Freedom is More Important than Money: Fox News and Corporate Communism will lose as history remembers

There continues to be an almost cult-like reverence at the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, as if controlling a person’s employment reassured the Liberal World Order that they could control what people thought and did. After all, that is precisely how the system is designed under the new China rules for global communism. There is an institutional assurance to themselves that they are in control and can punish people of contrary thought by controlling them economically. If they can’t control people literally with their means of making a living, then through digital currency, they hope to shut people off from participating. Then, of course, they fantasize that they will control the entire world as a small minority by essentially controlling the means of making a living. If the goal of Karl Marx, which is the inherited system the Chinese adopted, and the World Economic Forum is seeking to implement it through every corporation by controlling finance through companies like BlackRock was to control the means of production, then this newer method of centralized control of people’s incomes takes that goal to a much different level. So there was much celebrating when Fox News listened to criticisms and finally fired Tucker Carlson from the number one-rated television show on cable prime time after a settlement with Dominion. They thought they had silenced Tucker and punished all critics of this Liberal World Order almost as if it were a sensual delight. Tucker was gone from Fox News, and the bad guys out there thought they had done something to protect themselves from people like Tucker and the MAGA movement’s growth. But I had a very different opinion and one that is worth perspective. 

The first thing I said about the Tucker Carlson firing at Fox News was that I was happy for him because it must have been frustrating to bend his show around Rupert Murdoch’s and his family’s obvious philosophy. Fox News has always been politics-lite, going back to Bill O’Reilly. It was more conservative than the other stations, which had been trending toward the communist left since the 90s. But it was never representative of mainstream America. There has always been this fantasy that is at the core strategy of this corporate communism movement, which Fox News has obviously bought into, which believes that the content providers create culture and not the market demand of the public. This is a fundamental difference between communism and capitalism. For instance, I think the most recent John Wick movie is one of the best movies ever made. I didn’t see one trace of Woke behavior in it; fans have rewarded it with great box office numbers. However, the belief is that if the communist mind takes over the entire entertainment industry and that people will not have any choice but to go and see their offerings that are filled with all kinds of government propaganda and liberal utterances, that the public will still show up and consume their product because they are bored and will do anything no matter what the quality of the product is. Which, of course, is blowing up in their face. This problem of there always being some kind of John Wick hitting the market need of the public is something that the controllers of the World Economic Forum who want open Chinese-style communism don’t understand. And that is why they were perplexed at the tremendous support that Tucker Carlson had when he announced he was going to continue his show on Twitter. They thought that if they controlled the platform for speech, they could control what people thought and consumed. They are not prepared for competition.

And yet that is the key to a moral society; it’s one that has competition in it for the attention of the masses. I realized this up close and personal several times in my life. Well before Tucker Carlson had a very high-profile de-platforming strategy utilized against him, I have been through it several times. I’ve been doing these kinds of things for a long time, writing, speaking, and undercutting government centralized authority systems, and I’ve seen every kind of attempt to deplatform me hoping to change my behavior. And what I discovered, even if I always knew it in the back of my mind, was that people like options, especially options in thinking. And given a choice, they will always explore those choices. This has been the problem with communism from the start. It’s one thing to impose communism on a suppressed culture of poor people, which is undoubtedly the case in China. The Chinese people have always been more compliant, and to their own defense, they don’t know any better than what the current communist government is offering them. The ability to have an air conditioner and a car is an amazing concept, so a very authoritarian government is not something they would know to question. But in America, that’s a different story. Choice is the key to culture and to economic power. Choice is expected, even demanded. So controls over the supply chain, entertainment options, and even news feeds are failing dramatically, and much of that desperation can be seen in Fox News firing their number one personality, as if sacrificing something very valuable to them would win them appeasement in the circles of this Liberal World Order. 

With his new Twitter show, Tucker Carlson will be free and gain a much larger audience than this modern cord-cutting public would otherwise give him. And if there was one primary thing that was driving the MAGA movement in general, it has been the decentralizing of news. That has certainly been the case with me. I’ve had offers from everywhere to run my own radio show. I used to do a lot of work with Clear Channel in Cincinnati and Michigan as a spot filler. And to host shows that were already known in established markets. But I have found running my own media is much more valuable. Not having the limits imposed by some dimwit corporate pinhead is worth more than the wages otherwise earned.

There are many ways to make money, especially for a person like me, and there are always people willing to pay because when you are a valuable personality, there is always someone who wants that value. And that is certainly the case with Tucker Carlson, who would be lucky to see 4 million viewers on a good night. He will be able to reach more people than that with his own news show, so I’m sure he’s happy about it. He will find he can do more and talk about more without trying to stay in the lines of what Fox News established for its employees. I was surprised that Tucker stayed with it as long as he did. I suppose the paycheck was good, but for people like him, he can make 20 million dollars anywhere. The limits were otherwise too frustrating to him, and you can see this last year he has almost been daring Fox News to fire him, to free him from his confines. Which I fully understand. Freedom is often much more valuable than money if all things are otherwise equal. And that is where this corporate communism model will ultimately fail and be laughed at in the memory of history. 

Rich Hoffman

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