Trump’s Path to Victory Through Mike Pence: The sad reality of the fight ahead

As I said in the video above, Trump has a pretty easy and unquestionable path to victory on January 6th, 2021.  Take away all the theater with the House and Senate and it really comes down to Mike Pence.  He can deny the dual submissions by electors in the seven contested states and Trump will win with a majority of electoral votes, 232 by 222.  And from there, its pretty much over, end of story.  Trump serves another 4 years.  But of course, that is an unfathomable consideration considering the narrative that has been created by a media of foreign insurgents.  They will be so surprised by this action that the nation will literally burn to the ground.  But at this point I think it will happen either way.  Life as we knew it will likely not return to normal for decades.  It will take a long time to heal after all this and the scars may never go away from this one.  So, if there is a bit of sadness in my voice, without an ostentatious presentation of any kind, that would be the reason.  Then to answer the question, which side has the right to be president, well of course that’s obvious and a non-partisan answer.  The Democrats, the media, the foreign interests should have never tried to cheat in the 2020 election, and should have played it straight.  But they didn’t and now these are the results.  Since they will deny until they die, we are stuck with these kinds of things and we’ll have to fight it out.  But if Pence has the guts to do it, Trump wins re-election easily because ultimately as President of the Senate, Pence has the obligation to certify the results as he sees fit.

Without question, we will see a very Trump-like display of patriotism during the first week of January 2021.  But no matter what happens with the election results, it’s a sad occasion and we have all been robbed of a nice victory and security of Americana.  Rather than the attackers from the left recognizing that America picked Trump and a pro-America first policy with 80 million voters, we have half the country, below the line thinking types, who have taken an oath to destroy the country and when caught to deny until they die.  They will never admit to their crimes, they will work with all their breath to destroy our country, and it won’t end with a Trump election.  At this point, even if Pence did get cold feet and failed in his task, which I wouldn’t blame him, Beijing Biden will always be an illegitimate president and the anxiety and violence will continue well into the future.  We won’t get our celebration of restoring the country to an America-first policy, as we have over the last 4 years because there was always an undercurrent of resistance to it from never Trumpers and Democrats that was ever present.  But like some secret, long pushed down in a marriage in order to sustain the union, now its out of the bag and we can’t put it back in.  We know just how much the anti-American, anti-Trump forces hate us, and there will never be any reconcile with them, ever.

That’s why its so sad ultimately.  We all know how we feel about each other now and society will never fully restore until the anti-American forces are defeated.  And that will come at a tremendous cost.  But also, as I said in the video, when we have these kinds of problems, we must always do what is legally correct.  If everyone is going to be miserable anyway, we must stick to the rule of law and follow that to the resolution.  If anything, good could come out of this election it would be that in the future, the cheating states might not have their electors counted.  At this point, that is the only path of justice short of actual judiciary approvals, which they have shown they will not involve themselves with.  So yes, it comes down to Mike Pence to do the right thing and he’s in position to do it.  The fever may get so intense that we could be looking at lynchings, but that’s OK.  If we follow the laws, its worth doing.  Ignoring the law in any way will only make the situation worse.  And when the violence hits the streets, we must be ready to meet it head on and not allow for the fantasy that our country will be ruled by fear and fear alone.   We must establish that our country runs by logic, and rules.  And for those who break them, there are consequences. 

Justice shouldn’t feel like this, Trump won, history and the evidence will show it, however these insurgents, the same losers who are behind the Covid communist attempts to give us all a “new normal” have ruined everything for everybody.  They have brought this intrusion on us all and made us feel this way and it has left many of us in astonished shock, that people we thought were our friends have actually been planning our deaths and submission—totally.  Worse was the Beijing Biden speech just a few days ago complaining to the Trump administration that he wasn’t getting access to briefings.  That’s why they had to have such a stupid guy running for president, someone who would speak at such events without giving a thought to the audacity of it all.  Surely there will be Democrats half-witted and lost to intelligent thoughts who will feel robbed and cheated the way we have, only they won’t have a mind toward evidence, only public speeches by foolish dopes who will scream that the fake election they stole was just stolen from them, and they will hit the streets in fury looking for a fight.  And we’ll be forced to fight them in ways that will hurt a lot of people and its so unnecessary.  Yet, right is right, the law is the law and we either have law or we don’t.  The attackers in this case who meant to steal this election from Trump didn’t care what they destroyed to get their way and that is the heart of our problem.  Even with a victory by Trump, the problem of these insurgents functioning in our society will still exist.  They have pushed Republicans around for over a century and we’ve taken it all along, so they expect to keep this presidency by pushing us around more and taking it.  But if Pence sticks up for himself on behalf of the administration, the melt-down will be explosive, and many just aren’t ready for that.  But we have to do it, because they have put us in this position to defend the law against the lawless, and corrupt.  Such lowlifes don’t care about the consequences leaving it to us to care about, the Trump supporters who want the nation to prosper and stay intact.  The other side wants the fall of the nation, the fall of the Constitution, the fall of capitalism.  And in many ways, either way they get what they want for a while as we untangle the mess.  So, I agree with your unsaid sentiment dear reader.  Its not fair.  But still, we must do what’s right, and of course, its not easy. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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