The Socialist Kshama Sawant: Who is she, where did she come from and why unions are bad

Most of the socialists and hard-core communists functioning in America today do not call themselves by those names.  They call themselves, Democrats, progressives, or even anarchists.  They do not declare what they are—and in many cases they do not know where their thoughts came from.  If someone believes that corporations must “share” their profits, and that capitalism is bad, which is the theme in virtually every public school in America—those beliefs come from socialism—a European concept imported to America like a bad beer covered in rat piss.

Most school boards, most city councils, all labor unions, most politicians at the state and federal level have accepted elements of socialism into their thought processes.  But occasionally one gets elected into office on a platform without the mask of the Democratic Party—who runs as a socialist and wins.  This is the case of Seattle’s newly elected Socialist councilwoman Kshama Sawant who recently accused aerospace and defense giant Boeing on Monday of “economic terrorism” and told Boeing machinists “The workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine.”  Sawant’s comments were made at a rally organized by machinists after they rejected a deal that would reduce pensions for union members in return for guaranteed jobs in Everett, Wash., building 777X Boeing airliners for eight years.

Now Boeing is considering taking those jobs elsewhere.

“That will be nothing short of economic terrorism because it’s going to devastate the state’s economy,” Sawant told the crowd.

Really!  Let me come back to this in a minute, but first let’s learn who Kshama Sawant is, because she has higher ambitions.

Kshama Sawant is a Seattle City Council member-elect.[2] A former software engineer from India, Sawant became a socialist activist and part-time economics professor in Seattle after emigrating to the United States. She held part-time teaching positions at Seattle Central Community College and Seattle University[3] and was a visiting assistant professor at Washington and Lee University.[4]Sawant ran unsuccessfully for the Washington State House of Representatives before winning a seat on the Seattle City Council, making her the first socialist to win a city-wide election in Seattle since the radical progressive Anna Louise Strong was elected to the School Board in 1916.(There’s a surprise, a radical progressive socialist on a school board)[2][5][6]

Sawant was born to Vasundhara and H. T. Ramanujam in Pune, India in a middle class family of the Brahmin caste.[5][7][8] Sawant’s mother is a retired principal and her father, a civil engineer, was killed by a drunk driver when she was 13.[9] Sawant’s observations of poverty in her native country and her unhappiness with the Indian caste system helped shape her political views before her adoption of socialism.[8][10] Sawant grew up in Mumbai where she later studied computer science and graduated with a B.Sc from the University of Mumbai in 1994. Sawant married her husband Vivek, an engineer at Microsoft, and moved to the United States.[11] After moving to the United States Sawant decided to abandon the computer engineering field. She began to pursue study in economics due to what she described as her own “questions of economic inequality.”[12] She entered the economics program at North Carolina State University where she earned a PhD. Her dissertation was titled Elderly Labor Supply in a Rural, Less Developed Economy.[5][13] Sawant moved to Seattle in 2006 and, after hearing a speech by a Socialist Alternative organizer, became a socialist. She became a United States citizen in 2010.[14] Sawant and her husband Vivek are separated.[7]

After losing her run for the House Sawant entered the race for Seattle City Council with a campaign organized by Socialist Alternative.[12] She won 35% of the vote in the August primary election, and advanced into the general election for the at-large council position 2[21] against incumbent Richard Conlin, making her the first socialist to advance to a general election in Seattle since 1991.[22] Conlin’s fundraising was double that of Sawant’s,[23] and on election night Sawant was down by 6,193 votes[2] but refused to concede.[24] Late ballots consistently favored Sawant[25] and on Novemeber 15, 2013, Conlin conceded to Sawant after late returns showed him down by 1,640 votes or approximately 1% of the vote.[2][26]

The last socialist on the city council was A. W. Piper, who served 1877-1879,[27][28] notwithstanding Representative Hugh De Lacy, a Democrat whom historian Harvey Klehr said was secretly a communist when elected to the city council in 1937.[29]

After her victory Sawant cautioned supporters that, going forward, her opponents would attempt to marginalize her and create both confusion and division among her supporters.[30]

America doesn’t have a caste system like Sawant experienced in India, yet she came to the States and studied under our universities by socialist professors and found herself pulled into socialist circles in Seattle.  She became a citizen so she can run for office and the guy who brought her to America is no longer in the picture and now she’s a loose cannon from some far away land that functioned under socialism, communism, and various forms of collectivism.  Now she is bringing that mentality to American business.  And here is why Sawant  is out of her mind crazy—because Boeing like all the large American aerospace manufacturers have discovered that they have to move their operations to right-to-work states in order to stay relevant—economically viable.  The competition against America is places like Asia where the ideal of personal sacrifice is expected, so long hours, torturous work, and round the clock service is the norm, not the exception.  Boeing cannot hold its own if a labor union can shut down its doors every couple of years with the threat of a strike, or wages that are too high.  Or work hours too short where Boeing must pay $30 to $50 dollars an hour for work performed over 40 hours per week, or even over 8 hours per day.  The Asian markets are not held to those standards and will out-perform American aviation if left under the leadership of the socialist labor unions and council women like Sawant.

Socialists like Kshama Sawant do not understand a basic premise of economics even though she holds a PhD.  Her socialist professors during their studies of Marx, Lenin, and the European Union neglected the basic concept of American gumption—the thrill of achieving a task if profit is on the horizon.  When she stated to the machinists that they should take over the factory because they owned the machines, the plant, and the work force, and the management does nothing to make the whole enterprise tick, she is displaying her vast ignorance of capitalism, and manufacturing in America—and advocating outright theft of capital investment.

What the management does at Boeing is secure the contracts for the workers.  They attend the trade shows which sell the airplanes; they engineer the planes, and the set up the supply chain which delivers all the parts for assembly.  Boeing invests in the capital equipment and takes all the risks in anticipation of a profit.  If there is no profit, there is no reason to fly all over the world making deals to sell airplanes, there is no reason to struggle with FFA regulations, or the threat of law suits if something goes wrong with one of their products.  Without profit, there is no reason to perform any level of activity that promotes the growth of the company.  Without the management, the machinists would show up at Boeing every day to work and would stand at their machines waiting for someone to drop off a part for them to process.  But nothing would come and the machinists would all stand around waiting for something to happen.  After a short time, the business would die, and the plant would be shut down because nobody sold anything, nobody designed anything, and nobody would deliver anything because all those things are done by management.  Kshama Sawant believes that the body of Boeing can exist without the head of management to direct it—and it never works.  Never.  Workers never become the head in labor unions.  Their socialist culture prevents it—so nobody ever picks up the baton and does the work of management on behalf of a labor union. So they always fail without management to guide them.  The only unions that succeed under this arrangement are public sector unions who steal tax money to exist given to them by politicians too weak to question the socialism involved.

Boeing has a right and obligation to protect its shareholders and move its business if shown that they can no longer be productive, and having a lecherous workforce of union staff that won’t negotiate on reduced pensions to become more economically viable is a good indication that it’s time to move away from communities like Settle where the people elected a socialist like Sawant to offices of power.  Such an election is reckless and shows that the left leaning liberals of Washington State haven’t a clue as to where their economic power comes from.  Their ignorance is hurting Boeing as a company of great American significance with imposing anti-capitalist mechanisms that destroy production.

I have yet to see a unionized work force that produces effectively without management.  If left to the workers, part rate drops per hour of production, quality drops dramatically, delivery times are nonexistent, attendance is horrendous, and nothing works.  If the workers of Boeing in Washington took over the machining facilities and the management of Boeing moved to South Carolina or even Texas where right-to-work exists, Boeing could buy new plants, new machines, and pay for new employees.  But the employees in the current machining facility would have their machines but a building empty of product because nobody in management would bring it to their door.

It is astonishing that someone like Kshama Sawant could have a PHD from an American college and be a socialist—believing the things she does.  What she believes creates poverty similar to where she came from in India where the union stewards become the caste system she ran from, and politicians become the kings.  She simply brought India to America and the end result is destroyed jobs, economic misery, and the migration of America into a third world country.  Nobody should leave an American school or a college with the idiotic notion that socialism is anything but destructive, and a failed philosophy that has no place in any company in The United States, especially the aviation industry.

Kshama Sawant is not alone—there are millions just like her, just savvier at hiding their real beliefs from the public.  Anyone who believes that it is greed that drives business, or uses terminology like—the “people should unite” are socialists and they need to be dealt with accordingly.  There are no labor unions in America who do not support that basic premise—and that includes police, fire, and teacher unions.  They are all founded on concepts of socialism which is blatantly exhibited by Kshama Sawant—ignorance into the way the world really works with an assumption that profit is evil.  It is the unionized workers that are all about economic terrorism with strikes, wage demands, and stifled productivity.  The radicals are the advocates of socialism who pretend to be capitalists.  At least Kshama Sawant says what she is.  Most of them don’t.

Rich Hoffman