What’s The Difference Between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates: Both seem to be sanctioned by the state against capitalism, yet one was hunted down and killed, the other is smiling on TV

Like most things these days, conspiracy theories are being found to not be conspiratorial.  Many of us, certainly I have been saying it, that communism is what our schools are teaching these days.  Nobody can dispute it, but they used to.  Well, Bill Gates has always had a lot of conspiracy theories swirling around him, largely by his own doing.  He has made some really stupid comments over the years, intentional or not about climate change and to what level human populations should be managed by a central government in order to save the planet from those pesky humans.  Well, because of his relationship with Covid-19 and the various government agencies behind it, such as Doctor Doom himself, Dr. Fauci, and his early statements toward President Trump being responsible for the massive deaths from the recent coronavirus if he didn’t shut down the government, Gates put himself at the center of the controversy on purpose.  Gates and his crazy wife have been heavily involved in the World Health Organization, shaping the CDC response to Covid, and has a more than cozy relationship with the leaders of communist China.  At first everyone wanted to trust the authorities when they said Covid-19 was deadly, so they gave people like Gates the benefit of doubt.  However, it was very suspicious when Gates withdrew from the Microsoft board of the company he created with Paul Allen on the same weekend that governors started shutting down the American economy with lockdown orders through health departments in various states.  It was Friday March 13th when it happened and by Sunday the 15th, Mike DeWine of Ohio had started a chain reaction which would turn the world upside down economically with what now looks like a communist plot to infiltrate every society on earth for the end goal of eliminating the carbon footprint of capitalism in order from their perspective to save the earth from humans by destroying their activities. 

On this site I have predicted and been confirmed on everything I have said about Covid-19, its intent, the flaws, and how the story is falling apart as there is no evidence anybody in government actually knows what they are doing.  Nobody can prove that masks work, they can’t even prove how many people have died of Covid-19.  Almost every statistic coming from Covid-19 is as flimsy as voter counts in Pennsylvania and Michigan during the 2020 election cycle, made-up stupidity by incompetent government officials who are saying what they are saying obviously hoping to get some of the easy money that Bill Gates has been spreading around like fish food in an aquarium.  It has been and continues to be that everything related to Covid-19 is terrorism, because it’s the fear of it that has been advanced by advocates of lockdowns and mask wearing without any real proof that anything anybody is saying is true.  It is the fear that it “might be true” that has been driving the narrative which in and of itself has been acts of terrorism, using fear to advance a political position.  In this case the hopes and dreams of the advocates of coronavirus, even to the nations involved like China, has been to save the planet from climate change.  Using Covid-19 lockdowns as a training for human effort to stop climate change is the terrorist effort at work. 

In the video above I used the fun little movie recently called Godzilla: King of the Monsters as the correct metaphor of that plot line where the crazy wife of the protagonist joins a group of international terrorists who are looking to unleash all the ancient monsters of the world to destroy humanity but thus saving the earth from those same humans from climate change.    When I first saw the movie I thought it was an interesting concept, almost as the political left were seeking to justify their own occasional insanity by humanizing their terrorists into appearing to be compassionate people with big hearts. I thought then that the main villains reminded me of Bill Gates and his lunatic wife Malinda, but that was before Covid-19 was ever unleashed as a weapon of the left meant to attack prosperity and capitalism bringing down competing cultures to China.  But after watching lots of Bill Gates interviews and those of his wife over this past year where ABC and CBS and all the other mainstreamers who proclaimed Joe Biden won the presidency and there was absolutely no cheating involved, “even though the evidence of voter fraud is stacked now with mountains of proof that nobody wants to look at” the obvious terrorism of Bill Gates is out in the open leaving to question, why aren’t we hunting him down with the same vigor we did Osama bin Laden?

Hey, we embarked on a 20 year war in Afghanistan, we destroyed Iraq over Osama bin Laden over the 9/11 attack back in 2001 on the World Trade Center which ended up killing nearly 3000 people and destroyed two big symbols of capitalism in the world in New York.  The bin Laden strategy obviously was to kill people to get the attention of his targets, capitalism in the world, but to disrupt commerce and trade hitting markets financially to advocate for his desire to destroy the culture of the west.  Bill Gates obviously wants to do something very similar, he is attacking the culture of the west by partnering with the World Health Organization, which is a front for Chinese communism and the spread of it to all economies, in slowing the human imprint on earth in preservation of climate change initiatives that are very much part of the overall United Nations strategy.  Knowing Americans won’t listen to some foreign government like the UN when it comes to climate change, they instead came up with this Covid-19 scam to sell the need to reduce human activity, by forcing them to stay home, not to drive, not to meet in public, and to break their ties with church and family to replace those connections with a big brother government that is contact tracing everyone into a Brave New World.  What Gates has done isn’t any different than what Osama bin Laden did, both have been using terror to change human behavior, and it looks like both were willing to destroy lives and property to perform their task. Denying hydroxychloroquine to people that might save them from death is after all, murder—isn’t it?

So why hasn’t Bill Gates been arrested?  Why isn’t the FBI raiding the Gates home and hauling him and his wife off as terrors of the state?  Is it because they have too much money to be treated in such a way?  Everyone wants a piece of it who works in our government?  What is the difference between Osama bin Laden and Bill Gates as terrorists?  Is it that one is sanctioned by the state for their own goals of a partnership with China and a more powerful central government?  Bill Gates has been smiling through all these interviews when some of these hard questions are coming up, yet he does not feel he has done anything wrong or that any justice will find him.  He is almost poking us all in the eye with his terrorism.  So why?  He’s obviously no friend of America, you won’t find him quoting Thomas Jefferson any time soon or those of Ben Franklin or Adams.  He is looking to put down America and mold it into the governing body of the United Nations.  And if terrorism is the tool, then that’s fine with him, as it is obvious that most of our government agrees with him.  So why did we spend so much money fighting Osama bin Laden if the same rules aren’t applied to Bill Gates?  Well, we all know the answer, but isn’t it a shame to know such things?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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