To Take Back Our Country, Read ‘The Naked Communist’: My history with that book and why its needed today

I remember it well; I was in a hotel in Milwaukee on a very important business trip.  We had done our work for the day in 2014 and were planning to celebrate at the hotel restaurant.  It was a big day but before we could eat, I needed an hour to do a radio show with WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan straight across the lake to the state on the other side.  A friend of mine was doing a series of shows covering Cleon Skousen’s book ‘The Naked Communist.’  The radio guy got the idea from an article I had written and wanted to cover the 45 goals of communism that Cleon had written in his 1958 book which then became the Bible for the FBI and CIA regarding fighting communist infiltration in America, and how to defend against it.  At the time I was very familiar with Cleon’s work and was referring to it to explain the socialism that had infiltrated the teacher unions that were educating our children in public schools.  At that time, it was extremely scandalous to even say such a thing because the leftists were still using the McCarthy Hearings as a defense of prejudice to avoid anyone calling them what they are, and have always been, communists.  Just as they used the excuse of the Capital building attack to close President Trump’s Twitter account, or to use any incident of resistance to a Beijing Biden administration as inflammatory domestic terrorism.  As I said at the start of Covid-19, anybody using Covid as an excuse to alter a government was a domestic terrorist, and I could say that because I understood Skousen’s work.  Communists always flip the story to their advantage because they are godless heathens and have no investment of the truth in any way.  Marx was an aggressive tyrannical bastard which is why authoritarians love him so much, and in that way we can call the efforts of communism to be evil.  But back then as my partners were waiting on me to finish my radio show in my hotel room before we had a nice dinner, saying communism out loud was considered conspiratorial and a revelation of lunacy.  Yet look what happened on January 6th 2021 in America.  Communists took over with an overthrow of our election process and when they got caught, they used the forces of our tax payer resources to stop the investigation and we were all insulted beyond belief.  And the first thought I had was that all the work Skousen had done to stop communism in the United States as an FBI agent had just invaded our country.  But the warnings from me and some of my radio friends goes back a long way, well before there was a Donald Trump running for president. 

I came to learn later that Ben Carson was in Detroit around the time that our radio broadcast hit the air waves at WAAM and had heard it.  Later thereafter he talked about The Naked Communist on Fox News as he was gearing up for his own run as president.  My friend and I were happy that our radio broadcasts had reached some influencers out there, which is all we wanted with the effort, to educate people on the forces that weren’t talked about in the light of day, but were very much a part of the political forces we were dealing with.  My radio friend was given a big corporate job that paid very well, but he had to get rid of all his social media to get the job, which was hard.  So the radio broadcasts were taken off the internet which was just an early form of censorship.  He was a very talented guy but he had a new wife and wanted to do good things for his family.  Being a rag tag radio guy doing most of the work for free to save our republic is great and idealistic, but it doesn’t pay the bills.  But that’s why the broadcasts are no longer able to be accessed.  Some of the broadcasts I have done as a radio host at WAAM I still have on my YouTube, but all of his are gone because that was one of the conditions of his employment.  However my articles done at that time are still around, people have copied them so they are likely on the internet forever, even as communist censors in America begin steam rolling over the Republicans in the House and Senate to enact massive purges of conservatives on the government controlled internet. 

I say all that because good books in your hands are still the best way of getting information.  And the one you should buy today and read is The Naked Communist.  Perhaps the second one should be by that same author, The 5000 Year Leap.  Maybe the one after that should be any of Ayn Rand’s books, especially We The Living.  Social media has been fun, and people can talk to each other easily, but I wouldn’t cry about the media platforms that the liberals control, because they were all built to do what we are seeing today, to enact a communist takeover of our country committing treason as they did it.  Facebook was always eating out of the China hand and wanted communism.  I have told of my stories in Hollywood where I had friends there on a movie set at the catering truck who were picked by Facebook in 2008 to be influencers and to knock off Myspace as the leading social media platform.  I was very suspicious of Facebook back then and justifiably so.  I never opened a Facebook page, and the reasons why are for what we have seen.  Mark Zuckerberg used his money given to him by our government to collect data on people to certainly tamper with our elections.  He is purely guilty of sedition, but not a single court will prosecute him because he has the goods on all of them.  Facebook knows who you are having affairs with, they know what your secrets are, they know how to ruin members of your family to get to you, they have been collecting this information for over a decade and they literally touch every life in America in some way or another.  So knowing that, they made their move and the results have been a coup of our President, a slap in the face to every American, and a military move for the Chinese communists to turn our nation into a territory of China. 

Back in the day, just a few years ago really, this would have been crazy talk, but now we’ve all seen it and know its true.  With that said, as I pointed out in my video above as I talk about a few of the communist takeovers that have happened over the last 100 years, America was always a target for them and they have invested a century of their time in the effort.  Cleon kept them at bay for a while doing great work within the FBI.  After him and the publication of his books, the diligent effort wasn’t so good leading up to that radio broadcast with my friend and I in Milwaukee from my hotel room which I noticed at that time for the first time in my life did not have a Bible in the bedside drawer.  Evil was afoot and I am proud that we were revealing it to important people very early in the process.  But now any doubt anybody had is now alleviated.  We know what we need to do and the answers aren’t just in my writing, it is in books like Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Communist.  If you were to do one proactive thing today to take back our government and carry on the Trump legacy, it would be to read that book, understand that book, and start working an underground to defeat the communists in our government before the next big election cycle in 2022.  Because they plan to cheat in elections forever unless we stop them cold.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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