Mark Welch Wins In West Chester: A bright spot in the November 2013 elections

Elections for me are often not happy moments.  My opinions are in the silent majority, and that silent majority doesn’t always stand up for themselves and vote.  After the Issue 2 defeat a few years ago, it was sad to see the labor unions get their way once again.  After Obama was elected last year to a second term, it was sad to see that bad guys win—and Obama is a BAD guy.  He’s bad not because of the color of his skin, or the fact that he’s a communist by definition, but because of the conduct of his life and the imposition he creates against individual lives.  Then there is this last election with Lakota.  It’s close, too close, and will go to a recount, but for me just having a close vote is not enough.  No Voters took if for granted that everyone else would vote on their behalf—and that is a major let down.  Most of the time I am terribly disappointed after elections because it shows how little thought human beings care to put into the operation of their lives.  They are quick to let other people—often corrupt—rule them through law, and taxes, and it disgusts me.

But every now and then something good does happen, and in this 2013 election Mark Welch knocked out Cathy Stoker as West Chester Township Trustee.  Mark was my guy.  I liked Matt too—quite a bit, but my money was on Mark.  I suppose it’s no longer a secret that I think a lot of George Lang—in fact, I’ll go so far to say that he’s a friend of mine.  And it delights me greatly to see that George now has a pro-business trustee working with him as a West Chester Trustee.  With those two now having two votes to one against Wong—who I think is a socialist—literally—the gridlock against West Chester business imposed largely by the democratic leanings of Stoker is over.  Thank God!

I don’t live in West Chester, I live in Liberty Twp, and cared much less about that race than the one in West Chester primarily because the politics in Liberty is still too entrenched in traditional Republican politics—which I like more than a damn Democrat, but even they are too far to the political left for me.  Christine Matacic lives in the house my grandmother grew up in when England gave my ancestors a land grant to settle the “wild west” ahead of the French who were fighting for Indian loyalty during the French and Indian War.  At least Matacic is a pro business politician even though I don’t like all the deals and government intrusion she tends to support through zoning tyranny.  There’s too much Agenda 21 in Liberty Twp and the trustees there have drunk the Kool-Aid, so I turned my attention toward West Chester.  It has been my plan for a number of years to help Lang gain a majority so that he can force Liberty to stay on the up and up with straight-up competition.  I know where Lang stands on things, and the best way to keep Liberty Township honest is to force them to compete with West Chester.  The politics in Liberty are too controlled by the Republican Party, so stalemates are the norm when it comes to reform.  But the language everyone speaks is money, and who will get what from whom.  For that, business should drive development, not government through zoning regulations.

Now that West Chester has the ability to drop the stupid bike paths and sidewalks and other Agenda 21 United Nations issues, businesses will want to deal with Lang and Welch forcing Matacic and the gang in Liberty to match their efforts, or lose out on opportunities.  So with the election of Welch I see that Liberty will benefit more than if the trustees had changed seats in my home district.  And that makes me happy.

Liberty Township is different from West Chester—it is still a community about vast open land and green space—aside from the latte sipping prostitutes who support school levies moving in with new money from transfer jobs originally stationed in New England.  Those types of people do not represent what Liberty Township is—which as I stated, I have a long vested interest in protecting.  But Liberty does have the Carriage Hill deal which is being built by the guys I used to play with as kids running motorcycles and shooting guns in their back yard off Princeton Rd.  I don’t like the loss of green space and potential ugliness of apartment buildings coming with their Carriage Hill project, but I am rooting for them to have success by bringing in high quality Indian Hill style homes to Liberty Township.  I’ve made parallels between Liberty Township and Indian Hill for years, and the Carriage Hill development moves everything in that direction.  I am also excited about the Liberty Center project.  That will be magnificent, and will give Liberty Township a unique opportunity to be something truly special, if it can manage to maintain its original character.  It will be a tough balancing act.

However, down in West Chester, there are huge opportunities for business development that will directly feed the viability of Liberty Center.  The Streets of West Chester has a potential under Welch and Lang to explode, especially with the announcement of Bass Pro Shops moving into a free-standing store near that location.  That is tremendously exciting.  My wife and I love to dine at Mitchells, and buy books at that particular Barnes and Noble, and more business in the area helps that book store stay viable, which is very important to me.  When I go out into town there is typically only one destination that I routinely visit, and that is book stores.

All this development is going to explode the amount of revenue Lakota schools will obtain in the next four years.  The dumb asses who run the district were so short-sighted that they only could see the money they wanted to throw at the teacher’s union in 2014 so they pushed their tax agenda through in spite of the wonderful opportunities that are coming, which takes money right out of the pockets of local residents to help support those businesses, and that is just flat-out stupid!  History can thank Joan Powell who wanted to pass one more levy before she left office, and Superintendent Mantia who was in the pocket of Cathy Stoker—the exiting West Chester Trustee.  They all think alike, which is why they couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and these are the idiots we trust to educate the next generation?  There will be HUGE surpluses at Lakota in 2015 which the union will see and will seek to grab every last penny, and there will be a levy request again in 2017 because nobody is managing the money—even though there will be a lot of it.

More than anything I was happy to see Cathy Stoker leave office because of the Enquire article she did against me in 2012.  I have held it against her since then and I always will.  Once I get a grudge against someone it lasts forever.  I expected Lee Wong to be voted out and Cathy to keep her seat but it worked out the opposite way which is better.  I hoped that both would be rejected, but Lang only needed one trustee to work with him.  The fact that it was Cathy made a bad night a bit better.  As angry as I am over Lakota and their stupid tax increase, Lang and Welch will show Lakota, Liberty Township and Cincinnati in general what happens when two very pro capitalist trustees control the purse strings of a community—and ultimately it will force those entities to move more toward capitalism and away from European socialism.  The people of West Chester will benefit immensely by the paring—and everyone forced to compete with them will also benefit indirectly—which will make the world a better place for a lot of people.  So one thing did work out on Election Night, Mark Welch gained a trustee seat.

Now, as my friend, George Lang is referred by many of his political enemies as being corrupt—a stooge for big business, consider the source before believing a word of it.  Those same political enemies call me a sexist because I have referred to levy supporters as prostitutes with asses the size of car tires.  The name calling comes from people who are by every definition of political theory communists—people who hate business and support wealth redistribution through higher taxation.  Whenever it is said that George Lang is corrupt examine the political beliefs of the accuser and you will find they support communism, socialism, progressivism, or overall statism.  Those same people have no idea how two pennies add up to make two cents.  They are functionally illiterate when it comes to economic theory, like the idiots who have run Lakota, and they should be discarded with the kind of garbage that is thrown away after a fast food meal—because their opinions are worth about as much.  I’ve known Lang for quite a while, and through some very perilous times, and he is far from corrupt.  He does love business, and money—which is something everyone who supports capitalism should support.  And now he has a buddy sitting with him as a trustee and good things will follow for everyone—except the socialists.

Lee Wong will enjoy finding himself out-voted and ganged up on the way he and Cathy did to George for a number of years.  It should give him more time to visit his favorite haunts in Hamilton, because due to the election of 2013, his relevancy is finally out-voted for the good of West Chester.  That alone made Election Night 2013 a wonderful evening.

Rich Hoffman