Dr. Fauci and the Government Purposely Destroyed the Control Groups: Hiding the vast evil of the forced vaccine mandates

We don’t have anything in all of our human histories, mythology, religions, arts, and entertainment that prepared our minds for the vast evil our governments unleashed over Covid. It was a Book of Revelations style Apocalypse evil that did not come to us in the forms of recognizing evil as we had been taught to see it. There was no goat-headed Luciferin leading the charge against the white-cloaked church in America. There was no Hitler who was openly mass murdering people in gas chambers. There were no cardboard cutout villains with a curling mustache in a black hat for us to say, “see, there is the bad guy we must defend ourselves from.” We had no literary triumph from our past to articulate the vast evil our government unfurled upon us in 2020 and through 2022 with the vaccine mandates to understand what was happening to us. We had kind of an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, the way animals look when the trusted farmer that had been feeding them all their lives unload them from the back of a truck into the slaughterhouse at the market only to leave us there without even waving goodbye. We could not understand what was happening to us because the evil was outside of our life experiences. Like the animals at the slaughterhouse, we could feel the anxiety of our peers but could do nothing about it intellectually until our throats were slit and life drained from our bodies. It was over before we could do anything about it, except in America, where at least we had the American Constitution, which limited the federal government’s reach and ruined the plans of the Desecrators of Davos. Lucky for us all, the American Constitution stood in the way of these evil plans; it was based on over seven thousand years of civilization and learning, so it was prepared for some kind of attack such as this, even if humans had never seen the full apocalyptic intentions of such a vile attack on the human race. And when we did see it, even though we didn’t understand it, the Constitution did work while we managed to figure it all out.

When I said that the Robert Kennedy book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health had the goods, I wasn’t kidding. This is just one article based on the contents that put its finger on such a vast evil that it has taken a while to wrap our minds around the basic concepts. In this case, we are talking about the vaccine mandates that the American government attempted. The world governments obligingly pushed through corporate networks to destroy the control group of the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the early warning from the vaccine rollout early in 2021 indicated that a statistical population getting the vaccine was having an adverse effect. A leak from Phizer recently showed some of those side effects. These were not indications the pharma company wanted to get out to the public. Even though many of us suspected this to be a potential problem, the proof has come out of the aftermath, and it’s not surprising. After all, statistically speaking, if all people eat potato chips, some will come down with adverse effects. So naturally, when you force a drug into the arm of mass society, of everyone in the world, there are bound to be adverse effects, just by the nature of statistical samplings. That’s not the problem. We could call it an unfortunate circumstance when viewed from the perspective of public health. The problem is that the government got involved and abused its authority to help private companies be shielded from liability from their product to destroy the control group analysis that would point the guilt back in the direction of the pharma companies. And there again was Dr. Fauci to run cover for pharma by using the government to provide the shield. And then we see the Desecrators of Davos influence through Bill Gates. He spent the money to conduct a maniacal experiment all across the globe equivalent to Sid from Toy Story pulling the legs off grasshoppers in the backyard to see what might happen. 

Without the September announcement by President Biden in the United States that essentially attempted to force vaccines into most American citizens, the anomalies announced by the Pfizer whistleblower could have been hidden in a control group of those who willingly took the vaccine because they feared getting Covid. The point of the government mandate was to remove the control group and paint it across a majority of the citizens of the world, instead of a small sampling of Democrats who so willingly listen to government mandates without any critical thinking. By forcing everyone who essentially worked for a living, which was most people, to get the Covid vaccine, the anomalies could be hidden statistically across the world’s population, thus destroying the control group of the statistical sampling. All this can be found on page 75 of that book by Kennedy, followed by an endless stream of supporting data. The book chronicles the crime for legislators and lawyers to fight for justice in the aftermath of this tragedy. But the book is so densely packed with information that the publishers extended the standard rules for margins using almost every part of a blank page to fill with data. Otherwise, the book would be thousands of pages long. But the crime and the evidence have been captured and have only been hidden by the sheer evil of it all. The unfathomable intentions of government partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to shield them from all risk when the basic premise of their products is very risky. Not to get hung up on the American government’s role in making bioweapons, precisely this one in Wuhan, China. The virus was released during an election year where many of these Desecrators of Davos characters, like Bill Gates, wanted to see a change in the president. The government was involved in creating the virus. It was involved in forcing the solution by shielding pharma from risks associated with anomalies that came from their product. That is simply an unforgivable condition that we can’t let pass.

The net result is that all the characters involved in the forced vaccine mandates have to pay the price for what they did. The crime was purposely inflicted on the innocent with gross abuse of authority that has never been seen before in the history of the world. Even the worst villains ever recorded in actuality or imagination had fallen short of what actually happened when the government issued the vaccine mandates for a virus they created and spread worldwide with maniacal lunatics like Dr. Fauci leading the way as the highest-paid government employee currently on the payroll. This is what we get as taxpayers for that massive amount of money? A guy who would think nothing of killing off a portion of the world with government forced vaccines just to see what might happen when they pulled all the legs off the grasshopper just to see how long the poor creature would live. Then use the power of government to protect the kid from getting a spanking for abusing the poor insects from a parent who noticed the evil but could do nothing about disciplining the child. It’s an evil beyond the scope of the Apocolypse, the end of days, of the Anti-Christ being born into the world and inflicting its evil on the innocent. What the government did to people all over the world is vastly worse, and we are just now starting to see the cost, much the way the animals at slaughter realize just as it’s too late to save their lives from their fate as they were delivered to the slaughterhouse. But in America, we have the Constitution; we can leave the slaughterhouse and convict the farmer who delivered us there. And we can live happily ever after if only we dare to take away the knife intended to slit our throats and do justice to those who have been doing us harm all along.

Rich Hoffman

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