Meet A Thief Stealing No Lakota Levy Signs: Doing the work of police for them

I know the Butler County Sheriff’s department is hard at work trying to figure out who put the shooting spree threat in the girl’s bathroom at Lakota East Freshman School, so I like to do their job for them whenever possible—you know—just to help out.  I really want to see an arrest in that shooting threat at Lakota so I wouldn’t want to take the police away from their “important” investigation.  I’m sure an arrest will be made any moment……………………………………………………(crickets)?  As Michael Clark noticed in his recent Enquirer article he stated that For Lakota had put out more campaign signs than No Lakota Levy.  Well the reason fewer signs have been seen from the popular tax fighting group is because so many of them have been stolen.  Often however, the thefts occur without any documentation and the police are often too busy sitting on the side of the road giving people tickets, or eating doughnuts and flirting with a cashier.  So they don’t always see the thefts when they happen.

Well, never fear, No Lakota Levy has caught one of the thieves with pictures, and can be seen below.  The man is holding in his hand a No Lakota Levy sign ripped off its frame by him and he is on the phone obviously happy with himself for the action.  He even did a favor and looked squarely at the camera so his facial features can be clearly seen.  Wasn’t that nice of him?Screenshot_2013-11-03-16-23-16-1

Screenshot_2013-11-03-16-21-22-1 (1)For the police, the license plate number of the guy is clearly displayed, so just run his plates and go over and arrest him for damage to property and interference of a campaign.   It won’t take more than a few moments, and then you can go back to your doughnuts, your Playboy magazines, and texting everyone on your phones while you pretend to be busy pursuing justice.  It shouldn’t interrupt the Lakota investigation of the teacher………….I mean student who left behind the shooting spree warning.  Justice waits for nobody, so now the Sheriff’s department can resume its man hunt for the would-be terrorist.  Just call up a deputy, give them the plate number of the man shown above, and take care of business on behalf of No Lakota Levy who has had their property and message destroyed with the endorsement of the government school of Lakota.  If Lakota doesn’t condemn the behavior seen in the picture clearly, they obviously support it.  They guy walked by a For Lakota sign, so he obviously is from that political faction.Screenshot_2013-11-03-16-21-56-1

Because of those pictures the proof of theft is provided, and nobody can say that they don’t know whose doing it.  The information has been provided and now all that is required is action on behalf of the authorities.Screenshot_2013-11-03-16-22-22-1

I can’t wait to see justice served to that levy supporter who is driving one of those stupid little hippie cars which proves that if you vote for a school levy………………YOU’RE STUPID!

As a side note, if the police need help with the shooting threat, just let me know.  I can help you with that one too.  If you’re looking for a little freshman girl, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Voting For The Lakota Levy Is Stupid: Darryl Parks talks about the 2013 school levy on 700 WLW

It was good to hear Darryl Parks maintain his position on school levies, and specifically, the Lakota school levy.  I have purposely avoided doing talk radio during this latest campaign primarily because the levy fighting going into the future needs to grow and more people must to be involved—and for some talk radio can be an intimidating forum to utilize.  Aside from that, there is already a large collection of talk radio interviews that have been done in the past, which are still relevant online.  More broadcasts talking about the same topics tend to become counterproductive, so they were avoided strategically.  Also involved was the issue that No Lakota Levy wished to maintain their message of fiscal responsibility within the Lakota district where I have evolved into questioning the basic premise of public education and believe that it should be abandoned all together in its current form.    Darryl’s position is closer to the No Lakota Levy view, where mine isn’t something that many people are ready to hear, because the answer requires difficult choices—and admissions.  Yet Darryl is well aware what is driving the Lakota levy and he talked about it on his Saturday, November 2nd show which can be heard below.  The Lakota levy is about wealth redistribution, it is a socialist concept created by progressives, and it’s unconstitutional.  It is all about taking from the rich and giving to the poor which is the ugly underbelly of all school levies—but one that gets avoided because of the implications pointing to communist roots.  Nobody wants to admit that their school where their children are attending is a socialist concept.  Nobody wants to face that the educations they received when they were young was a communist creation, but if they think hard enough, the admission becomes easier once they understand the meanings.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Darryl smartly stays off that topic, but discusses the result—the cost of the Lakota levy for people with $300K to $400K homes will be an additional $600.00 to $800.00 a year and that will likely mean no summer vacations, no big purchases of new furniture, televisions, or even air travel to an overseas destination.  If the Lakota levy were to pass, the people with the most money would have to make sacrifices that those without so much money would otherwise have to make.

Most of the supporters of the Lakota levy are either people who have ridden the coat-tails of those who do have money yet don’t understand the real value—so they are quick to give it away, or they are simply new parents who want what’s best for their children and they believe that public education complete with busing services is the best way to give it to them.  These types make up the vast majority of the levy supporters, and they believe that a “rich man” or a well to do household can afford an extra $800 dollars in taxes a year because they have a $400,000 house.  They believe that if a business can afford to carry payroll, or the owners have a net worth of over a million dollars that they are required to pay more in taxes so that the child of a family not so fortunate can have an education.  Well—anybody who thinks that way is wrong.  That belief is a communist sentiment brought to America through the labor union movement, and it is at the heart of every single school levy.

Just before the Lakota levy vote, superintendent Mantia sent out the following letter to business owners all across West Chester and Liberty Twp.  She likely broke the law sending it because it is campaign literature for levy passage created during her contract hours of work which is technically against Ohio Revised Code 3315.07, which states in part “no board of education shall use public funds to support or oppose the passage of a school levy or bond issue or to compensate any school district employee for time spent on any activity intended to influence the outcome of a school levy or bond issue.”  But whose going to prosecute her………..Sheriff Jones?  He has a deal with Mantia if the levy passes, so he’ll gladly look the other way and so will all the state prosecutors.  The letter from Mantia is a thinly disguised reminder that the business community must pay their “fair share” as determined by the needs of the many.  Mantia means to strong-arm the business community into supporting higher taxes so to avoid the public disgrace of refusing.  I know quite a few business owners in and around Lakota and not a single one of them believe the arguments Mantia presented on the document.  They know that less than 5% of the proposed levy revenue is going to the kind of things she addressed.  The rest of the money is going to Lakota employee raises.  Yet they have felt compelled in the past to just go along to get along.  If the school raised taxes, they’d just raise their prices of service.  This worked for decades until the present time when consumers have proven that they have had enough, and won’t purchase items at a higher price.  So businesses are no longer willing to pass off those higher costs as they are between a rock and a hard place.  If they chose not to support a levy they get called names like selfish, mean-spirited, and have the PTA organizations threaten boycotts against their businesses, such as what happened after the last election.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  If they pass the tax increase off onto their customers, they will lose business.LAKOTA-LETTER[1]

The levy advocates have a bottomless pit of need and they believe that because a homeowner owns a Mercedes, spends $800 on a meal for business clients, and has a home valued over $500K that they have an obligation toward higher taxes—and they are dead wrong.  Because the taxes never stop, one of those wealthy tax payers today might pay taxes at $600 to $800 more a year every four years for the life of their businesses and will find that they will either have to move to a district with less taxes, or let the value of their assets decrease so that there will be nothing left once their children inherit their lifetime of hard work.   Lakota business owners and residents have been relatively smart in voting down continued school levies—not passing one since 2005.  West Chester and Liberty Township are thriving economic communities where other places like Fairfield, Finneytown, and Evendale are struggling because they are yesterday’s has-beens.  They said yes to similar letters from school superintendents in the past and it cost them their livelihoods.

Butler County in general was built on a foundation of lower taxes.  Why does anybody believe that Bass Pro Shops is leaving Forest Park and moving to West Chester—or here is a better question—why is the economy at Forest Park so bad that the mall there is a virtual ghost town?  One, it is taxes, two it is too much government housing and a demographic population that lives off government money.  The people of Forest Park have less value for money because the government sends them a check in the mail.  Therefore, they do not enjoy the kind of things that Forest Fair Mall tried to offer them over the years as far as retail shopping.  So companies moved out or went out of business.  They went to West Chester where the taxes are less, and people appreciate nice things.  West Chester is still driven by capitalism where Forest Park is drowning in socialism—a string of unfortunate and unintended consequences.  I know this first hand, about twenty years ago I was a personal driver for a Bengal player.  It was my job to drive him around and make sure he got home safely while he jumped from bar to bar.  If people got too close, it was my job to make sure he was covered.  I’d drive this guy all over the city to every hot night spot in town.  Since I didn’t drink or do drugs, I was a good candidate for this kind of thing and wasn’t tempted to play along.  At the end of the day, around 4 AM I’d take him home to his wife.  They lived in a nice part of town full of promise.  They lived in Forest Park, and thought of it as a land of luxury.  Today, that same home is surrounded by Section 8 housing and a welfare demographic that has very few people officially employed.  That is why Forest Fair Mall has failed, and the former Bengal player is no longer married to that woman.  Bad investments lead to bad lifestyles.  Bad lifestyles lead to failed businesses.  Failed businesses lead to empty malls like the one at Forest Fair Mall.

Every resident in the Lakota school district has an obligation to defend their homes and property from the clutches of big government spenders like superintendent Mantia.  Failure to say no to them will result in the same kind of declining community as seen in present day Forest Park, Fairfield and many other places where high taxes and demographic changes have destroyed their communities.  In Lakota, it is the targets of Mantia’s letter that make the community such a nice place, the restaurant owners, the developers, and the financiers.  If they get frustrated with the tax rates and pick up to move, they will leave behind in Lakota a community with crushing tax rates yet no businesses to pay them, because nobody takes the risk of owning something without expected to earn money from it.  The value of any money earned goes down with every tax increase.  Communists, or those trained in the ways of communism have no value for money—they find themselves seeking government employment because that is the only place they can earn a decent living thinking the way they do.  Superintendent Mantia does not understand business.  She thinks because she gets a hand shake and a bit of idle chatter at a charity event from many of the people she sent that letter to, she is on good terms with them.  But she’s not.  What she gets is appeasement the way a person who gets pulled over by a cop tries to appease the cop so that they don’t end up in jail.  Business owners want to keep the peace and the looters out of their pockets.  Taxes like the one proposed for this November levy permanently change wealth, and gives business owners less money to invest in the community, and that is not a good thing.

The communists who devised this ridiculous plan knew what they were doing.  They hated the rich, and sought to level the playing field in every endeavor.  Most levy supporters when asked enough question will reflect the communist roots of their belief when they state that everyone could afford to pay just a bit more for the good of the children.  Many of them will only pay $30 dollars more a month, and since they have kids in the school, it’s no big deal to them.  It’s cheaper than driving their children to school if they are lucky enough to get busing back.  They may cut one trip out to eat with their family a month, and pay their higher tax without further complaint.  But for business owners with millions of dollars in assessed property value, they will be taxed much higher, and the levy supporters with much less personal value will directly benefit.  It’s called confiscation of wealth by the needy majority, and it is a communist concept—and a sickening enterprise.

The school levy at Lakota and every other school district is simply a redistribution of wealth scam that uses children to fulfill a political agenda that as Darryl Parks stated, is unconstitutional.  For the same reasons that superintendents like Lakota’s Mantia ignore Ohio Revised Code 3315.07, authorities under state control ignore the unconstitutional nature of the school levy system because they have allowed the monopoly of public education to dominate the political arena with a communist sentiment that belongs in Kazakhstan, not West Chester, Ohio.  There is nothing good that comes out of tax increases, but everything bad—an element missing from Mantia’s letter.  She likely has no idea what the people who she sent that letter to really think of her, and probably thinks they believe what she is saying as much as she does.  But the difference between her and them is that they actually produce things, while she is just another government parasite, a worker living off the tax payers and again advocating more taxes so her ilk can sustain their unsustainable wages for a few more years.  If there is no other reason to vote against a school levy anywhere in Ohio, it is because the concept is a flawed one that goes against everything America is supposed to stand for—capitalism.  School levies are wealth redistribution attempts by progressive minds for aims that are not beneficial to thriving economies.  And every one of them should be voted down because they won’t end in 2013.  They will continue well into the future until there is no money left to loot and people finally say no because they have nothing left to give.  For the sake of Lakota, and the community that feeds it, the NO VOTES need to come now, while there is still money being produced in an economy that is the envy of Ohio.  Voting NO on the Lakota levy goes a long way to keeping that status.

Rich Hoffman

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