The Only Gun Rights Argument that Matters: Government always fails, the check on power is necessary to protect people from the instability

Its hard to believe that with all the effort out there, with all the books that have been written on the subject, with the professional lobby organizations that are working hard on the matter, that still gun owners seem to always answer the question about gun laws on the back of their heels, as if they owed the communist Democrats some answer that they clearly don’t deserve.  When Democrats say that in any civil society, we should not have guns.  Guns are for war, and we are not at war.  Well, as far as they are concerned, that settles it.  There is no more discussion.  We are supposed to trust them and their governments and go to bed and follow their instructions for us.  If we did all that, there would be no reason for guns in the world—according to them.  The problem with that extremely naive statement by liberals who are prone always to fall to authoritarian communism is that they have not learned the essence of human nature.  They still are strung up over Sigmund Freud’s analysis of the mind as compared to Carl Jung and from there built several of the psychiatric professions which we study today without much innovation—but they miss the essence of all human nature—which is why any successful society that hopes to last more than a day, or a thousand years must maintain itself as an armed society.  The more successfully armed individual people, the more successful the society will be.

That is why there is so much more work to do on mental health, well beyond the foundations mentioned by Freud and Jung—way beyond them in fact.  As I pointed out in the video above, there has never, ever, in the entire history of the world been a society where the government worked without corruption.  Not from the smallest group of hunters huddled around a campfire to the government of China with 1.2 billion people to manage—governments never work properly.  They require checks and balances to function at all.  Governments are always messy; they are always established with conflicting ideas in mind so contention and corruption will always be a part of them.  There will never be a Utopia that Sir Thomas More conceived during the reign of the brutal king Henry the 8th.  Communism certainly was never the answer, it was invented by the lazy Karl Marx and exploited by the billionaires of the world to increase their power and to use their money to convince people to acknowledge them as kings in their own right.  Everyone wants to be a king, but few ever want to do the work it takes to lead, or to be a good person.  Why those conditions exist in people, I wouldn’t say it’s a mystery.  I personally have my arms around it, but society at large has not yet invented the tools to deal with these things, and it will take thousands of years to evolve such a thing out of the minds of human beings. 

It isn’t the complicated problems of finding water on Mars that Elon Musk must solve to create a colony and city there.  Or the ability to grow food.  The most dire problem that any society will face on Mars is in living together.  Someone is going to steal someone’s woman.  Someone is going to want to become the big leader and to challenge all others for the title.  Somewhere someone is going to break the rules in order to get an advantage over someone else, so the only way to check such a thing will be to have everyone armed and respectful of one another.  Liberals of course will bulk at such an idea because for them their foundation beliefs argue the other way.  But they have yet anywhere in any form found that society which reflects their sentiments.  No government can be trusted.  The lazy way to deal with government corruption is just to yield to it and convince everyone to just do what they are told.  But that doesn’t solve the problem of human ambition.  That is always why every communist government has failed into purging their society of troublemakers and killing off their political challengers.  Any society in the future on whatever planet they try to settle will have the same kinds of problems.  America has come the closest to managing large groups of individual people with the least amount to government possible, and that is because there are over 300 million guns in the homes all across the nation.  Most people respect each other as a result leaving people able to deal with each other without the power of pull and force. 

There is no society that will ever function without guns, or some means of lethal defense that makes the strongest person in the world equal to the weakest and most sickly.  The gun is the great equalizer and when that is established and understood by all, then there is peace and a constructive society that can advance.  But when government is the only power that can use force, then they become bullies and strive to rule the ruled and they will fight to keep such a system out of their own psychological detriment.  People drunk with power, which most politicians can call themselves, will seek to exploit the weak 100% of the time, because it takes a lot of work and effort to be a good person every day, to work hard, to be smart, to be a leader.  Most people are too lazy to be good, so they turn to scandal time and time again.  The only thing that most people have in common is a love of life.  An opportunity to wake up tomorrow and have a new day.  And when the other person is armed, the threat of not having that tomorrow keeps everyone talking and working together for common goals.  Guns make people have to share values by identifying the one and only thing that a majority of the population values…….life. 

Guns aren’t about death, they are all about life, they are not about violence, they are about peace.  Guns are how a society gets prosperity by having a continual balance of power that allows prosperity to grow.  The problem around the rest of the world that has been smothered by various communist governments, such as Central America and Africa for instance is that the governments there failed over and over again and powers rose and fell leaving the nations in the dust repeatedly.  The reason was that all the people who made up the nation were not armed to protect themselves from failed governments and the constant yearning of the few to be kind and rule over the many.  Without guns, all societies fall to this most basic instability.  It is after all why Rome ultimately fell to the barbarians—who were armed and vicious.  Years of tyrant emperors in Rome left their society weak and unable to fend for themselves.  That left the people of Rome vulnerable to government for protection.  But when government is corrupt, they are unable to do their jobs and when the bad guys find out, it’s all over for that society.  We could point to every society in the history of the world, and we’d find the same result all for the reasons I mentioned.  But the essence of it all is that America and its people need guns because government always lets us down, and they always get drunk on power, and we waste too much time worrying about them coming for us, then in being productive free people able to make our own way in the world.   Because without guns, everyone is a victim to whatever government they operate under, and as history has proven, is always bound to fail without a check on their power at all times and in any place.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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