The Employee of China, Tom Cruise and His Rant: A suck-up to the communists, the A-List actor was just a tool

It’s a story that I consider to be a little one for the gossip columns, except that it involves selling Covid-19 in the way that China has been targeting us.  The reason I keep talking about entertainment culture, movies, television, music, publishing is because that is how China has been attacking, not with guns and military troops, but with culture.  Recently my wife made a comment about how there are no love stories in movies anymore, there are no love songs, that kind of thing.  It came up while we were watching the latest season of The Crown which was featuring Princess Diana and her teenage love of American music.  My wife noticed that these days Hollywood is more concerned about woke culture, movies that don’t put an emphasis on love life so not to inspire Americans to fall in love, get married and start families.  The strategy of confusing people and their sexual roles is on purpose so that people don’t start families, but they look to government to be their new family.  Its all quite an elaborate strategy which all media companies are in on, because they think that’s where the next generation of money is.  Disney certainly believes that, Bob Iger has positioned Disney with communist China because he thinks that’s where the future is.  And Tom Cruise does to, all of Hollywood knows it, or at least thinks it.  And that is the reason for the Tom Cruise rant last week which after all that time of analysis nobody seems to understand.

Many people, even conservative people came out applauding Tom Cruise while on the set of Mission Impossible 7 for dressing down his crew for not standing six feet apart, so to keep the production moving, so to avoid a shut down.  As I was listening to all these interviews and reading the trades on the story I received a letter from my congressman’s office about an out of control Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer who was mandating the quarantine of a person until further notice by reciting a few Ohio revised codes, which I will get into later with the specifics.  But it was just one example in my hometown of a massive abuse of the law by health directors in relation to Covid-19 which as I have been saying extensively is China’s way of selling communism to the American people through health departments in the states instead of trying to sell climate change to people through their politicians.  By disguising green agenda items as a health crisis, the attackers of liberty in America have simply tried a new approach in controlling people, and Jennifer Bailer in Butler County, Ohio was throwing her weight around, unconstitutionally and trying to intimidate private citizens with unchecked power.  And clearly what Tom Cruise was trying to do on his movie set was to appease the health directors that are watching his movie production closely that he is abiding by all the dumb rules they have imposed on them.  As Cruise said, he has health insurance companies on the phone with him each night, along with industry producers and financiers who are watching his production closely to see if Hollywood can make movies again.  So the A-list actor found himself in between a rock and a hard place, which many business people have found themselves in just to have the ability to work, and the trap worked.  As a spokesman for Hollywood, Cruise gave into the pressure and took it out on his crew, for which many quit due to the massive insults anyway.

The power has gone to the heads of people like my Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer, just as it has all across the country.  As health geeks of little importance in the past, China and the money and influence they have poured into the country, as Bill Gates has helped China do with his money and influence by the millions, have empowered these health directors into becoming tyrants and implementing their hopes and dreams of a “green new deal” of open communism just to earn the right to work.  And from that pressure, for people like Tom Cruise who wants very much to be a hero of Hollywood and get that industry back to work after the Covid-19 shutdowns in a state that has a government gone full dictator there shutting down everything unless you appease the health director gods, the actor wants to prove that a movie can be shot even with all the restrictions.  Add to that, that Cruise is dating his 38 year old co-star on that film and he probably wanted to get some sexual favors from her that night by showing off his power and concern for everyone’s safety, Cruise gave China everything it wanted in validating the severity of Covid-19 by one of America’s most trusted actors, a full meltdown on the set about the severity of the virus that of course went viral and within a few days was being talked about by everyone everywhere. 

And that is how they play this game, the enemies of America.  They trap stupid fools like Tom Cruise into fighting on behalf of the bad guys, the overreach of the health departments and government in general by accepting that they have the power to shut down their movie set over any little thing, even though the whole scheme is unconstitutional and would never hold up in court.  Just like Jennifer Bailer in Butler County, Ohio is out of her mind mandating the quarantine and loss of personal rights of a resident to comply with rules made up on the back of a napkin by the CDC following the World Health Organization who ultimately follow China who created the virus to begin with to undo capitalism in the world just as China kept their economy open and did not perform testing so they could show that they had the virus under control while tricking everyone else to increase their testing and shut themselves down like fools while China kept making money and demonstrating how great communism worked because they kept their planes flying, and their manufacturing rolling along as if nothing was happening in the world at all.  It was all a scam from the beginning and continues to be for those who can see the big picture.

Of course, the big liberal George Clooney from the Cincinnati area chimed in as if what he said mattered.  Its ironic that he and Cruise are both from Cincinnati and do have a connection to the mainstream of America.  Clooney thought it was great that Cruise cared about his crew enough to call them out, which of course was what these actors ultimately do, is sell propaganda to a public who just wants to watch movies for entertainment.  By going on a rant, Cruise sold to the world that we should all be terrified of Covid-19 and respect the health directors when they threaten to shut us all down.  But they are all phonies, Cruise, Hollywood, China, all of them.  Bill Gates especially along with his communist buddy Doctor Dumbass.  The truth is as it is in all our communities, including mine with the out of her mind Jennifer Bailer, or Amy Acton who is still on the secret Santa list of Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio, the health directors are just as worthless as they were before Covid-19 and just as powerless.  They can give recommendations and advise us of things to watch out for.  But they don’t have any Constitutional authority to shut people up in their homes indefinitely or to ruin our businesses.  Their mandates have no proof, and everything they have done to gain power has been illegal and has come straight from the Chinese who want to destroy us all.  And yes, even Tom Cruise has shown himself to be a stupid stooge of their ill intent and has been a disgrace to our nation.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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