What Lakota and President Obama Have In Common: Lies, manipulation, and higher taxes

When Obama lies openly to the public then gets caught, the lawyer in him knows that deniability of responsibility will keep him out of direct trouble.  If he can withstand the storm of scrutiny long enough, people will eventually forget what he did, and things will resume to normal.  That strategy is the way of all progressive politicians, and it is a method that has evolved out of Saul Alinsky.  So it is no coincidence that large government schools like Lakota use the same methods to hide their wasteful spending, their sex scandals, and overall inefficiencies–they like Obama are a progressive institution committed to change in America.  For the proof look at who Lakota has employed for third-party advice, such as Jeffery Stec who led the Community Conversations campaign, and most recently the Sun Associates plan which is essentially a progressive think tank from Massachusetts.   Lakota has traditionally attacked those who try to bring light to their wrongs, and desired to simply outlast scrutiny, which is the path they took to arrive at the 2013 school levy in November.  They ignored the facts, ignored their controversies, and tried to outspend their opposition with sheer force to arrive at a moment in time where they could try to paint a picture to the community why they should raise taxes in spite of declining enrollment in the face of a 2014 labor contract.

As before No Lakota Levy has risen to face the impending doom of tax increases with an aggressive campaign against the government school, and as before the For Lakota people have sought to destroy the message hoping that nobody hears it.  No Lakota Levy has put out hundreds of signs at great expense, and nearly as quickly as the signs went into the ground, they were either stolen or destroyed by levy radicals hoping that nobody sees the message.  CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW OF THE LAST CAMPAIGN.

Stealing, vandalizing, or otherwise attempting to silence their opposition is the only strategy organizations like Lakota, Obama, or any other government entity has because the truth is not their alley.  They cannot answer criticisms, because they are functioning from deceit, and for their mechanisms of manipulation to work, they require an electorate that does not ask questions, seek answers, or have any standards to hold them against.  That is why during the fourth No Lakota Levy campaign the best that the opposition of For Lakota can do is steal and vandalize campaign literature hoping that enough voters won’t learn the truth.  For Lakota to be successful in their levy attempt the need to play the numbers game and hope that voter turnout against them is less—because they cannot answer the questions as to why they need more money.  They can only declare that they need it, and what the impact of not having the money is.  They never can answer the “why.”

I have posted hundreds and hundreds of stories about Lakota schools, I have debated them on the radio, in public, in newspapers, on television and never have they been able to answer my accusations.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Instead, they have attempted to just ignore the questions and steer attention toward emotional topics, in the same exact way that Obama does.  The reason they do this is because they don’t have any answers—they can only hope to stop the questions from being asked—which is why they resort to character assassinations and theft to fulfill their strategic objectives, which are parasitic against the community they reside in.  CLICK FOR A REVIEW.  They cannot win a straight up election, and they accept this—which is why they do the kind of damage seen in the photo here:No Lakota Levy sign lost

Near that location was a large billboard No Lakota Levy Sign that was completely stolen and the one in the photo was damaged so badly that a quick repair was not possible.  The message against No Lakota Levy was simple, if a sign is displayed, it will not only be taken down, but it will be destroyed so it cannot be used again.  It is the same basic premise as what Obama pulled when he pushed through Obamacare without telling the public that his proposal was “legally” a tax.  Or in telling people they’d get to keep their doctor or insurance if they liked their current plan.  Of that he didn’t have any idea what was going on in Benghazi, but he was clearly engaged in the War Room during the killing of Bin Landen.  Obama is a progressive liar and he hides his deceit in his abilities as a lawyer to twist the truth.  In order to do that he must have a media not willing to look at the hard facts—and so far he’s had his wish—which is why the behavior has escalated into the massive health care costs that are about to slam into the American public.  Obama mislead America with Obamacare and Lakota schools has followed the same progressive playbook in their justification of their proposed tax increase which won’t be seen for what it truly is until later—once its too late.  Like Obama, Lakota has no way of defending themselves against facts.  They can only hope the media stays on their side, and people don’t look too deeply at the real situation—which they seek to hide perpetually.  To do that they must steal No Lakota Levy signs so that people won’t go to the website and learn the truth.  CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF AT THE LINK BELOW.


That is the reason for the vandalism against No Lakota Levy signs.  As an institution, Lakota schools do not stand for goodness, for children, or education.  The school stands for lies, more lies, manipulation, deceit and a progressive utopia.  They are a vile government institution hell-bent on the progressive education of today’s youth, and the wealth redistribution of the rich given to the poor.  Three years ago I approached these election issues with a more contemporary approach, but since then, I have gotten to know the participants and this is my conclusion of their behavior—based on their actions.  They are no different philosophically than Obama, and are a detriment to themselves and everyone they come into contact with.  They are a corrosive force that has only their own selfish agenda at heart and they are truly up to no good.  Like Obama, they chose to lie to even themselves about what they stand for, and wish to believe that higher taxes, more centrally controlled education and the theft of community wealth are good. To maintain the illusion to themselves and the voters, they steal the No Lakota Levy signs.  They do not care that thousands of dollars of theft have occurred under their encouragement, because they think they are on a moral crusade for the health of the children, which they have used for their own benefit of tax increases to fulfill the same progressive America that is behind Obamacare.

And the only way to stop them is with the bold vote of NO.  Be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 5th  because Lakota hopes that the “NO” voters will stay home this time, and that Lakota can rally just enough radicals to vote YES on their behalf.  By removing the No Lakota Levy signs, they can take away the fuel propelling the NO vote to the polls on Election Day. But more than that, they hope to remove the question from the public as to why they are in need of money to begin with, and for that, they don’t even want to know the answer—so they remove the reference hoping that nobody will ask.

So far, the media has played along just like they did with Obamacare.

To see the latest lie from Lakota, CLICK HERE.  Unless Lakota can produce a student they have caught planting this note, I believe that a radical Lakota employee planted the letter in order to gain support for the levy.  More on this tomorrow?  Handwriting analysis by the sheriff’s department should provide a quick lead.  If not, then the answer is not desired.  I will give Lakota 24 hours to come up with a name of the perpetrator, otherwise, I will paint the picture of the situation based on the observable conditions.  Knowing how low many of the characters supporting the school levy will stoop, this wouldn’t be the first lie they’ve attempted, only the latest!

Rich Hoffman


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