prison.  This is certainly a first for any presidential candidate to evoke so much passion before they have ever taken an oath of official office.  It is truly astonishing how determined the mainstream press is at avoiding the coverage of such legal demands for someone who is obviously a known criminal running for the highest office in the world.  Currently there are just enough communist sympathizers to give someone like Hillary Clinton a platform that is fundamentally anti-American—but it is truly bothersome to see that many of those sympathizers are in our national media.  Those media personalities are just as ignorant, and activist minded toward communist sympathies as the losers in the video attacking Alex Jones.

Rich Hoffman


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Red Ed and the Communists of Europe: Public education in America training Cleveland revolutionaries

What have I been telling you dear reader for a half a decade now? I’ve spelled it out every which way but loose, and still you doubted. I provided facts, charts, long public speeches, countless live radio testimony and still you thought that I was kidding, or making the situation seem lighter for the purposes of defeating school levies. But I wasn’t exaggerating the situation—not even a little bit. I have stated repeatedly that public schools are teaching socialism and communism with a severe anti-capitalist curriculum by a progressive teacher’s union hell-bent on the destruction of the American way of life. This started in America during the sixties and was a strategic aim of the KGB at the time. It’s now in full bloom. For the proof, witness that no news organization in the mainstream reported the force behind the Cleveland riots recently, just as that same force was behind Ferguson and Baltimore. Yet fringe media discovered the evidence quite clearly as they had boots on the ground and weren’t afraid to report it. This is yet another case of Alex Jones, the Texas conspiracy theorist in the report below providing news that everyone else missed—I would say, on purpose. In spite of his reputation as a reactionary, he didn’t put the communists on camera—they were already there. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and all the other news outlets could have, and likely did see the communist flags and members roaming the streets trying to provoke a mob into riots picking minority communities because they have a history of being impressionable. But the mainstreamers have been taught in the same public schools as the rest of us, and they want to turn away from the hard evidence. But they can’t—its coming out anyway.

The communist insurgency in America is a full-blown conspiracy that is more than right-winged speculation at this point. It’s a fact and emerged as the United States listened to swindling politicians like Dennis Hastert and other elected malcontents strive to be like big brother Europe. The United States has lost their way and plunged unwittingly into socialism. Big mistake, especially given that Europe is currently in the fight for its life trying to reject socialism and its gradual path to communism at this present moment. France for example has a socialist president. Greece is downing in socialism. In fact most of the EU is openly socialist. All of Scandinavia is socialist. Russia is essentially a socialist nation which is just a softened type of communism. Of course they don’t call it by name, just like communism is not called such a Cold War reference in the United States, but the Russian president is a former KGB agent. Does anybody think he has magically just given all that up? China is communist, the only reason that their economy has expanded during the last 14 years is due to them reluctantly adapting some of Hong Kong’s economic free market capitalism. And the biggest brother of them all has been England who has struggled back and forth for years between capitalism and socialism. The socialists are in the Labour Party and the capitalists are in the Tory Party of which David Cameron was thankfully re-elected.image

When Great Britain turned Hong Kong back over to China they gave the communist country a money-making machine. Hong Kong was a free capitalist zone far away from the debates in London where socialism and capitalism were slugging it out. Karl Marx is after all buried in a London cemetery near a plot where Red Ed desires to rest on his journey to eternity. Red Ed is of course Ed Milliband who lost the recent election to David Cameron—and is called that because at least in Europe they know what the Labour Party is. Ed presented an anti-austerity plan similar to Greece which essentially means that the government defaults on its debts and swings full communist as a nation. The people of Great Britain had a May election for which they dramatically turned away from socialism by electing Cameron. The liberal press wanted to believe the polls were closer than they were, but Cameron easily won which can be seen in the pictures presented.image

The pictures shown in this article come from a newspaper scooped off the streets of London. They are not online articles by some fringe website, this is a paper sold in the airports and streets of London representing the views and conflict of the English people. What they are facing today is what is coming to America—since we foolishly followed them into the abyss—recklessly, and arrogantly. Most dramatically in the paper was a little chart that shows essentially the same demographic political make-up in Great Britain as we see in America. In England they show their conservative areas in blue, in America it is of course red. Just as the English drive on the opposite side of the road in England, America does the opposite to maintain their independence—but the function of their government evolved over time into a mirror reflection—which is how all this communist business so easily emerged into American culture. Just like in the United States it is easy to see that the urban areas are overwhelmingly supportive of the communist movement—displayed by those who voted for the Labour Party member Ed Milliband. Whereas the more rural areas of England voted for Cameron conservativism.

imageOf a particular interest is the extreme area of red around Newcastle which has been floored by socialism over the years driving away much of their industry leaving the youth essentially jobless. The areas in yellow are essentially open communists for which Scotland is pushing for extensively. During the election the Scottish National Party swept looking toward Scandinavian socialism as their model. The SNP believes in progressive personal taxation, the eradication of poverty, building of affordable social housing, same-sex marriage and subsidized higher education—otherwise known as social programming—does any of this sound familiar dear reader? As is clear on the map the coastal areas of Wales is overwhelmingly in support of the same brand of communism which of course migrates across the channel into Dublin, Ireland in the same manner. Places where there are large concentrations of people who have to give up individual space tend to lean toward socialism. Where people get a little elbow room and can think about their individual sanctity they revert to conservativism by default. Even with all the social experiments through public education, when times get tough, as they have in England for some time, people revert back to conservative concepts driven by capitalism. When a nation realizes that their industry isn’t coming back and there is no hope otherwise, they turn toward nationalism—like Scotland has.

imageThis has always been the plan in the United States by communist insurgents who are in every branch of our education system emphatically. I first learned about these people when I was having a fine little dinner overlooking the city of Cincinnati a number of years ago. It was a college professor from the University of Cincinnati, a theater director at the Taft Theater and an engineer who worked at City Hall along with myself. All three of those people openly advocated twenty years ago communism to me as they sipped wine and looked down into the city below from their backyard perch. I knew it then, but I was a young man and figured I needed to learn a lot more about the world before I opened my mouth—so I just listened. These fine diners vacationed in Paris and London often which was reflected in their global outlook. I was raised in a conservative area by conservative parents and I went to a conservative church. I was open to other people’s points of view and figured I needed more evidence before placing an argument in favor of capitalism. So I listened to them talk in their heady manner and contemplated that those people had no business near young people. They could think what they wanted, but they had no right to teach anybody anything. I had a similar experience years later while on the set for a project I was working on, the director showed up with his wife dressed in a hijab complete with no makeup on her face which I accidentally saw while she was adjusting it. She was as American as the rest of us, he was a college professor who wanted to direct a film and I was a bullwhip artist. We wouldn’t have been together except for a common artistic cause. But our political differences were so dramatic that we couldn’t complete the project together. The college where they worked was so liberal that they couldn’t even function in the world outside of campus life. It was a really big problem and that was over a decade ago. It’s far worse and more obvious now.image

The evidence is extensive and all around you dear reader. The freedoms of your daily life are under attack by global communists and they enter into your region through the nearest urban area. They are seeking to make America into a nationalist nation, and because they control the public education process, they have an entire generation trained and ready for the type of socialism that has destroyed Newcastle, England. That same socialism has destroyed Detroit in the United States and is presently destroying Chicago—which of course nobody wants to discuss in the American media either. It’s just too embarrassing for the liberal media to accept. So they ignore it, just as they ignored the communists behind the recent race riots—which was clearly evident in Cleveland.

imageIt’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Communists are likely in your neighborhood and they are teaching in your public schools. They call themselves by different names, but they are at the heart of their philosophy Marxists. Their strategic goal is an end to American capitalism and the traditional Constitution. They are openly seeking an insurgency and the media is assisting them in their task. I have a lot of experience in this as I have touched many cultural pockets over the years, and I tend to have exposure to other regions of the world—not just those in my backyard, and I can say with 100% confidence that the communists have always been there. It’s just been recently that they have made their moves in a bolder, more public fashion. But what’s shocking is that the media didn’t cover it at all. Yet Alex Jones, the fringe reporter viewed by the world as a conspiracy theorists was the only one I was able to find who had boots on the ground in Cleveland and actually reported the communist influence for what it really was. And that is all the evidence you need dear reader as to the movement that’s afoot. For further verification all one needs to do is pick up a newspaper from Europe and see what is going on there. They don’t hide the communists and socialists from the public the way they do in the United States because they are already well into the argument as to the cause and effects. But in the United States those trying to advance communism change the names and try not to rattle the cage until the radicalized youth are so strong that the red county Republicans can no longer stop the insurgency. That’s the plan anyway, and if you had half a brain dear reader—you’d listen. It’s one thing to be a Bible thumping, gun wielding conservative from the rural landscape. It’s quite another to be a cultured, academic from the urban regions contemplating philosophy and the future of mankind. I’ve had extensive exposure to both. I’ll take the guns, and let Europe choke on the socialism. And when it comes to the American versions of Red Ed, I suggest you fight them right now, and voraciously dear reader—or suffer a fate you can’t even imagine. Because communism is on your doorstep as we speak.

Rich Hoffman


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France Will Fail Economically Within a Year: How to detect a socialist

Over the past weekend France had their elections and it was the Socialist Party behind President Francois Hollande who won the majority in the parliamentary elections. The first statements made from Hollande’s Socialist Party upon the news was that they plan immediately to raise taxes on big banks and oil companies, levy a 75-percent tax on incomes higher than $1 million Euro’s and hire 60,000 more teachers. Sound familiar?

Here in The United States, it is not a coincidence that Democrats specifically support almost identical measures. That is because raising taxes on the rich, and expanding the public sector with mindless contributions to the field of education are policies of socialists, so even though union leaders and politicians who call themselves progressives and Democrats laugh at the notion that they are socialists—their behavior identifies them as one. Their denial of their commitment to socialism is a conscious one. For many years they have attempted to sell communism to the American people by changing its name.

A similar comparison would be to declare that they are not football players because they actually play baseball. The commitment to a particular sport is the difference in the title. To those individual players the difference between the two is worlds apart. But to the spectators who attend football and baseball games we might consider all the players of both games under the designation of “athletes.”

In politics if a government believes that the playing field must be leveled so the creators serve the workers, we would call them socialists. Within socialist circles there are of course variations that have specific roles for specific games within politics, such as Democrats, progressives, Marxists, communists and so on. It is easy to become confused when left leaning politicians and political philosophers show different variations and differ from one another on the political left. Bertrand Russell for instance believed that all human beings should work a four-hour day and that managers of industry should not make more money than the workers who do the labor. He actually disagreed with Karl Marx on many points, almost as many points as he disagreed with capitalism. William Du Bois, the famous advocate of the civil rights movement was in many ways a rational pragmatist that I personally agree with on many issues, but then he would stick his foot in his mouth with tremendous praise for Soviet dictator Josef Stalin upon the death of that mass murderer. Noam Chomsky at times as a modern philosopher for the left advocates openly for complete anarchy and is the voice behind the current Occupy Movement. His comments easily betray the desires of presidents like Francois Hollande or Obama. Obama without question is a socialist. He may very well be a hard-core Marxist. He may be as extreme as an open communist. That is to say that if he were playing sports, he’d be a baseball player, a basketball player, and a football player. He’d be a jock in sports, an athlete of the highest order. In politics Obama plays all the sports, bits of Marxism, bits of socialism, bits of communism, all the while calling himself a Progressive Democrat.

What socialists always error in is their blanket assumption that a name plate position will execute the results of their desires. For instance, as in France, they intend to create 60,000 teachers. It is the belief of socialists that school teachers are important in expanding the desires of their philosophers such as Bertrand Russell who was born in Wales and taught at Cambridge University and influenced many of the current minds occupying the French Parliament as socialists. Russell was the big advocate that working less contributed to more human happiness, and used the Great Depression as a platform to attack capitalism and advance his cause. He had great influence on most of Europe at the time which migrated across the Atlantic to FDR’s ears. It is largely Russell’s ideas that shaped the modern European concept of such early retirement, which are bankrupting Greece, Italy and Spain with France soon to follow. Germany just rose their retirement age to 67 and they are currently the most stable of the countries in the European Union because of decisions like that. Yet all of Europe currently are looking at Germany to bail them out of their financial woes because somebody has to pay for all those benefits due to non productive citizens who are living till age 70 and 80 yet retiring at age 55 and 62. The math just doesn’t work out and rather than admit that their social engineering gods were wrong from the halls of the great Cambridge University, they would rather steal the money from their neighbors to balance their budget resulting from their failed philosophies.

In The United States Obama’s commitment to socialism has pushed the national debt to nearly $16 trillion dollars before the conclusion of his first term. He has blamed everyone but himself of course, because he is fundamentally flawed in his thinking. His Marxist teachers at the University of Chicago and at Harvard lied to him, and he can’t come to grips with it. Obama coming from a broken home looked to education as a stabilizing force in his wrecked life, and the tragedy for a person like him is the same as finding out that a dad is not superman, or a mom an angel. For too many evenings Barack Obama smoked dope with his Marxist college students and professors discussing the merit of philosophers like Marx, Russell, Du Bois, and Chomsky.

But the theories have fallen apart under practice, and a lack of emphasis on quality has destroyed even the basic premise of socialism. We have learned here in America that hiring 60,000 more teachers or spending $200 million more on education will not improve the intelligence of our youth. Because quality is not the emphasis, most of the teachers will be proven to be complete failures who shouldn’t teach a turtle to walk let alone help shape the fragile mind of a child. Yet politicians like Obama will say that his plan for saving the American economy is to “create” more government jobs and that will somehow fix everything.

Socialists forget that somebody has to create the things that they give away to the lazy, the stupid, and the diabolically lackluster. If all the money the rich make is stolen from them and given to a bunch of lazy loafers, then what incentive is there for a job creator to take a chance at creating something if they cannot reap the benefit of their labor? Socialist because of writers like Russell believe that the rich land owners and managers of enterprise are exploiting the workers unjustly by living lavish lifestyles off the backs of the oppressed while they live sumptuous lifestyles with beautiful women, fur coats and exotic cars. But the truth is, the rich person created something which gave a job to those who lacked that ability, and they deserve the benefits of ownership.

Socialists miss the entire concept of ownership, and without that ownership their utopian society fails 100% of the time. France will bankrupt themselves within the year and it won’t take long for them to be worse off than Greece, because the government philosophy they are functioning under is a failure. It’s a flash in the pan that was over before it ever got started. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that people will have a tendency to irresponsibly vote themselves gifts, and that is what happened in France. The French people want their guaranteed vacations, their early retirements at 62 years old, and their medical coverage. But they don’t care where the money comes from. They are counting on bailouts from Germany or even The United States if their country can’t balance their budget because now that all of Europe is in a union together nobody is incentivized to lead themselves. This is why socialism fails. Without personal incentive, countries, governments, and people will fail without exception, because their lives are built on the premise of looting from others who do the work, so that they can loaf in the comfort of collectivism.

A socialist can always been identified by their blind commitment to education, and a belief in shared sacrifice. Their mentality is a disease upon the face of the planet and there is no question that there are some in a neighborhood near you. Because socialism is the political philosophy of the weak, and timid pacifist, and those are not the type who create jobs—so their commitment to socialism costs them nothing. All they have to do is sit back, vote in favor of socialism and miraculously food falls into their mouths without their effort to obtain it. This is why any society that commits to such a preposterous concept will eliminate themselves from the economical game of life.


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Defend Ohio Rally in Columbus was Organized by Socialists

The shooting in Arizona is tragic. But at this time, the facts are still coming in, and there is other news going on at the same time that needs attention. One of those news stories is the impact of the man who structured the Defend Ohio rally up in Columbus to protest John Kasich’s position on organized labor is a Socialist!

Meet him here:

Doc Thompson had a great banter with a spokesman from Defend Ohio, a group I had never heard of because it was apparently formed just last weekend to attack John Kasich’s Administration before it could even get started. But the fellow came on WLW to discuss his position, and for that I give him credit. Listen to that conversation here:

If these people weren’t so dangerous, in trying to compete legitimately in the battlefield of ideas, I might just pat them on the head and encourage them to keep learning and trying. But, as I’ve discussed on this forum many times and in many ways, socialism, communism, progressivism, imperialism, and on and on, are infantile mutterings of the lazy, collective oriented that lack true courage, because they seek to hide their ambition behind a government entity that they wish to use as a bargaining chip.

I have news for those childish minds. The country was built on capitalist principles. Not socialist principles and unions. In fact, the growth of our nation has stopped since socialist started penetrating our political culture and used the aspects of American Culture we collectively feel guilty about, like slavery, like our treatment of women, and the handling of the poor, to manipulate the political spectrum in a way that has made the United States less competitive. For people who believe such things, their minds are like shallow streams and their recollections of American History are just as deep. American History may only be as deep as a mighty river, but there is much more under the surface that makes up the contents of the river. America is not just simple poor against rich, working man against the white-collar man, black against white, men against women, its swirls of all those things and a lot more to add. Such duality in thinking is only useful to small-minded souls that can’t see beyond their individual cages.

When I heard the interview above on Doc Thompson’s show, I thought the man from Defend Ohio was naive, but well-intentioned, and I had figured he just needed to think things through a lot deeper. But now I know after a little research, that the people behind this rally are socialists! No wonder they don’t like Kasich!

Before 2010, I thought communists and socialists in our American society was something that was attempted during the McCarthy era, and even then, I actually thought that McCarthy was far-reaching in his pursuit to weed out communists. I thought that because I believed what the media told me, that Joseph McCarthy was a right-winged-paranoid-do-gooder. I started to question the media when I saw that they used the same approach to attack Kenneth Star, when he investigated Bill Clinton. Star was just doing his job. Clinton had flat-out lied in federal court. It happened right in front of our faces, so that made me question the reporting of the socialists in the McCarthy hearings.

Now, the evidence is everywhere. Socialists have their own party. They try to put up candidates, they have infiltrated unions, newspapers, television, Hollywood, publishing. They are a legitimate competitor for political ideas and they have done it under the radar.

So now they have met at the capital of Ohio on January 8, 2011 to protest a Governor that is trying to bring capitalism oriented ideas back to a state to attempt to save that great state from the damage done by socialist that have infiltrated the political culture for decades. The difference between now, and when they originally started, is it’s out in the open who and what they are. And America has to make the decision about what they want to do about it.

It’s ok to be wrong. And socialist are out-of-their-minds wrong. But it’s not OK to wreck American Culture to pursue the infant diatribes of half-baked minds.

Now, to understand what is behind Defend Ohio, read this article. I put it up here so it doesn’t disappear after this rally turns out embarrassing for the organizers.

U.S. | Labor & Workers
by Dan La Botz
Tuesday Dec 7th, 2010 8:33 AM
Ohio leftists create Defend Ohio campaign and launch Stop Kasich movement against new government’s radically anti-worker program

Supporters of the Dan La Botz, Socialist for Senate campaign of 2010 met in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend to found a new organization and launch a campaign to fight for jobs and public services in Ohio—and they pledged to resist the policies of Republic Governor-elect John Kasich. Dan La Botz was the Socialist Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio in November 2010 and received 25,000 votes.

The labor and movement activists from cities throughout Ohio created the Buckeye Socialist Network (there will soon be a BuckeyeSocialist.org website). The Network’s first campaign is called DEFEND OHIO and will focus on defending public employees’ jobs and public services.

“Governor Kasich has unleashed a class war in Ohio,” said Dan La Botz. “And we intend to fight back. Kasich’s inauguration is the ideal occasion for Ohio’s working people to protest in at the Capital in Columbus and to show the governor that he is going to face four years of fierce resistance by unions and social movements.

“Kasich,” said La Botz, “pledged to revoke the union organizing rights of home care and child care workers in Ohio. This is a vicious and despicable attack on the some of the state’s hardest working and lowest paid workers. And it is not so different from President Obama’s recent promise to freeze the wages of Federal employees. These attacks on public employees parallel the private employers drive for two-tier labor contracts intended to lower wages and they parallel attacks on social programs for low-income people in our society.

“We will be organizing working people to fight to defend public employees’ jobs, their wages, and their right to unionize. We will be fighting to defend all of the many services that these workers—teachers, social workers, water workers, garbage collectors, and so many others—provide. In doing so, we will be beginning the fight to rebuild the power of unions in Ohio.”

Union members from the Teamsters, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, American Federation of Government Employees, Communication Workers of America, and United Food and Commercial Workers were among those in attendance at the founding meeting of the Buckeye Socialist Network. Representatives from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton/Yellow Springs, Canton, and New Philadelphia attended the half-day meeting.


Hey, you can’t make this stuff up. Progress Ohio has their name all over this. These “types” of people are in the minority, but because they are motivated radicals, they must be dealt with equal passion from those of us that think correctly. And yes, there is a correct way to think and an incorrect way to think. Individuality and the power of the individual are correct. Collectivism is wrong. It allows the worst of people to live in a state of mediocrity. This popular video of the New York Public worker wrecking a car on a snowy street is a perfect example of what you get when you allow people to live in that state of mediocrity. This is your typical union employee. And I say that from lots of experience.

Don’t ever ask me to pay for people like this with tax dollars.

Rich Hoffman