DeWine Has Destroyed Ohio’s Economy: Understanding how China plays the game of war

I’ve said it from the beginning about Covid-19, it was always an attack by Chinese communism against western civilization’s capitalism and obviously they felt they could get away with it because their infiltration into American society was so aggressive that they figured there would be no retaliation.  The Covid attack escalated onto the scene quickly after the Trump trade war with China.  They had enough, so they unleashed their 2020 strategy in a way to bring down the American economy and get Trump out of the presidency.  That has always been my opinion and now there is stronger evidence than ever that everything I said was correct.  Perhaps even worse than I have stated.  But no matter what anybody thinks the evidence of economic destruction is everywhere and you can walk through downtown West Chester, Ohio where I live and see the obvious damage by stupid politicians like Governor Mike DeWine who have been suckered into destroying the economy of Ohio because he wasn’t thoughtful enough on his own to defend our state from the Chinese aggression.  Many other states have also seen governors fail and to fall for the power grabs available to them through emergency powers granted by the World Health Organizations designation of Covid as a “global pandemic.”  The Chinese knew what they were doing, and their attack was designed to take advantage of the good natures of American politicians, or their bad natures.  Either way, they knew they had a winner by way of Covid-19.  In the video above I walk through an important part of West Chester’s economy and show the damage as if we were walking through a war-torn town just bombed by the enemy.  Only this way of combat wasn’t done by troops on the ground, but by the Chinese tricking our dumb politicians into killing ourselves. 

The Chinese have always been looking for global domination, and if you have ever read The Art of War, which is like their Bible from Sun Tzu, you will understand the way that the Chinese like to fight.  They attack weakness with strength and avoid strength to strength conflicts.  They’d rather avoid conflict all together and inspire their enemies to destroy themselves, which has been their strategy in America.  Looking back on the year of 2020, which what we know of Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the relationship with the WHO and America’s CDC, even Governor DeWine’s health director Amy Acton and her network of global Obama supporters who were whispering into the ear of the Ohio governor to the point of insanity, it should all be obvious.  After the cheat of the Presidential election and the obvious media pick of Beijing Biden to break many American laws, and to commit treason, even at the Fox News election desk, or the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter it is clear that China had them all wrapped up into a plan they have long intended to instigate toward the destruction of their rival, the United States of America.  And the evidence of their intentions is in the destroyed movie business, in the restaurants of our economy, the entertainment venues that keep our minds occupied on personal fun, instead of the needs of the state. 

Any visit to a typical Chinese person either in China or here in the United States you will find a person who works hard and is usually looking toward a horizon of desperation.  They are that way due to their history, which was precisely how China was taken over by communism to begin with.  The same battle between Mao Zedong and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek that took place in China during World War II is the one we are facing right here in the United States in the hear and now.  Back then, it was the Japanese who were looking to take China over for resources.  But as America joined forces with the Chinese in the form of the great Flying Tigers Mao’s communists were coming down out of Russia in the north to take over the wreckage of what was left in the wake of the great war.  By 1949 the Generalissimo was overthrown, and women and men were soon being sterilized under the command of the state and the society of China was being organized under communism.  Dissidents were being killed violently leaving a war torn, and weary society to fall easily to the communism of Mao which is the condition of today.  My favorite war general Claire Lee Chennault wrote a book called the Way of a Fighter which was his warning to the American government about the situation so that we might avoid war with North Korea and Vietnam, but as it appeared then and even more now in hindsight, our government already knew about it, and they were doing their part to help the communists.  Not necessarily the Truman administration, but what we would call today, the “Deep State.”

Trump was not supposed to make friends with North Korea, that country was supposed to be the bad cop to the good cop of Chinese negotiations.  Trump was never supposed to even think of a trade war.  The communist sympathizers in America were of course pro-China and anti-America, including Joe Biden and his family interests.  The media is in on it too, because they all want access to the billion plus labor market there which China dangles out there for companies like Disney to follow but will never quite allow.  It might seem misplaced in my video to talk about the Godzilla and King Kong movies produced in this decade by Legendary Studios, but you have to remember that just after the first Godzilla movie in 2014 of this new era, the Chinese based Wanda Group bought the company and they noticeably steered the studio toward communist propaganda.  Just watch the film Kong, you’ll see what I mean.  The Chinese have made similar purchases of a lot of the American media and production studios and have gained control of several executive boards.  They made calculated decisions with Covid to bankrupt many American businesses so that they could purchase the assets which is the true intention behind this Covid attack.  I mention the movies because those are things we can see, and I was using a movie theater as an example of the damage left behind.  But for China, they don’t care if the movies made play in a theater or streaming at home.  They just want control of the media platforms so they can control the message.  And to what ability they can control the message the evidence is in how much censorship has gone into any mention of Hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus or the massive cheating that has been proven went into the 2020 election where Trump’s margins of victory were so great that Democrats had to over play their hand.  Yet the media refused to cover it, both traditional and social which have their hands in the pockets of the Chinese to do their part.  The bottom line on this issue is that we have been electing politicians to run these responsibilities without thinking about how smart they are to avoid communist entanglements.  And in Governor DeWine’s case, he has been the classic dope who fell in love with a younger woman connected to Chinese communism in Amy Acton and allowed her to destroy our state with an abuse of power and a malicious strategy of economic collapse in a swing state during an election year.  And the smoldering remains are what I showed in the video, in a community that is one of the top 100 places to live in the entire country that has great wealth and assets to compensate for troubled times.  When you see that much destroyed economic activity in such a place, then you can know just how serious the situation is.  DeWine was dumb and many other politicians are too.  But you must understand, dumb politicians are part of the Chinese plan, and until we fix that, we do not have an appropriate defense for this kind of attack.  And the Chinese know it.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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