The NO Lakota Levy Facts: Managing a district through responsible voting

Since 2010 I have given many reasons why a voter should turn away the Lakota levy of 2013 with a NO VOTE.  It should be as obvious as rain during a hurricane, higher taxes do not make a better school district, help with property values, or even make children smarter.  All those claims are manipulative statements designed to trick voters into imposing higher taxes on themselves with the same audacity that it is generally reported taxes will only be $16 dollars a month.  Most people who don’t pay close attention will believe that the cost is small, because they will miss that the media generally only reports the lazy $100,000 of property assessment, but the reality is in the Lakota district almost nobody has a home valued that low.  Generally, the cost of the Lakota tax increase will be about $30 dollars a month adding up to around $360.00 per year, which is a sizable amount of money considering the taxes are already high.

Most people who read here every day are already Voting NO.  But to make it easier to spread the message, here is the NO LAKOTA LEVY ad which appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer with a full-page placement, which was obviously extremely expensive.  It contains most of the information of why voters should VOTE NO on the Lakota levy.  So send it around to your friends, family and social networks to ensure that they show up and vote against the levy to protect their homes from the villainy of Lakota’s terrible management.Enquirer ad

I can think of a lot of things my $30 dollars a month will go to besides another tax.  Likely for me, it will be consumed in the increases I will see resulting in Obamacare.  But my cable bill, various subscriptions, and even fuel costs could all use that $30.  I don’t want to throw away nearly $400 more a year on a stupid teacher’s union.  For $400 dollars a year I could buy my children Season Passes to Kings Island for Christmas, or a flat screen television to watch football games in my garage.  I could book air travel to Florida, or pay for my family to attend Disney World each year.  There are a lot of things that my money could be spent on other than a tax increase for the Lakota levy.

Even for people who also read here who aren’t in Lakota, pass this flyer around anyway.  There are a lot of school levies on the ballot and pretty much all of them are driven by the same insanity.  The cause of the tax increase is the collective bargaining agreements imposed upon tax payers by the teachers unions, and what they expect in wages and benefits is simply disgusting.  Even worse, they hide their mechanisms behind the next generation of youth, and they have to be stopped.  It’s currently ridiculous and getting worse.

As for the work done by No Lakota Levy, I am very proud of what they have accomplished this time around.  The organization has grown into a legitimate political force of some wonderful minds who are defending the way of life we love in West Chester and Liberty Township from truly corrosive parasites, and every homeowner and business investor should thank God that they see those familiar signs on the side of the road standing against the Lakota Levy.  Back in the winter of 2012 there were discussions about how much I hated the people who ran the Lakota administration and I wanted to do my own thing letting new faces step in and freshen up No Lakota Levy.  I am very happy to see the results.  More people have participated this time around, and there has been some fantastic work done.  The website is very good, the ads, the media comments, the amount of signs on the streets has been top-notch, and this campaign was the best one yet as far as logistics.  The tireless efforts of the usual cast of characters are evident, and it has been good to see.  Their work has been noticed, and the message has gotten out.

But reading a message and acting on it are different things.  Voters still must show up in spite of what they might hear about a blow-out at the polls against Lakota.  As an organization, Lakota is a progressive institution that will do anything to win, so those considerations must be taken into account.  They have spent over $100,000 dollars promoting this levy and two years of preparation to reload after the last three defeats and they are desperate.  Padded ballot boxes are not out of the question just as the planted letter from last week was designed to bring fear to voters hoping to disguise the facts shown in the No Lakota Levy ad above.  They will stop at nothing to win, and if they lose this time, they will try again, and again, and again until they get their money, because like the mob, they are about coercion, not rationality, and the only thing there is to really stop them is No Lakota Levy.

So send this article to a family member or friend so that they will have the facts on Election Day, and be sure to encourage them to vote, because in an election, every vote matters, and nothing should be taken for granted.

Rich Hoffman

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