The Root Cause of Failed Liberalism: ‘Looking Backward’ to where the problem started

The Root Cause of Failed Liberalism

Not to brag, but as a statement of fact, I know many people are wondering why I have not been canceled out of existence.  Many bad people have certainly tried, and the shadow banning of me is just flat-out ridiculous.  But the truth of it is that my phone never stops ringing, even though I don’t make any attempts to broadcast what the political left considers toxic masculinity as a gun-wielding conservative, way to the political right of John Wayne.  I consider him a long-haired hippie compared to the way I think of politics.  But I do work extensively with people of all kinds of political affiliations and religious beliefs.  I get along with everybody until they do me wrong.  Yet if I answered all the calls and emails, I would never have time to do anything else, so I have to be very selective with my time.  It’s such a problem that I spent a whole chapter of my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business explaining why selective management of time is so important.  You might want to spend all kinds of time with people, but spending infinite amounts of time with them has a cost, usually a big one.  That leads to the answer to the question as to why this modern attack vector has not canceled me out by the liberal’s global progressive mindset.  Well, it’s because I have something the world really wants, a unique skill and that people are willing to put up with some conservative eccentricities so they can get some of what I have.  And that skill is a very keen sense of root cause analysis. 

For more than 30 years now, I have been an expert in Lean Manufacturing; I’ve been through all the reiterations and have advised many on it over the years.  I know it backward and forward.  But, I am not at all in love with it.  I see it strictly as an eastern spin to Japan’s lessons from Deming after World War II.  They were smart; they took one of the American manufacturing consultants into their arms after it was American manufacturing that essentially won that war, and they set out to beat us at our own game.  They turned what they learned into Lean and then sold it back to us, which now has much of the world thinking that they can copy Lean into their own cultures, only to find that it doesn’t work so well in the West.  I have never been all that impressed with Deming or the people who worship him as a manufacturing god. Those in the Lean movement with martial art terms that they think sound cool when selling eastern ideas to the West thinking it will help make companies better and more profitable.  If anything, it has only contributed to the spread of communism as we assumed that they knew something in the east that we didn’t know in the West, which essentially started this push toward global communism.  I have a saying that many who know me often hear, “get rid of the Black Belt and embrace the gunbelt.” I wrote my own book about this way of thinking after many years of experience and my root cause analysis of the state of the world, which needs some fresh insight. 

However, I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  One of the Lean tools that are most commonly used in the world to determine root cause analysis is the “five whys.” Now here, my gunfighter analogy would say that I shoot from the hip on those kinds of things because I have great experience and troubleshooting ability.  I can usually arrive at a root cause analysis by walking into a room.  But to use a more traditional tool to bring other people into the knowledge, they need to see a process like the “five whys” to work out the problem.  And that’s precisely what I did when it came to asking the questions about why liberalism so often fails, why the Biden administration sucked so much.  Why do so many people hate Donald Trump?  And essentially, why the state of the world was so bad when liberals did their work in it.  Those weren’t political statements; they were observations based on reality.  I had my shoot from the hip understanding of it, which long-time readers here understand I usually peg things months, years, or decades ahead of when trends hit. That’s why my phone never stops ringing, and it never will.  Much of the time, I’d love the phone to stop ringing.  But there is a cost to everything.  But to prove my thoughts to people, I needed a more traditional root cause analysis.  So I found myself way out West with my family at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, which gave me what I had been looking for. I’ve been to museums all over the world, some of the best that there are.  And the Buffalo Bill Center of the West was, and is, something extraordinary. 

It was at that museum that I learned to what extent Edward Bellamy had played a role in shaping socialism in America during that little vacuum of history when the Buffalo Bill Wild West show was the most popular form of entertainment in the world, from around 1880 to 1910. Bellamy’s book Looking Backward came out in 1888. It was a continuation of Karl Marx that essentially started quite a movement in America toward socialism that seamlessly merged with progressivism around 1910, during the Teddy Roosevelt years.  In the Bellamyites, much of modern liberalism was formed, which populates our nightly news cycles. Specifically, the nationalization of all means of production.  It has loomed in the background for the last 150 years, and they have constantly made gains for their movement over that entire time.  But to see the root cause of the problem of liberalism, you must go back to that period before the Progressive Era and at the end of the romantic Gilded Era, what I think of as the age of the gunfighters.  Many believe in gunfighting as a barbarous age of aggression and violence; I see it as much better than the concepts of Bellamy and his followers of the modern-day progressives in the Democrat Party. 

Like any root cause analysis, when trying to solve a problem, it’s not acceptable to put up with something causing you a defect, whether in manufacturing, psychology, or global politics.  If a bad idea is causing trouble, then you have to get rid of it.  And liberalism was a bad idea from the moment it was released with the work of Karl Marx.  What Edward Bellamy did with it was infect America with a disaster of thought that we see fully on the stage today.  But to see it correctly, you have to go back to a time before the problem gained support, which Edward Bellamy did for the work of Karl Marx during the period of massive westward expansion in America.  In my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, the basic premise is designed to help put a business back on track or a country; however the thought exercises are wished to be used by the reader.  But accepting the failure of a thought is not acceptable. That’s not to say that in the past, they had everything right.  There are always ways for “continuous improvement.” But a continuation of a bad idea which liberalism is is not the path to success for anything.  And to deal with it effectively, we must as a culture accept that premise as a fact and not make concessions with failure just to avoid hurting anybody’s feelings.  That frankness is why the phone never stops ringing; there are so many people stuck in the world between a problem and broken feelings on how to have a proper solution.  Usually, the problem is easy to fix, but the people involved make it difficult.  But the fix is the fix, and for America to be right again, we must solve the sickness at its source, to the world before Edward Bellamy and his destructive book Looking Backward.  

Rich Hoffman

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Decertify Biden: There is a way out of this mess

Decertify Joe Biden and Fix America

I’m quite aware that I am inviting massive shadow banning by mentioning anything about election fraud in this article’s title.  But considering how much I write and broadcast, as a totality, I am one of the most shadow-banned people in the world, and I consider it an honor.  Even though the laws are murky about it right now, the Internet is essentially a public utility created by taxpayers for our society’s use.  All those who are manipulating access and use of it are breaking the law.  It’s no different than some pirate confiscating water in a public water line to your house or poisoning that water at the treatment plant.  Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many others do not own the Internet.  They have just used it to make their money, which our government created for our use.  They are lawbreakers just like any other thief, and knowing all that if they want to shadow ban something I do, I enjoy knowing that.  I write as much as I do over the years because, by nature, it gets out anyway, no matter what restrictions they put on my site.  It happens by sheer mass.  But it doesn’t change the circumstances of this article that is pointing out the obvious and inevitable.  That the solution to many of our problems in our country right now is to decertify Joe Biden and to remove him from The White House and thus, to destroy all the plans that the political left has planned with this global insurrection once and for all, and to let history measure the embers of the aftermath. 

I am proud to be affiliated with the America First Policy Institute, which is the group behind the Trump lawsuit against Big Tech. It’s a good move, but by the time it’s all resolved, the Internet will be viewed as a public utility, much the way water, roads, or electricity is used, and those doing the kind of censorship that Big Tech is guilty of will be known as criminals.  But for now, we will all just have to fight it out.   The truth is the truth, and the bad guys can’t make the truth what they want it to be.  Joe Biden did not win the election of 2020, which is why all these criminal conspirators feel they must shadow ban information and censor reality because they hope that the truth doesn’t get out.  Joe Biden likely didn’t get much more than 60 million votes.  Trump broke 75 million, and he’ll do it again.  Can you imagine if the next election is watched and the Post Office is prevented from destroying hundreds of thousands of votes by dumping them on the side of the road?  Trump may very well break 80 million votes by the end of the vote count, well beyond the Democrat’s ability to cheat in the election.  They only got away with it in 2020 because of all the goofy Covid rules.  They can’t cover the margin without that, and Trump will be back in the White House.  Nobody on the political left is ready for that; there is no plan in the liberal playbook to deal with that reality.  They are hiding from it now, hoping to run out the clock somehow, but the clock is not their friend.  Reality is knocking on the door, and they think that by not opening the door, they can avoid paying for what they’ve done. 

Yet, as we look around at the mess that Joe Biden’s illegal administration has created, we should not be surprised.  Afghanistan was just the start, of course.  When you cheat an election and put in place someone the people didn’t vote for, what did they expect would happen?  We don’t want this socialist infrastructure bill.  We don’t want social spending bills in the trillions.  We don’t want to be losers on the world stage.  We don’t want the fake science of climate change.  We don’t want the United Nations.  We don’t wish to have high gas prices.  We want our shelves stocked.  We want employees in our drive-thrus saying “yes sir, have a good day,” as they give us our fast food.  We want our stuff in 20 different colors in a few days, not weeks.  We want competency.  We want a secure border.  We want schools that honor the parent/child relationship.  We don’t want to bend the knee to China in any way.  We don’t want a liberalized Hollywood.  We don’t want a radical FBI who does political hits for the Democrat party.  We love our history, we want to teach it to our children, and we want an America First policy that the world can follow if they want to.  We don’t want Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.  We don’t want to run and hide from viral outbreaks like the manufactured in a Wuhan lab coronavirus that Dr. Fauci was involved in creating.

We want to erase all these problems, and we can do it very simply by just following the law and decertifying the 2020 election results in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  And for good measure, Michigan.  We also need to perform audits in all the states to put to bed the actual numbers, which will show that Democrats are not competitive.  The country is not so evenly split down the middle.  That has been a lie, too, meant to make the horse race look closer than it really is for those who like to bet on horse races.  Just decertify the election and make all these problems go away by removing Biden from The White House.  They need to be taught a lesson, they need to be embarrassed, and they should have thought about the consequences before they pulled what they did against our Constitution and all of us who need to believe in the voting process.

Just think of how it will be when Trump runs again.  How will Fox News cover the Republican nominee when Trump talks about the election fraud of 2020 over and over again.  What will Facebook do and Twitter when they censor everything Trump says.  Before, in 2020 they thought Trump was done for and would never return because that’s how the Swamp works.  They never had a plan for Jonah to return from the belly of the whale.  History tells this story well; a leader in exile usually comes back to a triumphant return.  When Trump is back in the news every day, how are the censors who have broken the law through mass censorship through a public utility going to deal with it?  It will be a bloody mess, especially after the 2022 elections pretty much destroy the Democrat Party.  The Democrats took their shit shot and tried to destroy America before we caught on to what they were doing, and now they’ve been caught.  So we either deal with it directly on our terms, using the legal system to correct things, or the Democrat Party gets destroyed along with all their corporate conspirators.  What choice is there?  Either way, Joe Biden will be removed from office, and those who artificially propped him up will be exposed.  There are no assassinations or personal censorship that will stop that process by force and intimidation. Instead, the more that the Swamp lashes out at us for asking and stating the obvious questions, the madder we are getting.  And that is not a place that anybody on the political left really wants because they are not the majority.  They are the minority by a lot, and they damn well know it.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Looking Backward’: Where the liberal snipers have been hiding

Finding the Snipers by Looking Backward

I talk about it all the time, but if you are new to all this and have been getting your news from more mainstream sources, well, maybe you didn’t know about the successive tyrants of the world, the World Economic Forum who recently announced their Great Narrative from Dubai.  That is, of course, the same group behind the Great Reset, which Covid was created to implement across the world to shut down all the world’s economies simultaneously.  Then to have a managed restart under the United Nations using climate change fake science to drive the need.  I was catching up on all the latest climate crises, United Nations propaganda, and Davos Great Narrative updates while playing the new Call of Duty: Vanguard.  I was on a specific mission where you had to cross a vast field with broken-up buildings off in the distance full of snipers.  You had to work with a teammate to draw out the sniper fire, determine which windows the snipers were in, and quickly shoot them to advance.  I couldn’t help but see the parallels to what I was listening to.  The political left has kept themselves concealed in darkness for a long time, forcing us to focus on their specific positions.  As we put our sniper scopes on them, they’d shoot us from a different place.  When we changed our priorities, they’d shoot us yet from somewhere else.  But I like to look at the whole battlefield and pay attention to all the muzzle flashes from the various snipers to see them as one big story.  And that’s what the Great Narrative revealed to me; it was essentially a word-for-word utopian update of the old Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward.  This time, climate change was the driver toward global socialism and communism, taking over government over private enterprise so that the state could justify the power grab.  Since people resisted the first attempt, which took over 100 years to try, the political left has now turned to climate change to drive the justification, and it is evident to anybody who had a mind to look at the big picture. 

Looking Backward was essentially a short evolutionary novel meant to soft-sell Karl Marx to America and was in 1888 the third most popular book behind Ben Hur.  There was a massive following for the socialist utopia that the book describes when the hero wakes up 130 years in the future after being put to sleep with hypnosis only to suffer an accident in the process.  When he finally wakes up, the world has evolved into a socialist utopia, complete with the state taking over ultimately the means of production. There is no crime, everyone is equal, and the government maintains that fairness at the expense of all else. It’s a fluffy sort of fiction that, looking forward, was every bit like science fiction as Star Wars. Still, the premise was intentionally real, and a considerable following erupted from 1888 to 1900.  It only ended because Bellamy had died, and the movement took on a new shape.  But it’s a period of history that hides behind other things like the Civil War, the invention of the airplane, the electric bulb. The Model T. It’s a socialist movement that completely infected our education system at all levels, starting with John Dewey, who designed our public education system around the premise of Bellamy’s book.  So this wasn’t some fringe movement, it was the evolution of Karl Marx right in front of our faces, and it happened at the turn of the century.  What evolved after it became the stuff of nightmares, the creation of the Federal Reserve, the centralized control of money, progressive taxation, the big government politics that would lead to the New Deal.  The attempts at creating the League of Nations, then finally the United Nations.  It all started with that little book that replaced the gunfighters of western expansion and the liberalized easterner’ desire to assimilate the new nation’s success. 

People called these strange new socialist lovers “elite” because, at the time, they were the ones who were in our education system and teaching us.  They were the education system, the professors of our colleges, and they were our intellectual guides in a time when many people still couldn’t read.  Because many who founded America as a new country were suffering from an inferiority complex with Europe, these socialist lovers had the ear of many people we trusted to teach us things we didn’t know due to our lack of culture and history.  We didn’t know that much of what they were teaching were things we didn’t want or need to know.  We just knew they knew something we didn’t, so our society listened to them.  This went on for several decades, getting worse and worse over time.  As communism took over in the Soviet Union in 1917, then socialism moved into the collapsed German government with Hitler in the 1930s. China with a total communist takeover in 1949, Cuba in the 1950s, then Iran in the 1970s, the long march of global domination of communism has been moving along at a predictable pace.  Liberals in America’s own government were always sympathetic. They sought to teach Americans the ways of socialism and communism in our public schools and colleges the entire time, so there is a bit of socialism in just about everyone these days.  And always, the turn toward communism was through financial pressure and forcible military conquest.  That is certainly the case in Germany, where their financial system completely collapsed after World War I, and China after fighting in World War II.   The same playbook was at work on America now in 2020, and if you know how to sniff out the snipers to see where they are shooting from, you can see what’s been happening quickly.  I read the book that they are still following almost verbatim.

Of course, there are flaws to this plan that these losers have never worked out.  They don’t understand where socialism went wrong from its beginning plans, which Bellamy never figured out.  The failure of these so-called elites is that they assumed that if the world’s governments could unite and issue fairness, they could take over all industries and never miss a beat.  But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, all the flaws from the beginning all the socialist academics were in love with were never resolved.  The Bellamy novel was fiction at best when it first was shown to the public.  Because it appealed to the below-the-line people out in the world, they ignored that socialism defied the essence of human need.  It was a fantasy written by the mind of a child, and it had migrated into a governing force that still insists on trying it over and over again, even though it never worked.  These educated elite have shown themselves not to be very smart.  We gave them the benefit of the doubt looking forward, but looking backward, as the book suggests, they had it wrong from the beginning, and they never had a chance ever to get it right.  Yet that is the very premise of the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum people.  They are as lost as they ever were, and they, in their most profound thoughts, want to rule the world as all tyrants have over the many centuries of warfare.  And they expect America to fall like all the other places in the world have, especially since they’ve spent over a century building the momentum.  But I would argue that we see where they are shooting from now, we know where their snipers are, and we can win this game now that they are exposed.  They may have hidden that book, Looking Backward, from history, but they can’t hide the result.  It’s time to pay, and the evidence points to a bad day for all of them. 

Rich Hoffman

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They Call it the War Room for a Reason: Democrats broke the law and now its time to pay

Its the War Room, not the Play Room

I thought it was a smart move, the way Steve Bannon, the War Room host, turned himself in to the FBI on charges of contempt of congress.  He showed up, the cameras were rolling wild, and he was there to state before and after his quick release on the completely bogus charge that is a misdemeanor at best.  His move does a lot of good things, it engaged people who might not otherwise be paying attention, and it gave him an excuse to take the gloves off civility and do what the War Room was always intended, to wage war.  For many, the point of no return has already occurred; we are dealing with a criminal government built by thieves and ideological lunatics who function no different than the mob of Al Capone.  I have been saying it for a while; the mobsters never went away.  They got tired of running from people like Rudy Giuliani.   So they embedded themselves in our government to become part of a global cabal and took possession of our legal system for all the purposes they originally intended, to make a lot of money and use the law to destroy their enemies.  Who needs guns and assassins when you can direct the FBI to take out your political rivals.  What happened to Steve Bannon was essentially a hit to attempt to destroy a Trump comeback in 2024.  The War Room is very popular, and Trump hasn’t gone away, so the mobsters in our government who illegally put Biden in place with massive election fraud turned to the Department of Justice to do its bidding. That’s how contempt charges were leveled against Steve Bannon. 

I don’t personally complain.  I do a lot of things in my life for the good.  I have an impact on hundreds if not thousands of lives every day.  So I don’t sweat what Big Tech has done to me personally.  I understand how Steve Bannon feels.  The hits on me come from many directions.  His hit is different because he’s a high-profile target directly linked to President Trump.  So they went with this method.  When it comes to me, I am so shadow-banned on the internet that every IP address I touch is pretty much shut off to the outside world.  There are very few people like me out there who have written as much as I have, but so little gets out.  Try typing in my website of Gunfighterguide. Shop into a search engine, and you’ll find that it does not give you a direct link. That’s because search engines have erased it through algorithms and other means.  But I continue doing my bit of work because I have a lot of subscribers who take the information directly and pass it along in ways that all these tech terrorists can’t stop, or they have a hard time doing it.  What Bannon did was nothing about law and order; this is war with these radical Democrats and ultra-left progressives.  They mean to destroy us all; I’ve seen it up close.  If they can’t scare you into submission with physical violence, they’ll try something else, like shadow banning or arrests by the FBI.  They have no intention to co-exist with conservatives.  They mean to destroy us or nothing else.  There is no middle ground for them.  That is something everyone needs to understand.  Anyone who speaks against them is a severe threat. 

The Disney-owned ABC news guy Jonathan Karl is about to release a book called Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, and the media culture is releasing little snippets of the book ahead of its release, just as they have done with other similar hit books on the Trump administration.  Karl and ABC News, in general, have hated the Trump administration in very unhealthy ways and the voters who voted for him. It defies logic, yet Karl makes no hint at disguise in hating Trump, even though he is supposed to be a mainstream reporter for an important network.  Obviously, Disney is OK with all of Jonathan Karl’s radicalism. Still, they had a problem with Gina Carano for supporting conservative ideas to the point where they fired her from a Star Wars project.  The fact is, Jonathan Karl’s book is getting a lot of media attention.  Yet, just a few weeks ago, Peter Navarro released his book In Trump Time, which, unlike Karl, actually worked for the White House and directly with the president.  He wasn’t some reporter kept at arm’s length; he was actually in the situation room with the President during Covid and in the Oval Office leading up to the election.  He has pretty good knowledge of what went on in the Trump White House.  But from the media, no coverage at all.  Not from the mainstreamers anyway, certainly not on ABC News or The View.  The media, like Big Tech, was actively doing the work of helping this criminal government do its unaccounted-for conduct against the people of the United States.  All of them participating in shadow bans, abusing authority with the DOJ and FBI, the corporate media culture that is picking and choosing news for the sake of politics are all in on the scam.  When Steve Bannon said before turning himself over to the FBI that the Biden regime was illegitimate, he told a truth that all these criminals know, and they are trying to shut people like him up from saying it.  For instance, the evidence of that criminal conduct can be seen everywhere, even in the release of books like Jonathan Karl’s.  Karl was just a reporter; Navarro was a direct employee to the administration.  Who was better to report the truth?  The intent is obvious. 

I know my stuff gets out like a sperm cracking the egg of the host.  It takes thousands and thousands for just that one to get through and create life to a new idea.  I accept that is how this game is played.  It’s certainly not fair, but you don’t cry about it either.  Steve Bannon has a much higher profile, primarily because of his relationship with Trump, so they can’t just turn him off. He’s on too much media, even if it’s alternative media.  So like Roger Stone, they looked to make a public spectacle out of him since shadow banning won’t work so well as it does with a smaller outfit like mine.  But Bannon made a good show of the spectacle, and many more people are aware of what’s going on than they did before.  If the War Room audience is limited to just Trump supporters, then what Bannon managed this week by turning himself in to the FBI in a spectacular way was that people outside of that circle are in on the action, which is how a movement grows.  Ultimately, the way out of America’s mess is to decertify Joe Biden’s presidency.  Small blogs like mine and big podcasts like Bannon’s are the drivers of that needed narrative, and there are many more people open to it now than there were just a few months ago.  A bad economy and an embarrassing performance on the world stage will do that, and the Biden people never counted on any of this.  They thought all these MAGA people would be done and gone with by now.  But instead, we are picking up more support.  And despite all their criminal actions, political hits, and hostility toward conservatives, Biden is dying as an administration, and Trump is on the rise.  They have not managed to kill us off.  They have indeed harassed us, but if you aren’t the crying type, there isn’t much they can really do to any of us.  So there is no reason to fear them.  But there are a lot of reasons to eradicate them. 

Rich Hoffman

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How the Vaccine Mandate Falls Apart in Court: The Government is guilty of what happens by their decisions

The Holes in the Government Vaccine Mandate Case

So, these two lawyers have been disturbed about my position on the vaccine mandates for employers, and to settle some of our ongoing disputes, we met for lunch.  I essentially left that meeting and filmed the above video, so it was fresh on my mind how ridiculous they were in their assumptions that the same government that made and spread Covid-19 is the same government that is deciding what’s safe and not safe and that they can suspend constitutional rights, rights we have that protect us from government, based on their advice alone.  For me, this is one of the most obvious legal cases in the history of the world, and it’s quite clear, without a pause of contemplation.  There is no scientific evidence that the vaccines work; it’s all a Dumbo’s feather sentiment, not based on any actual science.  Yet, we have allowed our government to believe that it can enforce or even enact a mass vaccine policy that decides whether or not people can work or not work or whether businesses close or stay open based on government tampering.  They considered all those arguments conspiracy theory until we talked for a half-hour over a few hamburgers.  I can say that they did change their mind by the end of our talk, at least until they went back to their offices and mingled with people of their own kind, members of the BAR Association who have injected themselves into our fights of the day with sissy slapping and wordplay instead of the gun duels we used to rely on to settle disputes.  More and more these days, I’d rather just dual it out with adversaries.  There is something much more honest about the exchange that seems much more appropriate for these kinds of times.  But that’s beside the point. 

At the heart of the argument, which I guess they had to meet with me in public to gather the gravity of it, was that the biggest problem with the vaccine mandates that set up the government with serious litigious anxiety for years to come, is that they know the vaccine is dangerous to some people. Yet, they forced that danger on people by calling it safety which is not the case.  We all know people by now who have gotten the shot.  When you get it, they tell you to sit somewhere they can observe you for 10 minutes. I’ve been present when many people have obtained the shot, and before they get it, they are fine.  After they get it, they get sick because their bodies recognize the hostile agent that has been introduced into their bodies to attack it, so the immune system goes to work. It’s a strain on a body under any condition, but some people get very sick for a few days after and have to miss work anyway.  Some people are wiped out entirely for a few days because of the violent reaction to the vaccine.  It’s kind of the problem with the wordplay in a document that says you “will” do something as opposed to “shall.” When the government commands you “will” or “must” get the vaccine, they put themselves on the hook for the results.  They are responsible for what happens next.  If a person gets sick and loses time, they are responsible for the cost of that lost time because they caused the occurrence.  And that is certainly the case when someone who might be bordering on a heart attack anyway gets this vaccine and finds themselves violently sick, and the heart attack goes off.  The government just killed someone.  It doesn’t matter if the intentions were good or bad; it was the government’s decision that caused the death.  They interrupted the health of the person who had a heart attack by introducing a hostile element to their lives. That decision caused death if the heart attack victim dies, which reports indicate is often happening, not in every circumstance, but more cases than in “some” circumstances.  When the government makes itself the responsible party, it is then their responsibility to deal with whatever happens. 

What is astonishing in this whole vaccine mandate case, which has not been adequately challenged by any court yet because lawyers like these guys who went to lunch with me haven’t had a chance to wrap their minds around it yet, is how the government doesn’t want guilt for actions it committed.  That certainly has been on purpose by the government to take advantage of a shock and awe campaign to keep the legal system on its heels.  They use social status within the BAR Association to keep everyone in line and keep them from asking the proper questions.  Ultimately, that’s why these guys wanted to win me over to their version of reality was because they were more concerned about their peer review, which wants to punt their opinions to the conspiracy theory side of things rather than consider the culpability of the government in responsibility for knowingly making people sick with the vaccine mandate.  They might have a case if we knew that Covid was dangerous right out of the gate, and they were trying to save people, as they say, they are.  But we’ve been dealing with Covid for a few years now, and we know a lot about it.  Not many people are dying from it, and those who get sick get over it within a few days.  As it stands now, the way lawyers should look at this case, or prosecutors, at all the work the CDC did to create new quarantine laws for Covid, all the new things that were done that have made all our lives so miserable in the process, and that those actions were to cover up what the government knew about the virus, what role they had in making it, and what role they had in releasing it to the public.  I would refer to the Peter Navarro book In Trump Time, where the Dr. Fauci case showed that the NIH was funding and tampering with coronavirus, which led to the creation of Covid-19.  That is the answer we all need to understand before we do anything on a mass scale, especially knowingly putting people in harm by the aftereffects of getting the vaccine.

My lunch guests could see the point, but as they said, “who is going to take this to court?” I, of course, told them that they should be doing it.  I reminded them that this is the same government that is sending the FBI to raid the home of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas over information directly related to President Biden.  The Department of Justice is holding Steve Bannon in contempt of court for inciting a riot on January 6th, 2020, after George Soros spent millions of dollars paying rioters to burn down American cities trying to start a race war in America entirely politically motivated.  And that same government has their hands all over this; we know what Dr. Fauci knew and when he knew it.  He personally approved gain of function research behind President Trump’s back in 2017. He knew that is where Covid came from as he lied on television for many months after bringing our entire global economy to a crippling stop.  This government is conducting terrorism, and if the BAR Association and its lawyers won’t fight the court battle that must be fought, who will?  The government is counting on those guys to attack me as the path to what they think is the least resistance.  I might have changed their minds for that day, and they know the case’s merits fall as a burden on the government.  This government is not too big to prosecute, and eventually, it will be.  They have to be. Otherwise, there is no law and order in our society.  Anybody who knowingly causes harm to someone else is guilty of the result. The government, through these mandates, is guilty of what happens to those who have adverse reactions to the vaccination process.  It is irrelevant as to whether or not the government had good intentions in doing so. I’d argue they are doing it to cover up their much worse crime of making the virus and spreading it for political reasons.  But ultimately, the smoking gun, in this case, is the burden of responsibility.  It falls on the government what happens as a result of things they mandate.  And when those things cause death, that is squarely on them, and how they need to be attacked in legal cases from now on. 

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Fight On Ground The Enemy Chooses: The sunbathing wife, never forget, government made Covid-19

Don’t Die on the Hill They Choose for You

Notice how we don’t talk about the minimum wage being $15 an hour anymore?  You could hear how Biden spun the news of the jobs report on the first Friday of November 2021, when 500,000 jobs were added. Many of them at higher wage rates because the government first destroyed those jobs with Covid protocols, then paid people to stay home, forcing employers to throw money at new hires to get them back out of the house and into the workplace.  All the aspects of the jobs report were the effect of government tampering.  Those jobs had been there before, they weren’t new, but government activism created all the elements they reported. That’s the game we are playing with these characters, and it’s essential to understand because essentially, the root of all this evil was the creation of Covid-19 by Dr. Fauci in a Wuhan lab in China to destroy our economy to cause the Great Reset we see the United  Nations pushing for.  It’s hard for most people to understand this game, so these authoritarian governments keep doing it.  They attack us on the ground they establish then force us to defend our position while attacking from a different direction.  Progressives in government have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for a long time, but they couldn’t get the politics and public behind it.  So they attacked from a different direction using this United Nations Great Reset as the platform.  They simply took away the workers using Covid, forcing companies trying to stay alive to throw money at the situation just to try to get back to normal.  Nothing changed in the marketplace, but the government tampered with the employer/employee relationship to drive up prices so that Biden could take credit for the wage increases at some future time when he needed a political boost after the embarrassments of the Virginia election.

It’s like the poor sap of a husband who wants to watch football on a Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and has been looking forward to just sitting on the couch watching several big college games.  But his wife has other ideas.  She wants to be noticed by the next-door neighbors as she suns herself under a September sun.  She doesn’t necessarily want to have an affair with her neighbor, but she wants to make his wife jealous because the two women have a rivalry, and she likes to be noticed.  After all, her husband doesn’t seem to notice her anymore because he just wants to watch football all the time.  But she can’t lay out in the sun if the grass looks all scraggly.  So she tells her husband to go out and mow it.  He, of course, doesn’t want to.  So to get him to move off his position, she says to him, “don’t you love me anymore?  Are you cheating on me?” Well, this gets his attention.  Of course, he’s not cheating on her, but now he has to prove that he’s not, so he immediately gets defensive and feels he has to prove it to her.  Thus, shortly after some tense exchanges of denial, he goes out into the garage and starts up the lawnmower, and proceeds to cut the lawn.  The wife smiles and puts on her bikini and some sunscreen.  That, in many ways, is what the government did to us over the minimum wage. 

What the Other Hand

I tell that story because there is more to it.  Remember, our government, funded by NIH, created Covid, and our government is currently covering it up.  Dr. Fauci is just the bag man.  Covid-19 was designed to usher in the Great Reset, which the United Nations has planned for years.  How else were they going to shut down all the economies of the world so they could then gain control of them all at the same time?  Covid was their created crisis to make it happen.  You could tell it was a phony deal from the start because all the Covid protocols they wanted us to implement were the same ones that climate change lunatics wanted.

Bill Gates wants a zero-emission world, so people like him came up with the Great Reset scheme.  We know the rest of the history, and we understand this bizarre push for government-sanctioned vaccines and connecting them to our jobs.  But be careful here; there is an ulterior motive that goes well beyond the logic of what we see.  The government, represented by Biden here, understands what they are up to while the rest of us do not.  We assume that they want us to work at our jobs and be productive.  But honestly, they will make up jobs numbers all day long, just as they did on the one in November.  What they want is to make the United Nations happy with wealth redistribution.  If they can piss people off and force those who refuse to get the Covid vaccine for a virus they created in a Wuhan lab (never forget that), they can attack businesses and force them to relocate in regions of the world where people won’t walk off the job.  Remember, the wife wants the grass cut so she can flirt with the neighbor.  She could care less what her husband thought. 

The government provoking a fight between the employer and the employees is just what they want as they make deals with the United Nations to redistribute the wealth of America to places they think is better.  That is undoubtedly what Biden wants, and his administration is committed to the Open Society George Soros ideas at every level.  All these climate radicals have the United States targeted for destruction.  If they can shut down jobs over the Covid vaccine mandate, they surely will, and they’ll laugh while they are doing it.  It’s what they want.  Our mistake is in answering the wife who is accusing you of what she is actually up to.  But we are the ones mowing the grass while she is putting on the suntan oil and shaving her legs for max appeal on her sunbathing fantasies.  The government has positioned itself to win on the vaccine mandate issue either way it goes.  So don’t take the bait and fight them where they attack.  For instance, learn from history, from what they have done with the minimum wage, and hit them where you see fit.  Challenge these losers in court, attack them where they are weakest. Don’t play their game; make them play the one you demand. 

The husband should tell the wife that he’ll mow the grass after the game or even tomorrow.  When she accuses him of cheating, he should turn it around on her by letting her wonder if maybe he is.  He should know what kind of game she is playing and play it better than her. Perhaps he should say, “how did you find out?” That would turn things around on her quickly.  Then instead of putting on her bikini and suntan lotion, she’d be digging through the trash looking for unusual receipts and rummaging through his phone for unknown phone numbers.

Meanwhile, he would still get to watch the game.  Of course, she would find nothing, but he would get his game in, then he could mow the grass, and by then, the sun would be down over the horizon denying his wife the noonday sun and the lustful gaze of their neighbor.  Never let anybody, not a spouse nor a government, fight you on the ground they choose if you can help it.  Also, turn it around on them and force them to fight where you decide. It’s the foundation of the Art of War, it’s indeed the game we are all playing with China, but our government is crooked, deceitful, and out for blood.  Be sure not to walk into their buzz saw and to die on the hill they decide.  Hit them where they are vulnerable, and don’t be a sucker. Remember what we aren’t talking about when it comes to vaccine requirements, that government made the virus, Dr. Fauci knew about it, he lied to congress and the President, and a lot of people knew about it before January 28th 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth is You Did Build That: How government creates legalized theft to mask their uselessness

Yes, You Did Build That

I always say that the rules are made by the losers, just like in the NFL.  Great teams from the previous year are penalized the following year with draft picks and schedule strength so that weaker teams can have a chance to win too.  There is a lot of socialism in American football, precisely the corporation that is the NFL.  Rules generally exist to help make things equal for those who aren’t so good in life.  And that is essentially the case for everything that government sticks its nose in; they use rules to associate themselves as regulators to economic creation so that they can loot off the productive efforts.  To mask the true nature of productivity, the government creates the roads through confiscated wealth in taxation. They regulate the power grid to manage its distribution and many other things to associate themselves with a concept of teamwork whenever something is created.  When they say teamwork and consensus-building, they mean they want to rob you of your effort and redistribute your success to those not so successful.  When they say fairness, what they mean to do is penalize you for success so that others might also bask in the glory.  And they do so with the false premise of justice in retaliation for how things work in the world. 

This has been on my mind since I watched the various activities of the G20 Summit, which was essentially a bunch of losers in the world looking for justification for their crippling socialism.  They have a friend in the Biden administration who is willing to play along with their game of effort redistribution.  They want American effort to drive their globalist desires. Still, now that Trump is gone, they want America to stand at the end of the group photo so that they can now take credit for the efforts of the G20 gathering.  Leaders in the center of the picture look all stoic and essential when they do nothing to contribute to the success of the venture.  They like Biden because he allows them to steal from the efforts of America, which makes them look much more courageous and essential in the world.  It’s similar to the classroom of people who are asked a question and only one or two hands go up.  Once a few people break the ice, more hands go up because they are followers.  They knew the answer when asked, but they didn’t feel comfortable holding up their hand until others did before them.  That is the way it is in the world.  There are very few people who lead, there are lots of followers, but when things are done, it is never the groups of followers who start the effort; it’s those few people who are confident enough to stick up their hand when nobody else has. 

When the socialist Obama said during his American presidency, and still whispers into the ear of Joe Biden, that “you didn’t build that, you had to have help,” its because his kind of government has always stuck themselves into the middle of a process so that they would have something to do while the real risk-takers did all the heavy lifting.  I was recently at a zoning meeting where a community resident wanted to build a barn for his various recreation equipment and was promptly lectured about how it wasn’t the community’s job to accommodate all the property owner’s toys.   The hatred toward the successful property owner couldn’t be more precise.  Here were some zoning officials who wanted to use their government power to force the property owner to beg like a dog for the right to do what he wished on his property and enjoy his success in life by playing with toys he had acquired.  But because of the zoning rules, the bureaucrats of the community were able to be associated with the property owner’s success.  So instead of the property owner just building the barn, he had to ask for help to allow the community to enable him to build the structure.  The same rules apply to roads, infrastructure, and even economies. 

Back in the Gilded Age, which has more and more value for as I study history, if Thomas Edison wanted to light up a city with his new light bulbs, he would also create his own infrastructure to do it.  Railroads did the same; the government needed them; they didn’t need the government.  The government back then had not yet figured out the value of all these mass inventions created during this exciting period, so they didn’t know to stick their noses into the business of the entrepreneurial efforts.  But like the United Nations of today, all government has learned to hide their own timidity by looting off the bold and courageous efforts so that their type can appear to be part of the effort.  The politicians might even show up to a ribbon-cutting ceremony to get a picture taken of their support for a project even though the owner did all the work, worried all those sleepless nights to make it happen, and ultimately have to run everything.  Meanwhile, the politicians go to lunch and forget about it.  They have their picture that they can use for campaigning and quickly move on to something else. 

So when it is said that someone didn’t build something and that they had to have help, it’s not true.  The reality is that all groups of people do get in the way. Their purpose is to rob off successful efforts, like what the United Nations is doing presently, and the Biden administration is set to accommodate.  In truth, if you don’t build that, or some individual is the first to stick their hand up to initiate a process, then nothing happens.  Nothing gets built.  Progress, all progress is started by the few.  The fewer people involved, the more successful something is.  When you have to drag a bunch of looting personalities along, things slow down and become much less by the time everything is done.  Group consensus is a limit, not an asset.

The United Nations are the last people in the class to hold up their hands to answer a question, but they want the world to think of them as “leaders.” They want to lead by title, not by all the efforts that make things happen, like leadership, embracing risk, and putting forth tireless effort.  The miracle is that even with all the government’s limits on people, anything happens at all.  But imagine what kind of world we could have if people were left alone to build and create without the looting efforts of the governments of the world?  Imagine the innovation and advancements to civilization?  But to mask their intrusion on success, they have stuck themselves to everything and tried to create the illusion that you need them to do anything when in reality, they need you for everything.  Always remember, if you don’t do something, it likely will never get done.  Much of what everyone would like to see, those who sit around waiting for someone else to do something, never happens.  You don’t need help to build something; what is really needed is for the losers to get out of the way.

Rich Hoffman

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What a Tyrant Is: Why freedom is more important than order

What a Tyrant Is

Clearly, the United Nations is making their long-planned move to pull the United States under their umbrella, to satisfy the ultimate strategy of progressives over the last century. That is a one-world government that they control.  And in America, the Democrat Party is fully committed to making that happen, so much so that Joe Biden and the John Kerry types are pushing forward a radical progressive agenda despite what voters in the United States might think of it.  They are already functioning from the change state point of view where the world will be operating from one government brought together through rules of climate change, which they made up entirely to fulfill their cause.  Covid was created in a Chinese lab to crush the world’s economies and create a “Build Back Better” socialist plan that would lead to the Great Reset.  None of that is speculative fiction; in fact, it’s the truth of 2021 as we move into 2022.  Given what these people have shown they are willing to do, can you see now why they committed massive election fraud in 2020 to get rid of Trump?  Trump and the MAGA supporters were in the way, and they couldn’t have that.  So they got rid of him for this new globalist agenda, and they didn’t care what rules they had to break. 

This, of course, has shocked many people, leaving them to declare statements about how unconstitutional it all is, how unfair, how tyrannical.  Biden has responded by mocking our cries for freedom because the plan was always to use safety over freedom to drive people like herds of cattle toward the cesspools of globalism.  To crush the American economy and redistribute the wealth elsewhere.  That is, after all, how all our jobs over the years ended up in China.  But few know what freedom means or even what a tyrant is. How can we say that a school board is a tyrannical organization or a presidential administration?  How could those puffy Pillsbury Dough Boy socialists in the United Nations be “tyrants.” They look like Santa Clause in most cases who want to help people.  Without a proper definition and value of what freedom means, our arguments against this wave of globalism against our American sovereignty come out flat and uninspiring.  So let’s set some definition parameters for the use of argument. 

To define a tyrant, I always think, as I said in the video above, of a parent who sends their kid to gymnastic practice hoping that they’ll become so good that they might someday make the Olympic team and be national heroes on the cover of a cereal box.  That is ultimately the kind of neurosis that the people in the United Nations think of their billionaire sponsors and us.  That if we would only listen to them, they’d have our lives all figured out, and we’d thank them later.  This parent-child relationship is prevalent in our society.  Lots of parents move to schools or send their kids to schools that have healthy sports programs hoping that a college recruiter will notice their child and that a path for success will be established for them just by being in the right place at the right time. It’s the dream of many parents to see their kids achieve the success they were never able to accomplish in life.  But, the problem is, when parents act in such a way, they are taking away the child’s free will and forever harming their future development.  The parent might justify that it’s for the child’s own good; what can a child know that a grown adult has seen for themselves.  So the child should just shut up and listen.  This is what a tyrant is. 

A tyrant is a person or an entity of any kind that lives through the lives of other people.  And people who declare they want “freedom” essentially say they don’t want to be connected to such people.  When we say we want “freedom,” we say we don’t want our lives directed by other people.  Yet the Democrat Party and their partners in the United Nations, the globalists as we like to call them, insist that we all connect and that they must live through us the way a parent lives through a child who is enrolling their child in sports programs, not for the health of the child, but the ego of the parents.  The parent wants the neighbors to be in awe of their sports star child; they want respect from the child’s antics by their peer groups.

In the same way, the tyrant of every kind must live off the life of others so that they can associate themselves with success.  They are natural parasites to the order of the universe, and what’s worse, they think they are doing good.  They justify their actions because it is in their nature to be parasites.  So when we say we want freedom, we aren’t talking about the Revolutionary War in 1776 against the English.  We aren’t talking about Republicans starting a Civil War with Democrats in the American South to free the slaves.  When we say freedom, those are expressions of freedom, but we genuinely want not to be chained to those who demand that we live our lives through other people.  We want to be free to live our own lives in our own way.  Not at the expense of others but under our own accord. 

When Biden mocks the American notion of freedom, it is because he has already signed America up to serve the masters of the United Nations, the socialists of France and Portugal. They live vicariously through their histories, sipping wine in art museums.   Not only do these people live through other people, but they loot off their histories, claiming them as their own, even though the wars and conquests of the past were not even closely associated with the modern day.  They use such justifications to treat America like a child that has gone astray and now must be spanked in front of the world and be told what to do from now on.  Yes, we want “freedom” from that kind of idiotic behavior.  We want to be free of people who think like that.  We don’t want to live our lives preplanned in the halls of Europe by stuffy old losers who are too timid to live their own lives and make their own histories.  They are looking for cover, and they need us to do it.  That is why Joe Biden mocks us.  He is an old man who has lived his whole life through other people, so it’s too late for him.  And he knows it.  The way he hides such a thing from his own mind is to bring the whole world into a similar condition.  In that way, he would never be remembered for being such a loser.  Yet, that is just how it will be for him and all those in the United Nations who have plotted against America and all of us with such elaborate plans.  Just as the parent who finds their 16-year-old daughter suddenly screaming rebellion once they are old enough to make their own decisions.  The little girl who went to gymnastics since they were five years old suddenly wants to be their own person, and the parents, of course, will be devastated, but that is the nature of freedom, and what every living thing on planet earth craves, whether or not they know how to express it. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Nature of Power: 35% of voters want to overturn the 2020 election

The Nature of Power

Probably the most misunderstood thing in the world is the nature of power and how you know you have it, and others recognize that you do.  This came to my mind for several reasons, most notably the discussion on the Steve Bannon Warroom podcast recently where it was revealed that 30% of all registered voters want to see the 2020 election overturned.   From my perspective, I feel the United States moved in a new and healthy direction during the last week of October 2021.  Not through our political system, that is a disaster, but I feel that the right people see what’s going on and that Democrats are ruining their brand forever by what they are doing now.  When I heard that 30% number, it caught my attention because I understand power I have and want to share with people.  It is, after all, one of the big themes in my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, who really has power and what can be done with it.  Most everyone gets their understanding of power wrong.  It’s not their fault; it’s just the way we teach ourselves.  Much of the world has sought to mask that misunderstanding by making power a process and not an intellectual attribute, leaving many wholly lost about the nature of power.  It’s not in Democracy, the opinions of the masses that power is acquired, which is the current strategy of globalists, Big Tech, political parties, communist countries, every villain you can think of.  They seek to gain power by a recognized title, saying that Dr. Fauci is powerful because he’s at the front of the NIH and is the highest-paid government employee in America.  But in reality, he’s just a sniveling lier who could be crushed about as quickly as we might swat a fly.  In Dr. Fauci’s case, the power is an accepted system, whereas the real power comes from other measures. 

I often use the example in my book of The Lonely Stranger, who steps into a saloon in the Wild West and moves through a room full of desperate people, prostitutes, gamblers, cutthroats, swindlers, rustlers, robbers, and dealmakers.  The music stops when they enter and step to the bar for a drink with their back to the room.  All the power in the world is in this lonely stranger because the room’s contents are moved to action by the new presence.  Some are thinking about how they might kill the stranger and take all he has.  Others wonder if there is some secret knowledge the stranger has that might enrich the lives of those so desperate.  Perhaps a friendship would be profitable.  Prostitutes might hope for an easy new customer.  Everyone looks at the stranger and wonders who they are and what benefit they might be to the desperate. It’s a classic western theme that was developed in American culture and is unique in the world.  The power, of course, is entirely in the hands of the lonely stranger at the bar, making the room guess how the stranger’s life might benefit them.  Either through crime, friendship, lust, or even intoxication.  Power is when others are moved to action by some instigator.  Understanding that and then manipulating those around the room to your objectives is how good strategy is evoked and utilized correctly. 

Most people in the world want to step into a saloon-like that and be liked by the participants.  In so doing, instantly, all their power is given to the mob, and they lose any leadership prospect.  Leadership is not understood even by those who naturally possess it.  Leadership is in knowing how to use power to move the masses to the desired effect.  A good leader can make the people in the saloon do anything they want, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 people or 1 billion people.  The saloon can be as big as you want it to be; people always behave the same for the same reasons no matter what culture we are dealing with.  The leverage always goes to the lonely, unknown stranger alone at the bar with their back to the room until they give away that power by showing a desire for friendship.  Once that weakness is revealed, then the lonely stranger becomes another member of some peer group.  They may influence that peer group, but not the rest of the room.  As a great CEO, Trump came into the presidency understanding this trait of leadership. That’s how the MAGA movement happened and how Trump was even able to control the flow of the media.  They may have hated him, but he had power over them, just like those who wanted to kill the lonely stranger plotted and schemed in the corners behind layers of cigar smoke in how to end the stranger’s life.  So long as the stranger understands what’s going on, he can make it work to his advantage. 

But it’s a lonely realization, leadership.  And we are taught as little kids, and throughout our lives, that friendship is the most important thing.  So we walk into these rooms full of people and seek friendship, not the naturally associated power with our independence.  We all have tremendous power until we give it away under some assumption of winning the hearts of our attempted murders or the schemes of the whores, and gamblers with friendship.  If we just stayed at the bar with our back to the room, letting the various elements simmer on their thoughts, we would maintain power over all of them.  In such a way, one person can influence through leadership many hundreds of people.  Or perhaps thousands.  That is why it was significant to hear that 30% of all people supported turning over the election.  That is way more people than are needed to change society.  A considerable revolution could occur with influential leaders under 5%, which is essentially how the Democrats have made this current power play.  They are playing by the wrong rules and have made several fatal mistakes, and those mistakes are blowing up in their faces as I write this.  President Trump has maintained that 30% during his entire presidency and before and after because those people make up the lonely, stranger aspect of the saloon inhabitants.  And they haven’t turned to the room for friendship but have remained with their back to it, cooly sipping on their drinks and watching all the desperate faces from under the brim of their hat in a mirror hanging behind the bar to show the room and its cutthroats in all its glory.  And that’s more than we need to win the war and the world, which I find very encouraging.  When you understand leadership and how it works, you can then know that the modern political methods of acquiring power, whether Facebook, Twitter, or the Deep State, are all wrong because they seek friendship as their means of manipulation and the schemes of Democracy.  But that’s not how power works, and they are learning all too late that everything they have built their life around has been false, and they will fail as sure as you are reading this, which has presented them with a crisis many of them were never prepared for, and it’s to our benefit to exploit.

Rich Hoffman

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How To Bring Down Big Organizations: The United Nations and China have already lost

The Way to Bring Down Large Organizations, like China

One thing I don’t want to see is a bunch of people being scared.  When I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did it to help people who may want the help of understanding a strategy that could help them through the scariest circumstances.  After all, that is my experience, I’ve seen all the scary stuff any person should ever have to see in a lifetime, and I still have a lot of lifetime to live.  But I’ve never woken up afraid of anything in my life, even under paralyzing circumstances.  And with things being the way they are in the world, it’s a good time to share some of the knowledge with other people who may be so inclined to provide leadership for themselves toward the aim of making a better life.  So increasingly, now that the Biden administration is doing its thing and the global forces against us have shown their intentions, I want those who have a mind for it to rest at ease and think clearly about the matters at hand.  It is essential to understand the true nature of power and how to defeat overwhelming forces because those are the problems of our current time, and I offer in my book a guide on how to get there.  But I’m not just selling the information in a book; I’m happy to tell and teach anybody who wants to learn.  The book puts it all in one place, but I offer openly much of what is in the book because I want to see people win at life, especially when it comes to the MAGA movement and the threat of China and the United Nations in general.  Sure, they are big organizations with many resources behind them. Still, as I point out in the video above, they are easy to bring down, just as most large organizations are for all the reasons discussed in this article. 

The big falsehood that many of us have been taught, and China affirms it during each Olympic season, is that large groups of people who show they can do exactly what they are told are the most critical element of strategy.  China enjoys showing the world at military displays and Olympic events how they can get thousands of people to coordinate perfectly in complicated ways with mass obedience.  Big companies like to teach how “compliant” their workforce is to company memos and compliance audits where instructions are followed to the letter and never strayed from.  Too much of the world and the long span of human history, compliance to orders is the primary concern and measure success.  That is, after all, the fear of most military affairs. “Sir, I was just following orders.” Soldiers are not expected to think; they are expected to comply.  In our schools, we are to follow a teacher’s instructions to do what we are told.  So it should never be a surprise to anybody that when America was attacked by global forces, throughout the last several decades, especially in the previous couple of years, we would be assaulted through our natural compliance to instructions provided to us by centralized authorities.

In many cases, we have been taught this method of value assessing our entire lives.  The dog whistle is something most of us hear when a Covid health official tells us to wear a saliva-covered mask in public and not to take hydroxychloroquine to fight off a bioweapon virus produced in a lab in China to take over the economies of the world under the flag of communism.  We comply because we were taught to, even if we think the concept is stupid.  Most people in the world do.  Likely much of China believes its authority figures are fools, but they follow their instructions because of the way they have been taught to think about their roles in the schemes of things. 

Yet leadership is not in following instructions because the centralized authority issuing the instructions might get it wrong. In so doing, it will put the lives of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people at risk in their error.  I often tell the story of how I worked at five large companies before I ever turned 30 and could never cut a break by any of them staying open.    In spite of any hard work I did, they all managed to close due to bad leadership, bad because they were too centralized in their approach to problem-solving.  I watched many brilliant people destroy great companies. They put all their strategic efforts into the wrong priorities, believing that organizations were great because people followed directions.  Well, at a certain point, I gained the ability to be a leader myself, and my method has always been to teach people how to think so that if a centralized authority gets a strategy wrong, then the people closest to the problem can make a correction and solve the problem right then and there.  I often like to use the football metaphor of calling an audible at the line of scrimmage.  The game plan might be acceptable until you see that the other team has adapted to what you’re doing and you need to make a change.  If a plan isn’t working, players need to change a play to adapt to what works. 

In The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I point out that one of the great strengths of the American way of doing things is our ability to think outside the box, to “shoot from the hip” when needed to approach problems less formalized.   It’s OK to have a plan and a strategy, but decentralizing the problem-solving process is the key to success in any culture, whether it be a company or a country.  Leadership is all about thinking on your feet rather than coming up with a game plan then forcing everyone to stick to it, even if it proves to be the wrong plan.  And that is the dirty little secret that China doesn’t want anybody to know about them.  The United Nations, too, are all too rigid, and even if they were to happen to read this, I have people from China who read here every day, likely censors, they could not correct course because their culture is not flexible enough.  What they value in a good society are all the wrong things.  They can only hide that fault if they can eliminate all their competition from revealing it to the world under pressure. 

This is why I said, especially to some compelling people in Washington D.C. when I first published my book, that The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business could bring down China without destroying the assets and people of the country.  China will lose whenever forced to play the gunfighter game, “shooting from the hip,” decentralizing authority in organizations and governments.  All the socialists that are running the United Nations are in the same condition.  They are compliance-driven, and any centralized authority issuing orders, such as the CDC has now made itself known for, will make mistakes. When they do, they are too slow to adapt to a victory position.  So in that way, prominent centralized authorities will always lead to failure, which is why history tells the stories of communism that they do.  Big companies go out of business for the same reasons.  But success comes not from relying on centralized processes but in teaching people to think as individuals toward a common cause but to make decisions about strategy at the point where the problems present themselves.  Not in the office of some far removed bureaucrat who doesn’t understand all the conditions involved.  And knowing that and the threats in front of us now, perhaps they will look less scary if viewed in this way.  It’s not about compliance; it’s about resolution and performance 100% of the time.  Those who don’t understand these types of things will eventually always lose. 

Rich Hoffman

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