Meet Lakota Jim: Why school levy supporters are “stupid”

It is important to understand the kind of person who voted in favor of the school levy at Lakota, and many other places during the latest election.  Once the results were in at Lakota, I received a parade of arrogant emails by statist pro tax supporters, and one of them I found particularly fascinating.  Below I included a couple of days of comments that Jim from Lakota left me so to examine the mentality of the typical levy supporter.  I have displayed only Jim’s comments as they were given to me omitting my responses so not to confuse his dialogue and the psychosis behind it.   Jim below was so happy that he had gained the legal ability to steal my money.  He resorted to name calling and rhetorical statements which centered on the standard labor union positions of—greed, statism, and “majority” democratic rule.  It is not by accident that Jim said virtually everything that Superintendent Mantia said after the election because they are all functioning progressives—which is a direct allusion to classic communism.  The fascinating aspect of Jim at the end of his comments is that he actually calls himself “pretty conservative.”  He is the kind of person that is destroying our modern world, and he actually feels entitled to be as parasitic as the government will allow him.  He supports aspects of American life that would have been despised 60 to 70 years ago, yet he is now representative of a “majority,” and he is proud of it.

His first comments begin of course after the election results were confirmed.  He couldn’t wait to inform me he had gained through democracy the ability to steal my money, then when pressed on that statement, he resorted to the “greater good” mentality by framing me as “greedy.”  The conversation only became more revealing from there.  Read for yourself.

Submitted on 2013/11/06 at 3:24 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.Been waiting 5 years for this….ha ha hahaNovembra, LOLFinally, the majority has come to their senses and no longer want to see their community suffer because of no good politicians that haven’t solved this problem.Call you local congressman. Get him on this , try putting energy into making real changes that don’t hurt our children.Later, you have no issue to get attention anymore. We know you won’t he contacting our local rep to actually do something.


Submitted on 2013/11/06 at 12:09 pm | In reply to overmanwarrior.Yeah, greed, your last statement proves it. As long as you want something from ME.Yep , you are greedy and could Cate less about the children of Lakota.Have “fun” paying those taxes. LOL


Submitted on 2013/11/06 at 9:31 pm | In reply to overmanwarrior.Does the divorce mean you are leaving? Good riddance…LOL


Submitted on 2013/11/06 at 9:32 pm | In reply to Dan.Yeah, excellent with distinction for so many years just isn’t good enough…LOL, waaaahhh


Submitted on 2013/11/06 at 9:36 pm | In reply to overmanwarrior.Oh and by the way, you love the roads that the group hug democracy created. You like the military that the group hug created. How about the freedoms your group hug democracy has created and protects. Funny, you hate the excellent with distinction school district that helps your property values. Someone is greedy and miserable…


Submitted on 2013/11/07 at 12:53 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.Well since you’d rather fly than drive and don’t need the military. You probably don’t need the group hug created by the police and fire. So, please call them both. Tell the fore department that if your house catches fire, you got it covered with your garden hose.
And if someone commits a crime against you, you’ll do the detective work.
No need to use those group hug union thugs.
Go for it Mr. I don’t need govt. Give them a call. Let us know when you’ve done it.
Divorce the police and fire. They can leave you if you get in a wreck too.Nice thinker..Hmmmmm.LOL


Submitted on 2013/11/07 at 1:08 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.And further more. I don’t want to pay for your protection the police provide. I want a divorce from them. they should not patrol your Neighborhood. Why should I pay for the gas and their salary? If the fire dept pulls you out a bad wreck with the jaws of life. Heck, I shouldnt pay for that! Why?Same logic you are using against the schools. And yes, valuable educated people that benefit society are providedby the lLakota schools. So , you are benefitting from their products. Now , if you live in Cincinnati, I would sympathize somewhat.


Submitted on 2013/11/07 at 2:03 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.Ok, make sure you contact them to make them aware. Also, put a note in your car to make sure they don’t transport you no matter what condition you are in.
And while your at it, don’t use any roads crested by the govt, nor buy products created by people that went to public schools, products of the government.
And, get off the internet, that was created by a govt funded university.
Oh, and any medical advancements found by govt dollars, don’t use those.
Just go live somewhere put in the woods you rebel, eating totally off the land.
Yeah, the government really sucks.
Funny, you use George Lang as a promotion for your book about corrupt politicians. LOL, irony


Submitted on 2013/11/07 at 2:48 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.Oh and to further make you look Luke the liar and delusional fool you ate.Prefer to fly huh?He and his wife enjoy marathon motorcycle trips and is most recently proud of a trip to Key West where they covered over 3000 miles in less than 7 daysGet off the PUBLIC WORKER created roads Rich.Divorce the all public services.I’m tired of paying for your road use for your marathon motorcycle trips causing wear and tear on roads.LOL, stick a fork in you rich. Youll never publish this comment, you are done!


Submitted on 2013/11/07 at 11:47 am | In reply to overmanwarrior.Excuse it away. You want the govt services that only YOU see as a benefit to YOU.
Does govt get way too involved, hell yeah. I’m pretty conservative. I don’t vote either party because they are both morons.
You don’t see how educating children benefits our society. You bash teacher unions. Why? Because they make 60,000 average?? Seriously?Don’t tell me you are one of those tea party hypocrits. You’ll bash unions but go and watch major league baseball or football which have union “thugs” too.
Guess some athlete making millions playing a game is more important than some “bitchy” teacher. Again, this thinking is selfish and about YOU., your enjoyment.Stick a fork is an expression. Not a threat, not sure how in the world you’ve never heard that before.

Jim obviously chose to ignore all the facts that were presented to him as a voter and favored instead the progressive ideology of public education, that they are the care takers of children, and that endless supplies of money should be thrown in that direction in order to support his beliefs.

Many facts contrary to what Jim cited as reasons to vote for a school levy were provided yet he ignored them all.  He chose ignorance so that he could believe what the so-called majority believed, which is an opinion shaped by years of labor union practices.  Those labor unions were brought to America under a communist plot—the evidence is indisputable.  Yet Jim believes that it is perfectly alright to steal my money because he along with others wish to take it.  I do not pay higher taxes to Lakota by choice. I didn’t move to the district knowing the tax rate—they have been changed by outsiders through elections migrating to the district from progressive parts of the country over many years.  Yet Jim feels entitled to insist that I move out of the community because he wants higher taxes, yet I was here first.  I have been a stable force at Lakota; it is people like Jim who have been the variable.  When I protested that theft, he then called me greedy—which is the standard progressive argument for everything.  Jim is not part of a progressive conspiracy—but he has been instructed to become part of one through his education, his associates, and his politics.

The case has been made clearly; the most dangerous predator against young people is the public school system where pedophile teachers have a smorgasbord of innocent young minds to feed off of, and all too often they do.  One of the most dangerous and destructive things a parent could do to a child is send them to a public school.  Yet the government school of Lakota sold itself as a safe haven for children—and that more money would only guarantee more safe learning for kids.

What many don’t question is that it is not the corrosive teachers who are most dangerous; it is the things that the poor little kids learn while in public school.  The bright minds of children with infinite possibilities before them moments before they attend their first day of kindergarten are destroyed bit by bit with each day that they attend public school.  Why, because of Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Children naturally want to be at the front of the “train.”  Public education teaches them to place their minds, and imaginations into the back and this ruins them for life.  What people like Jim, Joan Powell and Mantia think are good, are only good for their political beliefs.  What’s good for a human being is totally different.  Public schools destroy minds, they don’t enhance them.

Think of all the people you know dear reader—how many of them are really alive—I mean REALLY alive?  Yet they all started as bright-eyed young children.  What happened to them?  Public education…………the kind of public education that Jim supports.  It only leads a mind to the kind of thinking shown above, a mixed up contraption of conservative politics, communism, labor union thuggery, statism, followed by tabloid entertainment driven by small mindedness.  The people who succeeded most at public education are not happy adults.  Look around and name one successful, happy example.  Name one!  Name one greatly successful person who got that way because of public education.  Nobody can do it……….because they don’t exist.  Yet Jim swears by it and feels entitled to write me to rub my nose in his victory.

Levy supporters are horrible people.  They support a structure of learning that is destroying our world and they are proud of the path to hell they are paving.  They are even pompous about it.  Jim and his people are happy to have been given by government the ability to steal my money for a product I don’t support, which actually perpetuates violence and the destruction of children’s minds.  Normally I would be very angry with Jim for his arrogance, but the next day after the election I was watching my grandson learn to climb the steps of our house and was amazed to watch all the little neurons in his brain kicking on.  Everything is an adventure to a child, and I reflected how much I wish that human beings maintained their childlike curiosity well into their adulthoods.  That they don’t can only be blamed on public education which seeks to put weights on the wings of learning.  The moment a child enters those vile institutions, their learning ability becomes stifled.  It won’t happen to my grandson, he will have no choice but to reach for greatness and see adventure with every breath of his life.  But for people like Jim, he is the total of more than 20 years of mental destruction and I suddenly felt sorry for the poor fool.  My thoughts of painting the sides of buildings with blood went away when I thought of how sad and pathetic Jim sounded in his comments to me, and could see clearly the source of his thinking.  It would be terrible to be trapped inside the mind of a person like Jim—the typical school levy supporter who has lost the ability to think, process data, and learn.  It wasn’t that Jim didn’t read the information No Lakota Levy provided, he just couldn’t because his mind had been turned off by public education. The information against the levy was placed before their very eyes and they were not only unable to read it, but not willing.  Their minds were so sluggish that they simply allowed other people to think for them.  People like Jim just repeat like a parrot what modern politicians say, what the unions write down as bullet points, and whatever Hannah Montana from The Pulse happens to write in the newspaper.  They are non-thinking slugs inept by their own faulty minds and I feel bad for them the way I’d feel bad for the victims of a terrible car crash, or the trapped occupants of a burning building unable to see for themselves how to escape.  Jim is doomed to a terrible life because his mind is broken, and his thoughts fragmented concoctions.  Like chirping birds hungry for a new worm from their mother government Jim and his clan of levy supporters screamed for a new tax.  They didn’t care where the money came from—that it was stolen from someone else.  They only care that it goes into their mouths to fill their bellies.  They didn’t care because their mind as adult’s no longer think—and that in itself is a terrible tragedy.

My anger at public education can be traced back to this solitary trait, that I see it not enhancing the lives of children, but destroying them.  It saddens me to speak to an illiterate adult that has actually devolved from the average 4-year-old mentally.  Due to this observation it is impossible to endorse public education unless you are a brain-dead sloth—which it appears Jim is.  That is the only conclusion that could be made after reading Jim’s comments and studying critically the meaning behind his thoughts.  School levy supporters are not just bad people who are metaphorically stupid—they are literally stupid, victims of minds that have been destroyed by public education.  And they are too stupid to even know better the way an insect doesn’t understand that it’s caught in a spider’s web, or caught in the current of a swimming pool to be consumed within the filtration system forgotten forever to the world.  Minds like Jim’s are no different, they have degenerated year by year from age five to arrive an illiterate mess to adulthood with Frankenstein ideals, none of them self-motivated.  It is just tragic.  I do forget sometimes that not everyone is awake, that many people like Jim are happy being blissfully ignorant and led about by the stupid, corrupt, and tyrannical because their minds have long left them.  It is to the stupid that public schools like Lakota appeal to, and they know how they think, because they taught them.  School levy supporters like Jim are simply trapped by government into believing anything they are told, because they are witless to question their reality—and that is even more tragic than a new tax of stolen money from the unwilling.  At least people who are robbed of their money by people like Jim still have minds to become outraged and see it as an imposition.  It is the biggest difference between the levy supporter and the non levy supporter; one still thinks for themselves, the other allows institutions to do that thinking for them.  Instead of wanting to pummel people like Jim for their aggression against me and obvious attempt to rub in a victory from his type of voting slug, I can only watch Jim trapped in a system of his own ignorance as he lives his life consumed like a bug in a spider’s web by the mental acuity which placed him there in the first place.  For a fleeting second I feel sorry for him because it must be terrible to be so damn stupid.

Rich Hoffman