What BlackRock and Islamic Terrorists Have in Common: Ending America as a Christian-based nation–and a Return to Baal worship

To my knowledge and diligence in looking for it, nobody has ever made the connection I propose for the origin of the name BlackRock, the financial company essentially seeking to take over the world through finance. It’s something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about, many years at this point, and now I think the actions are obvious of what we are dealing with regarding the intentions of BlackRock from the start. Especially if you read how Larry Fink and his partners at BlackRock came up with the name when they started the company in 1988, it had to be something like Black Stone or Black Pebble; out of everything, they could have named it. Why? Well, I think it is a reference to the Kaaba Stone that is at the core of the Muslim religion in Mecca. It supposedly came to Adam to bring wisdom to the first human beings, according to the Quran, and is so revered as a pilgrimage for the people of Islam. And why not think that? After all, they named their proprietary technology, which helps them forecast investments, Aladdin, and that was before the popular Disney movie of the same name. So to the people of BlackRock, having reference toward the Islamic people is essential, and now after a very scandalous relationship with the Federal Reserve which propped up BlackRock with quantitative easing after the housing crises in 2008, the strategic intentions of Islam are apparently part of the BlackRock business model. 

I had returned my thoughts to a Jonathan Cahn book that is very popular, The Harbinger, which came out in 2011 and was making quite a splash in 2012, about the time that the Tea Party movement was starting to have significant political impacts and people were passing the book around for contemplation. I really like The Harbinger and its sequel, which came out in 2020 and continues the story into the events of Covid-19 lockdowns. It’s all very interesting stuff, but Cahn essentially breaks down the future foretelling’s laced in scripture in the form of harbingers that are warning America that God will punish it in the same way it did Israel. One specific passage was most utilized in Isaiah 9:10, stating, “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone, the sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.” According to Cahn, this refers to the destruction of the Temple of Solomon up to 2500 years ago and reoccurs several times, with Nebuchadnezzar leading the charge the first time, then the Romans around 70 AD. But the story doesn’t stop there. The Harbinger goes on to say that the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 were a continuation of that punishment by God to wake America up from following in the ways of Israel. Instead of the temple being a religious center as Solomon’s temple was, the new temple of destruction was America’s symbol of financial domination. In other books, Cahn shows how much the Wall Street culture is wrapped up in pagan gods as its primary belief system, just as the people of Israel had when it strayed away from God and worshipped his archrival from the Bible, Baal. The most obvious example was the bull of Wall Street, which Cahn associates with the Baal and his pagan pantheon of vile characters Moloch and Ishtar. In a sequel to the Harbinger, Cahn points out how the God Kali was projected upon the Empire State Building to make an obvious point about abortion and the cult of sacrifice to those gods of America’s children. Kali is the goddess of death and destruction; satisfying her in ancient times meant killing innocent children. I think Cahn has been on to something for quite a long time, and these are far more than coincidences, and that their answers are likely found in quantum mechanics and the intentions of lifeforms who live there, that we interact with through myth and religion. But yes, we are seeing a purposeful appeal to these villains of the Holy Bible by a finance culture that is now fueling globalism, and their intentions for destroying our Christian-based nation are quite obvious, which is the theme of Cahn’s books. 

It is fair to say that BlackRock would have never been a successful company if not for the terrorist intentions of the radical Islam attackers on 9/11 when they destroyed Ground Zero, which just so happened to be where America got its start with the inauguration of George Washington, at that exact spot. One thing led to another, and watching it all in hindsight, including the massive power that our American intelligence agencies gained after 9/11, a military strategy was clearly being applied that was centered on taking control of America’s financial system and punching a hole in the confidence of its people, rooted in Christian morality. Cahn would say that it was the work of God working through the evils of mankind to warn America not to turn away from God. I would say that it’s probably deeper than that, but I would agree that this is the same old conflict between Yahweh and Baal chronicled in the Bible and is playing out on the world stage today. BlackRock benefited from a financial collapse that started with 9/11; seven years later, the Fed partnered with Fink to inflate asset bubbles and sell them off on Wall Street with essentially reckless quantitative easing methods, printing fake money to support the risk management. And that’s how BlackRock gained the power it did and is using today to impose woke standards onto all these companies and essentially continue the work that the Muslim terrorists enacted initially, the destruction of America as a Christian nation. 

Once you start asking questions about the people involved in the pagan artwork that is so much a part of the New York culture, the strange reverence for it, and the screams of discontent whenever any Christian symbols are displayed in a positive way, we can see that the intentions of a vast evil is at work here, and they are embedded in our financial culture, certainly in our intelligence agencies, and all over our government. While I might argue that much of what Cahn points out in his work is the actual programming of the human being at the most basic level of DNA transference and that what we are seeing is actually part of the Vico Cycle, the solution is not in dispute. A Christian nation can only heal itself through spiritual alignment. These attacks are not literal, with assets we normally consider weapons of war. Our spirit has been under assault, and the solution is along those same lines. But first, we must understand the nature of that spiritual war, and based on behavior, it looks like Larry Fink and his associates at BlackRock have the same kind of ideas about America as the radicals who have been using terrorism to steer our country away from Christianity and back into the cults of Baal worship. And at the center of Islamic culture are the pagan gods of old, especially in the Black Rock that is so worshipped in Mecca by those of the Muslim faith. And they are certainly not cheering for the future of American prosperity but its destruction in every way that it can be done.

Rich Hoffman

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