Joe Rehm Pleads Guilty To Stealing No Lakota Signs: Why the 2013 election results should be “recalled”

Just a bit of a recap on the election results at Lakota.  Although it is set for a recount, Butler County officials should scrutinize those ballots heavily, because it is now obvious that there were coordinated efforts to cheat on the election.  That is not the utterances of a sore loser, it is a statement of observed fact.  Just prior to the election I posted the pictures of a person who was caught stealing No Lakota Levy signs.  YOU CAN SEE HIM HERE.  Even though many people especially on the pro tax side believe this is a small issue, Michael Clark in The Cincinnati Enquirer made mention of it saying in his reporting that No Lakota Levy had noticeably less signs out than the pro side.  Subconsciously, this lets readers know that No Lakota Levy is not making a strong political showing, which wasn’t the case.  The direct result, the reason No Lakota Levy spent so much on signs, ads in the newspaper and etc., was to show voters that it was worth their time to vote against the levy.  However, pro tax supporters because they didn’t have an answer to the No Lakota Levy message had to let voters know that it was pointless to resist, so they sought to sabotage the message.  In a close election, such as the situation at Lakota where the public school won a tax increase by less than 1% it was voter turnout that made all the difference, and stealing the Lakota signs was a way of telling No Voters, to stay home.

Well, the guy in that picture was named Joe Rehm and on Wednesday November 13th, 2013 he was in Butler County court as part of the 10 AM cases.  At 12:20 PM Judge McDonough finally called Joe up to find out how he’d plead to the sign theft of No Lakota Levy signs, since he was captured on film and published red-handed here on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.    Joe didn’t look as smug as he did in the pictures showing him clearly stealing a No Lakota Levy sign while bragging about it on the phone.  My friend Graeme George spoke to the court against Joe saying to the Judge, “Because of the actions of Joe and others, so many signs of ours (No Lakota Levy) were stolen that we lost the defeat of the levy.

We lost by less than 1% of the votes cast.  Sign thefts made a lot more of a difference than that.

Therefore, people like Joe cost taxpayers 14 million dollars in a tax increases every year.”

Is it an inflated claim to suggest that the sign thefts cost the election of 2013?  Well, we’ll never know because the thefts were just as bad this year as they have been in the past.  No Lakota Levy spent thousands of dollars on signs knowing the importance of having a political presence.  No Lakota Levy didn’t have the benefit of sending home pro levy material directly to parents from the school, or using teachers to twist the mind of the children into stealing signs after football games on cold Friday nights, so No Lakota Levy had to play things straight, and expensive.  In court, Joe Rehm plead guilty but declared that the sign he stole wasn’t worth more than $2, but as we know he’s not the only one.  This upcoming Wednesday, one week later, three juveniles caught stealing signs in a similar way will go through the same process.  They’ll have to explain why they did it, and who put them up to it.  Of course they too will say that the signs were only a couple of dollars each, and they didn’t think it was a big deal.

Judge McDonough because Graeme pointed out the cost to taxpayers of the levy passage, really lambasted Joe for his wrongful actions.  It was a good show, but Joe was only fined $200 plus $40, and $125 court costs, for a total of $365. The judge did not impose the 60 day jail sentence.  Even less will be done to the three kids when they go through the same process.  They’ll be fined, the court will make its money, the election will still be won, the signs will still have been stolen, and the tax payers will still have to pay every year $14 million in new taxes to take care of a teacher’s union contract that wants even more money than they already make.  No Lakota Levy will not be reimbursed for their loses which was thousands of dollars, and they are still on the hook for paying the increases in taxes.

In previous attempts the media covered these sign thefts, which at least put the actions on the news letting people know what was happening.  This time, everyone stayed off the story, the credit to that goes to Randy at Lakota.  The signs simply disappeared keeping the anger from the imposition in the shadows away from unmotivated voters, which helped keep the No Vote turnout, low.  The tax payers were cheated in just about every aspect with the Lakota levy, Lakota used their internal resources of the school to promote the levy sending literature directly home to parents, they funneled money through their PTA groups to outspend No Lakota Levy by nearly 5 times, and they utilized a public relations employee paid for by the tax payers to keep the media focused away from sign theft, sex scandals, school shooting threats, but on the fact that Lakota hadn’t seen a tax increase since 2005………and as Sheriff Jones stated……….”it was time,” time for a tax increase as if there was an invisible watch that says such things without any rationale behind it.

For every Joe Rehm during the election there were likely dozens if not hundreds just like him who stole one sign at a time and called a teacher on the phone hoping to get a piece of ass off them for stealing a No Lakota Levy sign as a badge of honor.  Joe wasn’t even from Lakota but was “otherwise” engaged in the district.  One can only imagine the phone records pulled if Judge McDonough had chosen to pursue that evidence…………what Joe was saying……….”Hey baby, I stole a No Lakota Levy sign………….are you proud of me?  Will you suck my c**k now…………………..please……………..I’m a nice progressive beta man who thinks you work hard 7.5 hours a day.  Hey, I cleaned the passenger seat out of my stupid little hippie car and am ready to take you to Penera Bread for some overpriced soup.  With your low wages of $65K per year you teachers work so hard, and it’s just unfair.  Will you suck my c**k.  Hey, it’s for the kids, those poor little darlings.  This No Lakota Levy sign is stupid; I’m bringing it to your house to prove I did it.  You’ll be so proud of me.”  Looking at Joe talking on the phone and knowing he stole our signs and plead guilty to it, that’s what I think of—and his motives behind it.  It pisses me off because in the end, Lakota got their tax increase, Joe got off with a slap on the hand, just like the kids on Wednesday will, the media didn’t give a damn, and the bad guys won by exploiting children, manipulating the public, and cheating.

With all that said, I would care to guess that the teacher’s union stuffed at least 500 votes that would probably be cast away as illegal ballots if anyone cared to pursue justice in a close election.  But they won’t, because ultimately most people are on the phone with some special someone who works for the Lakota school system and they are asking that someone for the same kind of favor I imagine Joe was asking for when he stole the No Lakota Levy sign.  Everyone wants a favor, but nobody stands for what’s right at any level—which is why children are exploited, and tax payers are on the hook for $14 MILLION dollars a year every year likely forever.

Hope the sucking and whatever was worth it.

Rich Hoffman