I Love the NRA: After Davos 2021, you should too

I think about it often, especially in these times.  I love the NRA; I love every single edition I receive each month of American Rifleman and I love that they are out there fighting as a personal lobbyist on behalf of the Bill of Rights.  The reason they are so hated is because they have stood in the way of the communist attempts to completely take over our nation.  Where so many have failed, the NRA has been out there doing the good work of standing in the way of complete insurrection by those same communists as they have infiltrated the Democrat Party and even made grounds into the Republicans.  As I showed in the video above, the November issue with Donald Trump on the cover which covered all the important political races across the country is one of the best I ever received, and it now represents a snapshot in history when all was well.  Trump was president, and the NRA was fighting the good fight from a position of strength.  I remember when that edition came in the mail, it was my America, and I was proud of it.

In the wake of the election though, the progressive communist plans for America were revealed as massive voter fraud was unleashed to preserve the criminals who were taking power by force and the state of New York came after the NRA with lawsuits intent to destroy the lobbying organization that had been around for over 134 years.  The enemy was attacking from every direction as deeply laid plans were being revealed to us by the day.  In the wake of that aggression the intent was to get Trump out of office and to end the NRA forever by crushing its brand and driving it into bankruptcy.  In reaction to those aggressions were for the NRA to file bankruptcy while it still had assets before being cleaned up in legal fees and to move the operation to Texas, where the last bastions of freedom are being played out before our eyes.  Everyone is moving to Texas, or turning to Texas for a stable foundation of American freedom, even Elon Musk these days. 

Now that doesn’t excuse some of the bad behavior that has come out of the NRA as the people at the top have been fighting for power, the expensive dinners, the unnecessary travel, anything that has given personal enrichment to those like the NRA Executive Wayne LaPierre.  I get it, I’ve been to many $12,000 lunches and can see how the perks can get out of control.  I see that as a management problem, not a morality issue.  Wayne and the gang have done a good job defending gun rights even if the perks did fill in the gaps from the hard battles to the point where legitimate questions had to be raised.  The NRA has done a good job cleaning up and managing its affairs without disenfranchising its millions of members.  All organizations must cleanse themselves of abuses at times which is why gun rights are so important, because when government fails to check itself, there is nothing to stop them.  In the NRA’s case, the media called them out and they had to make corrections.  Especially given the hostile nature of the media.  The media isn’t so hostile when it comes to government, so there always needs to be some force that keeps power in check.  For America, its guns that stand between the forces of ill intent and the maintenance of natural law under Constitutional protections. 

Saying all that, I can’t see any reason why all 75 million people who voted for Trump is not an NRA member because to me they are all one in the same.  As Trump restructures his political future, there is one organization that truly represents the MAGA movement officially as a government lobbyists and that is the NRA.  I would encourage everyone reading and those who have yet to read this to sign up for an NRA membership.  They are the best orthodox way to fight the vast evils that are going on right now with fast boots on the ground.  What they have been saying about the NRA in the media is the same kind of hogwash that they have been saying about Trump, and the public prosecutions the same and for the same reasons.  The government and their insurgent allies want them out of the way so they can completely take over America.

As I said last year when the unelected billionaire class of people heard what Trump was saying and decided to launch Covid-19 as a “Great Reset” at Davos, there is more crazy news this year that was just announced.  Obviously as I always say, as long as we are functioning as a sovereign country we should follow the Bill of Rights and not go to an armed war with these foreign insurgents, even the domestic enemies like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, George Soros and many others.  We can still defeat them under the rules of our republic.  But we have foreign communist attackers, which were revealed even more so this year at Davos who intend the collapse of America, and it is at that point where armed conflict would be the only option.  But to avoid that, we still have the NRA which may be able to avoid such a mass carnage.  And for that I appreciate the NRA more than ever.  In many ways, they are all that stands between all out conflict and civility.  The communists of the world are testing the fences, we have domestic enemies in high level politics who have sold us out, so we look to have a fight on our hands which we didn’t ask for.  The preservation of the NRA means peace, not war.  A strong NRA means the preservation of our nation which everyone should want and is why I love them so much.

The more we have to look at all that is wrong with America as the insurgent communist Democrats make their moves under an Beijing Biden administration, the more relieving it is to look through an NRA magazine of your choice to see how things are supposed to look.  The enemy means to deceive our eyes and ears with the visuals of a global great reset, but they have no right to do such a thing.  We never elected them; they are working outside of our government parameters for an insurgency that the domestic enemies have prepared for them.  As they try to turn our eyes toward nonsense like impeachment of a president who is in full control in Florida, they try to hide their real plans for the complete destruction of America by global forces who first want to take our guns, dumb down our resistance to them, and steal our notions of private property and private thought and action to a new world order of micromanaged communist insurrection run by an invisible cabal of wealthy doomsayers who want to save the world with their distorted vision of reality.  They are like the ultimate Bond villains, only this time the movie plot is real.  And there are few things that stand in the way, but one of them is the wonderful, and tenacious, NRA. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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