MAGA Supporters are Terrorists? No, its the other way around, the communist Democrats

To understand why communist Democrats are pointing to conservatives and calling them terrorists, well, its because from their point of view, we are.  The details can be found in Cleon Skousen’s book, The Naked Communist on page 268, just read the whole page and you’ll get it fast.  Its not some conspiracy, they did the same method in Cuba when Castro took over there.  It’s why Barack Obama always had a soft spot for the Castro brothers and why the continuation of Obama’s communist push lives on in Beijing Biden.  This has been going on for countless years kind of like a father who has been sexually abusing the kids.  To the outside world, all looks normal.  But nobody speaks of the name of the evil because nobody wants to think that their father is capable of such an evil, so they blot it out of their minds, at least until the evidence is so overwhelming that people either go crazy or become so hateful and anti-social that they can’t any longer deal with reality.  America didn’t want to admit to itself that some of its own people hated it so much, or wanted to abuse it to the degree that they have, but the truth is now out there, we’ve seen it this year unleashed and now we know what the communists want for us, complete destruction of America.  And for those who stand for the flag, and those who love our country, and those who follow the Constitution, yes, we are terrorists to those who want to overthrow our country.  That’s a good thing, not a bad one.

We should have known when NBA players and NFL players were refusing to stand for the National Anthem and people were openly ridiculing the American way of life what we were dealing with.  Actually, you can see why in that same book on the next two pages where the strategy is specifically spelled out.  We already know that Black Lives Matters was a Marxist group.  They were trained Marxists who admitted so much.  It wasn’t a conspiracy, and when you understand what that means and how many corporations were jumping on that bandwagon in 2020 that traditional Americans were under attack.  You couldn’t go anywhere to escape from it.  I even noticed it when I’d play Call of Duty during multiplayer rounds, there were Black Lives Matters ads even there.  GameStop had them, Target was appeasing them, all cable news sites were talking about Black Lives Matters who were essentially completing the same exact strategy that Fidel Castro employed in Cuba as he was trying to overthrow Batista.  You could almost page for page take the Castro scripts against Batista and apply it to liberals against Trump in 2020.  But the communist activity doesn’t stop there, no, you could pick the Congo, South Africa, any Asian nation, European conflict, everywhere and see the work of real terrorists trying to shake off their guilt and apply it toward their targets, anybody defending capitalism. 

Communists will of course say that anybody from a capitalist system is a terrorist to their cause.  They say it in their literature. They say it in their teacher lounge meetings, they don’t call it communism of course, no terrorist ever calls themselves such a thing because to their point of view they are right.  But whenever a political entity is trying to overturn a country and its people, their actions speak for themselves.  And they know they are guilty of such a thing, which is why they are trying to defer the guilt onto the people they are attacking so that they can justify their actions to themselves as “freedom fighters” and reformers.  But reality has better definitions that are more accurate.  They know they have angered Americans who are now aware of their hostile intent so they are paranoid in getting caught and what might happen to them.  So, they have put forth a defense for themselves, evident in their sudden love of the military in Washington D.C. to protect them from that anger they roused among flag waving Americans.  Now of course they are worried about the 75 million people who voted for President Trump, and are angry at the government’s involvement in creating a coup of their vote and giving us this Biden piece of shit, against our will. 

They took their shot and showed their intentions and now they must function in society with an uneasy co-existence.  But where Americans might have been willing to put up with the communist loving Democrats before, now that they have gone too far, it is obvious by what we know of history and what we have learned during Covid-19 and the election antics of 2020 that its impossible for a capitalist culture to co-exist with a communist insurgency.  We tried and the attackers of Red, White and Blue gun loving free people now see that they have no choice but to go full communist and hope that they can overthrow America before American’s run them off the continent and send them cleaving in exile back to Europe, Russia and their good friends and honey pots in China.  There cannot be peace until the terrorists of communism are no longer able to practice their craft, that line in the sand was set by them.  Now they know we know and that is why suddenly they are paralyzed with terror, and why to them we are terrorists.  They know their hearts and intentions so yes, they are terrorized. 

Yet it didn’t have to be that way.  We offered to live in peace with them, even though I have always thought of it as impossible.  The great FBI agent Cleon Skousen advised the agency and the CIA back in his time that such a concept was indeed impossible.  But we tried, history can’t blame us.  However, terrorism is defined by the instigators in this case and it will be immortalized by the victors of this long brewing Cold War.  They may have control of the media, the hedge fund guys, (rather its really the other way around) and run the Deep State, but a majority of Americans voted for a change in that down with American position of the modern communist Democrats.  And those votes were ignored, but the communists know they are still in the minority so they can do nothing but call us names and hope that we’ll continue to take it, as we have in the past.  The old “sticks and stones” nonsense.  The losers who “turn the other cheek” these real terrorists of the communist Democrats expect to guilt us into complacency and pray that we do turn away from a straight fight.  They know they have it coming which is why they are so terrified of “terrorism” from patriotic Americans who want to protect their country.  We were all supposed to stay asleep, and now we are awakening slowly and grabbing for our coffees in the early morning hours, ready to head to the battlefield.  And in a straight fight, the sneaky communist bastards have their weaknesses exposed and they know it.  Yet there is nothing they can do about it, the cat is out of the bag and its ready for a fight.  I mean we who love America tried to play by the rules, we voted and put representatives in place to govern our nation.  These communist Democrats went against us—what do they expect—and they broke the law in doing it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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