Lakota Thugs Get Their Looted Money: Now raises for all the employees in the labor union

The thugs are going to get their stolen money from the community because 13488 people were stupid, and passed the Lakota school levy, on the fourth attempt.  Voter turn-out was the key.  Too many people stayed home while the pro people voted.   There were over 18,000 NO voters in the last election, and they obviously thought their vote wouldn’t matter, and stayed home.  As a result, they will now have to pay higher taxes because of their lack of participation.



Number of Precincts


Precincts Reporting



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Total Votes








Now it is time to begin campaigning against their 2017 levy attempt, because it’s coming. 

Everything they do at Lakota, every dollar wasted, every scandal they are involved in will be reported—because if I have to blow more money on these idiots with higher taxes, I’m going to get my money’s worth.

Rich Hoffman


Positivism: The driver of government corruption

It’s Election Night and likely there are issues that you dear reader are rejoicing about, and others that are making your stomach churn in knots.  There were a lot of school levies on the ballot, many from districts that just passed tax increases a couple of years ago, like Fairfield, and Lebanon.  Others like Lakota are trying yet again as nearby Mason watches closely with their foot in the water to see if it’s safe for them to try again.  Regardless of the ones that pass or fail, the basic concept is flawed and needs to be addressed.   All public schools are government-run and are grossly inefficient.  They are dominated by government unions that need to be dismantled in favor of competition because they are functional monopolies.  Public education is what many fear Health Care is becoming, a government monopoly full of inefficiencies, high costs, and lack of choices.  Even worse is the feeling of doom one has when dealing with any government institution.  In the case of school levies, the ones that fail will be put right back on the ballot as the administrations will not respect the will of the voters.  The ones that pass will be back on the ballot in about four years.  I often refer to this ridiculous system as a communist plot, which it was—but the philosophy of this folly deserves deeper analysis.

Most of America is shaking its head right now at the audacity of Barack Obama and the trail of lies that extend behind him for as far as the eye can see.  Americans just don’t understand what is going on; they don’t see how a president can lie so much, so often and get away with it.  Yet they participate in the process of allowing him to do it by their silent endorsement. Obama is an educator; he is a former instructor at the University of Chicago and a member of the academic elite.  Vice President Biden’s wife is a former teacher as many within the president’s inner circle are big government statists who believe that it is their intellectual majority which rules the world tomorrow.  But this still doesn’t explain how they can lie so adamantly to the cameras of the press and speak in front of millions openly advocating ideals they know are false.

The key to the beliefs of Barack Obama and every government school in America is that they all subscribe to a political theory debated for centuries called Positivism as the root of human freedom.  Positivism is the law that states reality is anything that the government says it is.  Positivism requires that all laws be written down and that there are no theoretical or artificial restraints on the ability of a popularly elected government to enact whatever laws it wishes.  Positivism postulates that literally, the majority always rules, and always gets its way.  Positivism is the primary driver of a democracy.  If a majority of the people want it, then law is built around that belief.

For secular progressives this is why they wish to remove God as any kind of reference of belief.  In order for Positivism to work, the collective will of the masses must be held in reverence, not an individual God promoting Natural Law.  Positivists must always focus on gaining control of the masses in order to bend the collective will of all human beings toward their desire.  This is why The White House believes that Benghazi is no longer relevant, because their public relations machine has turned public sentiment against the investigation of American deaths there.  Yet under the same effort, they deny that Americans are against Obamacare, so they continually search for ways to gain majority opinion so that they can use Positivism to override any pending legal questions arising from forcing every human being in America into purchasing a product whether they wish to or not.  Democrats in this case can obtain the majority rule by giving away enough free healthcare to put those in opposition into the minority—so they are refusing to look at reality stalling long enough to get a majority of the country signed up on the exchanges.  Once that is done statists like Obama can ignore the Natural Law violations of Obamacare in favor of the Positivism of the masses, and their desire for free healthcare from the minority.  This is how Obama in good conscience can lie, cheat and deceive so easily, because to him, Natural Law—those given to every human being by God is meaningless in the face of Positivism provided by government through democratic rule—rule by the majority.  If the majority is ignorant, and recklessly foolish, that does not matter to the positivists, because the masses always rule.   This whole concept of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few goes back further than Karl Marx, but it was communism that most aggressively embraced the implementation of democracy.  Positivism is the law of thinking that drives the desire for communism, socialism or any form of collective society.

For the same reasons, public schools functioning from the same generally philosophy of Positivism will ignore the results of the school levies if they do not go their way because the collective will of their school boards, the state education boards, and the teachers unions do not support the Natural Law which individual votes cast toward their cause.  They, as an education institution have a collectively held desire to obtain higher taxes, and “THEY” will not stop asking until they get it.  They think this way because they are functioning from Positivism and believe they are owed something just because they desire it as a mass whole.  It does not matter to them that their need is only one of many demographic factors because as an institution they have majority rule within the context of their social structure.  This means they will ignore election results until their reality is validated by a majority of the public who tires under constant levy requests.

America was founded on the ideal of Natural Law, meaning that law extends from human nature, which is created by God—whatever form one holds God to be.  Natural Law states that all human beings desire freedom from artificial restraint.  Because all human beings desire freedom from artificial restraint and because all human beings yearn to be free, our freedoms stem from our nature—from our very humanity.  For those who wish to believe that government is the center of the universe, Natural Law is dangerous because it prohibits the majority rule they desire—it muddies up the water keeping a society from functioning as a collective whole.  This is why Obama thinks the Tea Party is more dangerous apparently than the Taliban.  The Taliban at least is an organization functioning from Positivism while the Tea Party is insisting on Natural Rights.

Regardless of how the election goes, the real battle is not between who wins or loses at the ballot box on November 5th 2013.  The real fight is between Natural Law and Positivism.  Until a majority of Americans recognize Natural Law as the primary driver of prosperity in their lives, the school levies will not stop, government statists like Obama will continue to lie and deceive, and America will continue on a path toward socialism as opposed to capitalism.  The key to solving the problem is in rejecting Positivism and politicians who believe that government is the giver of rights, and embracing Natural Law.  Until that happens, every election will be a fight for life or death of not only lives, but entire economies, those at the local level, and of course those flowing out of Washington D.C.

Rich Hoffman

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