A Conversation with Representative Jennifer Gross: Fighting the Big Bad Wolf of Government

Rather than just talking about what she has been doing over the last few months, Jennifer Gross and I decided to meet on camera to share with an audience her latest achievements. As an Ohio Representative for the 45th district, Jennifer has a lot going on regarding the legislative agenda, and I think she does an excellent job of keeping the dialogue vivacious. If Jennifer and I didn’t meet like this, many people would never know some of the really good things she is working on because our current media culture is garbage run by young kids and editorial departments worshipping at the alters of Karl Marx. They often don’t understand the issues someone like Jennifer is working on and can only judge job performance based on some leftist ideological radicalism. When people talk about freedom, rights, and the Constitution, it is lost on them what Jennifer Gross is talking about. It is saying it nicely that they aren’t sophisticated enough even to have a conversation about these types of things, such as the validity of digital currency and its dangers, government health care being out of control, and the trouble with 5G bandwidth that is being pushed onto the world to allow for a massive corporate surveillance state. The theme of the discussion between Jennifer and me in this particular meeting was the challenge of having a viable government with limited powers that don’t end up like the Big Bad Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story, where the wolf eats grandma and is laying in wait in her bed to next eat the kid. I enjoy these kinds of meetings, so I thought it would be a shame to have it lost to just a couple of people talking about these things in the privacy of a meeting. Instead, sharing these things with the world in how they choose to digest the information might help people learn more about what’s going on, so Jennifer and I turned on the camera and just talked, letting people listen to everything we had to say.

Because the media situation is so bad, a path to correcting our social dialogue will require outside-the-box approaches, and I consider what I do to contribute tremendously to that objective. The present media doesn’t have the mind to cover some of the topics Jennifer discussed with more than a few hundred words of media coverage and some choppy clips to fit into television coverage. Instead, my approach is that people interested in these kinds of things have lots of mass media available to them to consume, so when they make a choice, they expect a lot more from the source material than they would otherwise get. One of the significant disadvantages for Jennifer is that she has a lot going on; she is a representative for the freedom movement as a State Representative, but how can you fit the complexity of her political position against a backdrop of social tyranny and big government expansion that seeks to hide its goals with rapid change, centralized authority, and a controlled opposition through the media? It takes time to explain many of these things to people, and through the traditional media, the details never get to the ears of the people who want the information, which is also by design. So I do what I do to help bridge that gap, and people obviously appreciate it. 

And the talk Jennifer and I had was very informative, especially regarding the Big Bad Wolf metaphor. That is essentially what’s going on with the desire of the government to grow and expand. It wants to eat us all. But, we have to recognize that is its goal and avoid being eaten before it’s too late. The push to impose on all people a digital currency controlled by central banks, who also then control our government is dangerous. And the best regulator is competition and a free market. Of course, corporations want an easy bake oven on financial controls. Just like the Big Bad Wolf wants to eat, the logic and intelligence of the human race should then indicate otherwise. That is, the purpose of government is to function for our needs as a civilization, but we need debate from representatives like Jennifer Gross, who will question whether or not grandma is actually grandma or whether it’s truly a wolf in disguise. Where Jennifer is on most of her issues, from digital currency, health care reform, or broadband resistance driven by government instead of private sector options, is in noticing that grandma has some big teeth. “My, what big teeth you have, Grandma.” Of course, the children’s story is very relevant to our current condition, and the wolf wants to ease our minds about its dangers. Because the wolf intends to eat us all, it’s what wolves do, and we should always be cautious in dealing with them. They expect us to trust them and play that against us for their own recourse. And it’s up to representatives in government like Jennifer Gross to keep those big bad wolves in check. Of course, the Big Bad Wolf of government will want to placate our fears, to call our alarms a conspiracy theory, and to attempt to diminish our caution in favor of their intentions. But the Big Bad Wolf has already eaten Grandma and intends to eat the rest of us, and often all we have left to our defense is someone to ask the obvious questions and disrupt those intentions with caution. 

It would have been a shame to relegate a conversation like the one Jennifer and I had to just a lunch meeting. So we shared it with the world for the world to advance itself accordingly. Not even corporate talk radio gets into the weeds of these types of matters these days, so using outside-the-box media methods, such as this one, can let everyone know what Jennifer Gross has been doing as their representative and what the reasoning behind her actions is. I think the digital currency push is one of the most dangerous we have seen in our lifetimes. China is making a power grab in finance, technology, and medicine to collapse America essentially and to pick up the ashes with an already built infrastructure of a police state, which is what they presently have. We are being seduced into compliance. They intend to eat us all, unsuspecting and debating social fairness while they prepare for our ultimate destruction through the lazy minds of the masses and a representative government that can’t even explain it to the public what is going on because the media culture is already sympathetic to the Chinese objectives. Often, like Jennifer Gross, all that stands between complete annihilation and civil society are representatives who fight in the trenches for our best interests. But people never get a chance to know what she is doing to that effect. Yet, the video meeting we had together showed a side of Jennifer that a lot of people would never see otherwise, and to understand what she is doing to keep the Big Bad Wolf of government, an already captured asset of the Chinese government, in a lot of cases, from eating us all. And I am proud of the work she is doing and that she continues to want still to do it. Its people like her and the willingness to ask the obvious questions to the Big Bad Wolf that keep us free and viable as a society in that constant struggle to work with the government for the benefit of the people but to keep the government small enough so that it doesn’t eat everyone in a complete act of destruction and mindless hunger that can never fill its belly. 

Rich Hoffman

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