The Communists Are Showing Themselves in our Judicial System: Just remember, Fox News destroyed itself by going against Trump

I know it’s painful to witness, but we now see the monster hatching out of an egg that the political left laid long ago. It’s hatching out of desperation, but it is breaking loose, and the little communist monster that has been growing there is coming out and showing its ugliness. That was obvious from the shock by many conservatives that the New York DA actually moved forward with a Trump indictment. But it’s been most evident in the long hunt of the political left to destroy Fox News, which is most revealed through the political left’s control of the judicial system. The audacious case of Dominion suing Fox News over their election coverage. It’s a battle plan that was hatched long ago and resided in the background of the Bar Association, where lawyers like teachers and almost all government workers have been liberalized through woke means to reshape our country into something resembling China more than America, and it was going to be so subtle that nobody would notice until it was too late. The old frog in the boiling water metaphor that many of us have been talking about for many years. The water has been turned up so gradually that the frog doesn’t think to jump out of a boiling pot until it dies.   The belief that our judicial system, if conquered like some chess piece in a game, could destroy our country was always the goal of the political left, and now they are cashing in their chips because they have to. President Trump’s polling numbers push them into it. They have to abuse their power because that’s the only way they can use power, and in the process, people see just how bad it has always been. Forget the conspiracy theories, we are in it now, and the outcomes won’t be what they think they will be. They are going to get more than they can handle and more. 

The political left believed that if they took out Fox News, they would gain control of political order in American politics by denying any competition. It’s the same dumb idea that all communist countries have attempted by eliminating any contrary opinion so that people with no other choice will have to listen to the regime that’s in power. In global politics, America was always the target of tyranny because that is the cause of most migration in the world, to get away from despot governments like China, Cuba, and all these other openly communist places. It’s no surprise that Chinese migrants are flooding the southern border through Mexico, hoping to get away from China. The chess players of global domination are OK with that action because they feel that illegal immigration will change the nature of America itself into something more receptive to communist rule. So they think it has worked in their favor. But the collision course is what happens when people have nowhere else to run, and all that is left are despot governments of tyranny. Then the fancy talk will no longer work, and violent engagements are all that will be left. The political left has been scheming for their entire existence to arrive today, so nobody should be surprised by what we see now. Many think Fox News represents the conservative parts of America, and for a while, they played that part to a good effect. But Rupert Murdoch is not conservative, and his family are not American patriots. He’s a foreigner looking to make money in America like anybody else. But when it comes to patriotism, that is not what Fox News was ever about. 

It won’t be the Dominion lawsuit that destroys Fox News, just to clarify before the political left claims that to be. Fox News sealed its fate as a destroyed network when Bill O’Reilly was pushed away, and Roger Ailes died. Once Roger was gone, the brain behind Fox News went with it, leaving a bunch of New York RINOs to run things in the wake. And when the election fraud occurred in 2020, they were more than willing to pile on to the removal of President Trump because they had a European mindset that wanted to see more moderate politics, “moderate” is more aligned with the communist takeover of the world as was happening everywhere else. So they didn’t fight very hard when it came time to discuss the election fraud issue, and when Dominion found itself the target of many conspiracies regarding the election that put Joe Biden in place, then we saw some of these mechanisms emerging quickly into our politics. Dominion had no other play, just like this New York DA has with Trump. All they have is intimidation to bully America into accepting hard communism. But they aren’t ready for the show and have had to show too many scary cards too early in the process. They will scare Americans further to the right out of self-preservation. So as bad as things look, what we see is better because, at least now, people can see what the threats have been.   The political left will learn a hard lesson, be careful what you wish for because once you get it, you have to live with the results. 

Fox News, on paper, can win its bluff case with Dominion easily.   The only real problem with the Fox case was that early in the election coverage, they interviewed people who claimed that Dominion could tamper with the election results by being connected to the internet.   And there is a lot of evidence that this is a problem, and Fox News should win its case easily. In such a free speech case, the way to mitigate any bias is to offer views from the other side of an argument, which by the content of the Fox News staff, the network itself already had in place. The only play that Dominion had was to sue, hoping to settle out of court, which the political left was happy about because it hoped it would drain away all their money and destroy their company. But even if Fox News does win its case. They will still be destroyed as a network because they have mismanaged themselves for this new generation, the cord-cutters. The Fox News audience, by this stage, has found other, more conservative networks to get their news from, leaving Fox to be more like CNN was years ago. The more captured assets they have on the network that are liberal, the fewer people will watch them. They are not even a fraction of the network that they were when Bill O’Reilly was there. The conservative audience has fractured now and gone underground mostly. And there, they will now do all the damage that the political left has been doing for years. It’s hard to hold power, and the political left will discover quickly that they do not have what it takes to maintain power, not that they have seized it in the way they have. The indictment of Trump will only make people angry and force them underground where they can now act as the left has for years, swiping away at the power of the communists away from the controls of Fox News. They’ll learn a hard lesson: that they were better when Fox News was more of a central location for conservatives because now, many dozens of competing networks have splintered off to be the new resistance. And the slow-minded communists won’t be able to keep up. But as Fox News struggles to survive by embracing Trump all too late in an attempt to stay viable in the marketplace, the political left can’t claim to have destroyed them. They destroyed themselves through lousy management and embracing the wrong priorities. 

Rich Hoffman

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