Why I Call Myself Cliffhanger: Stopping the long standing suffering of the philosopher at the hands of “democracy”

As I said in the video above, I’m not trying to sell you a book.  This book that I’m talking about is The Symposium of Justice that was published in 2004.  It has been out there for a while and long ago stopped giving any substantial income on its sales, which is fine with me.  It was a bit of a big deal in the 2000s, before Barack Obama was elected, I met some interesting people in Hollywood because of it, people actually liked it so much that they wanted to make a movie out of it twice.  But I learned more about the world from that book and my observations which have only become more acute over the years than the opposite reaction that usually permeates.  My problem at the time which is now more illustrated than ever are that the great philosophers of any time are usually killed or driven insane because their observations often stir up the leeches of democracy so intently that to preserve themselves from the needed social changes they would have to embark on to survive in the change state of the philosopher in question, they’d be at a loss.  So, the plots to kill and destroy the new thoughts become a priority and history tells the same story over and over. 

People have been asking why I stopped using my real name on these articles and have instead been referring to myself as Cliffhanger.  Well, to be honest it is because of the events of 2020 that I have found all the strength needed to deal with the problems from my old book.  When I wrote it everyone, especially the agents on Wilshire Blvd, several which were really into The Symposium of Justice, not necessarily due to its literary quality, but conceptually.  I wrote the book when I was in my early 30s as a direct experience I had with local politics and dealings with the FBI and a mayor at the time where to correct the situation the only options was violence because what was being covered up was the same thing that killed off a long string of philosophers from Socrates, Cicero, Nietzsche and even in a more modern sense, Robert Pirsig.  My thoughts were that if people were going to be free to think in big ways, philosophically, then they should also learn to kick some serious ass, to preserve their minds long enough for the attackers to have their schemes beaten, and themselves destroyed for their ill intentions.  Like I say a lot, I’m not a kiss and tell type, but there were some A listers in Hollywood on the production side and actor side who were into The Symposium of Justice and there were lots of philosophic beliefs that are filled in its pages.  But for all the reasons that Cicero was murdered by the plots of Mark Antony and is crazy wife, I found myself operating something of a philosophic underground which within a few years, became the blog site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  The rest is history.

Up until this year to keep the memory alive of the titled character in The Symposium of Justice I have been using the name Cliffhanger in my shooting sports, especially Cowboy Fast Draw.  When I interact with that group they never call you by name, but by your alias.   I’ve gotten used to it so much that now, especially with the events of 2020 and my growing pride in the work I did with The Symposium it has now become second nature to me and an official name I am using.  The problem at the time with The Symposium was that it was way too far out there for most people at the time. I mean the idea that a huge international organization called “The System” conspiring together to control the minds of people through radio towers that manipulated the pituitary gland of people to inspire them into consumer behavior in a maddening plot to take over the world seemed pretty far fetched even for lovers of science fiction and dystopia.  Then to have an action hero who is a part time grill cook at a local restaurant called Republics, but at night a menace to the villains violently and unstoppable stretched belief too far.  As a throwback to Zorro or Batman, Cliffhanger was something else, more of a character out of an Ayn Rand novel.  But instead of fleeing to the mountains to avoid a tyrannical government Cliffhanger was beating to a pulp the villains of The System with bullwhips to the point of audacious vigilante justice forcing anybody to contemplate the nature of law and order, which was the point of the book.   

Not to give away the ending, which I won’t for those who haven’t read it, but it was based on a real event and was my final statement on what justice meant to a society.  In it a hit man has figured out who Cliffhanger is and he’s about to kill his family in a restaurant for the spectacular fear it would generate in the community and thus, the fear that would follow making it easier for The System to control the thoughts and actions of the residents—long before there was a thought of Covid-19 or Covid-20.  Once the hitman realized what a good person Cliffhanger and his family were he realized what a loser he had been and figured that to redeem himself even a little during his life that he’d commit to that act immediately so instead of even trying to kill Cliffhanger, he would instead kill himself and do one good thing in the world as a last act, which after a lot of violence, is precisely what he did.  When you write something like these thoughts collected in The Symposium of Justice, but at the time George Bush was the president and nobody was really talking about the deeper conspiracies of government except for the real loons of extremism, it was a tough concept to grapple with, which is what happened in Hollywood.  Their comments to me was “couldn’t we have more action with the bullwhips and less philosophic talk?  If that was possible, we could make a deal.”  I of course said that wasn’t possible and would water down the point of the book.  They’d of course say that people would still read the book in bigger numbers so it would be good for marketing.  It happens all the time. I would say, but it would die a B movie death which is actually worse than not being made into a movie at all.  That kind of thing went on for two years then died on the vine when Obama was elected president.  Then I turned my eyes toward the Tea Party movement and away from the entertainment industry. 

Yet the book and all its conspiracy came true in 2020.  You could change the water towers into cell phones, and the United Nations into The System but the efforts were the same and I had spelled it all out in The Symposium of Justice so many years ago, and I was proud of it.  Because if I could nail down all that looking forward, then I could nail down the path out of the storm, and as a crisis in our lives, it showed me that I had the proper flashlight to get out of it and to show people how they can get there too.  So, it has been with great pride that out of the mess of 2020 and massive disappointments that I have had in our government, with the exception of Trump, I have been thinking of my talks with industry people about politics and entertainment and I am very happy with my work on The Symposium of Justice.  It wasn’t easy to write, it wasn’t easy to hear the criticisms, and I often felt like Cicero.  Only I never accepted that “democracy,” that foolish notion that the masses have more intelligence than an individual through collective salvation, and that the secret to beating them all I had touched that long ago filled me with a pride that felt more like a breakthrough.  And for that, I sign each of these articles appropriately, and with great enthusiasm.  I don’t fear at all death or insanity perhaps for the first time since a collection of cells made up a human body.  And within that admission, a real hope for the future is visible.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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