The Interview Between President Trump and Steve Bannon: A political class that wants to keep the bar low hate those who challenge them

For some strange reason, people have all the wrong values about what makes a good president, and they are reluctant to support President Trump in public. And when I say that, I’m thinking of people who think Ron DeSantis is a better option. This past week, Ohio Senator Matt Dolan made it clear that in his future political efforts, he wasn’t in favor of Trump, which is just bizarre that he thinks that’s a smart political calculation that people will respect. Because when Trump recently sat down with Steve Bannon to give an hour-long interview on the Warroom podcast, the Trump everyone should know was clear to see. Steve Bannon used to work for Trump, was one of his chief strategists, and they know each other well. And Steve knew how to get the soft side of Trump out in the interview. And it was glaringly obvious why Trump won the first time and continues to win. And in being so obvious, it’s then clear who all the bad guys are out there, making it much more conducive to defeat their hostile interests. I’ve said I like Matt Dolan as a person. But what in his mind does he think is needed in politics that he couldn’t support Trump? It’s not that Trump needs Dolan’s support. Instead, the other way around, for anything Dolan might want to do as a senator in Ohio, Trump would be an excellent name to have behind it. But somehow, they were likely the same people he listened to when he changed the name of his baseball team from the Indians to the “Guardians.” Too many politicians think that playing nice and sucking up to the mob will show the voting public that they are willing to work with others instead of fighting for their rights as their elected representatives. 

One of the reasons Trump has been going around and doing interviews on outlets like The Warroom is because he’s putting out a new book, Letters to Trump, which is a collection of letters from many celebrities who have sent the President very nice letters over the years. And in many cases, it’s letters from people who have been recently hostile to him once he entered politics. Names like Alec Baldwin are featured. People at this point forget just how popular Donald Trump has been for many decades; after all, he did have 14 seasons of The Apprentice, which was the top-rated television show produced by NBC for a long time. Under any other condition, if a president or former President has been on a television show, that show would be on syndication perpetually. But it’s hard to get any copies of past shows of The Apprentice under any format, even DVD because the media culture has so invested of itself into the destruction of Trump’s image that they would gladly sacrifice any amount of profit for themselves to destroy any potential of President Trump entering politics again. Why? It certainly works against their self-interest. Leaks from the recent Tucker Carlson firing at Fox News indicate that there is a belief among the executive staff and board that if only they could get rid of Tucker covering Trump accurately, it might harm his re-election chances. Fox News isn’t that influential, folks. More people watch the Warroom over the course of the week; that is the changing marketplace. Yet we see these little pockets of the belief that the media is compelling, especially among cord-cutters, and that politicians think that it’s still fashionable to play softball in politics when the opposition wants to eradicate you and your country along with it.    

The book Letters to Trump is filled with lots of personalities that essentially show how cheap some of the biggest celebrities of our culture are, that they were so nice to Trump when they thought there might be some opportunity for them by sucking up to him while he had the number one show on television, or even before when he had all the hotels and casinos and was on the cover of every tabloid magazine with a new hot model during his playboy years. Everyone wanted to be near Trump; they wanted a donation from Trump or a kind word from Trump. Then to see how many of those same people have turned against Trump once he entered politics is very jolting to people who aren’t prone to such contrasts. But people get it; Trump is still the leader in the polls for all the same reasons Trump had the top-rated show on NBC for 14 years, which the media is trying desperately to hide. Everyone thinks the people out there are stupid. But people get it. They know Trump is the answer to many political problems because he’s a real person who has done real, significant things in life, and our politics is run by looters essentially who do very little and take a lot from the world to produce consistently bad results. And people want successful people running their country with a proven track record over many years. And Trump is undeniably that. He did great the first time around; people had good lives with Trump as President, no matter their political affiliation, and who in their right mind wouldn’t like that?

Watching this interview with Steve Bannon and President Trump was more interesting than other interviews because both men have accomplished a lot in their lives before ever entering politics and had very interesting things to discuss. And that is why the political establishment so hates both men. What people who hate Trump, or Steve Bannon for that matter, hate most is the effect of accomplished people in politics. It really comes down to the old labor union’s jealousy about merit. If one person works harder than all the others, it makes all the lazy people look bad. And where the rubber hits the road with Trump, many lazy people make a lot of money off political inefficiencies, and they hate Trump because he wants to solve the problems. But to the political class and all the support groups that advise them, there is a lot of money to be made off chaos. So they never intend to solve the problem. They want the problems. And voters want solutions, which is why they are done with politics the old way. They want Trump because they want results, which is what many of the bootlicker types out there are terrified of. It’s not just Trump himself they fear, but their own role in a world that expects results. How can they compete with a President Trump, who has accomplished so much over a lifetime, and feel like they have a co-equal seat at the table? So rather than improve themselves somehow, they would rather tear him down to preserve their public appeal as a looter-class politician. And that was all so obvious in Trump’s very unique interview with Steve Bannon. People understand what the problems are in the world. They understand the threat of globalism. And they don’t see anybody else out there who can fix it. But Trump can, and that’s what people are supporting, someone who isn’t afraid to fix things. Who doesn’t write suck-up letters to people hoping to get a job. But they want the person that all the suck-up letters go to because they want to win at life, and not experienced the managed failure that the political class has given them for over a hundred years. 

Rich Hoffman

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