Operation Underground Railroad: A hope for tomorrow that too many children need

My stance about public education over time has changed from primary concerns about finance, taxes, and teacher unions to the safety and preservation of young minds.Young people are the future of our country and the mind that drives young people is vastly more important than any other economic or social element.  So great care needs to be applied to promoting the most aggressive growth of their world outlook—and in public education when a trusted teacher or administrator uses children as a sexual outlet—not only is the act despicable, but it stunts the wonderful growth that might otherwise occur in a young person.  This kind of thing happens too often in public education because teacher unions prevent proper accountability giving refuge to the vile and evil among our human populations.  Even worse than the high cost of education, teacher unions are allowing too many sexual deviants to be employed in close proximity to children.

Sex trafficking of children is something I feel very passionate about.  I have talked about it here many times, and I find it to be the most horrendous human endeavor currently occurring.  People who seem rational, sane, and logically good are buying plane tickets to Southeast Asia too often to engage in sex with under aged children.  Too many grown adults deep into the corruption of their depleted ages seek out to psychologically destroy the innocence of youth as though they unconsciously are aware that they are out to eradicate optimism in the world because they can no longer touch it.  Like parasites they seek to steal it sexually through children—and it is one of the vilest practices currently happening anywhere.

Glenn Beck told his audience Wednesday November 13th, 2013 that they helped raise $300,000 in a single day to combat child sex trafficking after a broadcast and promotion of the new group Operation Underground Railroad, which I deeply support.  Thanks to the efforts of The Blaze readers, two Operation Underground Railroad jump teams have already been deployed to rescue more victims.  Operation Underground Railroad is a group of freedom fighters intent to end the worst aspect of modern slavery, funneled through the sex trade industry.  Some of the primary members have been working undercover for the American government for many years, but are sick and tired of just going after the effect of sex trafficking, the poor kids stolen all over the world to be used as sex slaves to punks, drug dealers, scum bags, and dick-heads.  However, those efforts have not been enough.  So Operation Underground Railroad members have decided to treat the cause, not the symptom and go after the losers who support human trafficking directly with assaults going straight to the door of evil.

Needless to say, I am a fan.  If they want any help busting those scum bags they can give me a call anytime.  It would be MY PLEASURE.  But these guys at Operation Underground Railroad are professionals fully capable of taking care of these perpetrators on their own.  What they need most is MONEY.  It costs a lot to send up a plane and go on a mission to a far away land to rescue children from the evil that seeks to consume them.  Endeavors like what Operation Underground Railroad are embarking on often take six figures to launch at a minimum not because the guys are getting rich off the effort, but because air plane operation and residence in a foreign country is extremely expensive.  So money is needed to launch missions to the doors of evil and rescue the children enslaved under the architects of evil.  The slave holders of the sex trade also need to be punished.  They do not respect the court systems of the world and believe that their money can always purchase lawyers who will keep them out of trouble.  This has allowed abuse in a similar way as the teacher unions have in public schools to advance the sex trade industry at an explosive rate.


No child anywhere should ever have to worry about becoming a sex trade slave.  No child should ever have their innocence robbed from them to fulfill the fantasy of some bloated adult corrupted by their mismanaged lives.  No child should ever grow up in fear of anything—because that is a direct failure of the adults who care for them.  It is preposterous—and unforgivable! No child should be bullied, should have their mind stagnated, or worry that some stranger might sweep them up and whisk them away to have their lives ruined to satisfy the sexual hunger of a social parasite.

So please do support Operation Underground Railroad.  Modern slavery is happening right under our noses.  It might even be your next door neighbor.  It might even be you dear reader.  If you participate in pornography chances are, you are supporting the sex trade industry.  If you hooked up with a chick in Vegas who was a nude dancer, chances are she was a used up victim of the sex trade prior to turning 18.  If you went to one of the Nevada whore houses, you are supporting indirectly the sex trade industry which dangles not too far behind the antics of legalized prostitution.  But worse than that, if you went out of the country for the purpose of having sex with a child, you are scum.  You are a vile human being that deserves punishment far beyond any court system of bureaucratic pin heads.  It’s not because you paid money to have the exchange, but because your money went to a slave holder against a child’s will that will impact them for life.  For those types of people, Operation Underground Railroad is targeting and I applaud the effort not just with a standing ovation, but atop the tallest ladder I can find and as high as my hands can reach!  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LEARN MORE.


The sex trade industry is driven by a demand piloted by evil.  There is nothing redeeming about sex with innocent children……….nothing.  There is no forgiveness of stealing away innocence from a life that has not yet had the privilege of making decisions about their life.  Unlike the adults who seek out sex with children, a trafficked child does not have a choice.  They can either be killed or allow the imposition upon them—because once they have been taken from the safety of their family environment—they are vulnerable and the crime is against the future potential of that child.  It is wonderful to learn that there are people in Operation Underground Railroad who feel as deeply about this topic as I do.  It is even better to see them seeking out to punish this vile evil where they live—in the darkness of the earths furthers corners.

As for the teachers of public school, if you confiscate cell phones with the hope of seeing topless pictures of your students, or you are texting sexual innuendo to young people fulfilling a deep dark fantasy that you think is carefully hidden, you are flirting with the crimes of the sex trade industry that Operation Underground Railroad is directly fighting—and are part of the problem.  By giving money to Operation Underground Railroad the support structure to defeat such evil is put in place by good honest people who still recognize evil for what it is, and have the back-bone to confront it directly.  There are few organizations that are worth such support these days, and I feel privileged to know that Operation Underground Railroad is out there doing what I wish I could do—beat the sex trade industry at its doorstep, and give a few more children hope for a tomorrow that they wouldn’t otherwise have.


Rich Hoffman