The Misfits of Lakota Schools: God didn’t make everyone equal, and that is the root cause behind much of the hatred

I understand it; some people, when God was giving out body parts, ended up with whatever was left over in the scrap bin, and public education is filled with people who want to hide from the world because they are embarrassed. There is an apparent reason you don’t see too many fashion models working in public education. Instead, they mostly look like Rosie O’Donnell. That’s OK, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to discriminate against people who got the good parts out of the body bin when they were born and grown into attractive adults. And really, when you peel away the hatred of Darbi Boddy, the second-year school board member for Lakota schools, and friends of hers, like Vanessa Wells, the attitude toward them doesn’t come down to political ideology, as much as it is they were fortunate to get the good stuff out of the premium box when God was building them. And, of course, with that comes good husbands, good families, and lots of opportunities in life that the broken toys don’t usually get. So a problem emerges in the public school system, starting with the people who work in the industry, the volunteers who support it and make it work; by design, the production of the institution is below-the-line thinking, negative reinforcement of all the unfortunate circumstances in life. The goal isn’t to be better and to be unique; instead, the objective that is taught to the kids is sameness, to mitigate exceptionalism, and to provide a safe harbor for all the misfits in the world who want a place to hide from the judgments that often come from a capitalist society.

It’s Doug Horton, the guy who tried to beat Darbi in the last election and lost badly

The anger at Darbi Boddy, which has been unreasonable from the beginning, has moved beyond policy differences a long time ago. After watching the situation up close, I am convinced that the hatred is the kind of hatred that jealous women often have for each other, when one woman is noticeably much more attractive than the rest. Of course, we live in a world where those kinds of things shouldn’t matter. But they obviously do, and it really hasn’t been fair to Darbi. Working with her, I think she is one of the smartest school board members I’ve ever worked with, and I have known a lot over the years. Her critics say that Darbi has too many handlers and that she gets stumped up sometimes when giving presentations. My experience with her is that it’s tough to represent many people with many different ideas about how things should be; it’s hard on a good day, and she does a good job of not losing herself along the way. I’ve seen her handle a lot of pressure as gracefully as anybody could ever hope for. But we’re not dealing with attractive people here, people with experience that typically have pretty people in them, and you can watch the behavior of the people working around Darbi when they think nobody is looking, and you can see the seething rage that has been applied in her direction for one reason only, if looks could kill, they would like to eliminate Darbi because of it.

Vanessa Wells is another story, whom Darbi designated to work with her to perform a curriculum audit, which is what the latest controversy at Lakota schools has been all about. Darbi brought Vanessa in to look for signs of CRT and other progressive intrusions into the school curriculum for many reasons, most notably because Vanessa is extremely intelligent and has a very high reading comprehension level. I have been working with Vanessa for several years now and have come to know her and her family very well, and I have seen them under extraordinary pressure. And they are sharp people, very sharp. It was very smart for Darbi to reach out to Vanessa to help with the curriculum audit because Vanessa has the ability to read documents at the level a lawyer would provide. If Vanessa wasn’t a mom raising her family with a lot of commitment, she could easily be a high-powered attorney for a firm somewhere. She has a natural passion for the law and can spot problems in documents that have been prepared from a lawyer’s perspective. But the hatred of Vanessa isn’t because she’s a conservative member of the community. Let’s just say Vanessa photographs well, and you can see other women seething whenever she makes a public appearance, essentially just because God gave Vanessa some obviously good body parts off the assembly line of human being design. The people who received in life body parts from the bargain bin, a messed-up foot here, a double chin there, are resentful and behave that way. It’s not Vanessa’s fault she got the good stuff. She’s smart and has the advantages that come from the good bin of human assembly by God, and she makes the most of it, which many people who tend to work in public education are obviously upset by.

Then there are the husbands; of course, attractive people like Darbi and Vanessa have the opportunity to attract husbands that a lot of women would love to have. Darbi’s husband looks like John Rambo and reminds me of a cross between that fictional Sylvester Stallone character and the real-life character of Chris Kyle. This is a problem for the radical left, who are only comfortable in life when they can make people afraid and submissive to their bat-crazy policies. You won’t find anybody, especially the Beta types from the political left, intimidating Darbi’s husband. He looks like the kind of person you would never want to mess with.  Then there is Vanessa’s husband, Justin. I consider him the modern model of this generation’s tough guy. Nobody is going to beat up Justin in some parking lot somewhere. He would fight anybody any day and in any number. But he doesn’t stop there; he is quite an online warrior. He will argue with anybody over anything, and he plays to win. He isn’t afraid of anybody and certainly doesn’t buckle under peer pressure. But best of all, he’s smart about legal issues and is so confident in his positions that he isn’t afraid to go to court. He likes to fight, and he will fight anybody over anything, and I have come to like him a lot over time. I really like these people. But it makes sense; attractive people tend to attract other, high-quality people and make good families. And in many ways, that destroys why many people who work in public education get involved to begin with. They want the taxpayer-funded institution to protect them from a competitive world where there are pretty people, smart people, and tough people. They are attracted to communism for all the reasons Karl Marx designed it, to give refuge to those seeking sameness because they didn’t get the good body parts at birth. They hate God for the unfairness of it. And they find themselves supporting liberal causes because they don’t have John Rambo to come home to every day; they have some washed-out George McFly sipping coffee at the dinner table who never punched Biff in the face. And when those people must work with people who have it all in life, they naturally are resentful, and their hatred manifests in negative ways that ultimately become very expensive to the taxpayer and destructive to the poor children. They are teaching the same jealous cycle that will ruin countless lives in the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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