Cody Wilson is Back: The Feds raid Polymer 80 as they boot-lick Beijing Biden

For perspective, this article reflects that the only government I recognize is the one by Donald Trump as President and understands that the maligned elements that have committed crimes to overthrow his administration, which was the will of the people in two elections mandates re-gaining control of an otherwise out of control government.  Hostile forces have penetrated our political process and pushed us all into an uncomfortable reality, so the views in this topic understand the problem and how to fix it.  With that in mind, it is the Second Amendment which provides us the tools to Constitutional edit our government in the appropriate ways needed for stable management of our country’s affairs, so given what we know now about the events of 2020, politically and socially, it is quite clear that we should all be doing whatever we can do to correct this situation.  And with that in mind, buying a gun, making a gun, and learning to use a gun is a patriotic duty.  Everyone should be doing it with a mind of taking our country back from a lawless confederation of apathy, corruption, and foreign infiltration into our highest domestic offices, particularly at the Department of Justice and the FBI.  There is more than enough evidence of their corruption, so the burden falls on us to take their power away from them, and of course, they won’t give it back willingly, so it is there that we must contemplate the next steps. 

Obviously you can’t have a just society if criminal enterprises are running your government and that is certainly the case as the ATF looking to lick the boots of an anti-gun Beijing Biden administration raided a ghost gunner manufacturer recently by the name of Polymer 80.  As I explained in the video above, Polymer 80 is one of the good guys out there making essentially gun kits with AR 80% lowers that can be purchased and assembled at your home.  The legal argument is that the gun parts made do not make a gun a gun.  It is made into a gun by the action of the buyer.  But now that the government run by the same deep state that conducted a outright coup against President Trump during his entire first four years in office, putting their finger to the political winds are now looking to Beijing Biden to remove the Second Amendment from American society so that an all out switch from capitalism to communism can occur by our debt holders, the Chinese, and the many politicians hungry to make such a deal for a magnificent payday for them.  Selling out a country is big business for liars, cheaters and thieves, but first guns must be removed from a free people so that they can more easily be conquered.

The problem for the government is that no matter how many laws they make on gun shows, on FBI background checks, and mental sustainability of gun owners, that if private people can make their own guns in their garages and basements that cannot be serial number tracked, than any efforts that the government might undergo to control guns in America flies out the window, which is how it should be.  A government that will cheat in elections, that will attempt to overthrow elected officials, not just with Trump, but at several city council seats around the country and members of various state legislatures, when a government will interfere with the vote of a free people they show themselves incapable of approving or disproving whether or not individuals can own firearms or of what type.  The criminals don’t get to pick the modes of defense that an innocent victim utilizes to protect themselves from tyranny. From that perspective, Polymer 80 was doing a great service to the public which is why the ATF was inspired to raid their facility and take a shot across the bow of the “ghost gunner” movement. 

Likely the real target of the raid was Cody Wilson at Defense Distributed, to let him know that the federal government was going to come after him and try to bust him again for manufacturing what they call the Ghost Gunner 3, which is a milling machine that is small in size that can cut an AR 80% lower out of a block of material.  It can also cut the frame of a Glock and an AK47 once you download the blueprints online.  From there you buy all the individual parts from gun suppliers to make the rest of the gun which can all be purchased or made un-serialized and from there, a ghost gun is made for defense of our country.  The government has tried and failed in many court cases to take down Defense Distributed and to wipe out Cody Wilson himself as he is something of an anarchist international hero.  But the government has not been able to do so under any merits of a case.  Cody’s defense of his actions and of his company are that he’s only in the information business and that is protected under free speech.  Unable to get to Cody Wilson, the ATF wanted to pave the way for a Biden administration war against guns picked the easier target of Polymer 80 to begin their campaign.

Its good to see Cody Wilson back in action at Defense Distributed.  As many know who have followed me for a while, Cody was busted for sex with an underage girl back in 2018.  I give more details in the video, but the essence of it is that the federal government entrapped Wilson because they couldn’t beat him in court, so they watched him and watched him and watched him with lots of legal and illegal surveillance waiting for Cody to stumble a bit and from there a girl lied about her age, had sex with Wilson, and the feds arrested the Defense Distributed creator spectacularly and wanted to throw him in jail for a long time.  After a few years of hard legal work, Wilson made a plea deal to be registered as a sex offender, but gaining the ability to get back to Defense Distributed, which was a good idea and one that puts a lot of energy back into preserving the ghost gunner market.  The injustice is clear as we can see from political comparisons.  For instance, the Hunter Biden laptop is out there, people have seen the contents of sex with underage girls and that Beijing Biden knew about what his son was doing, yet Hunter isn’t being labeled as a sex offender.  But Cody Wilson is. 

Messing around with any young girls is dangerous, and Wilson knew the risks, Hunter Biden exploited his power and position to abuse girls, but the game is dangerous in any fashion and not worth the headache.  Cody Wilson thought the girl was 18 and I believe him.  He’s not the same as Hunter Biden.  Girls lie about their age all the time so that they can get access to older men who are hungry to have youth in their lives.  Hunter Biden knew his girls were too young, and we have evidence that such things are common among members in our government.  Yet they weaponized it in relation to Cody Wilson to pick and choose law enforcement depending on where people stood politically.  And since the government couldn’t beat Cody Wilson in court, they picked a law out of thin air and used that to bust the Ghost Gunner.  But that’s how these dirty dogs play, so its good to know.  And its also good to know that Cody Wilson is out of jail, out of trouble, and back as the leader of Defense Distributed.  People understand what happened, which is why they need to make ghost gunner guns, and not sit around waiting for that same corrupt government to tell them what they can have or can’t.  The criminals are not people like Cody Wilson, but it’s in the government that attacks innocent people for ultimate controls over social order, and that is the case we have before us.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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