The Obama Invasion: A 2014 car payment…………..without the car

I felt sorry for a number of Americans when President Obama attempted to apologize for the health care debacle over this last week.  I know many people who have already lost their insurance plans, and this is before the employer mandate.  Many more will be coming.  My wife and I lost ours, but it really doesn’t affect us—because we never use it.  We don’t go to the doctor.  Over the years, we have practiced self medicine including major repairs to lacerations.  I practically Super Glued my children together as they were growing up so to avoid the entanglements of the health care system which at the time was the best in the world. 
Ben Franklin lived into his 80s with no medical industry, and my grandparents lived into their 70s seldom ever going to the doctor, and this is the position my wife and I have taken.  We’d rather live free or die.  If a major illness hits us, we’ll take the later to preserve the former.  And we don’t live sheltered lives.  I ride a motorcycle every day of my life, and I ride it very fast.  I ride it even in the snow and ice.  She and I both live our lives dancing on broken glass knowing that it could break at any moment—and we’re OK with it.  We carried health insurance at a premium of a few hundred bucks a month just in case—and now with the Obamacare issue; it is no longer worth it.  I don’t like waiting in lines at the TSA controlled airports, I don’t like lines at the state controlled license bureau, so I’m sure not going to stand in line to have some state controlled doctor stick a thermometer in my ass.  It wasn’t going to happen before Obamacare, so it certainly isn’t going to happen now.

However, many people do go to the doctor which these days are basically sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry.  I find it rare to have a conversation with anybody in 2013 that isn’t on some sort of prescription medicine whether it be heart disease, cancer, or some sort of depression—and most of those are contrived by a doctor to simply bring cash flow into a pharmaceutical company that offers a drug for the ailment.  Once such drugs are introduced to the human body the cell structure just like welfare recipients in real life become dependent and start to rely on the pharmaceutical drug.  This is good for Walgreens and the Kroger Pharmacy, but it is bad for the bodies of the people taking the drugs.  Drugs are welfare for the body, and once they are addicted to the supplement, the immune system no longer functions the way it was designed to.  My position on medicine is the same as my social policies against welfare—hand outs, social safety nets, and third-party care make people weak, and the best way to overcome tragedy and illness is to fight through it as an individual.  However, many of my friends do have bodies that are addicted to these drugs, they have cancer, and other diseases that the pharmaceutical companies offer relief in the form of medicine, and they are now addicted to those companies and the doctors who prescribed them.  So Obamacare is a very real fear they have because incomes have not gone up, food prices are out of the roof, fuel costs have been too high, and health insurance has cost too much.   To me, $200 dollars a month is too high, however at the start of the New Year 2014 many of my friends with cancelled policies will pay $500 to $600 dollars for their needed health coverage which is in essence a car payment—except they won’t get the car.

If many of my friends could have bought a new car prior to 2014, they would have—but didn’t because they couldn’t afford the $300 dollars a month extra on top of all their other obligations.  So what makes President Obama believe that everyone will be able to pay $300 more a month on insurance?  Where is that money going to come from?  The answer is that he knows in the back of his mind that they don’t have it.  He is using the classic Cloward and Piven strategy of fiscal collapse in order to bring about massive social changes which is a strategy created at Columbia University where Obama supposedly went to college.   Obamacare is designed to crush the lives of the people who will have to pay $600 a month or more to get the same coverage they were getting at $300 a month.  The extra money is going to pay for the policy of those who didn’t have insurance to begin with—it is wealth redistribution to the maximum extreme.

My wife and I will pay the penalty of $90 and we will get nothing—absolutely nothing for that money.  Before Obamacare, I at least had some health coverage in case something really bad happened, but now I don’t.  And where will the $180 dollars in penalties that my wife and I are forced to pay go—to the insurance of some destitute scum bag, crack whore, or obese food addict that purposely lived their life poorly—made bad decisions which made them dependent on government.  I don’t want to help those people make their lives worse by helping them do it—yet through the government; I am being forced against my will to give money to those idiots for some ridiculous “greater good,” as defined by government.

Obamacare is a communist backdoor attempt.  History will view it the same way as the Russian Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd—only the cries for communism won’t come from the city streets of a working class looking for equality against the perceived bourgeoisie but from the government addicts who want Obama to steal from the smart, wise, and healthy to fix the broken, sick and stupid.  Nationalized health care is a progressive—(communist) dream and is designed to collapse the economy of America with the same ideology that was supposedly behind the World Trade Center bombing.  American health care was the best in the world and was driven by the finest economy on planet earth.  To attack it is to strike at the symbol of economic health that it once represented and to slowly destroy the American economy from the inside out.  The $300 dollars that most people will have to pay extra for health insurance in 2014 is outright theft, and a nudge further to the political left of the entire nation.  Obama and his minions know that many people currently addicted to pharmaceutical drugs will become more ill, they will even die because of his decision—but he doesn’t care—because he knew in the beginning as did the rest of them, that there would be casualties in this progressive advance.  They only care if the causalities happen to their political enemies as opposed to those who support them.

So when you get your insurance bill in 2014, you are seeing an all out assault on American life—and more specifically your life.  You are seeing the results of communism coming through the back door instead of the front and trying to catch you while otherwise distracted.    And Obama knows what he’s doing.  He might feel the bite of it presently when he has to speak to the press, or the people, but he knew from the beginning what Obamacare was—and it isn’t American.  It is good to be nice, and civil to others.  It is even nice to be compassionate.  I do feel sorry for the street-walker, the homeless degenerate, and the typical gas station attendant.  I stopped in a convenience store the other day to buy a Mello Yello for lunch and paused to watch the intellect of the cashier and a line of destitute souls buying lottery tickets.  If I could have captured the intellect of the 7 people talking I might have been able to power an old IBM 386 computer between all of them.  I felt sorry for those people, but I also realized that they were who they were by their own decisions.  They chose to smoke too many cigarettes during their teen years, they chose to not read books and instead develop leisure time activities centered on drugs and alcohol.  They chose to live off of government instead of trying to earn a real income because they are generally  lazy.  They chose to ride a bus instead of driving a car, or to live in government housing when they could own a home.  They chose not to build their intellects, but to live as parasites off others who do have developed intelligence.  I feel sorry for them not for what they are, but for what they could have been, and in their lives, it’s too late.  Most of them could not redeem themselves within a lifetime, so they don’t even try.  They effectively ruined their lives before ever getting started and it is these people who the government wants to chain the rest of the country to out of compassion.  That is a bad strategic decision, nationally.

I won’t be participating in Obamacare.  I’ll pay my fine like I throw money at a toll booth driving through Chicago, or paying taxes to a stupid public school but I won’t participate further and I’ll find a way to get my wasted money back through some tax dedication that is perfectly legal.  I’ll get my money back one way or the other—but I won’t participate.  I do however feel sorry for those who are trapped; their bodies are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and have conditions that their immune systems can no longer fight without Walgreens help.  Obamacare will sink them, and it is quite on purpose. 

Barack Obama knows it—he is feeling the pain of it, but collapse of American health care was the goal from the beginning—and nobody should kid themselves otherwise.  He can apologize, lie, manipulate and otherwise deceive, but the truth is coming out ever so slowly, and it will have a major impact on virtually everyone who lives in America.  The only way out at this point is to replace the members of the House and Senate during the 2014 election so that a total repeal is possible.  But short of that, 2014 will be very painful financially for nearly everyone we know as neighbors, friends, or otherwise.  And there is no escape this time.

Rich Hoffman