The Mound Laboratories Conspiracy: Federal destruction of America’s hidden history

“The best way to discover a conspiracy is by what is avoided in discussion, not necessarily in what is said.”

-Rich Hoffman

I have always been proud of my home in southern Ohio. When my friends in the progressive regions of Los Angeles and New York refer to Ohio as a flyover state of little importance, they are not aware of the vast history of my town. As a kid growing up during the Cold War I had a lot of pride in knowing that Russians had warheads pointed at the GE plant near my home, the Voice of America complex, near my home, the Wright Patterson Airforce Base right near my home, and most of all the Mound Laboratories in Miamisburg, Ohio. All these targets were prime military objectives and I was growing up smack dab in the middle of them all. It was very exciting to know that my home area incited such rage from foreign aggressors.

Ohio is also the home of a lost race of people who easily predated the Adena and Hopewell Indians. The proof of that lost race is in the many mounds built around Ohio, particularly at the giant conical mound in Miamisburg where within it contains several skeletons waiting official discovery. The date and race of those people will destroy previous misconceptions of our understanding of America and the people who were here before European settlers. The Adena and Hopewell Indians in relation to this lost race of highly technical beings are similar to present day Middletown, Franklin and Miamisburg. All those communities contain “has been” residents compared to what used to be as the innovators who founded the towns.  The economic powers left for loftier summits leaving behind second-handers to create a gradually declining society on their way to extinction. What gets left behind is a disproportionate population of un-intellectual and unmotivated residents who simply live off the ruins of previous prosperity.  This is what the Adena and Hopewell Indians were to the previous mentioned race.

Yet young archaeology at the turn of the twentieth century desired to publish some finds quickly and build up the esteem of their universities—backed by federal grants and government interest. So they put out an infantile summation of American prehistory and have insisted since to maintain that orthodox record even as mountains of contrary evidence has poured forth. In Miamisburg, that was difficult because as Dayton was expanding and Miamisburg was developing, farmers and construction hands were uncovering the giant bones of this previous race of people, predating the Adena by quite a lot and showing signs of a culture much, much more advanced than the hunter and gathers typically associated with mound building by conventional archaeology.

In the late 1940s Dayton was ground zero to many conspiracies as the Roswell UFO crash site was reportedly moved from Area 51 to Wright Pat for research spawning a wave of strange UFO sightings all over the area either from military development or ultraterrestrial influence. But even more conspicuous was the decision to build the neutron generating triggers for the first plutonium bombs just to the southeast in Miamisburg—and that the government would confiscate massive amounts of land that was technically an archaeological haven to build a highly technical nuclear weapons facility.

I didn’t think of the proximity of this problem until I visited the Miamisburg Mound site and noticed directly across the street the Mound Advanced Technology Center. Standing on a site that should be revered as a protected zone—with Smithsonian proof that giant eight foot skeletons had been discovered literally right at those spots were the Technology Center was built the federal government decided to build a facility they knew would produce much radioactive waste and tie up the land for generations with inactivity not related to the government. They called it, Mound Laboratories.

Mound Laboratories in Miamisburg, Ohio was an Atomic Energy Commission (later Department of Energy) facility for Nuclear weapon research during the Cold War.

The laboratory grew out of the World War II era Dayton Project (a site within the Manhattan Project) where the neutron generating triggers for the first plutonium bombs were developed.

Post-war construction of a permanent site for Dayton Project activities began in 1947. The lab was originally known as the Dayton Engineer Works. The lab began operations in 1948 and was managed by Monsanto. Mound produced detonators, cable assemblies, timers, firing sets, and other equipment. In 1954 Mound began working with Tritium. The lab disassembled bomb components, recovering the Tritium within and sending it for repurification at Savannah River Site. Mound supplied enriched non-radioactive isotopes. The lab also produced plutonium-238-powered thermoelectric heat sources called SNAP or Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power for the U.S. space program.

All that is very big stuff and it was being conducted in little ol’ Miamisburg—a town most people just drive by and forget about. I live on the Great Miami River so this Mound Laboratories was up the road from my home—literally. With all the hoopla involved in Cold War secrecy, the government for many years was successful in staving off any real attempts at archaeology in and around their nuclear research facility—and they were justified. I personally never questioned their decision to build that facility in that particular region until I visited the mound and discovered that major finds pointing to an ancient lost race of people had been discovered in that specific region all during the 1700s to 1800s, as settlers moved into the area. Out of all the locations in America that would have sufficed to serve as a nuclear research facility—why did the federal government pick that exact spot—right across the street from the Miamisburg Mound? Anybody……………………………………………………………….?

For years there has been a conspiracy theory about secret tunnels extending from the advanced testing labs in Miamisburg to the secret hangers at Wright Pat holding traces of a wrecked alien space craft and the bodies that came out of them. But that was never the real secret. That was just the bait tossed into the water to throw everyone off the real trail of what was really behind the Mound Laboratories construction in the first place.

The evidence is abundantly clear that the federal government in support of the previous assertions and justifications for the history portrayed by most museums and government backed science knew that the Miamisburg Mound held a key to unlocking the secrets of an undocumented race of people predating all known Indian tribes. That the evidence was strewn all about the shores of the Great Miami River in the exact spot that the Mound Laboratories was built, and if the government did not take the land, then the expanding town of Miamisburg would have discovered the secrets during the encroaching construction. By 2010 when the site had officially been cleaned up of radioactive material swept up with all the waste was the archaeological evidence of that race. The federal government broke its own Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act with a massive destruction of archaeological evidence pointing to this lost race. But it wasn’t all destroyed. The government couldn’t very well bulldoze over the mound itself—after all they had named their facility after it—and people knew it was there—its hard to miss. So they made a little memorial—built a playground and invited the public to come and wonder about the strange Adena people who built it—who were only around 5’ 6” in height. Never was there a mention that on the same golf course now built next to the mound was the bones of an 8’ 1” human skeleton predating the Adena by quite a lot. All further evidence from the mound down to the river have long since been destroyed and consumed by the Mound Laboratories complex built to defend the nation during a Cold War crisis. The facility was ultimately created for another reason—to further conceal and destroy the known past of an alternative history—one that does not fit the current government dialogue and justification for written and oral history.

The government has actively covered up this evidence of a lost ancient race. They could have built the Mound Laboratories anywhere, but they chose that particular spot for obvious reasons. And as they allowed for the conspiracy theories of Hanger 18 to dwell in the imaginations of the masses who gazed at Wright Pat through the chain link fences wondering how quickly they might be shot if they attempted to get close enough for a verification look—the real secret is in what nobody talked about. The Miamisburg Mound still has many bones in it which an excavation would prove my assertions here true. I have dealt with government knuckle-draggers all of my life and am so sure of this accusation that I’d bet all my possessions on it—because the evidence is within that giant mound. All the other evidence has been purposely destroyed—but the mound still remains. All we have to do is begin to excavate the site to confirm all that has been said here—as a fact.

Rich Hoffman

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