Voter Integrity in Ohio with Frank LaRose: How Republicans win everywhere, and not just with swing voters

It’s not really a big secret, but it’s probably the most important thing in the world regarding elections. Yes, Ron DeSantis did wonderfully in Florida the second time around; the first time, he could barely squeak out a win. But after an excellent first term, DeSantis was awarded with re-election by a very wide margin. Yet as much as he may have deserved it, the massive voter turnout in his favor didn’t just happen. What the real cause of it was that DeSantis worked on the election laws in Florida and made it harder to cheat so that in that next election, some of the old Democrat tricks that are applied all over the country weren’t so easy to perform. And that resulted in more votes for him being counted against an essentially rigged system. Our elections have not been secure for a very long time, and the little talked-about secret is that the powerful know about it and have allowed it to continue because it keeps them in power. Yet, if elections were tightly controlled in America, unbiased, of course, Republicans would win a majority of the time everywhere, in state races, in federal races, both House and Senate, governors, and especially presidents. A lot of professional pundits will say that we are a 47 – 53 country where either Republicans or Democrats will trade those bottom and top numbers every time, that there will never be any more blowout elections because we don’t have that kind of country, we are split down the middle with independents determining election outcomes. That is hogwash; that’s what the cheaters want you to think. The reality is that election fraud makes us look like a 50/50 nation while we are a conservative-leaning nation quite dramatically. The Florida example is just one of them, and DeSantis, not through performance but through election reform, turned it from a purple state to a solid red MAGA state for Republicans. 

Ohio is another state that had been trending purple but has been heading solidly toward a bright red state. And as much as I’d like to say that candidates like President Trump and J.D. Vance were great, it’s not that they won over a bunch of swing voters to win; it’s that Ohio has a fantastic secretary of state in Frank LaRose, who has made it very hard to cheat during elections. I had a chance to listen to him directly talk about election integrity in Ohio, and I put some of the videos on this site to review. I’ve met Frank LaRose many times, but this latest time was interesting because what Ohio has been doing regarding election integrity is quickly becoming the template for the rest of the country going into the 2024 election. Republicans would be wise not to worry about the issues so much on this one because that’s not what is going to win elections. What will win elections, and give the House a supermajority in Congress, and give control back to the Republicans in the Senate and, of course, the White House, is more election security.  Frank LaRose has put his hands around this election integrity problem, and it has been showing. And he’s done it by pushing photo I.Ds on election day. Voting machines that have a paper receipt for cross verification, and by making it illegal to have any machine connected to the internet. And on early voting, which Frank LaRose has testified to in Pennsylvania, where they have had a trainwreck there, Ohio logs the entries as they come in, whereas, in places like Pennsylvania, they don’t touch them until after the election, which is why they are still counting ballots well past election day and can no longer give those results on election day. 

A great example of the difference in election integrity by having a great Secretary of State could be seen in recent supreme court elections. Wisconsin just lost a Republican seat to a Soros-backed radical. The same thing was brewing to happen in Ohio, but because of election integrity in Ohio, Sharon Kennedy was able to win as Chief Justice and avoid progressive interference on the bench the way it has now happened in Wisconsin. Because of loose election laws in Wisconsin, the extreme progressive Janet Protasiewicz was able to win, giving liberals the new majority, which many think could be dangerous in establishing better election laws for better voter integrity. That is the real game that is going on out there, and the best way to deal with it is by investing in good Secretaries of State who can do as Frank LaRose has in Ohio, and that is get control of the voting system and make it as fair as possible, and secure. And by doing that, the truth of American elections will become obvious quickly. Republicans will win almost everywhere and by a wide margin. Where election chaos is allowed, or even promoted, then, and only then, will Democrats be competitive. America is not a 50/50 country determined by swing voters. It’s more of a 60/40 country in favor of Republicans, and that becomes obvious when you force voting machines to be off the internet and have voter photo I.D. Once Frank LaRose became Secretary of State, we saw in Ohio that Ohio was no longer purple. It wasn’t just Trump; the margins were consistent for other races, with very similar results. And in Florida, it used to be that certain counties were always late in reporting, so they could see how much they had to cheat to push the Democrats over the top. But DeSantis made that action much harder; since then, we have seen better election day results. Not just because of the candidate but because it was more reflective of the vote totals of the actual demographics. Everywhere that better election laws are reformed to prevent cheating, it will quickly become evident that Republicans will perform far better everywhere than the previous national trends have indicated. And that’s the lesson for all the swing states, like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

It should be noted that even with all the debate in Georgia between Brian Kemp and Stacy Abrams after Kemp enacted better election methods making it harder to cheat, his election against Abrams wasn’t even close. The same could be said in Texas with Beto O’Rourke. Many thought that Texas was turning from red to purple, but with some tightening of the election methods to make it more fair for voter representation and security to protect the integrity of the voter, a lot of these liberal radical challengers have fallen away. And that is a little secret that nobody has really been talking about on the nightly news. And the same trends would be seen all over the country, even in places like California and New York. People just aren’t that liberal, and Democrats have only been able to gain power because of election fraud, whether its illegal aliens voting, Democrat cities stuffing ballots without supervision, early voter tampering with Facebook manipulation, bad voter rolls where dead people are still voting, several times,  it has only been through cheating that Democrats have been able to keep election results close in their favor. But if states give themselves a great Secretary of State like we have in Ohio, like Frank LaRose, they will all see a margin swing in the Republican direction of around 12%. And by doing that simple thing, Republicans will win most of their races in head-to-head matchups with any Democrat; it doesn’t matter who it is. Voter integrity is the key, not so much the policy discussion. Before 2024, states need to follow what Frank LaRose has been doing in Ohio, and if they do, Republicans will win big everywhere. 

Rich Hoffman

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