The Elephant in the Room: Why the new ‘Top Gun’ movie is so successful and what it means to ESG scores in corporate America

I have always looked at box office results as a kind of vote for what the temperature of the political world truly is. As we know now, elections are often rigged, especially regarding the digital machines and ballot stuffing efforts that have been common in big American cities for years. So political votes don’t often reflect what people really desire culturally. But when a person is willing to get out of their chair and go out into a darkened theater and share a movie experience with perfect strangers, which is a discomfort of its own, the kinds of choices people make reflect a lot about their true character. So I have always looked toward box office numbers to understand what’s happening worldwide and the kinds of mythologies the human race responds to. Knowing all that, I was not surprised that Top Gun: Maverick did well at the box office; it looks like it will come in over 1.2 billion dollars for the summer of 2022. It has been remarkably strong for what I consider a typical 80s movie. I grew up in the 80s, so I remember when there was a movie like Top Gun coming out every weekend, and then when you got back in the car to drive home, there was a new top 40 hit on the radio. We had a thriving culture back then mainly because Ronald Reagan, as an actor, knew how to sell America to America, and people felt good about their country. Hollywood rushed to make movies that appealed to them, which was reflected in the movie-making industry. 

Obviously, I loved the new Top Gun movie, but as I said, I don’t think the film is a technological masterpiece. It will likely win some awards because the kind of people who pursued careers in movie making are happy that finally there is a movie out there that reflects why they got into the business in the first place, the way Hollywood used to make movies before all the woke ESG rules took over and ruined everything for everybody. While Top Gun has been doing well, another film franchise from Disney, Thor: Love and Thunder, came out over a similar summer season release. It died on the vine by the second weekend because it embraced all the woke ESG garbage injected into corporate America, and the voting movie audience decided they didn’t want any of it. For a film with big intentions to gain a billion dollars at the box office from a global audience, Thor: Love and Thunder quickly fell out of favor, while Top Gun: Maverick continued to be in the top 10 even after two months in theaters. Because of this behavior, there is a massive elephant in the room to talk about that I have heard nobody in the commentary business from entertainment or politics nail down, which is worth discussing because of what it means. What we see with movie audiences is a total rejection of the globalist push for ESG values that will undoubtedly be reflected in society in general, and what has been happening in the movie business will ultimately be reflected in society in general, with restaurants, business commerce, and populist politics. The only way the ESG system was ever going to work was to take away all people’s options for what they really wanted. Top Gun: Maverick shows just how successful breaking the ESG formula can be for anybody who dares to, and now that people have seen the benefits, the ESG attempts will fail miserably.

Considering that Top Gun: Maverick was entirely filmed before Covid came along to destroy its original release date for the summer of 2020, the film was not a conscious effort to push back against the globalist trends toward ESG. It was able to get funding because it had been in the works for many years and had Tom Cruise attached to it, so the movie got made. But the global sabotage with Covid, as I said in the beginning, was more of an attack against American culture in every way and the intent was to destroy American capitalism. Small businesses were meant to be destroyed. Amusement parks bankrupted. And the American film industry was targeted to be choked off, even though the political lefties in Hollywood were kissing the ring of the globalists most aggressively. Those market sectors were intended to be destroyed before the year of 2020 ran out, which was the goal of the World Economic Forum members behind the Covid virus, using China to be the face of the disruption. The world was going to have a Great Reset, and America would come out of it under the fold of global socialism run by health agencies controlled by the United Nations, and that was the end of the story. Paramount Pictures was shrewd to wait out the storm and hold Top Gun: Maverick for another two years to hope the American movie industry would survive and that theater owners would not all go bankrupt. Along the way, Paramount listened to its potential audience, and they decided to tweak the film toward a domestic market and ignore China completely, which many considered to be suicidal. But once the movie was released and movie theaters finally opened into something resembling normal, great things happened, and people were hungry for a non-woke movie without ESG goal posts that told a pro-American story that people could feel good about. And the rest is history.

It’s not that Top Gun: Maverick is a great movie. But it offers a non-ESG story that people are starving for, and they have voted with their feet. There are so many other options now with streaming services that people could easily have just stayed home and watched hundreds of other options. So it says something any time people are willing to go to the theater to see a movie of any kind. But what we are seeing happening with this particular movie is that people are voting against the ESG world that is being imposed on them, and the first real offering of American patriotism since President Trump was removed from office through political upheavals is the true sentiment of the voting public. You can’t fake personal choice. Ballot stuffing and other forms of fraud can manipulate results to look like more people than really do support progressive causes. But the tickets bought for a darkened theater in direct competition with other offerings, like Thor: Love and Thunder, show the true sentiment of the public when choice is the deciding factor. With most movies these days being produced for a global audience, especially from Disney, it had been considered suicide to focus on a domestic release, which is what Top Gun: Maverick boldly did. And the result was that the world came to the doorstep of the movie because they wanted to experience American life with their movie purchase. Not to see the same old ESG political nonsense that all the other films were offering, the same homosexual propaganda, the soft stories without defined heroes, and the noticeable lack of patriotism that was clearly part of the plan for a post-Covid world. Top Gun: Maverick broke all the rules and returned to what worked for years. And because of that success, many other industries and political movements will follow. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Key to Being a Ghost: Why the EPA ruling by the Supreme Court will matter for many decades to come

Ghosting is my personal management style and the one I find most valuable given all the problems that are in the world right now. My book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is all about and is very different from the typical ways we measure leadership.   And in many ways, this blog site is my most effective way to ghost, to manage so many areas of need across the world, when in essence, I physically can be only in one place. I learned the nature of the media networks years ago, as I used to be a frequent guest on WLW Radio and other corporate media. But I found that the focus was too narrow for all that needed to be covered, so I turned to the blog site and personally controlled media to reach what I would call the “ghosting audience.” Most of my audience would like to stay anonymous because they do have jobs in that corporate media world. Of course, they are like everyone else, looking for fresh ideas that they can go on a major television show or radio program and talk about for 1 to 3 hours per day. So my goal is to provide some fresh perspectives to those types of people and, in that way, get out a message that otherwise would never get talked about. Many of the names who visit my site daily you would recognize. But that’s not the point; the point of spreading ideas is to be a ghost and to be present in many places, in many minds, in many times all across the world, at the same time. For instance, I have many followers on my Gettr account who are fighting as we speak in Hong Kong and other such places for their freedom and are curious about how to frame their thoughts. To reach them all, there must be some method to speak to so many diverse people. My method is in ghosting, where you are never defined by the title you are socially given but exist outside the administrative state’s definition for people to control their behavior. By living outside those definitions and limits, a lot of very good work can be done that otherwise would never happen. 

With that in mind, the most frequent question I have received over the last several days has been, what was the most important of the various Supreme Court cases they ruled upon in 2022 before they went into recess at the end of June. And much to many people’s surprise, it was not the Roe v. Wade ruling. Rather, I would say it’s the EPA ruling, and here’s why. As I gave that little introduction to strategy, one reason I have moved more into a ghosting direction is that corporate media, while needed and is very necessary for communicating information, I found that hour-long shows dedicated to one or two topics were never going to solve all the problems that need to be solved at the rate and content they needed attention. And also, I don’t do panic about anything. There could be a rain of comets bombarding earth and destroying all life on it, and you would never find me in a panic over it. I don’t freak out about anything, and that doesn’t make very good television or radio. But to people who have jobs like that, if they can get a massage done in a way that reassures them of a specific strategy and then put it in the context of mass media, then maybe we can get some things done. And to me, this is a lot of what the Supreme Court EPA case was all about. The Administrative State, or Deep State as we have been calling it, lost a lot of power by what the Supreme Court ruled on in 2022, and the ramifications will last for many decades, perhaps centuries. Its something that needed to happen for a long time, and because of the political climate that we are in presently, where a lot of change for the better is happening, the Supreme Court ruled in a way that put the power of the Constitution back where it should have been all along. And some people in the media understand it, where perhaps a few years ago, they just wouldn’t have. 

The key to American life is in the Constitution, which is designed to give individuals personal power and limit the administrative state’s powers to impose centralized authority. Of course, those who want communism and socialism find this objectionable. But that’s good. So long as America follows the Constitution and does not fall for the schemes of globalism, then a recovery of the American way of life into making America Great Again is always possible. China has been used as an example of how to get things done because a gang of thugs essentially runs them, a criminal underclass who used the work of Karl Marx to impose centralized control over their population, which the other lunatics at the World Economic Forum find very attractive, to their delusional minds. It’s a complicated topic, too complicated for news segments, usually. But finally, many of the better ones are starting to get their minds around the ideas of why America has been so prosperous and why the China model is doomed to fail if America doesn’t fall to them with massive debt and cultural surrender. And at the center of that scheme was a way to trick America into giving up its power and influence to an Administrative State that was backdooring the American Constitution because of the belief that America had to compete with a propped-up China and abandon its Constitution to stay relevant because the American Constitution was a check on power and activism from centralized authorities. It’s the key to success, not the hindrance. 

Of course, we saw the nightmare of Administrative State control unleashed by Covid. Health Departments became their own authority violating the American Constitution out of fear of a virus and surrendered all authority to the United Nations-controlled World Health Organization.   The same has been happening with the radical climate change religion; the EPA has acted without congressional authority to impose all kinds of rules and regulations that would artificially hinder our economy. And they never had the authority to do so and have been acting as a government within a government unaccountable to anybody but the goals of foreign interests for years now. When the Supreme Court ruled against this practice in 2022, it essentially gave that power back to Congress, which is about to turn back to the conservatives for a good reason after the midterms, setting up a situation to roll back all this lunacy we have been seeing regarding climate change. And because of that precedent, we will see the same type of case law applied to all other Administrative State measures in all government branches. So for those who are in Hong Kong and get these articles from my Gettr feed every day and all the nice notes you send me, the way to beat the administrative state, whether it’s in China, or Sri Lanka, or even in the European Union, its through legislation that takes away central power. Not in laws that give them more power. If given the freedom to act out of their own self-interest, people will make a good society, much better than what any bureaucrat can come up with. And that is the key to the future, no matter where in the world they may be. Yet the most potent means of delivery of that concept is not in the titles that the Administrative State provides to people to keep them neatly separated. It’s in the managing method of ghosting, being everywhere at all times to everyone, even the very rich and powerful. By not getting hung up on the trappings of success but by focusing on the power of the message, much more good can get done, and that momentum is happening as we speak. And the most important signs of good things to come are in the American Supreme Court ruling against the power and control of the EPA because it’s a significant blow to the administrative states of the world. When they lose power, the rest of the world will find its way in a good way, and based on that; there is a lot to be excited about regarding the future of politics.   History will remember who did what, and it will be worthwhile. Don’t concern yourself with the Administrative State’s awards because as long as they can make you care about such accolades, they ultimately control what you talk about and why. By being a ghost, you take that power away from them and can then do much good in the world in a way they can’t stop, no matter how hard they try.

Rich Hoffman

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The Younger Dryas Calamity: Climate Change is not about science. It’s all about control, and its a scam in every way

The next time you interact with a climate change zealot, just mention the Younger Dryas cataclysm to them and ask them to explain it to you. Ask them why 12,800 years ago the earth went from a reasonably mild climate coming out of the Ice Age to suddenly being plunged back to the height of that period of 18,000 years ago with freezing temperatures. Then ask them why, over the next several thousand years, temperatures rose to where we are today. There were no coal plants during that period, no known effects of human-driven climate change, yet the oceans rose over a fairly short period of time, over 400 feet. There are tremendous ocean fronts from that period where humans settled which are deep underwater, erasing the cultures of their existence forever, never to be known again. Ask those climate crazies at the United Nations what caused all that when humans were supposedly not even a factor possessing any technology to invoke climate change of any kind. Of course, they won’t have an answer for you because their climate change religion isn’t based on science; it’s all purely on speculation that I increasingly refer to as a religion, not a scientific concern. The science they use to articulate their position is the same nonsense that drove Covid into our culture; all meant to create fear which would change governing policies. Made up statistics, phony alarmism, all the same methods that caused the world to shut itself down economically over a cold virus converted to a bioweapon in China to cause economic wealth redistribution from a western-based economy to one in which China would become the world’s leader of monetary value.  Just ask Larry Fink from BlackRock.  And it’s the same lunatics who have been saying that climate change is something we need to address with the same flimsy science. 

About 12,800 years ago, it looks like a massive piece of a comet hit the earth in several places around the world. But most notably, it struck Michigan while glacial ice covered the area into what would become the Great Lakes. The sudden impact was so intense that it created Saginaw Bay and launched debris all over North America, sending chunks of ice and rock into Nebraska and the Carolinas. The craters from these impacts and the trajectory of their origin are clearly seen today by air. The elongated oval shape of the impact craters giveaway the impact’s original location, and they all point to Saginaw Bay, Michigan. When the comet struck, it brought with it so much heat that the glaciers there melted instantly, and flood waters raced for the oceans. No wonder there are so many myths around the world of sudden floods. In a very short time after this Younger Dryas cataclysm, the world’s oceans instantly rose 6 feet to 13 ft, a massive amount due to the global impact of so much water suddenly filling the oceans simultaneously. But as such a colossal object hit the earth, it punched a hole in the atmosphere that brought all that frigid space air with it. Hence, as massive forest fires erupted worldwide simultaneously, a massive deep freeze suddenly froze everything in its tracks, leaving some animals frozen solid into a block of ice while they were eating. It was an extinction event for most life on planet earth, which appears to happen much more frequently than science has previously admitted to. The earth goes through its cycles, which have nothing to do with human beings, or any other form of life. Life happens despite these cataclysms. They certainly aren’t caused by the local coal plant. 

Climate change, as it has been politicized today, is all about imposing the religion of earth worship to our modern means of administrative management. The science has been manipulated to satisfy the cult-like desires for mass sacrifice to the pagan gods of the primordial world, and for all the dumb reasons they always have attempted such things. Climate change has nothing to do with science, its 100% the religion of a cult that believes in sacrifice to those same primordial gods and is just another form of cataclysm that inflicts the human race with tragedy after tragedy during all human existence, no matter how long that span of time has been. I would argue that humans have used this brief 10,000-year window to claw at the edges of space, but this hasn’t been the first time. Based on the behavior of life historically and the rate of erosion that occurs on all civilized impulses, much of which is buried under that 400 feet of ocean front today, this nonsense has been going on for many hundreds of thousands of years. I always point to my old friend Giambattista Vico and his great book, New Science from 1744, to talk about the Vico Cycle so wonderfully put to imaginative practice in the great James Joyce literary classic, Finnigan’s Wake, when we say that humanity always reverts back to primitive assumptions over and over again. It’s a cataclysmic force, much like the Yellowstone volcano erupts every 600,000 years. I just recently visited there with my family, and it’s quite clear that it is poised for yet another explosion that could end the world instantly, at least the life on earth. The earth will continue to do what the earth has always done, following the forces that drive the solar system, the galaxy of the Milkey Way, and the universe in general, or the many universes that exist outside the one we live in now. The earth is not concerned with human invention; it is driven by its own cycles, and cataclysms are part of its geological cycle; you could set your watch to them every 10,000 years or so. That might sound like a lot to the soccer mom trying to run her kids all over town in a busy human life, but geologically, it’s nothing. Humanity gets a small window to escape earth, and usually, if a global cataclysm doesn’t wipe them out, they do it to themselves politically following the Vico Cycle to their own modern demise and cling to the rocks of their origin stories, once again. 

That’s what we are talking about when we discuss climate change with the radical crazies from the United Nations. It’s a religion to them to fill some psychological impediment that is in their own minds built on timid natures and flawed views of reality, for which they have attempted to hide behind science with the same flimsy data points that they used to sell the deadly effects of Covid, which the governments of the world manufactured to gain more control over their populations from an administrative state perspective. Climate change is the same kind of lie that those same governments have created to gain control over the human race, which is now poised once again in history to flee earth for destinations beyond the control of terrestrial influences. There will be more comets, more Yellowstone volcanos, there will be more Ice Ages, and mass warming periods, even if we all crawl back into a tent and cook our food over a campfire and achieve a zero-emission existence, which the insanity of the World Economic Forum losers have been stating is the goal. It’s a dumb goal and one that has nothing to do with science but 100% about controlling the world’s population for a lazy and stupid administrative state that wants to be in charge without doing the work of earning the right. And when you run into one of these fools, just ask them about the Younger Dryas calamity and watch their eyes go blank, just as they do when hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin are brought up regarding Covid. They don’t have an answer because their beliefs are not based on science but on control. 

Rich Hoffman

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Bringing Evil Into the World with Vaccines: Understanding how Heinrich Himmler taught Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum to perform mass sacrifices across the world

To understand the bad guys of the present it helps to understand the bad guys of the past, and when it comes to world wars, the start of the United Nations, and desire for global domination, the occult drove it all, as best revealed by the evil actions of Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was the head of the Nazi SS and Hitler’s right-hand man for many years. Yet, he felt compelled to consult the dead kings of Germany at the Quedlinburg Cathedral, especially over the bones of Heinrich the Fowler from over a thousand years prior. Séances of this type were common among the powerful, who considered themselves “elite,” and this was especially true of the Nazi Party in Germany and the evil that came with them, which extended into many of the social classes of Europe even into the monarchy of England. The spread of Nazi influence worked, even in the face of great evil and mass exterminations, so of course, tyrants of all kinds in the future would look to what worked for Himmler and Hitler and duplicate their success story for future acts of evil and malice. And after reading the books of Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum and watching their many public comments, it is obvious that the same occult footprints are being used once again behind the green movement formed in Europe for the old task of global domination once again. Only this time, they traded in the Nazi propaganda for Climate Change and tanks for ESG scores. 

In 1898 Houston Stewart Chamberlin wrote the massive book that started much evil in the world over racism which is still obviously in use today around much of Europe and the political leftists who are obsessed with such things, titled Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. This would become the favorite book of Kaiser Wilhelm and later of Adolph Hitler himself, whom Chamberlin would deem was the German messiah. And Chamberlin never did claim he authored the famous book that started the process of killing so many people with the eventual Final Solution. Instead, he credited the work to the influence of disembodied spirits. So occult practices were at the start of everything, creating World War I, then World War II, the beginning of communism in Russia, another German export. Spirit world influence was at the heart of just about every activity, motivating leaders to do great harm to many people over the whispers of disembodies spirits for thousands of years. Once you peel back the layers of politics into what people believe and how they came to believe them, it becomes evident that most bad things in the world come about because of some person in a position of power reaching into the spirit world for advice, only to come away with instructions to conduct mass exterminations of innocent people through mass sacrifice and malice. 

When Alister Crowley, along with his homosexual friend, Victor Neuburg, roused the mighty devil, Choronzon, Lord of the Powers of Chaos, outside the desert town of Bou Saada on December 6th in the year of 1906, they sacrificed three pigeons to release the life energy and give Choronzon something to manifest into following a long tradition of animal and human sacrifice known from the dawn of history for just such purposes. Of course, things got out of hand. The event turned out to be a violent entry of Choronzon into the world that would go down in history, driving many more attempts over the coming years from the Golden Dawn cult that would eventually take over Hollywood, and Jack Parsons, along with his friend L. Ron Hubbard, who also founded NASA’s rocket program. Not exactly fringe people, but a couple of people who would start NASA and the religion of Scientology with the guidance of Crowley. Nobody talks about these influences because there is a term in occult study called The Boggle Threshold, which determines how much information a person can accept before rejecting all facts despite their relevancy. Spirit world contact and attempts at world domination by crazy lunatics fall well above most people’s Boggle Threshold, where their minds boggle at the very topic, causing them to reject all information thereafter. 

And that brings us to our modern occultists, like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, who are attempting to appeal to all the old pagan gods of German culture through the Green Movement. Of course, the crimes are committed beyond the world’s Boggle Threshold, but people see occult references to Bill Gates flying on Jeffery Epstein’s plane to sex island, and they have lots of justified questions, especially as this is the same guy trying to inject them with mandatory vaccines that their governments are strangely supporting without question and no legal recourse. Then we have drag queen hermaphrodite appeals in progressive politics supported by Klaus Schwab. People are hearing stories of blood cults in Hollywood, and Pizzagate, which involved the sex trafficking of children. Then there are open borders flooding America with illegal drugs that are killing many young people, and they are looking for answers. Then there is the crazy obsession with vaccines as if to create across the world a mass event to reach the spirit world and unleash powers only lunatics from Germany, like Klaus Schwab is, another mass extinction event all in the name of disembodies spirits from some ghostly realm of ancient European kings. And as crazy as all that sounds, it’s the only thing that makes sense behind the mandatory government-sponsored vaccine mandates that have obviously killed a lot of people. Covid, which the government created for the use of government in a lab in China by bioweapons research, has killed many people, and the treatment of the virus has been denied to people to make them victims. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are undoubtedly guilty of this activity when they denied to the world hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. But why would they do such a thing on such a mass scale? Well, just look at the reason why Alister Crowley killed those pigeons. Then look at the world around us, consider the mass-scale evil at work, and then wonder why.   The answer falls outside the Boggle Threshold of most people, like all of humanity, and that was the design of the crime in the first place.

The American Constitution is the answer for Americans to all this vast evil that is being placed upon us without our consent. It’s because of lunatics like we find in the World Economic Forum, the United Nations socialists, the communists of China, and elsewhere, that we have freedoms recognized in America within that unique document, and why we have a Supreme Court to enforce it as the rule of the land. As long as we follow the Constitution, the intentions of all the evil doers in the world will be negated to a large extent, and nations won’t fall under yet another spell of occult derision inspired by yet another European madman. Klaus Schwab is that modern version of a madman. His books, such as The Great Reset, were likely written under the same kind of occult guidance as Chamberlin wrote Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. Read that book sometime, and you’ll see precisely why the political left is always so obsessed with race and why the world wants the most diverse country in the world, the United States, to fall because of all its racial diversity. Evil likes to twist things out of shape, so confusion rules the day. But given the history of the world, it would be ignorant not to consider the past inspirations of much evil unleashed today on our nightly news as an occult strategy on a mass scale because it worked in the past. And for those modern menaces, such as Bill Gates clearly is, they’ll keep trying until these schemes blow up in their faces. Until then, they will always turn to the occult to give them power they don’t have in the living world, and they’ll sacrifice anybody and anything to have it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Eight Ways WEF Declared War Against America: Crimes that require punishment

We’re not the ones who said it; it was the World Economic Forum members, the people I call the Desecrators of Davos, who did. They even published it in their books, their obvious hatred of America, as many of the members of the WEF are open socialists and communists are. They have eight goals or predictions as they have called them to limit their liability, four of which directly undermine the lifestyle of America openly and call for the end of the only superpower in the world. What else could any of that mean but an open act of war with hostile intention? There is so much that can be determined to be wrong from Charlie Kirk’s new little book that you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA titled The Great Reset. In hindsight, it is much clearer than seeing it in live time, but the World Economic Forum has its hands all over many crimes that have transpired over the last several years that challenged the human understanding of what war was. The Desecrators of Davos types played those poorly defined definitions to their full advantage for global takeover, which is quite clear now that we see where the world is in 2022. With gas prices being out of control, food shortages being projected, inflation, the Biden presidency, Covid, just about every bad thing we are experiencing can be traced back to a member of the World Economic Forum and their terrorist tampering with elements of our global economies for the changes they wish to see implemented as a military exercise, done without nation-state approval for the first time in the history of the world. But how can we say such a thing? Well, let’s look at their eight goals as they proposed them and let them speak for themselves. Here they are as stated in 2016, the first year of the Donald Trump presidency:

  • You’ll own nothing and be happy.
  • The U.S. won’t be the world’s superpower. 
  • You won’t die waiting for an organ donor. 
  • You’ll eat less meat.
  • A billion people will be displaced by climate change.
  • You could be preparing to go to Mars.
  • Western values will be tested to their breaking point.
  • Fossil fuels will be eliminated. 

A few of those items, such as the medical breakthroughs on organ donors, for context, organ harvesting is a significant problem around the world, so there is a lot of talk about being able to build body parts in a lab. And the Davos crowd was clearly looking to loot off the efforts of Elon Musk and his efforts toward Mars. Musk has since picked his sides, and he is turning toward America for his own needs. Socialist governments will not fit the Musk plan for interplanetary travel. But four of the predictions directly impact the United States. While the rest will certainly have an impact on America. From the viewpoint of 2016, we might have called this list an insane doomsday scenario by out-of-touch globalists too wealthy for context. But, from a 2022 point of view, it’s clear that the members of the World Economic Forum have actively worked through acts of terrorism to implement these eight predictions. That changes their meaning considerably from just the musings of real-world Bond villains into declarations of war against the world, and specifically the guardian of global commerce, the United States of America, and its capitalist economy, which they are fully committed to destroying. So, of course, they were inclined to make bold predictions about how the world would be by the year of 2030 because they knew what they planned to do to make them all happen.   For instance, Bill Gates has his hands all over Covid. In an incestuous relationship with the Federal Reserve, Larry Fink destroyed the economy through quantitative easing, then used that inflated asset bubble to buy up American corporations and turn them into woke progressive allies. Or Mark Zuckerberg gets control of global elections and takes power away from governments in determining their representatives. 2020 for Facebook was all about proving how a tech company and their conspirators at Google and Twitter could get control of the election process. Facebook spent half a billion dollars tampering with the American election. And this has also opened the door as a way to control populism elsewhere in the world. 

One of the most significant crimes to emerge from this list is Bill Gates’s work to deny hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to a public sick with Covid, which was created in a Chinese lab by many of the same people committed to the goals of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab was well aware of the plans as they were hatched at Davos regarding Covid. He had his book, The Great Reset, ready to go in the summer of 2020 as health officials seeking Bill Gates funding invoked unconstitutional tyrannies worldwide for the first time in all human history. People died because Gates and Fauci, both very active in World Economic Forum politics, denied sick people the medicine they needed to get healthy as a result of Covid. So the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum are all over the creation of Covid, its distribution, and the ultimate solution they sought, which was mandatory vaccines. The eight predictions’ ultimate goals were well stated, and now we could see how they meant to make them happen through Covid and use the Great Reset to topple the world’s economies and unite everyone under the socialist umbrella of the United Nations. They killed people. They tampered with our American elections. They ruined many lives of people who didn’t die, and they did it all out in the open, thinking that nobody would ever have the guts to call them on their villainy. 

To me, the World Economic Forum declared war on the United States, and they are daring us to answer the call. They openly sought to topple our country in every way that a war would, by destroying our economy, destroying our power grid, the fuel of our economy. And destroying our constitution through an administrative state imposition run by white coat health experts. All roads run back to Davos when it comes to an understanding of how America has found itself in the troubles it is currently experiencing. And its characters like Bill Gates, who have become the new villain, the new Hitler, provoked to do the bidding of globalism not with tanks and troops, but with vaccine shots and viruses made in bio labs under the American Department of Defense and advocated by a media that eat out of their hands. Bill Gates has paid for the propaganda and did it for his religion of climate change, which many members of the World Economic Forum share. It’s because of them that we have such high gas prices. It’s because of them that we have election fraud. It’s because of them that we have runaway inflation. They have tampered with American markets in a war-like way and told us what they planned to do. Only, we didn’t see it because we were looking for the attack to come from China or Russia. Not from some pinheaded geeks in the World Economic Forum, in the ski resort of Davos. We didn’t look at Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Mark Zuckerberg, and Klaus Schwab and think we were looking at the next Adolf Hitler, complete with concentration camps and swastikas. But if you are the enemy wanting to take down America, you can’t blame them for attacking us in a way we would have never expected. But that’s precisely what they did. And now we have to pick up the pieces and bring justice to those who did the deed. 

Rich Hoffman

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Toxic Masculinity is the Key to Beating the World Economic Forum Attackers: They have no answer to classic American males

It was just over a year ago when I was on a big trip with my family, and we were camping outside of Winterset, Iowa, which was a favorite spot for me because of my love of the book, The Bridges of Madison County. Camping in the area was a haunting experience for me because I had literally spent many thousands of hours thinking about the concepts in that famous romance novel by the now-deceased Robert James Waller. I always thought it was odd that the New York publishing industry, through Warner Books, even allowed such a little book to be put on the mainstream circuit or even that Warner Bros would produce a movie about it starring Clint Eastwood. The book was set in Winterset around the famous covered bridges of the area where a lonely housewife falls in love with a globe-trotting adventurer often termed The Last Cowboy, with Eastwood playing the title character, Robert Kinkaid. The essence of the story was that Kinkaid was the last of the masculine, untamed men in the world and that the lead protagonist, Francesca Johnston, had fallen in love with while photographing the bridges for National Geographic magazine. She was married with grown kids at the time, so her romance with Robert Kinkaid was scandalous for Iowa standards, and after her death, and eventually, Robert Kinkaid’s, when her kids discovered the ill-fated romance, they had a tough time dealing with it. Camping in the region brought many thoughts to me, which led me to ask the same question repeatedly, which is asked in the book, what makes culture and sets the norms of society? In the book, it was never discovered. Still, in my own time, I had figured out that the World Economic Forum set those norms for the strategic purposes of their needs for global domination. While staying at that campsite outside of Winterset and thinking back on one of my all-time favorite books, it all became apparent to me a strategy that was loose in the world hell-bent on the destruction of America.

In many ways, The Bridges of Madison County was meant to be a swan song goodbye to the American era of masculinity. If culture was created and implemented by the members of the World Economic Forum for strategies it had set forth since its opening year of foundation in 1971, then the attack was to get rid of in America, the cowboy image that had built the nation through movies, television, literature, and song, and replace it with a more European beta male concept which is now familiar today. The skinny jeans types, the guys who cry and show emotion to their wives over every little bit of spilled milk. And those who replace the tie with a polo shirt and embrace their lack of testosterone instead of yearning for it. The publishing industry always intended The Bridges of Madison County to be that essential goodbye story for the progressive era to thrive while being somewhat respectful of what built America. Robert James Waller was just the vehicle for their attack from the World Economic Forum’s perspective on the change. It was meant to be a stake in the ground where the entertainment industry forever after would say, “now we move on from this concept of toxic masculinity.” In the book, Francesca decides to stay with her family and not run off with Robert Kincaid, which was meant to be a metaphor for America. You might want to be with the toxic masculine superhero. But for the good of humanity, you must bury your feelings and endure the pain for the good of all. 

I had gotten up early on one morning in Iowa before the rest of my family had, and watched the dew rise from the emerging sun across the vast plains of Iowa and considered what a scam the whole Bridges of Madison County concept had been. The attack on toxic masculinity was being projected across the world, and the attempt through culture to sell it to people on a mass scale. I personally had always embraced my toxic masculinity without apology, and I raised my family in a very traditional way. My wife and kids are all females who like being females, and that’s great. I would never want to make them into males. But for me, being a man’s man was always the only option, and nothing else was appropriate. I had always been made to feel bad about that, which is why I found The Bridges of Madison County novel so appealing. It took me another 20 years to figure out what the strategy was, and for that, we had to look out beyond America to where the movers and shakers of industry formed culture to understand what was happening. It is now clear what they wanted all along. 

I would say to anybody wondering about such things as toxic masculinity, what makes masculinity toxic, and to whom? The members of the World Economic Forum always meant to attack America, and they wanted all the old cowboys out of the way. In their support of The Bridges of Madison County, through the favorable press, book reviews, and putting the author Robert James Waller on a pedestal for that time period, they could essentially get their arms around the Buffalo Bill type of American culture. They put it to death, making way for the beta male archetypes we have seen in movies over the last twenty years, the hapless man, the know-nothing father, the stumbling Chevy Chase type of man, guilt-ridden and bouncing around as a victim in life, instead of being the source of all wisdom and courage that children could look up to. The Bridges of Madison County put that kind of man to death and said goodbye. And all the world was to be like Francesca Johnston, push down their true desires, and do what was socially acceptable. And that social standard was now set by the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum types, the Klaus Schwabs of the world. They wanted to weaken men and to, thus, weaken society. And in that way, they could destroy America from the inside out. It was all very clear to me on that camping trip in Iowa where the events of the book took place and the eventual Clint Eastwood movie. The heart of America was under attack. The intention was to eliminate toxic masculinity from American life so that the aggressor in the World Economic Forum could quickly destroy the country for their own goals. And we were all supposed to put up with it for a greater good determined by them. But to fight back against that trend, all that must be done is to embrace that toxic masculinity because the secret is that masculinity is only toxic to the weak beta males of Europe and the Desecraters of Davos types. They are not prepared to deal with American masculinity, so if you want to beat them, embrace it. Don’t shy away from what you are, men. Be a man, an alpha man at that, and if you do embrace such a thing, the World Economic Forum types have no answer. If you want to win this war, don’t let them trick you into becoming a beta man, crying over every little thing, and sharing your feelings like some cry baby. Wear the cowboy hat, wear the cut-off sleeves of a favorite shirt. Lite up that big V8 engine in that beat-up pickup truck, and don’t fall for the schemes given to us through culture of the very people who want to destroy America. Send them running the other way and make them cry in the night at their failure. Because of what they have done, they deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Explain Election Fraud to Non-Believers: Texas Republicans Disavow the Biden Administration, and more will follow

The Texas Republican Party has disavowed the Biden administration due to the evidence pouring in regarding the 2020 election. This is more than political theater; it’s an actual legal position that more states will be joining in the months to come because there has now been time to look at the various election discrepancies and to understand what impact they had on the final result, which shows that Job Biden did not come close to winning the election and that he should not be in the White House presently. This, of course, brings up several very inconvenient legal problems, such as everything that Biden has done, all his executive orders, all his policy decisions, and everything he has signed his name to has no legal merit because he was elected fraudulently and every day that he is in office, he is causing further damage to a country that is being run by the administrative state, and not the people of our republic. We do not have a flea-bitten democracy; as liberals say all the time, we have a representative republic. The assumption was that if Democrats screamed loudest and most often, they could override the legality of office holder positions, but we are seeing that no matter how loud they shout and attempt to suppress the crime that many thousands of them committed, the evidence of massive election fraud is coming in fast now. And lots of people are talking about it way more than they thought would be at this point in the Biden administration, and they aren’t sure what to do about it. Nobody can ignore the obvious problems it causes. 

The plan all along was to control the messaging in the media, to keep the evidence from getting out. As I point out, the plan for stealing the election leads all roads to the World Economic Forum members who did it. It’s all the same people involved in Covid, manipulating the media with massive donations, the war against fossil fuels, climate change religious radicalism; the guilt points ultimately to the door of Klaus Schwab and his partners in crime, the Desecrators of Davos as I call them. They were heavily invested in their Great Reset, with trillions of dollars of assets they controlled, and they weren’t going to let an American election destroy their plans. They were going to get rid of Trump, hell, or high water, and they were going to insert their guy into the White House to make sure their plans happened, which were outlined in their eight predictions by 2030, four of which directly attack the lifestyle of the United States. Many want to believe that China worked out all the details of backdooring our election system, and it looks like they certainly played their role. But the instigators point back originally to the World Economic Forum. They are the characters of intent. They operate outside nations’ sovereignty and aren’t tied down with silly things like laws and social constructs. They are simply the next evolution of Socialist International, functioning like a secret society that isn’t a secret. They control the media, they control most of industry, and they control the political movements around the world and are determined to finally make the ridiculous work of Karl Marx come to reality under global unity. So, when you want to know who stole our election in 2020, look no further than Klaus Schwab and the gang. They ate the canary; we can still see the feathers sticking out of their smiling faces. 

Now that there are better social media platforms that aren’t controlled by the Desecrators of Davos types, such as Truth Social and Gettr, talk of election fraud is accelerating. That is what the J6 commission is all about: hiding the real crime of election fraud by attempting to penalize those who were upset about the fraud. Facebook and Twitter no longer have market share in shaping the story; too many people are now on the alternatives that the nightly news can’t be contained behind a façade of discourse that would deny election fraud until the end of time. So there is a panic that I have noticed from the liberal antagonizers who are trying to harass people who continue to profess that election fraud happened by challenging them to prove it. Well, here is what I have been saying to all of them, those antagonizers. It’s not our job, the victims of election fraud from the 2020 election, to prove to people who do not want to see the evidence and make them look at it. The criminals who committed the fraud and continue to advocate for it with an illegal president in the White House signing all kinds of legislation, none of which has any legal merit, don’t get to give us more work to do to convince them of their bad deeds. Instead, the abundance of evidence is everywhere. I’d refer them to read the CISA report that shows the electronic machines could be backdoored through the internet and likely were. That is an official report that is quite concerning. That’s a big problem all by itself. But we don’t even need that to prove that Joe Biden should not be in the White House. We have the names of the mules who trafficked ballots and were paid half a billion dollars by Facebook to steal the 2020 election. There is a clear prosecution trail, and the path to justice flows through Facebook, and ultimately the ringleader of the Desecrators of Davos, Klaus Schwab, where Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink all are working to undo America as a superpower and to give birth to a New World Order that they control. What’s hard to understand about that? 

The next thing that people who are trying to conceal the steal is that they point to the states certifying the election, that no judge found in favor of President Trump and that we should all just move on. It’s quite evident in hindsight what the criminals intended with the election; they knew legally that there wasn’t enough time from November when we had the election to January when the next president was to be inaugurated to pose any real legal challenge. The game all along was to run out the clock and push Trump out of the White House. It was a coup organized by the same radical elements we had just seen, even in the FBI, working on getting rid of the people’s pick for president and inserting characters of their desire from the administrative state. Trump’s lawyers tried to do a multi-year investigation in December 2020, but that just wasn’t enough time, and the courts rejected all the efforts because courts take time. Everyone knew it would take years to dig through all the election fraud issues, so the steal intended to use the process timeline to help hide the evidence. They figured it would be too late by the time everyone figured out what happened, which is where we find ourselves today. The evidence is there, but nobody really knows what to do about it because it has significant legal implications that nobody wants to deal with. But just remember, the same people who lied to us about Covid, about the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxicloriqine to treat it and save lives, and instead pushed vaccine mandates on us that only were good for the drug companies who made them, are all the same people trying to steer everyone away from election fraud. And that tells you exactly who the guilty parties are. They are all involved in the greatest crimes ever conducted on humanity, and punishments for those crimes are mandated justice that can’t be ignored. They have been caught, and there is a mounting chorus of voices who realize what happened and aren’t happy about it. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Indictment of The World Economic Forum: Klaus Schwab’s crimes against humanity

I can’t say enough about Charlie Kirk’s little book The Conservative Response to The Great Reset, by TPUSA Faith Publications. You might remember that Jack Posobiec was in Davos to cover this year’s event when the World Economic Forum police arrested him just for being there and reporting on the Warroom.  So Turning Point USA has been onto Klaus Schwab and the gang of Desecrators of Davos for a long time, and the result of their work is in that little book, which came out as an Indictment of the World Economic Forum group itself for the creation of Covid and their knowledge of it beforehand. I remember when Klaus Schwab published his book in the summer of 2020, The Great Reset, just four months after the pandemic started. Or should I say, “plandemic.” Things were happening fast; I was reading a lot of books trying to figure out what was going on, America was in a lockdown, and President Trump was learning just how deep the forces against America were when he was trying to reopen the country during an election year after he had just gone through a second impeachment attempt by congress, before Easter. The health authorities wouldn’t let him do it. Trump was perplexed, and it was revealed the tentacles for Covid went much deeper than American borders and policy. This was a global coup against all sovereign governments, and the enemies were hard to see. Well, in hindsight, it’s quite clear, and this is what Charlie’s book makes a point of; Klaus Schwab wrote his book about The Great Reset as an answer to how Covid could be used to change the world over to global socialism before anything that we were seeing actually happened. This means Klaus Schwab knew what would happen before it actually did. That means his group; The World Economic Forum was complicit in the most destructive terrorist attack the world had ever seen, the release of Covid from a lab in Wuhan, China, that destroyed the economies of the world for a tactical reason only the socialists of the United Nations would benefit from. 

I said it from the outset; Covid was always a terrorist weapon intended to fulfill the strategies of the climate change radicals of Europe. But when I said it, there wasn’t yet proof; only a number of disjointed facts and observations pointed in that direction. But now, we have other sources who are uncovering what happened in hindsight, and they are coming to the same conclusions independently. And the most damning evidence is in the release of Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset, where he was all ready to go to take advantage of the crises; he obviously had a part in planning to help guide the world to a future the World Economic Forum clearly was already invested in. Good work on behalf of Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, and many others at TPUSA to work out the details from a faith-based perspective. I enjoyed their little book, which you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA. I think everyone should read the book because it’s about one of the biggest villains currently on display on planet earth. A hostility so immense that it makes all the world’s tyrants up to this point look small in comparison, and we are talking about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, all the fun people who have killed millions and millions of people, claiming them all, for the “greater good” as they interpret that good. What’s good for evil is obviously, more evil. After reading the book, there is clearly enough evidence presented to initiate an indictment of the World Economic Forum and its members to prosecute for crimes against humanity. Who knew what and when they knew it, how long, and how many were involved in the scheme? There is no way Klaus Schwab didn’t know about Covid coming; he was intimate with Bill Gates, who was at the center of everything Covid. He had the tech tyrants in his corner, like Mark Zuckerberg, which would explain how the social media platforms acted so quickly to control what information the public could see. And the entire movement was meant to be bigger than any government in the world could control, which was the first time an attack like this had ever occurred. They believed themselves to be beyond prosecution.

It’s no small matter what Bill Gates did, a member of the World Economic Forum. He and Dr. Fauci knew that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin could treat Covid-19, so they conspired to use respected medical journals, desperate perpetually for money, to do hit pieces against Covid treatment so that they could implement the World Economic Forum’s plan for mass vaccinations, which was clearly part of their yearly meeting discussions. Many thousands of people died because they did not or were not allowed to use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat their Covid symptoms. And the social distancing policies and deliberate isolations that took the elderly and locked them behind a glass window removed from their loved ones was deliberate torture of the family concept that was purposeful, to drive the point home of the danger that Covid was so that people would be steered like cattle to the vaccines that Bill Gates wanted to administer. This fit into the World Economic Forum’s strategic goals of a cashless world and the tracking of every single person on the planet with vaccine passports, which could have never been implemented without a pandemic.

But to make matters worse, the evidence points to the fact that the entire pandemic was planned and created by all these same characters. That’s how they knew it was coming and what they intended to do about it. What they wanted out of the crises was the rules of the change state, the vaccine passports, the control of governments, and the erosion of border sovereignty. It was the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world, and it brought the greatest harm that any war previously could only imagine. And all roads trace back to the members of the World Economic Forum.

Before Klaus Schwab started The World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1971, it hadn’t been around very long. When the term “globalism” is tossed around, groups like the WEF embody the essence of the concept. I’ve read Klaus Schwab’s books just to keep up with current events, and my thoughts about him were that he was insane. He is so outrageously Marxist that many people just didn’t take the group very seriously. That is, normal people. But as wealthy people looking for daddy figures in their life, people like Gates, Trudeau, Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink, people who were socially awkward in a normal capitalist society where the strongest, best looking, and hardest working end up with the pretty girls, they found the Klaus Schwab message lucrative. And as they gained great wealth in the world and the power that comes with it, they turned that power into the strategies of globalism at The World Economic Forum. And they have been looking to undo the world from capitalism into socialism and communism ever since. Their intention with Covid was a well-planned terrorist attack, no different than those that put us at war with Osama bin Laden. What Klaus Schwab and his band of misfits did was much worse and much less obscure. And how we typically deal with terrorists should be no less severe in this case. At a minimum, for the crimes against humanity that were caused by a purposely made Covid virus, not something that just happened by accident, but was deliberately unleashed into the world, The World Economic Forum members have their hands all over it, and the prosecutions that must take place need to start there. If we can extradite Julian Assange for operating as a member of the free press in a socialist world that does not support freedom of speech, we can prosecute Klaus Schwab for crimes against humanity and acts of terrorist aggression against The United States of America.

Rich Hoffman

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The Zimmer Power Plant Closed: You bet we are at war, and part of the strategy is to trick us into not seeing it

I spoke with many money people this past week, and one thing they all have in common is the difficulty in explaining what they are seeing in the finance world, specifically, the finance of energy. The Zimmer Power Plant just south of Cincinnati in Moscow, Ohio, just closed, and the rest of its employees will be gone by the end of June. It’s the only real industry in Moscow, and it’s going way. The trouble is that nobody understands why until I tell them. Then, of course, the reaction is, “nobody is that evil.” Which is part of the exploitation of the enemy, our belief that people are better than they really are, and that regulators who have put Zimmer out of business with green energy regulations have our best interests as a human civilization in mind. But it’s evident that what we are seeing coming through the green energy movement is a military attack that foreign attackers would have never attempted otherwise. No military in the world is going to dare take on the United States with military strength. Instead, they have attacked us in a way we have no means to see and deal with, through rules and regulations driven by ESG scores. If you wanted to attack America, then the power grid would be the way to do it, to rob our flourishing economy of its power so it can’t expand, while our enemy China is building power plants by the bucketloads to fuel their economic growth. As all these coal plants like Zimmer shut down, the uneasy question that comes up is, well, what will replace it? The answer, of course, is nothing. Solar isn’t going to get us there. Neither will wind. So what is the purpose of shutting down all these plants without a real, sustainable plan to deal with the loss of power? That’s where the eyes start looking scared among the finance people because they have no other way to explain what they are seeing.

If a foreign country, like Japan from World War II, attacked a power plant in Los Angeles to knock out power in our country, we would have called it an act of war. We would rally the troops, get them in planes; then, we would attack Tokyo and write many stories about the heroics for history to remember. We have all been trained to view war as tanks, planes, and troops on the ground through movies and television over our entire lifetimes.   We don’t think of federal regulators as the enemy. We don’t think of scientists as malicious. The government, our government anyway, is here to help, or so we thought. The possibility of our government selling us out to the World Economic Forum’s radical climate change plans through people like John Kerry and Joe Biden never crosses our minds because we see them as fundamentally American, despite party politics. And when they say they have our best interests in mind, we tend to believe them. That’s precisely what got us into so much trouble with Covid, a manufactured virus built in a lab in China and managed by Dr. Fauci, funded by Bill Gates, to bring the world to its knees and to put in power the new class of tech bureaucracy ran by the World Health Organization to force all nations to give up their sovereignty to fight this new virus.   The evil in all of that is just too much for most people to get their minds around. But that’s where the facts take us. It’s actually much worse than all that, but for most, it was easier just to wear the mask and take the vaccine shot rather than shatter their trust in the world’s bureaucracies and comprehend their malicious intentions. 

The Zimmer plant in Moscow started as a nuclear power facility but never passed its final inspections. In the aftermath of Three Mile Island, which was essentially a media-driven crisis rather than a real one, Zimmer was converted into a coal plant. Liberals have been attacking nuclear energy since its inception for the same reasons that they finally managed to shut down all the coal plants through Larry Fink’s ESG scores, to put limits on America’s growth and its industry, and to cripple capitalism like liberals seek to abort babies, to kill them before they are even born. Do you see the pattern in behavior, whether it’s the murder of babies with abortion or by killing American industry through power supply? The goal is to destroy growth so that the country is easier to defeat by global aggressors. I’ve been to Zimmer many times, and even as a young plant, it always felt like it was old and ready to be killed off because liberal politics have been attacking it since it was built to accommodate the growing power needs of the Cincinnati Tri-State area. And now, after a long fight, the owners of Zimmer have decided that it’s not worth it. The writing is on the wall. Biden is in the White House, the administration is connected intimately to the Desecrators of Davos, and they have a war against fossil fuels. There’s no money in hanging on to a coal plant that the Biden administration, like the Obama administration before it intended, would destroy all fossil fuel methods and replace them with undeveloped green energy. Zimmer was projected to stay open for another five years, but it was recently announced that they’d close five years earlier. 

I see it as an act of war by an inserted Biden administration. The election fraud occurred so that this war against American capitalism could continue. Even surrounded by proof of election fraud, the malicious nature of the medical community using Covid as an authoritarian power grab, and now these radical intentions against America’s power grid, most people can’t get their minds around the idea. It’s too much, too fast, and conducted by all the people we have been taught our entire lives in public education to trust, the media, the government, white-coated doctors, and federal regulators. There isn’t any plan to cover the gaps left in the wake of Zimmer and the many other coal plants that are being forced to shut down by the new boards of directors installed from BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street with progressive radicals who put climate change as a religion to the most important consideration. They aim to shut down all our power options as a nation and destroy our ability to produce anything. If you were competing with America as a foreign country, what better way to destroy them than by disabling their power grid and blaming it on some made-up nonsense like “climate change.” And what’s worse is that these ESG scores are only being implemented in competing markets to help China. So let’s see, the Covid virus which shut down our economy came from China. The ESG policies come from the World Economic Forum, which has put China-style authority as its goal for the future state of global politics. Even as America shuts down power plants like Zimmer, China builds dozens of them, and all that pollution blows over the Pacific Ocean through the jet stream and ends up in America anyway. So what’s the only purpose behind it all? Well, it’s war. It’s a war against all of us in America, and it’s being waged on us by the kinds of people we were taught to trust so that this very kind of thing could happen. We’ve all been played as suckers, and while we are spinning around in circles trying to figure it all out, the evil intentions are coming at us at full speed. And they don’t care if we have our lives destroyed in the process. After all, that’s the purpose of war. And you better believe it, we are at war.

Rich Hoffman

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A Review of ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ picking America over the illusions of globalism

For me, movies at the theater have always been measurements of social and political life. What films are made and what people vote on at the box office to see are often accurate predictors of what life will be three or four years away. For instance, I pointed out many of the woke problems that Hollywood would have in the pre-pandemic period where they got caught playing along with liberal politics only to nearly destroy their entire industry. As leftists, they were suckered and played to the future aims of Larry Fink and the Desecrators of Davos goals of global domination through the back door of finance. It was so bad that it has damaged the Disney Company in profound ways that will likely never recover. So it’s not enough for me to just say that the new Top Gun: Maverick movie is good, which it is. I’ve listened to all the reviews at this point, and I haven’t heard one yet that didn’t think the movie wasn’t spectacular. It was great, spectacular, wonderful, fun, and energetic; it was all kinds of great things. But there’s a bigger story here that everyone seems to miss, which is really the most critical factor. Top Gun in 2022 was noticeably, almost unapologetically, not “woke,” and that declaration was rewarded in huge ways at the box office. The film made $160 million domestically over Memorial Day weekend. It brought in an additional $139 million globally in all the other markets, giving it a roughly $300 million total in its first weekend. What does that mean? Well, people who don’t usually go to movies went to see this film, and it reveals the nature of an untapped market that Hollywood has ignored as they attempted to trade dollars for ESG scores. But this movie was tossing that measure out the window and going back to what worked, which is a significant decision.

Hey, I come from the 80s, where Hollywood used to make movies like Top Gun every week, and there was a new top 40s song released every Friday, or so it seemed. It was a rich culture where Ronald Reagan was president, and everything we saw and heard wasn’t tied to some political or social message like things are now. I had been looking forward to this new Top Gun movie since 2019 when it was supposed to come out in the summer of 2020. But that was interrupted obviously by the “pandemic,” which shut down movie theaters all across the country, and it looked for a while as if movie theaters would not survive to ever allow Top Gun the sequel to release.   Once they missed their 2020 release window, they might not have ever recovered it, so the movie has been held up for release for over two years, and a lot has changed over that period. Hollywood obviously was targeted by radical leftist globalists early in the process, going back to the 1960s. However, film executives still measured their success in dollars and cents, so that impact didn’t really hit the industry hard until Larry Fink and the gang started putting ESG scores to the film industry to secure financing for projects that would be the early formula for all corporate America after the 2008 housing bubble collapse and the start of the Obama presidency. After that, movies made a transition to hide the fact that they were pushing away domestic audiences and hiding the new numbers in global markets that were hoping to trade China for America, the way most corporations have been assuming would be the reality in every industry, from steel production to microchip manufacturing. 

Many have come to understand what I have been saying about the pandemic from the beginning, that it was always a fake crisis created by world governments in service to the Desecrators of Davos at the World Economic Forum, who wanted to push an economic change state that would give them control over the money flow of the world. Movies like Top Gun, which Paramount Pictures had already produced, were already done, and they were trying to adjust to this new market economy. They weren’t sure where their future audience would be and what kind of movies they would want to see. To appeal to the China movie market, the filmmakers had even taken off Maverick’s flight jacket the Taiwanese flag so as not to make the Chinese upset with the recognition. But fans of the movie noticed this in the previews and lashed out. So by the time the film was released, Paramount had put the flag of Taiwan back on Maverick’s jacket and pretty much threw caution to the wind. And what ended up on screen by release day in 2022 was an unapologetically American film, and it paid off big time for Paramount Studios. A bluff had been called in the world, and ironically, Paramount Studios was rejecting the premise of the World Economic Forum. They will go down in history as one of the first American companies to do so. The money for most economic activity is in the United States. Here was a studio essentially rejecting globalism and all its illusions for the gold of a domestic audience, and that is the biggest story of Top Gun: Maverick. And because of it, many other American companies are going to follow.

I call it the American Sniper market, which Clint Eastwood obviously revealed in the popular movie, the hidden Trump voters, the MAGA movement that people see on television waiting for President Trump to show up in Nebraska for a speech six hours ahead of time. Paramount Studios had obviously learned something from their popular streaming show, Yellowstone, that the actual money to be made in movies was from traditional American audiences. And they allowed Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer to make the movie that was pro-America the way they wanted. So what Top Gun: Maverick became was not just a throwback to the 1980s but an American flag-wrapped sentimental journey into the glories of American life that communicated to the world all the elements of American exceptionalism that the Desecrators of Davos wanted to destroy. And it put it on full display, which was remarkable. The last 15 minutes of the movie were quite audacious, especially to the way the world’s sensibilities are, especially in markets like London, Paris, and the Middle East. It was the kind of exceptionalism that only Americans would understand, and they certainly supported it by flocking to the movies in mass numbers to see it. And boy, was it worth it. I have not seen a better ending in film since the 1980s. Those last 15 minutes were the best since then and were quite remarkable. And it wasn’t by accident. Tom Cruise and the filmmakers knew what they were doing, and they put it all on film. Top Gun: Maverick was a special movie, not just in what ended up on the screen, but in what it says about the strength of American culture after one of the darkest periods the human race has ever experienced, a global takeover by the technocrats for world domination, starting with arts and entertainment. And Hollywood oddly chose the American people, the Trump-voting public, which was a bit of a surprise. Shockingly at the start of the movie, before the story even happened, Tom Cruise thanked the audience for coming back to the movie theater and the proclamation that they made this movie for them. And that he hoped they’d enjoy it. In other words, it was Tom Cruise asking for forgiveness on behalf of Hollywood. Which, based on the box office numbers, they were willing to do. And in that effort, we have just had a glimpse of the future, and it says many great things that are about to unfold.

Rich Hoffman

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