Dirty Dumb Mike DeWine and his Blocker in the Senate Larry Obhof: Power, corruption and the Anti-Trumper FBI

It always helps me to think of all the corruption that is wrapped up in our politics to go out shooting.  The smell of gun smoke from a hot barrel comes with it the essence of freedom and justice.  When I work with guns I always think of the American Constitution and what a wonderful document it is and has been as a work of political philosophy conceived by a uniquely honest period, an innovative lot of young Americans in the early days of forming a country.   These days we are disappointed every day by more and more news of corruption and apathy from our elected officials who are a lower grade of people than those who wrote the constitutions of the federal and state levels, their minds eroded away by progressivism and the heavy influences of communism.  And it can be overwhelming, until you find some mechanism to ground yourself with logic and honesty, for me that is shooting as I demonstrated in the above video.  Given the totality of the massive election fraud of 2020 it is easy to become discouraged when we see judges and legislators all over the place doing bad work and showing great dishonesty.  And to date we are looking for a few honest men and women to step forward and defend the constitutions of our American nation.  But to understand the problem, we should always look in our own back yards toward the corruption in our neighborhoods, our townships, and our states for corruption to fight, because if we do fight it there, then when there comes a time for a big national issue, we will have the right people in place to deal with big problems.  And as is obvious in 2020 it is clear that we don’t. 

The first qualifying statement that you must understand dear reader is that Covid-19 was an attack by communists dressed up as medical people spreading a Trojan Horse like attack into America for its complete destruction rather than a direct military attack in retaliation for the Trump trade war.  And it was meant to exploit dumb politicians like Ohio’s Mike DeWine who have been elected into big positions without having the intellectual wherewithal to deal with it. We are all taught in school and by our insurance companies to trust doctors, so it was the perfect way to attack American capitalism and our election process by exploiting dumb politicians like DeWine.  DeWine as we all know bought the whole Covid crap hook line and sinker costing Ohio billions of dollars and the destroyed lives of millions who trusted him.  Rather than back track from that, which would open him up to many law suits he has dug in even further, and is currently terrified to see Covid ever go away because then he’ll have to give that emergency power back.  He isn’t alone, there are many governors in the United States that fell for this Chinese treachery, most of the dumb blue state communist loving governors.  But then again, DeWine has never been thought of as a freedom loving conservative. He puts an “R” next to his name, but most people who know him, think of him as a damn democrat.  

Of course, there are many current Ohio congressman and senators who have ideas about stopping the madness with impeachment and other actions, but DeWine has so far mitigated all the attempts.  I am still convinced that the removal of House Speaker Larry Householder was to stop the Republican led House from thinking about impeaching DeWine.  I don’t think it would be hard to prove that the Governor who was always the former Attorney General of Ohio put in a call to his old buddies at the Cincinnati FBI to do an investigation into Householder over the nuclear power deal.  After all, everyone in Columbus politics knew about the bribes that went on, it happens all over the place and nobody really calls it out, except when someone wants to take out a political opponent.  It just so happened that around February the anti-Trumper at the FBI Chris Wray appointed Chris Hoffman (not related to me) to head the Cincinnati Field Office, and one of the first assignments was to protect anti-Trumper Governor DeWine from insurrections due to Covid-19 retaliations.  So the FBI has been getting aggressive in prosecuting bribery scandals all over the state including recently P.G. Sittenfeld in Cincinnati along with two other council members.  Now there’s a little bit of an educated guess there, but I associate with people who play in this world, so I’m simply abbreviating how the game works to understand the next bit.  So DeWine had the House taken care of, but to hold back the Senators he needed to get the outgoing President of the Senate, Larry Obhof out of the way by offering him a cabinet position in January 2021 so to keep any moves against DeWine from maturing into action.  It is and continues to be, Larry’s job to run cover for DeWine’s unconstitutional actions in the senate which is why nothing happens to DeWine.  You see how the game works?

Now how much of that is factually based and not just educated speculation on my part, well let me say this, I have several little birdies who told me what was going on in all these cases, and they are in the know and frustrated that they haven’t been able to stop DeWine’s insane commitment to ruining Ohio’s economy by overacting to a communist invasion from China through Covid-19.  The cover-up is bigger than the scandal and the crimes keep adding up.  But in this case the FBI wasn’t working to punish crime, its to protect the political orders of the state and preserving old friends and the club of never Trumpers who continue to operate in the Republican Party, not so openly as long as he’s president, but when they thought he was defeated and gone forever, quickly revealed their predilections for Beijing Biden.  But the heart of the crime is the weak people we have elected into office, like this Larry Obhof guy who has termed out and wants to know what his next job will be.  DeWine needing someone to run cover for him in the senate by killing an action against him simply could offer Obhof his next job for the two years remaining on DeWine’s cabinet and all the Covid trouble could simply go away until the governor could spike the football and claim victory over the virus with the upcoming Trump vaccines.  None of them really care so long as Biden became president and the Chinese were able to run Trump out of office.  By then, Covid would have done its damage and all the Covid crazy governors could then let go of their emergency powers without the fear of prosecution of the people harmed by the bad decisions.  So when you wonder why there aren’t more good judges out there and more good governors and you are angry at your local senator and house rep for not having the guts to take down the big guys, keep this story in mind.  Like I said, doing some target shooting helps me get everything straight, but it can be a challenge.  Larry Obhof is just a guy looking for a job, so that makes him corruptible.  The same with the Cincinnati FBI.  They know who is paying their check and they are following the letter of the law as determined by the insurgents in Washington under Wray.  They know the end game and they are not much different than a whore, they will sell out to anybody for anything so long as their pension is protected.  And in that way, crime spreads in a mad fashion, and believe it, the Chinese meant to exploit it for their own goals, to win a trade war with Trump, and to get the troublesome president out of office.  But we know the difference and the truth, don’t we dear reader?  And we will never forget.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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