Lakota Wastes More Money: The Sun Associates report that cost $19,000 to pass a levy

Over the weekend Lakota staff, school board members, and the coerced use of many dozens of children confiscated one of the buildings that tax payers own to hold a rally for the upcoming levy vote.  Of course the event received excellent media coverage as local press depends heavily on sports programs and charity stories coming out of public education for content. However, they always ignore the faults of such institutions, which was clear in the Channel 9 coverage shown below.  For the online edition, the coverage was pretty even, but for the video footage the slant was definitely in favor of the pro levy factions, ignoring many of the fallacies which have caused the desire for levy approval.

One such story that has been ignored during the entire levy campaign by virtually everyone is the notion that Lakota gave $20,000 to McKibben Demographics to provide a detailed enrollment report as recently as February of 2013. It is a very detailed report full of the kind of information that led to the video I produced called A Whip Trick To Save Lakota.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  The McKibben Report showed that Lakota was about to experience severe declines in enrollment leading to massive layoffs at the public school, which was information they did not want to hear—so they ignored it.

Last fall (Oct, 2012) Lakota spent $19,800 to Sun Associates to provide them the plan they are using as a basis for Lakota’s technology expansion behind the levy campaign. The Sun Associates plan has a lot of commentary based on surveys taken from parents, teachers, and students.  A lot of the report is academic nonsense that is meant to be viewed with progressive/Democratic eyes.  Sun Associates are a Massachusetts group in the heart of progressive territory—New England.  Other than Lakota (which they cite on their web page) all the rest of their studies have been in Massachusetts and New York—hardly bastions of conservativism—not in the way that Butler County is. Essentially, Lakota spent almost $40K to get outside advice, and one of those sources is a progressive “Think Tank” not reflective of the values in Butler County or the residents of Lakota.  The school chose to believe what they wanted to justify the levy attempt, and the media has given them a free pass choosing to do soft stories about the impact of the lack of money, and not asking the crucial question as to why.  The school recklessly spent money yet again to get two reports done, but only picked one that they could use to justify a tax increase.

This isn’t new information, and only gets reported on blog sites like this one.  It is one more example of all the reasons more funding should be denied to Lakota.  Tax increases produce money that does not go children, it gets wasted on reports like the one from Sun Associates to use as clubs against a community that doesn’t have the same values, or standards as the region the report was conducted.  The cost of those two reports is roughly the entry salary of a typical teacher at Lakota (under 5 years) and if Lakota was so worried about their employees……….or the children, they would have saved the money for the report to contribute to their payroll needs.  But they didn’t.  Instead, they held a rally at tax payer expense—because it was our building, and sent out press releases of a feel good story to the local press, which returned the favor and covered it as all parties ignored the root of the problem, reckless spending on stupid things like the Sun Associations report.

The crowd in the Channel 9 report was less than in years past, but it still indicates that there will be a number of really stupid people who will vote for the Lakota levy.  They are stupid because the school is wasting money on progressive causes that work against conservative educations and those voters are willing to trade away the values, beliefs, and futures of their children just so the parents aren’t inconvenienced with having to drive their children to school.  By voting YES they are giving Lakota a free pass to continued wasteful spending, to openly deceive the public, and perpetuate a broken management system driven by unionized collective bargaining agreements—and that is just stupid.

This story is too complicated for most 3 minute news stories or 250 word newspaper articles—so they don’t cover all those hard aspects which are at the heart of the levy vote in November.  Instead it is easier to just do a story on how parents want their busing back, and that by voting in favor of more wasteful spending, somehow the children will benefit.  The hard story is that the children will benefit because they will no longer be used as extortion mechanisms of coercion against a cash-strapped public.  For those stories, I will continue to cover them here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, because apparently nobody else will.

The responsible thing to do at Lakota is to vote NO on the Lakota levy, because anything else is simply stupid, irresponsible, and equivalent to throwing good money into a black hole from which it will never return.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Rich Hoffman

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