School Superintendent of Stuebenville Charged With Cover-up: Three other employees also charged during rape investigation

If not for blogs like this one, Twitter, and YouTube the crimes at Steubenville would have been covered up like many of the other crimes do in public education.  From the very beginning I stated that a cover-up was highly likely.  All public schools share the trend of sacrificing individuals to the collective whole, and when it comes to high school football, individuals are routinely sacrificed as athletes are often the symbolic stars of their community.  The tendency when school athletes commit crimes is to cover up the evidence so the entire community can continue to idolize the heroes of the football field and rally behind the schools they represent in battle.  Behind those athletes is a progressive education system that employees a lot of people off tax payer money, and schools need those tax payers to avoid looking too closely at real school activities—where scandals are common—not rare.  So I declared the scope of the crime in previous articles that turned out to be very prophetic.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR REVIEW.

Before social media, a slick public relations employee would have swept this rape case under the rug, like they do many thousands of cases all across the country.  In Steubenville, Ohio it was only social media that exposed the crime in such a way that the media actually covered the story—which they usually don’t.  Because of the video evidence, which is rare, news outlets had to cover the information once it was brought to people’s eyes—and the case exploded into a national spectacle.  Many people didn’t want to believe that the events occurred, and many news outlets attempted to put on a happy face, while many in the Steubenville community who wanted to continue worshiping their football stars attacked the rape victim and her parents for saying anything about the issue—or “tempting” the boys in the first place. All of the ugliness of high school sports, public education, and the real relationship they all have with the communities which fund them was exposed in a raw fashion that many people didn’t know what to do with.

So it came to my eyes early on Monday the following AP news wire story confirming all that I had said previously, and a great relief swept over me.  The sadness for the poor girl was something I already dealt with—but this most recent news was the granting of a Thanksgiving Day wish provided early—justice for the victim and exposure of what public education is truly about—collectivism, sacrifice, and cover-ups.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) – A school superintendent and three more people have been charged by a grand jury that investigated whether other laws were broken in the rape of a 16-year-old West Virginia girl last year in eastern Ohio.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the charges Monday in Steubenville

William Rhinaman, 53, director of technology at Steubenville High School, faces four counts: tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, obstructing official business and perjury in connection with the case, DeWine said. Rhinaman was arrested Monday.

If convicted, he could face four years behind bars, more time than the two convicted boys will serve.

Details of the indictment, including what kind of evidence was allegedly tampered with, were not immediately available.

“This is the first indictment in an ongoing grand jury investigation,” DeWine said in a prepared statement. “Our goal remains to uncover the truth, and our investigation continues.”

Most of the time, including what I have said about my home school district of Lakota, everything comes true—sometimes it takes months, sometimes years, but eventually, when I open my mouth about something—it comes true in nearly the exact fashion that I frame it.  It’s not because I’m a prophet of some kind receiving mystical guidance from beyond the grave—but because of Robert Pirsig’s train explanation regarding the metaphysics of quality.  When you live on the edge of the train, you see things before those in the caboose do.  Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is all about that cutting edge.  So the Steubenville grand jury charges are the only real payment I get for the work that goes into this “New Media” form of reporting.  It is why I do this kind of thing—because if somebody doesn’t—these cases get swept under the rug by traditional media 100% of the time.  They always have, and will continue unless “New Media” reporters expose them.

In the case of Steubenville it was Deric Lostutter who exposed the rape from the school cover-up, and if he hadn’t posted the images sent to him by members of a group of computer hackers working in the collective hive of “Anonymous” there would have been no justice in the case at all.  The school officials would have covered up another crime, and life would have returned to normal for the members of the Steubenville community.  That is why the FBI raided Lostutter to begin harassing him once he was discovered as the man behind the exposure—which I have also explained in previous articles.  CLICK BELOW TO REVIEW.

However, Lostutter is far from a hero in the “Anonymous” circles because he has gained individual fame for his stance in protecting the rights of the Steubenville victim.  Since his fame from the case, “Anonymous” has distanced themselves from him in the usual fashion.  “Anonymous” members tend to think the way their public educations taught them to, as anarchists, socialists, Marxists and other radical types all centering around collective identity—which is why they call themselves the “hive.”  They see themselves as a hive of bees I suppose serving some higher purpose.  They certainly aren’t capitalists, and once Lostutter showed a knack for dealing with the media and achieved some fame, he had distinguished himself as an individual which is a big no, no with “Anonymous.”  Here is a sampling of their thinking complete with grammatical issues:

Deric Lostuttter began once again seeking media attention by doing media interviews on behalf of Anonymous, and the organizers of #opmaryville. An operation to bring justice to a teenage victim and her family after a sexual assault occurred by football players in a tiny Ohio town

The victim and her family brought charges against Players on the high school football team, but those charges were promptly dismissed by local prosecuting attorneys(citing lack of evidence and the victims refusal to cooperate), and the victim’s home was burnt to the ground prompting the family to get out of town. Maryville’s Local sherrif quoted as saying that “they did all that they could, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence and the victim and her family just need to get over it and move on.” The victim and her family accuse the sherriff and prosecutors of lying, and deny not cooperating.

As Anonymous geared up to rally behind the victim and her family, Maryville’s official sites were taken offline to protect the town servers, and the local sherriff began to mock the Anonymous Hive.

Lostutter, who as of Monday began tweeting and posting about the case on his facebook was told early on by members of anonymous that he would not be a part of this operation, as he’s a “famefagging attention seeker” and for the op to go right, his fake anonymous ass should stay the fuck out of things.” Lostutter then began once again comparing himself to Barret Brown, Jeremey Hammond, and Edward Snowden continued to post about Maryville even issuing a false press release about #opmaryville from his twitter. Lostutter now dubbed, The Leader of Anonymous in one article in which he admitted he knew nothing about #opmaryville. Which makes no sense because usually when you’re interviewed it’s because you have direct knowledge of what’s goin on. The Daily Dot quickly retracted the title of Anon Leader, but not until after a internet backlash which pissed off thousands.  This however didn’t stop Lostutter from continuing to seek out media interviews as the “Spokesman for Anonymous” in which he continued to speak for and about #opmaryville without being involved or having any knowledge of the real Anons organizing the operation.

So there is a lot going on regarding the Steubenville case, but the bottom line is that it took the courage of individuals to expose the various levels of collectivism which attempted to cover up the crime.  Even with the New Media outlets that put the story on the front page of newspapers and brought national coverage to the issue collectivism is still the impediment to justice, but because of people like Lostutter, the ability to sacrifice single victims to the plight of a collective whole has been greatly minimized.

I am happy to see justice done, and I will enjoy my Thanksgiving that much more knowing corrupt school officials are going to jail over the incident. There are a lot more names to add to the list of indictments from thousands of schools all over the country doing essentially the same thing, but Steubenville is a good place to start—and the four officials citied are simply the first—they won’t be the last.  Because of “New Media,” traditional media must compete, and that spells doom for school districts and communities everywhere who are accustomed to cover-ups like the one in Steubenville.  And that is something to truly be “thankful” for.


Rich Hoffman