The Fed Destroyed America’s Money: A monied aristocracy attacks from the fourth branch of unaccountable government

I was elated with the coverage by Tucker Carlson from his show on Friday, 3.11.22. He has had a series of good coverage relative to a corporate news outlet, but this one was different. He was over the target zone of an issue that has been a problem since the start of America. Enemies of America, people I call these days, the Desecrators of Davos have used this natural problem to exploit us all in what many just blankly call the “rich getting richer.” I wouldn’t say I like that term because it demonizes wealth creation.   Like many things that the Desecrators of American culture wish to do, the meaning of wealth has been confiscated by the bad guys so that the leverage is applied against the good guys, the people who actually make the wealth. This was the central problem between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was vehemently against a central bank in America because he worried that a monied aristocracy would take over the management of American politics. Hamilton, of course, was all for the centralized bank because he saw no other way to stabilize a nation’s currency. Well, all of Jefferson’s concerns were confirmed when Andrew Jackson and the Central Bank President Nicholas Biddle emerged by the 1830s when the second charter of a federal bank had to be renewed. The first was started by Hamilton but expired after a few years. The second expiring during Jackson’s term, for which he fought not to renew it. The worry was always that a class of monied aristocracy would be born from the chaos and take over the lives of the people who actually made the wealth in the first place, the farmer, the tire maker, and the glassblower. Jackson won his fight over Biddle, and for several decades before the Civil War leading up to the Gold Rush, the American economy expanded in great and patriotic ways. But the world was jealous, and they plotted their revenge from the ultimate American independence, which led to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 on Jeckle Island.

I’m not against the Fed. I tend to lean toward the Anti-Federalist policies of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson on most everything. But I understand Hamilton’s argument. Recently since I have read a whole series of books on the Fed, I learned about the real-life Kansas Fed Bank President Thomas Hoenig, who sat on the FOMC board for several years and made the frequent Fed Bank retreat to Jackson Hole to talk all matters of national and international finance. If all twelve members of the Fed were like him, I think the Federal Reserve would be a good thing and could do what America needed. But the Constitution never really dealt with this money issue in controlling a centralized bank. We have ended up with extreme, primarily left-leaning lunatics who believe in the religion of climate change and have been suckered into all these foreign attacks by people like the Desecrators of Davos to undermine our financial system and essentially steal all our wealth as a nation. One example is Larry Fink of BlackRock, who maintained a close relationship with Ben Bernanke during the 2008 financial crisis. He sits now on the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum and has been behind the push to use the Fed to print trillions of dollars to pour into Wall Street, which then created assets on the balance sheet that was then sold off to the market. Larry is a radical leftist who has political ambitions, and this has given him lots of power he would never have had. So when people say the rich get richer, this is how it’s done. Those who have control of the Fed can manipulate the system to their advantage, while the people who created the initial wealth have it stolen from them forever. BlackRock has been doing just one specific example of a Wall Street culture that has exploited emergy to give themselves more power. 

And that’s why President Jackson had to fight Nicholas Biddle. The fourth branch of government had been forming under the Central Bank, and it wasn’t accountable to voters in any way, and it had to be stopped. The result was a mess of an economic war that impacted everyone in the country at the time. Things are much worse today, and the corruption of the Federal Reserve is too far down the rabbit hole to pull back without a lot of destruction. There are a lot of Nicholas Biddles connected to today’s Fed, and they’ll have to be defeated. The inflation rate of the present is a direct result of this mismanagement at the Federal Reserve, a gross abuse of power. And as far as the dangers of a fourth branch of government gaining control that was unchecked by voters, we saw it happen in the 2020 election. Once all the smoke clears, this monied aristocracy stole the election from Trump. This group of financial people had to have Joe Biden as president. They had trillions of dollars on the balance sheet with the Fed, there was trillions in transfer payments going to China to build a middle class there, BlackRock leading the charge with stolen money from America’s own Federal Reserve, and there were trillions of dollars of investment already allocated to the religion of green energy to satisfy the World Economic Forum people such as Klaus Schwab. 

I had been thinking about this problem for a while, but all my worries were confirmed when this same group of people pushed the Covid vaccine mandates. After you read all their books, those by Klaus Schwab, the History of the Fed, I and II, The Bank War: Andrew Jackson, Nicholas Biddle, and the Fight for American Finance, and the fantastic book by Christopher Leonard called The Lords of Easy Money, it became obvious what Bill Gates and other climate activists were doing with the vaccines and corporate policy, trying to backdoor the American Constitution under emergency powers and use every company’s HR department as a weapon of compliance for what was to come—a complete transfer of the American economy to China under the guidance of the Desecrators of Davos using printed money from the Fed to perform the heist. That inflated asset bubble gave money managers like BlackRock the ability to buy massive amounts of company stock, such as Disney in entertainment and FirstEnergy in Ohio, power to control their boards and drive them toward progressive causes. Their game plan was revealed through their testbed of Covid. I tend to think that we caught it before it was too late. But the problem remains, we can’t just let the Federal Reserve serve foreign enemies to America as it has been. We can’t allow our money to feed the aims of a political party, the “uniparty,” let’s say, in ways that work against the American people. We can’t put up with stolen elections, bioweapons unleashed to drive social change, and radical maniacs from across the ocean control over all our lives through 401K plans and maniacal plans to take over the world. The money the Fed is supposed to protect belongs to the people who made it. It was not for them to sell off to political radicals like Larry Fink to conduct horrible plans against our nation in all the ways the Founding Fathers warned about. And they were absolutely correct in their concerns. Now we have this battle before us again, and it will be harder to deal with than the one Jackson was tasked to engage. But we must do it.

Rich Hoffman

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