The Cult of Moloch: Why Government, and specifically Democrats, think the Killing of Children is Beneficial

A lot of people do not make the connection that the ancient Gods of Mesopotamia are emerging again in our current culture or that through quantum entanglement, they never went away, but they have only become increasingly evident the more that Americans have allowed Christianity to be pushed out of our culture. Forget for a moment that the communists that have inserted themselves in our government since the 90s, and even earlier, are godless heathens. I’m old enough to have a reference point; I remember when the PG13 rating system for movies was implemented and when it was hard to see naked pictures of women for teenagers wanting to see them. We are seeing nothing more than a return to pagan God worship, just as cultures have done for tens of thousands of years. That is the theme of a Jonathan Cahn book called The Return of the Gods that is very much worth great attention because his premise is good. That many of the evils we are currently seeing are the results of the same spiritual energy that the people of Babylon and ancient Canaan were experiencing in the classic struggle between Yahweh and the God Baal as expressed in the Bible, and one of those gods was the controversial God Marduk, or otherwise referred to by Cahn as Moloch as the ancient Canaanites called him. Anti-Bible, anti-Christian crusaders even up until this current day in the disputes over Israel and its creation after World War II have argued that the people of Israel never had a right to invade the land of Canaan and take it over as the promised land. But to Yahweh’s hot temper against the immoral behavior of the ancient Canaanites, the people there were practicing human sacrifice, specifically of their children to the God of destruction himself, Molock, and that justified their destruction by the invading Israelites and the domination of the chosen people of the region out of the sheer morality of the action. 

The people of the time would sacrifice their first-born child, or whatever offspring they had to the ancient gods of the Middle East, for which there was a very long history well before Moses rescued his people from enslavement in Egypt. Archaeology and institutionalism by governments have not done a very good job of discovering much beyond the relics of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley bordering India and the Middle East in the current war-torn region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq. I would go so far as to propose that the purpose of those wars by governments is to keep hidden this deep and dark past from the eyes of modern intellect. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was sacred long before Abraham went there to sacrifice his son Isaac to Yahweh, as was the custom in that region long before, to Moloch. We think of ourselves as sophisticated and enjoying the benefits of modern approaches to ancient problems, but still in the back of our minds is the need or temptation to take the easy way out and sacrifice our children to these same gods. That level of evil never went away; it’s wired into us, and the less we recognize ourselves as a Christian nation, the more we push God out of our lives as the shining city on a hill, and the more the ancient gods from Mesopotamia who the morality of Yahweh had drowned out, re-emerge back into our culture. That those sacrifices of children occurred is no doubt, the deaths were common. And the hope was that by killing the children, the gods would benefit the killers in some way, whether by career choice, good luck, fertile fields as farmers, or even more vile and evil purposes. The practice was far from unusual. 

The disbelief comes from analysis today, where we have hidden these kinds of sacrifices to Moloch through the lens of polite society. The alters of sacrifice have moved from a public venue where the children would be killed in full view to the abortion clinics of Planned Parenthood where the undoing of the American family, the Christian invader of the pagan gods could be kept out, and the work of evil could thrive behind closed doors and government funding. But a cult of death it is, the same reasons for the sacrifice are provided. A woman who doesn’t want to be encumbered as she commits her life to her career, to the ultimate service of the God of government, and service to the state. She has no time to be pregnant, tied down to one man for the rest of her life, and build a family. So she kills her baby after a sexual union made not through love but drunken play to the ancient goddess Ishtar. And the result was a pregnancy that was not allowed to alter the mother’s life; she had better things to do than raise a family. This is the same kind of mentality that provoked Yahweh in the Bible to go to war with the land of Canaan and the justification for their destruction because they were an evil people. Evil because they sacrificed their own children to the God Moloch and hoped to prosper from that destructive and terminal act. 

Once that is understood, then the current culture of Epstein Island by some of our top social celebrities starts to make a lot more sense. The cult of sex with underage children and their eventual destruction through the death or psychological abuse is common, not unique. And our government is protecting this evil so that it can grow stronger because the government is pushing God away and opening the door to the same old Sumerian gods who have always been with us. We tend to think of the Biblical period as a long time ago, but in truth, it’s only a very recent past, and since the creation of Western Civilization, society has prospered the more we moved away from the godless heathens of ancient pagan god worship. But the ancient jealousies are still there, and so is the hunger for the death of children. And we see it now on the nightly news by some of our modern richest and most popular personalities. Sex with children is an endorsed act that we see in our public schools, a full endorsement by even our law enforcement personalities. The appeasement of the Cult of Moloch is everywhere. Mass sacrifice to those ancient gods is part of our lifestyle. It was never about separation of church and state with these vile characters of ancient evil; it was always to push out God, the invading Yahweh, and to restore the power and might of Moloch, Ishtar, Baal, and the entire pantheon of ancient figures from a society that has risen and fallen many times under the weight of its own stupidity. Because their rise to power was never understood because not enough from mass society has yet detected the evidence with their historical mythology, which goes back many hundreds of thousands of years. Without the Christian influence of Western Civilization, the world plunges like a rubber band back into darkness, as it always has. And the cult of killing children is very much a part of that past, as it is our present future. It’s the Cult of Moloch that is behind the vast evil, and the people who should be protecting children are the very same that are sacrificing them for the same stupid reasons as the ancient killers did, for their own benefit and hopeful appeasement of bloodthirsty gods who consumed death like potato chips over a cold beer. 

Rich Hoffman

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