Trickle-down Economics is the Only Kind: Joe Biden should be impeached just over his connection to China

How bad is it? The proof is out about the Biden family and their connections to China. Joe Biden should be impeached just over this issue. By far, I am not anti-government. I understand the need for a government to manage the people’s affairs. The biggest challenge, to prevent corruption is to have the smallest possible government that can accomplish that task before you get diminishing marginal returns. This comes up now because of the obvious debt ceiling talks, with I think Speaker McCarthy is handling as well as can be expected for this culture of thieves. You can’t just turn off the money addiction cold turkey without destroying your entire society. You must have an intelligent debate and work backward, hoping that your pace of change doesn’t destroy everything with such a cumbersome approach. After all, big government has grown without care for entirely too long, and for all the dumb reasons that you hear in a typical Joe Biden speech, when he talks about trickle-down economics not working, but that it’s the middle class that makes all jobs possible. That is why revenue is down the third year of his presidency, because the government has placed too many fingers in the cookie jar, and people have just stopped making cookies because of it. What the Keynesian losers of advanced economic studies in all the universities have never admitted to themselves was that Karl Marx had no idea what he was talking about regarding centralized government serving the power of the people. It doesn’t work that way and never has. People on their own don’t generate anything. Jobs just don’t happen because people exist. It takes thought to make a job and risk to implement it. Nothing happens in life without risk, and that is always the element that is missing from Joe Biden’s talks about economics. When he says bad things about trickle-down economics, the standard complaints by Democrats regarding Reaganomics, he essentially declares that he has no idea what makes economic activity happen.

This alone should impeach Joe Biden. The Biden family took money from China and is compromised.

But there is a form of trickle-down that Joe Biden knows well, as do most politicians, and this has led to the mess of government expansion that we see now, with multi-trillion-dollar deficits and out-of-control spending to hope to buy votes and stay in power essentially. It’s the trickle-down effect of obtaining high political offices and then selling access to influence, such as what has made Joe Biden rich over the years. And Mitch McConnell. These politicians didn’t get wealthy because they were in politics. Those political positions, even up to the president of the United States, don’t make that much money. They only get a few hundred thousand dollars annually for most high-ranking positions. So how in the world do they end up with enormous mansions and several estates like Joe Biden? Well, that’s the real trickle-down economics that they are talking about, where wealth pours into their banking account because they have sold access to their elected positions to foreign investment of domestic terrorists (those who knowingly plot and scheme against the American Constitution). The ultimate insult is that such an economic system is essentially built on whoredom, where value is given away for something that the politician never really possessed. An office elected that was given to them through a vote, an office that was never theirs to sell in the first place. Then they are selling a perceived value of deception, manifesting in flimsy definitions of trickle-down politics and the economics that fuel it. 

In truth, the only kind of economics that matters is one where there is a need for a service or good, the human mind comes up with a satisfactory solution to that need, and then risk is applied to serve that market need. Without thought, there is no action; without risk, there is no fulfillment of market needs. This union nonsense created by Karl Marx and embraced by tyrannical governments everywhere from the bottom out indicates that the people saying such dumb things have no idea how economics works. I majored in economics in college, and I learned really quickly that none of the teachers on the U.C. campus of Cincinnati understood the true concepts of the economy and its cycles. And I have learned over the years that politicians like Joe Biden understand even less because they were all taught by the same dumb people. All Keynesian economists have it all wrong from their very foundations of understanding. Reaganomics is the only kind of economics that works, where people are freed to take risks and create jobs that the middle class can then enjoy and fill. There is a big difference between a job filled and one created. And the government has tried to pretend this rule of risk doesn’t exist because they are naturally timid people. So they have created jobs off taxpayer-funded risk-taking which was the scary part, then have expanded government office to cover up the illusion. And that essentially is what makes up the massive deficit spending. The government jobs created then get filled with low-risk personalities who simply take money created by the value of those who manage risk to generate wealth. And it becomes a cycle of doom that politicians sustain with outside investment from places like China. Ask Biden about where most of his money came from, and it will trace back to China’s investments in him as a political whore. And Mitch McConnell couldn’t say otherwise. Many books have chronicled this problem explicitly, so what’s going on is well known. It’s just too inconvenient for anybody to do anything about it because they keep listening to this bottom-up mentality regarding economics, which is essentially a scam of looted money spent to hide the open theft and whoredom of modern politics as we have allowed it to manifest. 

Trickle-down economics is the only kind of economics, and countries and businesses that have utilized it best are the most successful. America is the wealthiest country in the world because it has empowered thoughtful enterprises and risk-takers to gain opportunity through action, and that generates wealth and jobs. There is no other method of job creation or of generating economic value. It all flows down from a risk taker who created wealth and the people from the middle out who then fill the jobs of that economic creation. The trickle-down politics Joe Biden only understands is the one where you get elected to an important office that you can then sell to foreign investment to enrich yourself. Then to hide the scam, you pretend to be some Keynesian economist built on a fake middle class that owns all private property, including the means of production. The truth is that the mind of a risk taker only creates production, and everything else is stolen from someone who did the hard work first. In the case of nations who invest in American politicians with money stolen from their own people, that is certainly the case with China, the real trickle-down effect is looted wealth. Financial tyrants have invested and propped them up. They want global control of all politics. So they use countries like China to buy up politicians like Joe Biden, to make it easy for them to rule the world from the shadows. And Joe Biden then distracts everyone from the real problem by talking about bottom-up economic policies built by a middle class who, like millions of hungry little birds, are waiting for the big mama of government to drop a worm in their desperate mouths. And the gap between reality and our American deficit reports is represented in actual dollars of value, which is obvious to all now. 

Rich Hoffman

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