Doc Thompson From Topeka, Kansas: A new day for conservative values

As I listened to the pre-election rabble, particularly from 700 WLW where Scott Sloan and Bill Cunningham have shown they are willing to form their beliefs around program management and not core ideals, I thought of my friend Doc Thompson who had to leave the station shortly after the 2011 election.  I’ve talked to Doc about his last days at Clear Channel and found it surprising to learn that Cunningham for all his support of teachers in public schools did not support collective bargaining agreements at 700 WLW when it came to Doc.  Willie took up a lot of payroll and the station couldn’t afford another guy at the station with a conservative slant, which would be the next star of tomorrow, so they picked Willie and sent Doc off to fulfill his career elsewhere.   If Clear Channel operated the way public schools did, even Scott Sloan would be approaching the kind of money that Cunningham makes not off performance, ratings, or even years of service, but because a collective bargaining agreement said so.  So it was surprising to hear Cunningham and Sloan make the observations they did prior to the election, which will be covered extensively in the days to come.

As the 2013 Election came and went, Doc was on the road with his producer Skip in Topeka, Kansas on a tour with The Blaze Radio Network that had the new radio celebrities broadcasting in a different city each day and giving public appearances along the way.   Doc’s career has exploded during 2013 since joining The Blaze employed directly by Glenn Beck.   His current job and role is everything that he dreamed of working for several stations all over America before an exit from Clear Channel in Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia that might have otherwise ended his days on the radio.   Doc isn’t squandering the opportunity.

Doc Thompson is a conservative libertarian American radio host and political commentator. He hosts The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson, a radio show on The Blaze Radio Network, which debuted January 21st, 2013. The show airs weekdays from 6am to 9am before the Glenn Beck Radio Program, where he has been a regular guest host since 2008. Doc also provides political analysis, appearing on various television shows such as CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, The Blaze’s Real News, The Glenn Beck Program, The Pat and Stu Show, and special election coverage from Virginia for CNN and Fox News. Doc has been honored to be a part of several teams, receiving a total of 7 Marconi Radio Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters.

Thompson’s broadcast style mixes reporting, commentary, and humor to reflect a conservative libertarian political philosophy with economic views supportive of the free market. Showcasing Doc’s passion and insight, his beliefs and comments are consistent as he discusses personal freedom, personal responsibility, and Constitutional principles.

Born and raised in Ohio, Doc’s career in radio has led him to work in the great states of Alabama, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Michigan.  These years of traveling across America have proved priceless to Doc, as they have allowed him to meet fellow citizens from all walks of life and experience the differing cultures throughout our nation.  His entertaining program of political badinage, mixed with daily topical events, is fun, fresh, and different.  With a precise blend of candor, news, and humor, Doc’s show is enlightening and informative.  He exposes absurdity by lampooning those who deserve it and is driven by exposing the truth.  Doc regularly attends rallies, guest hosts radio and television programs, and performs speaking events all over the country.  In addition to Doc’s talent in broadcasting, he considers himself a “foodie” because he loves to eat, cook, and try new cuisine while traveling.  A self-admitted “pizza-snob”, Doc also enjoys cheap wine and expensive beer!

To truly understand Doc’s beliefs, here are just a few of his favorite quotes:

“Is life so dear, is peace so sweet…” – Patrick Henry

“I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility…” – Thomas Jefferson

“Doc, I want to hire you for the BRN!” – Glenn Beck

When asked to describe himself, Doc said…

“I’m just like John Stewart, except with very different views, and I host a radio show not TV, and I’m not rich, nor from New York.  Okay, that was a really bad comparison! Don’t print that!”

I grew up listening to 700 WLW and during the 1990’s enjoyed the Bill Cunningham Show.  I thought the guy was a real conservative, but as it turned out, it was all just an act, and 700 WLW have attached themselves to a sinking ship.  Cunningham is nothing but the next generation Jerry Springer and the station has bent their entire programming schedule around his temperament which will prove costly in the years to come.   Meanwhile, the one they let get away is more successful than ever and is steadily climbing into popularity.  The Blaze Radio Network is gaining traction by the thousands as listeners discover the benefit of good conservative radio that is not limited by a FCC license or controlled by salary hounds perpetually concerned about renewing their contract at the expense of others.   Doc no longer has to worry about those kinds of things.  He is as free as a radio talk jock can get, and it is so refreshing to hear someone like him on the radio—especially after a grueling election where the system staked against reason is ever-present and ominous.   Doc is a reminder that no matter how bad things look today, that tomorrow is a new opportunity to make things right, and within those opportunities are improvements that would not have been seen any other way.

Rich Hoffman

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