Who Turned Off the Vote Count on Election Night, 2020: The Davos Desecrators and their Paid Friends in American Intelligence Agencies

The blame for what we are seeing presently, the high inflation rates, the war in Ukraine, the damage made by Covid, the generally detrimental decline America is seeing presently can all be traced back to one event, election night around 9:30 PM in 2020. Since states run their own elections, the smoking gun points straight to the five states, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, who all stopped their election counting process essentially at the same time. They all stopped counting their votes that night because it was apparent that President Trump was going to win re-election. Even up to that point, there were massive efforts to overturn those results on many fronts. Something that hasn’t been discussed a lot regarding the Dominion voting machines is that there was a Department of Defense patent from 2006 that could create an algorithm that could detect the trend of an election. That technology was out there to let everyone know who cared how the election was going to play out given what everyone knew at that time on election night to pull the plug on the vote counts and toss the whole thing into chaos insisting on making up votes with mail-in ballots, illegally injected into the process to prevent Trump’s re-election. The people who run the country had made a pick, and it was the right one. But the Desecrators of America from all the far-flung corners they reside had plans to destroy the country and preserve the wealth they had gained in promising to do so. So they did what they did, cheated in the election by taking away the people’s pick, and inserted a puppet they could control to facilitate all we are seeing now, the destruction of everything great about our economy, our borders, and our civilization. The enemies of America stole our election and plotted to remove our president so they could rob a vast wealth from us all on proportions unfathomable to most minds.

Most of the roads that have given rise to America’s Desecrators point to the enormous money managers who work directly with the American Federal Reserve to inflate asset bubbles that they then use to sell off as a value, only to gain huge financial leverage over people’s lives, and thus, their governments. And in this case, there was a $400 million cash infusion into State Street, which owns the Dominion machines and had that Department of Defense ability to read the vote-counting algorithm. The Davos Desecrators who run these Wall Street firms knew at 9:30 PM that election night Trump was going to be president again, and they couldn’t have that. They had trillions of dollars invested in new forms of energy advocated by climate change fanatics in Europe. They were not going to let Trump and a populist movement in America ruin those plans. So they sabotaged our election system and dared us to come after them. And now what we see happening is at their doorstep. It’s their fault. But they don’t care because they had literally bet everything on this effort to destroy America and re-distribute its wealth to the rest of the world, where they had already lined up investments to capitalize off the decline. It was the greatest crime ever committed on the face of the earth, and the aftermath will last for centuries. These same people created Covid for the same reasons; the Davos Desecrators needed a Great Reset. That same Department of Defense created Covid as a bioweapon built in the now-famous Wuhan Lab. It was poorly regulated, so it was perfect for creating an entirely genetically created virus that could be used to usher in this Great Reset of the world’s economy, all at the same time.   The Davos Desecrators couldn’t have initiated all their economic plans without some unifying tragedy, and Covid was going to be it. 

Well, how do I know all these things you might be asking about now. Well, we’ve seen it before. And, at this point, we have a lot of great authors who have written their versions of the story and published them in some really fantastic books. History will remember this period where the media fell under the control of the Davos Desecrators, finding their money too alluring to resist. But some bold individuals who would not sell out told their stories in books, exceptionally well researched where all the evidence was presented for consumption. I have read many of these books, and a couple really jumped out regarding putting all this together. One, of course, was The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  That book has the goods on what role our government played in creating Covid and purposely killing people to serve the purpose of pharmaceutical companies’ global target audience. It’s not a conspiracy book; it has the goods and is a topic all its own that I will be talking about extensively in digestible increments. For the purpose of this article, we can say with great assurance that our government aligned itself with the Davos Desecrators to tie America to a new global world order using Covid as the bioweapon of choice to make it happen. Stealing the 2020 election was just one part of their plan, and they didn’t care about breaking any American laws because they intended for America to end. Stealing an election at 9:30 PM on Election Night was the least of their worries. Losing trillions of dollars in climate change investments from their sugar daddies in Davos was something they couldn’t afford with a Trump re-election.

The other book that is a key to understanding what happened explicitly to Trump is Geoff Shepard’s The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President. Reading that book about Watergate, which the nation never healed from, tells you everything you need to know about what the Deep State did to get rid of Trump, starting essentially in 2015. What the CIA, FBI, and the other unified intelligence agency front did to get rid of Nixon in 1973 after he was popularly re-elected with a massive landslide is clearly a problem that never went away. Apparently, it’s much worse now than it was then, and it was horrible then. Essentially the same forces, although in their infancy at the time, were going to show the American people that they were not in control of the election, the Intelligence Agencies were. They had that attitude then, and by reading Geoff’s book, who worked at the time to defend Nixon, there was a general assumption that the employees of the swamp despised the republic form of self-rule that we have in America in the Beltway. They were simply not going to let an outsider like Nixon, Reagan, or Trump ever ruin their money gig. Then when you add to that the amount of foreign influence established through Wall Street, Chinese investment, even Russian mob rule, the situation was beyond hope well before there was ever a 2020 election.   But that they did purposely steal the election from Trump, from all of us, is no question. They have done it before, American Intelligence agencies. They got caught doing it during the Trump administration several times. And they certainly had it in their power on election night to stop the count and alter the results with the many ways we now know they cheated with Covid paper ballots and unconstitutional methods of deployment. They thought we were stupid and would not catch them. Even if they did, they had already sold us out to the many desecrators of the world who want an end to America. And they did it to pad their pensions, buy a boat someplace, and live out their days as sell-outs who traded money for their patriotism and said to hell with the rest of us. The evidence is quite clear at this point. But it’s so horrible that many of us just can’t bring ourselves to the reality for which we are presented. Yet, it’s all there in all these books, for anybody to read who dare do so.

Rich Hoffman

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