Bass Pro Shops in Springfield Missouri: Heaven on earth

Yes, I can say that I’ve been to Heaven and back.  I’ve been wanting to go to the Bass Pro in Springfield Missouri since the 1980s, which is the headquarters of all the stores.  Its just that being right in the middle of the country like it is, I was never really near that area.  If I travel to that part of the world traditionally, it would be by plane.  But one of the things my wife and I wanted to experience when we bought our new RV last year was all the little things in our nation that you don’t typically get to see, because they are off the beaten path.  Yet we knew from experience that those were the best things in the world.  When you travel you only really get to see what has been set up for you to see.  If you really want to get to know your nation, you need a way to get away from the hotels and airports to grab the essence of those far-flung places by convenience.  In this case, with RV travel, when you have your hotel room with you at all times, and a place to eat and shower, the world really opens up to you.  And that’s how after a big trip my wife and I found the opportunity to stop by the Springfield Missouri Bass Pro and camp nearby to break up the long drive and I have to report, it was well worth the effort.


After the rough election season, even though I do one of these postings and video recordings every day for my readers, I needed a recharge.  I came out of the New Year very flat and disappointed in the Trump situation and I needed to find something good to remind me why these political fights were worth doing.  It was in fact because of the poorly managed 2020 with the Covid situation that my wife and I decided to buy an RV.  We didn’t want to be plugged into the system for travel as much as possible, and RV travel allows you to stay on the outskirts of society while traveling great distances.  There are no TSA lines, there is no city navigation, you just drive around all the pain in the ass stuff and you don’t have to be plugged in to a hotel room which I often find dirty, noisy and filled with incompetent people.  I have come to like RV travel quite a lot, with my own bed, My Pillow products going with me everywhere I want to go.  Having all the comforts of home there but being able to pick up the whole thing and leave day after day no matter where you are.  So we headed for the desert of New Mexico to get away from as many people as possible, to read books and to think about the things I like to think about for a solid week and it was well worth the effort.  Let me tell you.

I love Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, and go to them several times a week just to see what’s new and to be in that atmosphere.  The popular outdoor stores are geared toward those who want a little adventure in their lives, they inspire visitors to do something outside and to make their lives more interesting by encouraging them to go out of their comfort zones and live a little.  For most people such a life is kind of a fantasy that they may never get around to.  But when you decide to take the plunge and join the RV life, you find places like Bass Pro Shops helps that lifestyle so much that another gear of appreciation is obvious from the start.  They are very supportive of RV life at Bass Pro.  We originally planned to camp at the Springfield site which is how the visit got on the map.  We ended up enjoying ourselves so much that we found a really nice campsite nearby though where we could plug in and enjoy all the comforts instead of boondocking making our time at Bass Pro Shops really memorable.  It was the biggest store of all the Bass Pro Shops and was the most exquisitely decorated.  I was a bit astonished how much the place reminded me of Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, only without the liberalism taint.  Bass Pro Shops is all American and unapologetic of it, which was for me, exactly what I needed at that particular time after living like a nomad in the desert of America’s southwest for over a week.

Most of the time when you look forward to visiting someplace like Bass Pro Shops from a great distance, you end up somewhat disappointed, because you see the pictures and they never live up to the hype.  But in this case the store was far better than any of the pictures or online marketing.  Everything was much bigger and nicer than I could have imagined.  It was a brilliant display of what a marriage between capitalism and adventure could produce.  It was a purely American thing.  Its not that the Springfield store was any different than a typical Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop, but it was much larger and more audacious for sure.  It was a vacation destination of its own on par with Disney World, only without all the long lines.  The quality was certainly there.  And the main thing I wanted to see was the NRA Museum they had.  It was top class as well.  We spent much of a day enjoying the visit.  We could have spent the entire weekend.  It was that good.  If you ever want to visit such a place as a destination vacation, I couldn’t recommend it more. 

Often it’s the little things that make these places so much more valuable.  For instance, as my wife and I were traveling through Oklahoma City after all the massive power outages and massive freezing temperatures had split so many water lines that there wasn’t any pressure in the city for many miles in every direction.  When we got off the highway to gas up, we couldn’t find a restroom that was open anywhere for about 100 miles.  So we used the restroom in our RV.  What other people were doing, I have no idea, but we were in good shape.  All the campsites were frozen on the way home, including at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, so we ended up carrying our waste water all the way back home.  Once back home I felt very happy to have an excuse to go to our local Cabela’s to dump my tanks.  Its one of the things that these big stores offer for RVers, a special place to park the rigs and to dump tanks and I really wasn’t sure why such a thing would have been valuable.  Well, after that trip, I perfectly understood, and it only continued my good feelings toward the great Springfield store.  It was a nice network that embraced American lifestyles in ways that most people hadn’t found a way to tap in to yet.  Yet for me, it was the perfect timing for how I felt after the election.  It certainly restored my thoughts about things.  Tomorrow looks much better because of my visit to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield Missouri. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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