A Government That Will Kill Political Rivals: The Kennedy assassination wasn’t a conspiracy after all

Robert Kennedy is running for president, and he has been saying a lot about the assassination of his uncle, JFK, President Kennedy. As it turns out, the Oliver Stone film JFK starring Kevin Costner wasn’t a conspiracy theory after all. Kennedy is saying that the CIA was unquestionably involved in the murder of President Kennedy, and coming from him, that’s no small statement. People have been wondering about it for years. When documents were declassified a few years ago, during Trump’s administration, it was revealed that the CIA had been involved, and now we have presidential candidates on both sides of the political debate talking about it. Many of the people involved at the time are now dead or in some sort of retirement where they are insulated from the ramifications. It’s a story that took 60 years to get out, but at least it finally did, and it has turned out to be everything and more than what the conspiracy theories had been discussing. The idea that Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone gunman, did the entire killing on his own, ostentatiously in front of a crowd in Texas, was always a stretch. The CIA had been suspected, but most people couldn’t imagine that people from the American government would ever do such a terrible thing. Yet they did, and through the declassification of the records, we know that the CIA played a significant role in killing an American president. 

As messy as that assassination was, the killings continued, including Robert Kennedy’s father. Now the son, Bobby Kennedy Jr., wrote the great book The Real Anthony Fauci that I have been raving about for more than a year. It’s a book with the goods on the who, what, when, where, and how regarding Covid and its conspirators who did much worse than the CIA did during the Kennedy assassination. And he had his own father murdered a few years later as he was an attorney general poking into a lot of mob activity. The government killings continued throughout the 60s, but the public was catching on, so they turned to law-fare when it came to getting rid of Nixon, which Hillary Clinton was able to see up close, where legal terrorists and judges were able to conspire to do much the same thing, kill off a popular president in Nixon and destroy him without blowing off half of his head in front of a crowd on national television. They killed Nixon while he was still alive to wave goodbye to everyone. But whether a political assassination was physical, as it was in Kennedy’s case, or literal, as it was in Nixon’s case, we know for sure that we have a fourth branch of government funded by the American taxpayer, who intends to rule us all by force and to protect the concept of globalism by removing the pick of the American taxpayers when they disagree with who ends up in the White House. And they are playing for keeps, no jokes. Their message to the rest of us is of no tolerance, and they are willing to abuse their authority without fear of recourse. Their clear assumption is that they are in control, that constitutional violations are not of their concern, and that they represent a greater good as defined by global liberalism rather than the intent of the American people. 

And we saw a continuation of this culture of killing where they essentially tried the same kind of law-fare that was successful with Nixon and applied it to Trump. Now that the Durham Report is out, we see to what extent all the highest levels of political power were involved in trying to set up an entirely fictional story about President Trump having a relationship with Russia. The CIA, the FBI, and many others connected to those fourth branch of unelected bureaucratic killers played the same game with Trump that they did with Nixon, only Trump punched back where Nixon simply resigned for the country’s sake. And the more that Trump punched back, the deeper into the playbook of tyranny these Administrative State terrorists had to go. Obviously, the FBI had picked Hillary Clinton as their president, and they would do anything to make that happen, which was revealed by some of the agents under the pressure of performance. And it only got worse the more that Trump fought back, leading us to over seven years of detrimental conduct that showed just how terrible many of this fourth branch of government types really are. And to make it worse, they had a sympathetic ear from the media, actually more of a complicit partner where globalism was the goal at the expense of American sovereignty. And they didn’t care what damage they caused to people to preserve their system. They didn’t care who they destroyed, what lies they had to tell, or what an embarrassment to the rest of the world it may cause our nation. What we saw applied to Trump was the same kind of menace that had been there essentially from the beginning. And they had become so arrogant over time that they no longer felt they needed to contain the information from the public. They have so much disdain for the public and so much power that they simply don’t fear anybody finding out how bad they really are. 

The message here is that a government that will kill political rivals with violent murder in front of the world is a government that will do anything to stay in power. And any doubt anybody had about election fraud in 2020, or any other time, is that these same people have also made themselves involved in that business. If there were any doubt about it, in the form of conspiracy theories, then the same path of resolution we saw over the Kennedy assassination would unfold in much the same way. After 60 years and many of the people who were involved die off and retire out of harm’s way, the admissions will slowly start to come forth. But in essence, we have a government that investigates itself, so nobody will ever be caught. Murders will go unsolved, and the temptation for abuse of authority is all too lucrative, which is essentially what the Durham Report says in its 130 pages. “We know there is a crime here, but there is no political will to do anything about it because the fourth branch of government is really in charge, and if you question them, they’ll kill you one way or another.” And a government with that kind of attitude is dangerous. They are not working on behalf of voters or taxpayers but from acquired power stolen from those people for the benefit of hostile, foreign characters. So, of course, they were involved in stealing our election. Of course, they were engaged in spreading Covid authoritarian style assassinations of millions of innocent people to gain the ability to take down a president, which is becoming apparent with the Department of Defense interactions through the Wuhan Lab in China and the Chinese government in general. These are ruthless people who must be removed from their positions of terror, and that will be no small task. 

Rich Hoffman

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