Beijing Biden’s “Little” Speech: Terror of populism is starting to set in

I watched the various reactions to Lying Hiding Beijing Joe Biden’s “little” speech on December 14th which was supposed to be a unifying speech to unite the country after a difficult election.  From the point of view of the institutionalists this was supposed to be the final nail in the coffin and Joe Biden would become more than a “fake president elect” after massive fraud gave him around 20 million votes to win an election which were totally made up and could not be verified with signatures in their wildest dreams.  Biden’s task was to announce to the world that the electoral college vote had produced the results giving him the victory and that President Trump had exhausted all his legal options, and that the election was over.  Many commentators rather than dig into the speech for the many subtle aspects of it that told a much more vivid story to my eyes, got stuck on the audacity of it, the preachiness of it, and the news cycle moved ahead into Turtle Mitch McConnel going back into his shell and yielding to the Democrats by addressing Biden as “president-elect.”  Now I said in the beginning of all this and I still say it now, and I will be saying it two and three years from now, even decades from now, the evidence of the cheating by not only the Democrats, but the billionaires hostile to Trump, the tech giants, the foreign nations who want to bring down America, their footprints in all this is still in very wet paint, and they as we speak are trying to brush away the evidence.  But too much has been discovered for them to ever get away with it and we will be digesting it for a very long time.  And in many ways, all that was revealed in the little speech that was supposed to be very big but was skipped over as inconsequential and almost quiet due to the massive amount of guilt that it revealed. 

In years past when I write about something, I would put up lots of tweets and video supporting the evidence of my opinions.  But lots of people do that, what my readers and watchers want is the cutting edge, the things they can’t get anywhere else, some opinion way out on the branch before someone cuts down the tree to destroy all evidence that anybody was on the branch, let alone that there was a branch.  Because that is the kind of world we are living in, and its part of the reason that hostile villains, such as Beijing Biden’s team think they can get away with the massive crimes they have been involved with and continue to be.  The speech itself is easy for everyone to see, but my opinion on it is the only video I provide now for these kinds of things, because its not what you see and hear that matter so much.  Production values these days by a good actor or politician can hide many crimes.  But with a keen eye and an ability to understand the subtle, the quivering voice of the criminal president-elect named so by a conspiring media and deep state insurgency couldn’t hide his fear that the questions about the election fraud had gone on too long for them to conceal and that momentum was being lost by his hopes to have a future administration. 

A panic is quite clear in even the speech writers for that diatribe in that they were trying hard to convince themselves that the election was over, and that the world had been patient while President Trump conducted his legal challenges.  Institutional preservation after all was all anybody in the Washington Swamp really cared about, including Mitch and other Republicans so Trump was taking all this dangerously over an edge that nobody would be able to return from.  Biden’s little speech was meant to crush the hopes that Trump would ever be president again, and it thinly disguised all mainstreamers into a day where nobody would remember Trump was even president at all.  But the reality that Trump and his lawyers have the goods on the cheat was just squeezing through the façade and there was a panic on the face of Biden that caused him to tread lighter than any of them would like, but too sharp and condescending for Trump voters to accept.  No, they were among a new point in world history where populism was springing up everywhere and the institutions did not have control of the situation.  And Biden for the institutions was a last-ditch effort to stay in control and they might have if only Trump had conceded, as they expected weeks ago. 

The speech was obviously practiced earlier in the day on December 14th, perhaps even written in rough form over the weekend.  But as the cameras were set up to record it, and Beijing Biden was getting his dander up from his nap to give the speech, Republicans in all the swing states including New Mexico and Nevada, which were not being talked about, threw their lot in with Trump leaving legal challenges open until January.  At the rate that evidence is pouring in about all the election fraud, the obvious reality that a lot more of it would now be coming in over the Christmas Holiday was terrifying and you could see it on Biden’s face.  For the plan to work, the election steal, the Covid counter measures, all the evil plans that liberals around the world conducted to usher in an age of global communism were unraveling before compliance had set in with the American population and none of them had a plan B.  In fact, they were exposed and looking to spend the rest of their lives answering to crimes, not being kings of the world as they were promised.  And in that little speech, Biden’s stress was showing.  You have to look a bit to see it, but you can see it in his body language, even in the way he held his mouth while delivering the lines.  It was almost like a betting man who had wagered on a big football game and his team had the lead, but the opposite team had just scored a touchdown in the final seconds putting the game into overtime, and now with the flip of a coin, they were getting the ball first and only had to march down the field to kick a field goal.  For the steal to work it had to be fast and clean gaining the confidence of a majority of Americans within a week or two.  Now six weeks out and continuing, the cracks in the case were forming.  Whether they burst before January 20th or after, it is quite clear that half the country in America isn’t going to be joining the old ranks of institutionalism.  Populism was not under control and the failure to change that status was obviously clear to Beijing Biden and his team of insurgent Democrats.  They won by a scandal and they were going down by scandal.  Even with firm talk, only suckers were listing to Biden.  He wasn’t winning over the other side and at this point, wouldn’t.  And for the criminals involved, that is a very terrifying reality for them to contend with.

The biggest giveaway in the speech was the coughing. Even trained professionals in lying have a subconscious layer of guilt that comes out in nonverbal communication or some personal quirk, such as coughing. Biden knows he’s guilty and as he stood in front of the cameras, all he had as a defense was a constant stream of coughing.  Very telling.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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