The Occult and Government: Why they are both so dangerous

It’s at the heart of most conspiracy theories, and for good reason, that government equals secret societies and a connection to the occult in some form or another.  When we talk about the Deep State, which showed its ugly head during the Trump presidency as a grim reality we must talk about the occult because so many of those big government types believe in occult practices to assist them through life.  Human beings have after all done so for as long as the concept of government was invented in society.  Whether we are talking about the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, the Knights Templers, the Illuminati, the various Mason halls, government, and secret societies dedicated to occult practices go hand in hand.  It comes from the type of people who are attracted to group-oriented government where supernatural aid is sought to help groups acquire more power.  Now to my experience that isn’t as malicious as it sounds.  People who are the more timid types out there are always looking for more power because they are in search of security and they believe that if they have power, they’ll thus have security.  In the context of supernatural aid, if you pray to God, you are seeking supernatural aid, so it doesn’t take much imagination to see how groups of secret societies might seek a blood sacrifice of a goat head in order to bring themselves more power in society and to translate that power to security for themselves.

The cause of the need for supernatural aid, especially for those in government is their natural incompetence.  That is the same story for some high priest in Sumerian society, or Egyptian all the way up to the Nazis which were heavily involved in the occult.  When I talk about Roswell New Mexico and the UFO crash that occurred there I tend to think that what went wrong was that the US Military along with the Atlas Rocket program that was functioning in that area had adopted much of the occultism from their captured Nazis right out of World War II and they got caught screwing around with paranormal help to develop the rocket program.  That was certainly the case with Goddard and Jack Parsons along with L.Ron Hubbard who were putting their own spin on Allister Crowley’s attempts to give birth to a Moon Child on earth and to gain major assistance from supernatural aid to unleash upon the earth some pretty bizarre intentions.  The cover-up was to not incense the Christian people of America with the secret society rituals of Parson’s and his former Nazis who were deeply invested in occult magic worship. 

In the modern day we have heard references of the kind to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta as well as just about any Super Bowl halftime show after the last few decades especially the one in Tampa in 2021.  It is a bizarre trend for so many musical personalities to dedicate their time to Illuminati images that many think are devil worship when there are so many other things that artists could be doing.  Obviously, the belief is that occult supernatural aid is needed to assist humans in their affairs and many in government and in entertainment believe such things.  Yet my point is that they believe such things because they are incompetent and not very smart individually.  That is where the problems start.  They hated President Trump because he wasn’t incompetent and didn’t feel he had to sacrifice any children or animals in order to be successful.  He just went to work and did what had to be done, like most sane people in the world do.  But for those who are attracted to government work, they are also generally insecure people who want help in the world.  They don’t care where they get the help whether it comes from an angel or a demon, if the voodoo cards can help them, they’ll listen and even appeal to them for aid. 

Many in the occult believe that bizarre sexual rituals entice what are called ultraterrestrials to take notice and offer help.  They love sex acts by human beings because they are creatures who live outside of our four-dimensional reality, that of length, width, height, and time.  A fifth or sixth dimensional being may interact with our dimensional plane of reality, but their entire essence can’t be a part of it because at a quantum level, there is much more to them than what our reality can hold.  But many believe that the soul of human beings always exists in these other dimensional realities and that through sex and the birth of people we capture that essence in a human body for a lifetime.  That is why sex is used to attract these ultraterrestrials, or rather what we might call “spirits” in other times and places.  That is certainly what Jack Parson’s was after.  It was the sex magic that he and Hubbard conducted while working on the rocket program for the American military that provided the content of the movie Eyes Wide Shut.   It isn’t surprising that those same sex magic rituals still go on today and that many Democrats participate in them.  But why?  Well, because its fun and its an excuse to do something perverted while still believing that your saving the world.  Why not?  Well, logic says that such things are stupid, but then again, as I said, people attracted to group behavior and government in general aren’t into thinking.  They just want help and if they can get aid from some invisible armies of spirits, ultraterrestrials, extraterrestrials or demons from the underworld, you can bet that they’ll sign up for it. Its important to understand this trend because it’s the only way to understand what must be done.  The belief in supernatural aid evoked from secret society worship is one of the reasons that occultists in government are so arrogant about their participation and why they hate everyone outside of their circle.  There has been much said about the Skull and Bones society that George Bush was in, as well as many key government types where some of their initiation rituals are just embarrassing and serve to break down the individual into group affiliation for the rest of their lives.  Of course, they hate self-made people like President Trump.  But that’s the same kind of behavior that comes out of every fraternity and sorority, which are more mainstream secret society organizations.  I was talking to a really smart guy the other day about hiring a new tech leader and I asked him how he knew he was the right candidate.  He said, “because he graduated from Purdue.”  I had to laugh to myself, he hired the guy because he graduated from a college, but in many ways that’s how secret societies work.  Its not the people that are valued, it’s the institution.  And the institutions are formed by secret societies that go all the way back to the origins of all society.  There is a lot of talk these days that many of America’s founding fathers were members of the Bavarian Illuminati group that had been forced underground by the Catholic Church in Europe.  I believe that’s probably the case.  Everyone has good intentions with these things, but its why they believe what they do that should always concern us.  But without question, those who prefer the rituals of occult magic instead of the wisdom of voters is working against the republic we are supposed to have in America, and are detriments to its evolution as the example the world should be following. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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