Populism is the Weakness of Davos: The Fed has sold us all out, and now we have to rethink how much power they should have

As scary as it is, we’ve been here before in America. We can survive this, even as we learn of the sinister forces that have embedded themselves into our government and are presently threatening the world and everyone in it. I will admit reading Christopher Leonard’s Lords of Easy Money opened my eyes to a terrible menace at the Federal Reserve. I am thankful that there are people like Thomas Hoenig out there who was the star of that book and were soft “Rs” on the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) as the bank president of Kansas, who was during a reckless period of quantitative easing was the only dissenting vote on the 12 person committee. If all twelve members of the FOMC were like him, I would say that the Federal Reserve would do what it was supposed to do, which is manage the value of the American dollar in a proper way with the world. But, when members of that FOMC are extreme liberals or overly educated in Keynesian economics like Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, then the propensity for trouble and eventual scandal is all too tempting and justifies everything that President Andrew Jackson feared about central banking in America. And for that matter, this argument goes back to a significant dispute between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton wanted a strong central government, whereas Jefferson was the king of the Anti-Federalist position against them. Time has only proven Jefferson and Jackson correct about them. And today, we find ourselves in precisely the reason why they were so dangerous. Our current Fed has created an exacerbated “monied aristocracy” that has sold out our country to globalism and is a significant problem. If not for Hoenig’s dissenting votes, we might not know how bad it is. If not for those decisions, for finance reporters like Christopher Leonard, a liberal, he may not have been drawn to this story, which probably nobody thought would ever see the light of day. But because he did, we know that the Fed has created a massive asset bubble that has opened the door to major foreign influence and set us up in a vulnerable way to the Party of Davos, where Larry Fink directly has been the bridge that has connected them all, the Party of Davos, the Fed, China, and progressive woke politics pressed directly into all our lives in a very destructive way. 

Knowing all that, of course, people are worried. They think it’s all too late, that we’ve all been sold out, and that it’s over for America. But fortunately, this is an old argument in America, and we know how it can end because President Jackson showed us how to go about this. The amount of dollars involved is much more significant today than it was in 1828, but the concept is the same. Should there be a central bank running the money of America? Can it run correctly? And what are the dangers of a Federal Reserve getting out of control to where they no longer represent ordinary people but fall under the supervision of a foreign entity like the Party of Davos, where Larry Fink sits on the Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum. When people talk about the “elite,” they are talking about these types of people, people who control the money supply and its value. Most people glaze over when talking about money. They just want to know that the money they earn can buy them a tank of gas or lunch. They don’t like the meetings in Jackson Hole, where the FOMC meets yearly and geeks out over finance talk. I personally find it all fascinating. I follow the meetings in Jackson Hole, which is where I bought my new Stetson cowboy hat, the white one I have been wearing everywhere these days. I like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, because many important things happen there, and it’s a very nice town. I don’t have a problem with the Fed as long as all the members of the FOMC are like Thomas Hoenig. Actually, I’d want them to be more conservative than him. I think we need a way to manage our money. But we must always watch the kind of people who are in charge of our money. I don’t expect it to be a perfect system. But I don’t expect the Fed to sell us all out as this modern Fed has. And for the monied class to use those mistakes to destroy our country was always the worry. Jackson and Jefferson were right from the beginning.

Ultimately, I think the fix at the minimum due to our current problem will be much more painful than what the country went through when Jackson was president. There will be lots of pain resulting from the Fed’s coming out and the eventual collapse of the asset bubble they have created. The Party of Davos has bet everything on this monied class sell-out by our current Washington D.C. culture. It doesn’t take much imagination to trace everything regarding election fraud, Covid, and the constant press attacks on Trump, the two impeachments, and investigations on the criminals who have been built off these artificially created asset bubbles. Suppose you peel back the curtain on Hillary Clinton’s Durham revelations, or the Biden laptop, or the FBI falling under control of the disptribution of budget money, or the Department of Defense activism into global affairs. In all those cases, you will find at the root of that Hydra of Evil the trillions and trillions of dollars the Fed printed out of thin air that allowed Wall Street to sell as assets to investors in a scam that will prove to be the most significant corruption case in world history. I would advise everyone to cash out their 401k plans now before the bubble bursts because it will. It has to. And the Party of Davos people are hoping that there is some major war in the world that can divert people’s eyes from the matter before they figure it out. Put this statement on your calendars, the Wall Street investment managers could not afford a second Trump term, and now that they know one is coming anyway, they are scrambling in panic. Their sell-out of our country is going to be noticed. 

But for everyone else, they can rest assured that the weakness of the Party of Davos people, people like Larry Fink, who we all have to deal with in some way or another, whether through our investment portfolios or our companies where BlackRock representatives have taken control of management, the biggest fear they have is in the rise of populism, just as it was in Jackson’s day. Trump is a populist, and populism is rising worldwide in reaction to what people see. They may not understand how dangerous this current Federal Reserve asset bubble is to the American economy, and thus, to the rest of the world. But they know that the mysterious “elites” are up to no good, and they instinctively know to be skeptical of them. I don’t think of those people as “elite.” I don’t even think of them as being smart. I know that the Fed doesn’t control the American economy. But the Fed and the government itself are terrified of losing control of their “monied class” in the Beltway. Ultimately, when we talk about draining the swamp, we are talking about taking control of our money from the centralized planners. We will survive that exchange. But they likely won’t, and as they go down in flames, they are going to scream and protest. It will be ugly, but the pain will be felt by those who have made their livings stealing our wealth and using it for their own means.

In populism, the people who actually do all the work will be empowered. And as we deal with the current crises and look forward to Trump being the president again in 2024, while on Biden’s watch, the Fed needs to have its collapse. Larry Fink needs to be shown for the fraud he is, and the Party of Davos needs to have their hands cut off from our money supply which they are using to invoke the world into their domination. It’s time to take our country back, starting with reform at the Fed, with an audit at the very least. And possibly, a complete reconstruction of how we manage the value of our dollar. The members of the FOMC are obviously not able to fight off corruption, and it’s time we start there in properly reforming our country with an American First policy that is defined by our money. And to Hell with the bandits who have been caught trying to rob it.

Rich Hoffman

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