Don’t Be Stupid: Our enemies want us witless, uneducated, and not able to think

As we contemplate the kind of evil that is currently attacking the sovereignty of our country we have to understand some of the strategies that have always been at play, so long as there has been an opposition to America, or in other words, centuries.  To understand it consider the typical husband who desires to keep his wife barefoot and pregnant because he fears always losing her to another competitive male who might be better looking, make more money, or be stronger and faster.  The weak male who knows he has a great catch for a wife, but is not willing to do what it takes to keep her interested will desire to keep her as the term goes “barefoot and pregnant” or rather, too busy having babies and taking care of them that she wouldn’t have time to consider her options for a husband.  We also can attribute this mentality to slavery where slave owners deprived their slaves of the ability to read, or run away by either crippling their minds with ignorance or cutting off their toes so they couldn’t run away, and if they did they’d be easy to catch.  With all that understood as real human strategies in well-known circumstances that everyone can relate to, it must then be clear to know that the governments of the world have done the same to us in America in the hopes that at some point in history, such as we are seeing with the 2020 elections, that we might be conquered and turned into assets for communism. 

My readers here who have been with me for a long time know how important reading is to me, filling an intellect is vastly important to the advancement of any human being, and I work my mind often, and aggressively.  I read a lot of books; it is one of the most pleasurable things that I do for myself.  Early in my life I was inspired as I mentioned in the video above, by Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison and those types of people, Teddy Roosevelt included to read a lot and to develop the keen ability to think critically.  At this point in my life there is no problem that I can’t see a clear resolution to quickly and that is the value I have to the world around me.  I write the blog and shoot those videos now to offer some of that to people who need it for free, but in every corner of my life where there are problems, my mind has been developed to provide quick solutions, and that comes from the ability to think critically.  To question a problem from all its various vantage points and to then come up with solutions.  Now I remember a time when critical thinking was much more valued in our American society.  So its easy for me to now say, especially to people who were born in the middle of the great intellectual attack after the creation of the Department of Education and the Deep State commitment during the 80s to communist training of children in public education from then until the present, that the removal of critical thinking from our schools was the first step to the kind of international attack on our culture that we have seen this year with Covid-19 paving the way for the massive election fraud we are experiencing as of this writing.

The governments of the world have deliberately sought to make us dumb as a people, they have worked to keep us so busy with the “barefoot and pregnant” type of slave mindset that we haven’t had time to see what has really been going on and what our options might be.  Part of the network goal and the goal of motion pictures was to override our thoughts not with education, but with pornographic tripe and to encumber our minds with immediate physical satisfaction to train us to think as short-term idiots who were easy to control from a centralized source.  The populism of our current time, which is a global movement was never part of the plan.  Enough people have taken advantage of the wonders of our time, not everything is bad, and they are reading, they are thinking independently, they are not controlled by social media and they are protesting with Trump as their figurehead.  But it’s become increasingly clear to the central government planning types that even by cutting off the feet of their flock, that the ability to cripple the minds of the same has proven too much for them to handle.  They are being crushed from within by the emergence of populism.  But still, many millions are still crippled by the bad public education, the hyper intense worship of celebrity in the media, the inability to think for themselves which cause people to look toward a leader for guidance.  The corrupt forces of the present expected everyone to fall under their spell, but unfortunately, they don’t have enough people to conduct the overthrow.  As this last election proved as the tangled mess of cheating is revealed, President Trump still pulled in 80 million votes and they are on the populist bandwagon.  But most of them have empty minds that suddenly want to be filled and there is a mad dash to do so presently.

However, the cause of the attacks in 2020 with Covid-19 and the Great Election Cheat were that the projected ruling class of Chinese communists believed that they had crippled the minds of enough people to pull it off if only they controlled the media, or controlled entertainment, or controlled our government.  Good for our culture of America, there are enough people who still have enough of a mind to ask basic questions and to vote for someone to fix it, such as President Trump has been able to do.  But like an abusive spouse, or a slave master, they expected all of us to be so crippled intellectually that defeating us would be easy pickings for complete conquest.  And as I’ve been saying this isn’t a revolution that can be solved with force, with guns taking back our rights with equal threats.  Because if the people of our nation are stupid by their own choice, they won’t know how to keep our republic alive.  So the true way to defeat the attackers is by repairing our intellects with knowledge and to understand that the best way to defeat America from the point of view of the many villains of the world who desperately want to, is to fill our minds with substance.  Just like you can’t expect to live if you don’t eat food, you must fill your mind and develop in it the ability to think critically.  To see a problem and contemplate an answer.  Our attackers want to present us with many problems, but since our minds were crippled on purpose through public education and a pornographic media culture we’d be forced to look toward government for the answer.  We’d then listen to idiots like Doctor Dumbass Fauci for our solutions.  But we are waking up and the more you learn and know, the less of a slave will you be to these corrupt and maniacal characters.   And that is the first step in being truly free, having knowledge and a mind before the guns come out.  Because yes, you can kill the bad guys, but if your population is still empty minded, they’ll just leave one bad government and join another.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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