Democrat Terrorists Attack Rudy Giuliani with Covid-19: China’s minions unleash treason, sedition, and murder to stop Trump from re-election

Knowing what we do now about the nefarious forces that have been working actively to overthrow President Trump, and the deep and dirty tricks of the Deep State it is not a shock or a coincidence that Rudy Giuliani and several other Trump attorneys came down with Covid-19 during one of the most critical weeks of the defense of the Trump victory on election night, 2020.  As I said in the video, and as I said previously regarding the White House press conference for Amy Coney Barratt, I think it is perfectly logical, and highly likely, that a Democrat operative made themselves a member of the event prep teams and spread the coronavirus actively everywhere they thought VIPs would be sitting, masking the activity as cleaning for the virus—instead of actually spreading it.  When Trump came down with the Covid-19 virus it was just a few days after that event, and it was the same with Rudy Giuliani just days after giving public hearings on the massive fraud in the various statewide cases.  Then predictably a few days after Giuliani, Jenna Ellis came down with Covid-19 as well.  The goal of spreading coronavirus to them is the same Chinese intention of sending it into America, to paralyze people with fear and force them to turn to government for help.  Or in this case, to take the big players off the stage before they succeed in what they wanted to do, get re-elected president.

It is not beyond comprehension, especially when we see how deeply committed China was in interfering with the 2020 elections, and to what extent they have bought off the American media to do their bidding.  It would be easy to find a young person to get hired in these prep crews and to convince them to spread the virus on the chair and desk that Rudy and Jenna would be sitting at.  Nobody would know to look for a container filled with coronavirus.  Security would be checking for weapons and other elements of ill intent.  Nobody would expect to check for a terrorist hired by Democrats to conduct a super spreader event to stop the hearings and to kill the momentum of the legal team going into a critical week of support for the Supreme Court.  But the entire charade is manufactured drama, just as all of Covid-19 has been.  After a few days, Rudy is coming away from the virus with a quick recovery, and Jenna Ellis along with other legal members are moving along normally.  China and their American partners in the media and politics have convinced us that Covid-19 is a death sentence when in reality its just another cold.  It may have been tampered with to attack people with pre-existing conditions more aggressively which is what the whistleblowers from China are saying about Covid-19, but the virus is manageable especially when the patient has access to hydroxychloroquine or Regeneron.  In truth, just as is the issue with the entire “pandemic” the fear is greater than the reality.  Getting Covid-19 hardly changed anything with the Trump legal team and things moved along just as they otherwise would. 

But what we should all be concerned about is the intent, the maliciousness, the cheating, the viciousness of the attempt by Democrats.  What we have seen that they are willing to do this year alone, taken as a total is extraordinarily evil.  They have instigated riots, they have cheated at elections and been caught, they have associated with spies from China and been caught, they have attempted impeachment and coordinated attacks with the intelligence community to destroy people who stood in their way of gaining power.  And of course they have gone out and destroyed people’s lives over a silly little virus that is perfectly manageable by denying any treatment and using the fear of contracting it to advance a communist agenda in America killing millions of jobs in the process, and ruining peoples lives.  Even worse, they have tried to keep any mention of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment early in the process allowing people who do have complications with the virus to die—committing murder in the process of their political activism.  We’re not talking about differences of opinion at work here, we are talking about murder, sedition, and treason in every form we can frame it.  And what we see with Rudy and his legal team is another high-profile case of an elderly man in the highest risk category who breezes through the treatment and is getting back to work easily.  Easy because Giuliani is using the treatments that we know actually fight Covid-19, just as everyone in the world should be taking. 

In that context of maliciousness mentioned, who in their right mind doesn’t think that a terrorist wouldn’t infiltrate the event set-up of those voter fraud hearings and contaminate the event with coronavirus spread with pre-soaked towels and other materials disguised as cleaning equipment.  After what we know about Democrats and the Chinese investment into the outcome, the burden of proof is on them to prove they didn’t do such a thing.  Covid-19 is a fake terrorist activity, it was designed to be just effective enough to get our attention, but not deadly enough to kill everyone it touched.  Just enough to make a point.  It was designed in China and spread around the world killing some, but mostly just irritating those who did get it, and the purpose was to keep Trump out of a second term because that was China’s response to the trade war.  And the Trump legal team has the goods on the cheating that went on, that CNN, Fox News, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others knew about, yet participated in a vast cover-up that included our FBI, CIA, all of what we call the Deep State—all who shared a common vision, to get rid of President Trump—because he made them all look bad as a people’s pick for the Executive Branch.  Nobody could let the Trump legal team continue to present evidence, so yes, they sent in a little terrorist who likely already had Covid and wouldn’t be affected, they set them up for life financially to keep their mouth shut and to move to some other country afterwards, and they hoped to take out the Trump legal team in the critical week leading up to the big vote on December 14th of the electoral college.  The proof in these kinds of things isn’t so much in video footage, or traditional modes of security checks, but more in what we do know about the attackers.  They have shown a willingness to cheat and to even kill.  So, when the Trump legal team all come down with coronavirus just days after giving testimony and presenting evidence to the public, the behavior is all the proof you need with these kinds of people.  When the courts are even in on the scam, what you must go with is what you know about life.  We will never be able to prove any of this in a court of law because all the protections we have for this behavior are in on it, so we must go elsewhere for justice.  Which is what is happening as we speak and will continue to.  Accepting this kind of thing is not an option and is just one more nail in the coffin for what is to come and the justification for it.    

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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