The Pornography of Joan Powell and Micheal Clark: An unholy alliance of media and government

Another lap dog of the Lakota school system during the election of 2013 was Michael Clark of the Cincinnati Enquirer whose interview with Joan Powell prior to the levy vote was so close to pornographic that it should have been rated XXX.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.  Those two should have at least gotten a room and not done their dirty deeds under the roof of a tax payer building.  By definition, pornography in this case is:  the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction.  We already knew what kind of guy Clark was.  His wife is employed by public schools, so all his articles have a pro-government school slant.  He did give No Lakota Levy a little coverage, just to keep the story line compelling, but nothing that would cause any danger.  No Lakota Levy spent thousands of dollars on Enquirer ads, and Clark did seek out opposing opinions like the one below where he did confirm what I had said on election night, that many NO Voters did not show up at the election—because they took it for granted.  Here is a quote from Clark’s recent article on the matter:

Bob Hutsenpiller, a local business exec and a leader of the No Lakota tax campaign, also cited the sparse ballot:


“That was part of Lakota’s strategy, with not a lot of things for (voters) to vote on. Sorry to say, but I have heard it from many seniors already who say ‘I should have gotten more involved.’”


Ron Lumpkins, a longtime resident of Liberty Township whose children graduated from Lakota decades ago, said the few local issues and races weren’t compelling enough to get him to vote. “When you get older and your kids have graduated years ago, you aren’t that involved with the schools,” he said.

Anti-tax sentiments were also active among some school parents.


“We’re already taxed to death so I wasn’t for it,” said Robby Smith of West Chester Township, who said he did not cast a ballot Tuesday.

Those guys were not alone, it appears that there were many anti-tax people who simply thought that the No Lakota Guys had this election in the bag, and they did not show up to vote.  They took the effort against the levy for granted, and as Hutsenpiller said, it was part of the Lakota strategy……….or as Joan Powell uttered………“It is a sum of all the efforts from this campaign and all the work done on previous attempts that set the stage.  The community campaign volunteers did a great job of contacting individual voters through phone calls and person-to-person canvassing. That personal contact was essential.”  Part of that “setting the stage” was to force No Lakota Levy to prove they weren’t a bunch of “meanies” putting them on the defensive with insane accusations and boycott threats.  This kept No Lakota Levy from tapping into the “anger vote” which played into the Pro Levy Lakota strategy, and kept turnout low from the anti-tax faction.  Lakota also sought to win over all members of the media………..particularly 700 WLW which No Lakota Levy had a forum in the previous three elections.  Through Willies in West Chester and Sheriff Jones, Lakota attacked that format not so they could communicate why Lakota schools needed a tax increase, but to keep No Lakota Levy from having a platform to tell the truth.  Lakota sought to keep the truth away from people.  They certainly sought to control the information which reporters like Clark willingly obliged.

After the election the pro tax people were beating on their chests proclaiming that the “majority had spoken.”  I covered this in another article.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  If Lakota really wanted to know what the majority thought, they’d support another vote giving people like Robby Smith, and Ron Lumpkins another shot to defend themselves from Lakota.  Statistically, the election was that close and if anybody really cared, all the votes would be heavily scrutinized which would close the gap even further.  The election is a statistical tie as it stands today, and another election would be justified if the “will of the majority” were really desired……….but its not.  Lakota doesn’t care what the majority wants, they simply want a higher tax, and they will do anything and destroy anybody to get it.  That’s all they stand for and ultimately what they are teaching children at Lakota.

It is hilarious that so many of these reporters believe they are fighting a moral crusade to pass a higher tax just because people like Joan Powell—who is a realtor, wants to use Lakota schools to sell easy homes to a bunch of panicky 30 something parents with school age children.   The levy for people like her is to make money for her profession, and most of the staunchest levy supporters have their hands in real estate from the residential side—because it helps fill their pockets with money.  The crimes against children are obvious yet people like Clark continue to support public education because ultimately he benefits from it.  That’s OK; time will confirm all these accusations.  The writing is on the wall, and history will prove what I’m saying to be right.  Many people like Robby Smith and Ron Lumkin are not quite yet ready to admit to themselves what a corrosive force public education is in our communities so they don’t feel passionate enough about it to vote during off-season elections.  They regret it now, but in the future they will act on their impulse much sooner, because it didn’t take long for the Lakota thugs to show their true colors.  No Lakota Levy warned everyone, the media sought to suppress the message, but the information was on websites free to everyone.  And that information will be true tomorrow as it was yesterday, and we will be there for the next time………….because you better believe it…………..there will be a next time.

Meanwhile, now that the levy is over, maybe Lakota will consider raising more money for the future by selling the pornography between Joan Powell and Michael Clark.  Then again, after looking at the pictures of Joan during the levy party at BW3’s……….maybe not.

Rich Hoffman