“Escapades of Doom”: Kristi Ertel’s Interview with Brian Thomas on 55 KRC

I’m very proud of Kristi Ertel of Protect Lakota Kids.com for her really good interview on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas. She was there to talk about the latest information on Matt Miller, the controversial superintendent from Lakota, and the trouble he has put himself into with his reckless personal life. Many in the Lakota district, over 800 people, have signed the petition to force Miller to resign. Miller and his radical union members at Lakota did the same thing to the new school board member Darbi Boddy just a few months before, having a petition to force her to resign essentially because they didn’t like her. Supporters of a conservative school board took exception and found out what kind of crazy sexual lifestyle Miller thought was normal, and it became public information at that point. So now the shoe is on the other foot, and I thought Kristi did an exceptional job representing the many people in the Lakota school district who have found how the school board has dealt with the issue reprehensible. And some people like Kristi, who is a fantastic Christian woman with very high standards, can’t deal with the level of morality exhibited by the Lakota administration and its school board. Even with the threats of lawsuits that the superintendent has lashed out at toward his critics, Kristi is the type of person who can’t turn away from a dilemma, which is asking the community to look the other way when reprehensible moral circumstances are imposed on everyone. And she’s not alone. But good for her to stand up for what’s right even when so much is wrong and horrible, and that has been threatened by the public employees as if they were ultimately in charge. When I read the cease-and-desist letter from Matt Miller’s attorney, and Kristi talked about this on the radio interview, I thought some alien from another planet had written it. It clearly didn’t consider any Constitutional provisions regarding free speech. And to the point discussed on 55 KRC, all the information was based on Matt Miller’s own words. But my conclusion reflects the microcosm that is essentially the macrocosm of global politics these days. 

It wasn’t just this interview with Kristi that had spawned a lot of attention on this story over the past week; Libs of TikTok was talking about it, which cascaded into it being covered by the very popular Louder with Crowder show, and Charlie Kirk. The story was always going to get out; when a very public employee exhibits such bad behavior, it was bound to. As if that weren’t bad enough, it’s the cover-up of that information that has presented itself as far worse, as if all the participants involved, the media, the school board, the police, the prosecutor’s office, a whole bunch of lawyers, its as if they believed that if they denied that anything happened, then sent out threatening letters to harass the public into submission, that they could somehow change the nature of reality itself. And if they believed that, then no wonder they thought they could do anything and get away with it. That is, after all, what we are seeing in international and national politics, that characters like Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden, or even the fact that Covid was made in a lab in Wuhan, China, and so long as the communist country pretended that nothing happened, then they could literally get away with murder. Or that election fraud never occurred in 2020 or 2022, even though Katie Hobbs in Arizona was caught certifying her own election by pushing all the complaints of voter irregularities past the certification date forcing constitutionally protected fraud in the process. What we saw happening at Lakota was essentially the same type of crazy, extremely liberal behavior. 

Yet the thing that gets missed in all these cases is that no matter what the administrative state does to contain information with public relations officials, lawyers, or open harassment through violence or other means, people are still going to have an opinion on the matter. Unlike in China, where they control every aspect of people’s lives, people in America still have free will and the ability to think independently. Just because authority figures say something is red or yellow when we can see it’s blue, we are not obligated to accept what those authority figures say just because they are authority figures. What’s fascinating about this Lakota cult of liberalism is that they really thought they were going to be able to contain the bad behavior of their superintendent and force good people like Kristi Ertel to act against her conscience, her strong belief system in goodness and the good of God, and accept evil right in front of her face, and that there was nothing she, or anybody could do about it. It’s as if Matt Miller and his army of wife-swapping administrators thought they were in charge of the whole community or something instead of employees within it. And that they could literally do anything, say anything, and push any kind of agenda onto the taxpayers, and they would be obligated to accept their reality without question. It was essentially the China Model but without the controls of a totalitarian regime controlling over a billion people in every way, shape, and form, upon fear of death.  It has been a head-scratcher because I know many of the characters involved. It has been bizarre to see them so consumed with the process and willing to accept outright evil because of some misplaced fear that the law was working against us all and that the big bad administrative state could destroy us at any time. Hey, read a book sometime, and get smart. Lakota schools, their public employees, lawyers, PR people, and the media tag alongs who have helped cover some really detrimental behavior have all contributed to making our community worse, making things more dangerous for children, and thumbing their noses at the community in general.  Lakota was already declining in quality before Matt Miller came along, and since he stepped into that superintendent role, the grades for Lakota have continued to drop. So why all these people would seek to protect a bad employee with a bad track record is beyond logic. But yet, what we have seen come out of all these liberal institutions is an assumption that so long as they control information and how people perceive it, they can hide their poor performance behind this strange veil of corruption. And that people wouldn’t form their own opinions on things. Well, people do have opinions on things, and free minds have arrived at the opinion that what has been going on at Lakota and public schools, in general, does not reflect what taxpayers want. And they are angry about it. I am very happy to know that many people like Kristi Ertel are free-thinking enough to form their own opinions and defend them when challenged by such nonsense as we have witnessed in this Lakota case. If not for free speech and people like Kristi, there would be a lot more corruption in the world, and now we see why things are so screwed up everywhere because there haven’t been enough Kristi Ertels in the world standing up for what’s right, and teaching children how adults should behave by condemning bad behavior when we do see it. And if more people did call out such bad behavior, it would at least force the perpetrators to keep it hidden from public view. But when bad people don’t fear the judgment of the public because they think the system will hide them from the guilt of their actions, well, then you get what we have seen at Lakota, and other places, wherever liberalism is out of control, and a war against God and goodness has been unleashed as if the pages of the Book of Revelations were manifest on the earth and the Devil himself were in charge of everything, and everybody. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lakota 5-Year Forecast: What do I think of it?

Since the most recent five-year forecast by the Lakota school system just before Thanksgiving 2022, I have been asked hundreds of times what I thought about it. I’m happy that the government school doesn’t plan to ask for more money until 2025. There are elements of the radical teacher’s union background who think that we haven’t had a tax increase since 2013, and before that, there were a lot of fights on three previous attempts to stop the school from taking more money from the public, so the push has been that its time to extract more money from the community. Before we elected three board members that are supposed to be conservative to the board, the previous school board was very liberal and wanted to take the surpluses that we had and spend that money on new facilities projects. There is this belief that is built into the progressive mentality, which believes that Lakota is the largest employer in our region of Butler County and that they deserve to be treated with respect and always have new things, like state-of-the-art school buildings, and nice amenities for the staff to work in, because if we want to recruit the best teachers to the area, that we have to do those things in order to stay competitive. In reality, the unionized teachers go where it’s good for them financially, and as we have learned, there are quite a few of them who are swingers and alternative sexual lifestyles participants, so access to other such people is as big of a decision for them as anything else. Access to bars to pick up 22-year-old kids and younger is a significant benefit for them and part of their decision-making process. Communities with block parties happening often and providing plenty of socializing are very attractive to new Lakota staff recruits. They really don’t care about a nice new building; they care about access to other people who are just as deranged as they are. This is why there hasn’t been a mass exodus after all the drama about the current Lakota school board superintendent. Instead of being a detriment, it has been a recruiting tool because it advertised to the world what Lakota is really about, which has been far more enticing than anything taxpayers could spend money on.

Yet, the Lakota school system has a large tax base; if anything, Lakota should be looking to lower taxes. There are a lot of residents who support 17,000 students with valuable property that is much higher than other school districts. And that’s before all the commercial real estate is taxed. That revenue is only increasing, especially by the Liberty Center part of the community where a new Costco and many new wonderful developments are emerging, so with Lakota operating at a surplus for much of the last decade, that is because student enrollment really hasn’t increased, but property value and commercial opportunities have increased dramatically. So we are talking about millions of dollars that Lakota has benefited from and wasted on employee raises for essentially a terrible product, a free babysitting service to the community. But even with all those benefits, we had a previous school board that wanted to spend, spend, spend into oblivion so that they could ask for more money with a tax levy. And that was the talk from 2020 until 2022. That the Lakota school board felt they hadn’t asked for money for a long time, and it was time to do so, regardless of whether anybody really needed it. And that assumption comes from a unionized workforce that wants all the benefits of employment without any downside of management control. They want facilities; they want fewer students in the classroom. They want unionized bus drivers who call off work for every sniffle they have and blame it on Covid. Lakota has mismanaged itself into a complete disaster of an organization, with poor report card showings happening since Matt Miller took over as superintendent. So on the performance side, Lakota has been a disaster, and they don’t deserve a dime in addition to the many hundreds of millions that their budget currently is. They get enough and should be giving back a lot of that money by lowering their current costs. 

When I heard the 5-year forecast and saw the PowerPoint they presented, it made me sick because of a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff that few people know about. While I’m happy that Lakota announced that they had enough money to stay solvent until the year 2025 and had to gag at the school board praising the treasurer for a presentation that should be expected, not praised, I could see clearly that a lot of Lakota’s assumptions on money is built into their lack of preparation for a professional world. Like all progressive institutions, they have a presumption of entitlement and don’t expect to be judged by performance, and that is clear in their 5-year forecast. Contained within it are all the assurances I wanted that there wouldn’t be further pushing for a tax levy from Lakota as the radical liberal types had been wanting. I know that Lynda O’Conner didn’t want to deal with a tax increase, and only a few months ago, she and Issac Adi met with me in a super-secret location in someone’s basement to talk about the problems at Lakota. At that time, we were working out their problems with Darbi Boddy, who I continue to think is the best school board member I have seen in decades. I want four more of her over the next few years because if we do have more like her, Lakota will be forced to live within its very generous budget and not ask for more money. They wanted to talk me away from Darbi; I wanted to find out why they didn’t like her suddenly. But at that meeting, I told them, as I tell everyone who asks, I generally don’t care about Lakota until they ask for more money. I think the product is garbage, too expensive, and that they teach radical leftist concepts to the next generation in my community is reprehensible. And in that 5-year forecast, they addressed all my concerns that we talked about in that private meeting. 

But why? What had changed over these last few months when it looked like a tax increase was the only thing the school board wanted to discuss? Well, they chained themselves to a sinking ship in their superintendent, who had gotten himself into a lot of trouble, and once he brought all that brand damage to Lakota, he threatened the public like some entitled, spoiled brat, all to hide his terrible performance since he was hired in 2017, and obviously the school system itself needs time to recover. Their former treasurer Jenni Logan, Matt Miller’s partner for a long time, suddenly left in August to become one of the seven indictments against Roger Reynolds in an upcoming trial. And that same month, all the crap literally hit the fan regarding the superintendent’s bizarre sexual lifestyle, which was revealed because he decided to pick a fight with school board member Darbi Boddy and her supporters. So there has been a bloody battle, and Lakota has brand damage because of it. If Lakota tried for a levy now, it would take more than three attempts to get it passed, and they know it. So they have to wait for a while for things to cool off and for the politics to change in a more favorable direction for them. They hope that if the people of Lakota just go back to sleep, they will be able to return to the good old days when nobody wanted to come to school board meetings, and they could have fantasies about tax increases for their progressive lifestyles. Jenni Logan didn’t leave a good job for a couple of bad ones at the commissioner’s office and at Ross schools for her health. There is a lot of bad behind the scenes, so when I see a report like this, it says Lakota needs time to recalibrate and repair its public perception. But it doesn’t change a thing about their internal management; they are a disaster with out-of-control employees who are too expensive and, most of the time, should not be around children. And no public relations firm in the world will be able to hide that pile of garbage by 2025. That’s what I think of the new 5-year forecast.

Rich Hoffman

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Where the Caves of Lakota Go: The evils of following process instead of logic

At the last Lakota school board meeting, approval on the payout of a lawsuit for $15,000 had to be voted upon over the procedural misconduct to remove public comment from an October meeting that had occurred. It was an easy victory for the person who filed the legal action; everyone knew it at the time, just as there are many explorations into further actions due to the actions of the board. I remember when this whole story about the superintendent of Lakota schools broke and his messy divorce, and his personal behavior that clearly didn’t align with the values of the community he worked in as a public figure, I was curious how the information would flow through the known communication channels of our community. After all, I knew all the characters involved at every level, so I was curious if the dye was poured into the cave water, where it would come out on the other end. Would it be where we expected, or would it duck and dive only to come out someplace surprising? And in the process of these many months, it looks like as the dye moved through the Caves of Lakota, through the various government bodies of our community, we ended up with a new decision, what to do about the obvious case of “intimidation of witnesses” as defined by the “intent to coerce a witness not to report information.”  And perhaps the most audacious exchange at that meeting was not the sudden revelation about financial stability through 2025, suddenly, but the lashing out of board member Kelly Casper toward Darbi Boddy about who board members represent and who they don’t. Darbi got it right, and Kelly had it all wrong when Darbi said of herself that she represented members of the community who had elected her for the purpose of board business in so many words or less. Kelly disagreed and stated that Darbi was elected to represent everyone in the community. And in that simple disagreement, we could clearly see the misunderstandings that had been costing Lakota schools so much mismanagement, expensive mismanagement. And why bad things happened in the first place that taxpayers were always on the hook for fixing. Darbi Boddy was sent to the board by the public to get control of the school board. Not to get along with the people who traditionally screwed everything up. 

In the case of Lakota, the bad, expensive things that have happened to support the antics of their superintendent, who has mismanaged his life and then turned on the community with hostile threats to suppress the information, the most significant faults were in the desire for people in the process to follow the directions that were written by liberalism and that there value system was in obeying the rules, not in deciding if the rules were applicable, or needed to be challenged. We see this in trustee meetings all the time when they rubber stamp the latest Agenda 21 roundabout or a bike path meant to prevent cars from burning fossil fuels just to get a loaf of bread at the grocery. Community planners are all trained at the same liberal sources baked into everything they do; all over the country, progressive policies are then approved by conservative politicians who believe their job is to be good administrators of the rules and to follow instructions. They never seem to understand or question whether liberals or conservatives wrote the rules and if they should be following them. Not that I was surprised, but I watched with great curiosity at every level how all the people I knew, from the police department to the school board, and the media, followed strange liberal rules and procedures right into a situation that escalated everything into a public menace that only enraged the public, and did nothing to quell the original problems. 

And it was that pesky problem again, which always comes up when the rule of law is applied to mass society in the wake of so much progressive influence over several years now, decades, really. As the Bible has been removed from being a foundation of law and order, the values that built America, to begin with, we have seen bureaucratic pinheads stepping in as the administrative state to replace the Biblical concepts of God in society, and therefore all sense of value for what a community can agree on. No wonder Nancy Pelosi could lie to our faces during a press conference about her crazy husband, that keeps getting into all kinds of trouble, or the mass media conspiracy regarding the Hunter Biden laptop. Or that there was no evidence of election fraud, even though the evidence, like this case in Lakota, was dripping everywhere with plenty of things to consider. The liberal denial of a fact was proposed because logic had been surrendered to the values of process control. Value wasn’t based these days on the judgment of an individual mind; it was built entirely in progressive processing around compliance with what was created by controls. Therefore, the value wasn’t in thinking about what was happening, but it was complying with the rules which were created to follow. So long as everyone followed the rules written for them, they could feel that their actions were moral and fulfilled a sense of justice from their point of view. But those in the community who expected community values to be conservative and to respect at least the foundations of Biblical understanding, the glue that holds western civilization together, found the decisions reprehensible.  More and more these days, these Biblical references come up as the source of the solution to our many social problems. I had always considered that everyone, regardless of their politics, functioned from that basic premise. However, I started to notice when I was in a hotel in 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that it was missing the Bible in the hotel room and that more courtrooms, school systems, and even swearing-in ceremonies were going in the direction of the sports players who refused to stand for the National Anthem. There was a real progressive push to remove western civilization from the practice of any value judgments. At the heart of that was the Bible, essentially 1400 years of establishing laws that built western civilization. And once those values were removed from the decision-making process, even conservative people, or people who think they are conservatives, found that value judgments were reduced to just following the rules of a process. And if liberals wrote the processes, then it didn’t matter if the people participating in those decisions were liberals or conservatives; they would all act the same if the path to resolution centered on compliance with a process instead of the judgment of the parties involved. And in that way, we learned that there were many hidden chambers where the dye went before it came out of the cave in strange places. And that information is extremely valuable. Then, looking back at how the community has divided over this issue makes a lot more sense. The compliance track thinks it is permissible to punish the community for deviating from the process that allows public officials to game the system at significant taxpayer cost. While the public functioning from traditional value judgments of right and wrong as established Biblically, as the foundation of our entire society, found the proposals reprehensible. The good news is that while functioning at the Supreme Court level, our court system still lives by such Biblical ideas and that the rule of law is our Constitution. Even while the progressive-minded would like that not to be the case and would love to throw their political enemies in jail, or take them to court over frivolous litigation, the truth of the matter is that in those places, the Bible still matters.   Because if people don’t believe in that, then you can’t have the basic tenants of civil society. And under that view of the law, harassing the public for discussing evidence is witness intimidation, which opens a whole new can of worms.

Rich Hoffman

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Remember When Lakota Paid $175,000 to an Employee over Ethical Violations: The cost of mismanagement of public employees is extraordinarily high

For the quick answer that is being talked about because of the Lakota superintendent’s lawsuit threat letters, the response to them would, of course, be frivolous litigation aggressively pursued based on The New York Times v. Sullivan case of 1964. In that well-known case, criticism of public officials protected by the 1st and 14th Amendments ensures that legal recourse is off limits for pursuing damages. The price for a life in public office and the comforts that come with living off public funds is that criticism is healthy for an honest exchange of information. No matter how crazy the information may be, which hasn’t been the case with this Lakota superintendent case, it is protected under the American Constitution. There is consistent case law that resolves the issue to the extent that any challenge to it would perfectly justify a knowingly frivolous abuse of litigation and the time of the courts themselves. And with that known, the aggressive attack on the public by sending out threatening letters to around ten community members just because they expressed themselves about the kind of private conduct that Matt Miller has utilized in his life has only caused a lot more anger. Because of this aggressive act, and what has been learned about what the school board knew and when, now there have been explorations of class action litigation against Lakota schools themselves for the reckless spending of taxpayer funds that have gone on not just in the actions of protecting their superintendent from public judgment, but in several other instances as well. Currently, a group of people are adding up all the costs and instances so that a coherent story can be pieced together by the evidence, and further action is pending in those assemblies. 

Yet, along the way, it has been noticed that a lawsuit filed by former teacher union leadership member Emily Osterling won her $175,000 in 2019 for wrongful termination back in 2017. At that time, Matt Miller put forth an 11-page resolution that listed a series of allegations, none of them criminal, pertaining to Osterling’s dealings with students and their parents. The resolution illustrated behavior that was willful and persistent violations of board policy pertaining to staff ethics as well as Ohio’s code of professional conduct for educators. And federal laws govern how she educates and serves the students. Well, that got some people’s attention since we had all just been told that any of the Lakota superintendent’s actions revealed from his very explicit divorce records that his conduct wasn’t illegal. And that morality wasn’t a consideration of employment. Upon learning about all this behavior, many people in the Lakota district were shocked that Lakota didn’t have a “morality clause” in the superintendent’s contract like other schools do. And in that oversight, they have allowed a very aggressive, a very progressive activist and an unwelcomed figure into our community at a high cost, with no way to get rid of him. And that has brought up the excessive cost of keeping that employee with indirect costs that go far beyond his actual salary and benefits. By the time his cost to Lakota is added up due to lawyer fees, public relations firms, and other burdens connected to other instances of similar mismanagement, it looks to be in the many thousands of dollars. Even millions if we go back to all the circumstances since his hiring in 2017 when that Emily Osterling case occurred. Now I’m not suddenly a supporter of teacher union members. But the point of this matter is how Emily Osterling could be held to some standard of values and even terminated from her job when Matt Miller was not held to the same standard as a superintendent for essentially doing much worse. 

Matt Miller was always nice in my presence, so I was shocked to learn that several school board members thought Matt would sue the district over his contract for a lot of money if he were terminated over the revelation of his divorce revelations in 2020. I had my doubts about this until I saw how he behaved toward the community who learned about his private life and expressed themselves as to why they didn’t like it. The letter I received was very aggressive, and my policy on that kind of thing was to hit back many times harder. That’s when discussion about a class action case started to take root in gathering up all the facts and the timeline. And after reading that letter, it was obvious that the school board’s worries were justified. However, to understand the law, it would have been better to settle the issue in court than to dig deeper into the trouble with attempts to cover it all up with PR firms and lawyers. Understanding the constitutional limits of legal recourse, it would have been perfectly justified to counter any such attack with frivolous litigation given the context of his contract concerning community reputation, which was his burden to maintain healthily. 

With the standard set by the Emily Osterling case, it’s evident that a community precedent had been established in removing her as an employee. It didn’t hold up in court, and they ended up paying her out a lot of money. Add her case to the many others out there and we have a serious case of mismanagement at the school board level over a long period of time. The job has been too big for them to handle since they give everything to some professional class to take care of, which ends up costing a lot of money. Of course, there will be justifiable legal costs, with legal firms and PR outlets, but what we are seeing is a massive amount of waste, waste we wouldn’t have noticed unless Lakota’s superintendent decided to attack members of the community in these bizarre ways as if he were entitled to employment, no matter what his personal conduct revealed. Much of this he has done to himself through his own mismanagement of his own life. Then Lakota, as a district, has had to spend a lot of money to protect him from his own actions. Then when you add up all those costs to all other similar disputes with other employees and public relations problems, you get quite a large number. And that large number results from massive mismanagement by a public-school culture that is out of control and not aligned with the community that pays for it.

And in many cases, the only correction we have for such bad behavior on a massive scale is the constitutional protections of The New York Times v. Sullivan, 1964. No wonder progressives everywhere want to shut down free speech. But all the law of our country is built around constitutional law, not the protection of public employees by a judgmental public. Without those judgments, there is literally nothing to keep public employees honest. And what is such an insult with this case at Lakota, despite learning that the very things that are happening now and being justified as correct were the same things that same superintendent did to get rid of other employees, for ethical standards. And to keep people from talking about it, he sent out nasty threats to people hoping to crush criticism which in his case, the criticisms are more than well justified. The best advice anybody could give him would be that he shouldn’t be making news if he doesn’t want to be in the news. And threatening the community for their anger at his actions is making news, not the kind Lakota would like to have. But it’s just the latest in a long history of mistakes that have cost a fortune and have nothing to do with funding education for children. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Men of Butler County, Ohio Are Too Busy Getting Their Nails Done to Stand up to Bullies: Republican Party endorses Roger Reynolds for Auditor, Thomas Hall is found innocent of any ethics violations

The number one question I get asked lately is, “where are the men of Butler County, Ohio?” People see what happened to Roger Reynolds, the auditor of Butler County, who is running for re-election but has seven indictments against him pushed by Sheriff Jones. They wonder why nobody has stood up for Roger. The indictments are apparent abuses of power coming out of the Sheriff’s office, yet few people have stood up to the Sheriff to defend Roger, and many don’t understand why. The ethics investigation into Thomas Hall has resulted in him being found not guilty of any trouble, even though Sheriff Jones pushed hard to find something to bust the young man on. The Sheriff even went way out of his way to try to primary a replacement candidate during the re-election of the State Representative of the 46th District. Thomas had to hire a lawyer to help clear his name, which is part of the abuse of power game. These public employees love power because it gives them leverage over people to quell their thirst for the abuse of it, and it costs money to defend against that power in courts that are essentially run by the same forces. I backed Thomas when it wasn’t popular to do so, and Jones backed Matt King and put many of his resources behind the young challenger. But Thomas won anyway, despite all the dirty politics. Recently while the Lakota superintendent was being interviewed by police he sent a message to his friend, Sheriff Jones, hoping for help in the matter of him being caught having “pillow talk” about three kids who go to his school where he wanted his wife to “drug them, molest them, and video them” for his sexual gratification, he reminded Jones that I was the same person who supported Thomas Hall in the election that was an embarrassing loss for the Sheriff, implying that law enforcement should look the other way on his issue because of it. There is a whole heap of dirty politics to go around in just those few examples, and you better believe it, there are many more cases not even talked about. This is why many are asking where the men are these days, and I say they are out getting their nails done, filling out their Fantasy Football picks, and being nice little compliant progressives that the modern world told them to be, while crime, bullying, and evil go unmolested in county politics. 

I’ve talked to people involved on the inside of the dispute between Roger Reynolds and Sheriff Jones. They used to get along just fine until a couple of things happened, which we have to talk about because Jones is the one who decided to abuse his authority behind the law to try and destroy Roger Reynolds over ridiculous conditions. I saw an ad the other day asking the question ahead of the election, “would you support Roger Reynolds with your money even though he has seven indictments against him and is facing jail time?” Well, YES! I know why there are seven indictments against Roger Reynolds, and I think they are bogus charges by a rigged system by a political enemy who has sought power and position to use government to control people, and I don’t like it one bit. Roger Reynolds knowing what I know about the case, is an innocent man being prosecuted by a system of bullies who have used politics to destroy people for personal reasons. And with Roger, one of those issues was that he let go of a family member of Sheriff Jones because they had worked in the auditor’s office and stopped coming to work because of Covid. We have all seen many employees abusing the Covid protocols set up by the out-of-control CDC, and this was a person who needed to be at work. But they were following the government nonsense regarding Covid, so Roger let them go as a non-essential worker. Nobody can say what Sheriff Jones thinks or doesn’t but judging by his behavior and what he has said to others, he then used his power and position to destroy Roger Reynolds and teach him a lesson for not keeping his family member employed. But logic would say that Roger Reynolds did the right thing. 

Then there was the incident over disclosure where Roger and Sheriff Jones were talking about maintaining records for the public. Roger Reynolds is a full-disclosure kind of guy, but Sherrif Jones wasn’t. As he said to Roger, “I don’t want someone sitting on their toilet to know how I’m spending my money. If you do it, I’ll have to do it too,” or something to that effect, according to the witnesses. Well, Roger Reynolds pushed for it anyway, so it’s at that point that the political war between them moved into all the ugliness that led to those seven phony indictments that were led by Channel 19, who started the story. (they’ll do a phony story for the Sheriff but not a legitimate story about Lakota schools, how about that)  Then Sheriff Jones pulled all his strings to set the indictments into motion to get rid of Roger Reynolds and put Bruce Jones in his place, the current fiscal officer of West Chester. I know Bruce Jones quite well. He was the campaign manager for Venessa Wells, who was running for the Lakota school board before she got so sick of the politics and wanted to drop off the slate card with party endorsement.

Venessa also received all the divorce information that led to the trouble with Matt Miller, the Lakota superintendent and the pillow talk about children that have him in so much trouble. Do you see how all this connects? Yet we don’t see Sheriff Jones indicting Miller. The law is used as a weapon to protect public employees from public management, not as an instrument of justice, and that is what has people so upset. I like Venessa; I like Bruce; I even like Sheriff Jones. In my experience, Sheriff Jones respects masculinity and tough people. But if he thinks he can get by with pushing people around, he certainly will. I’ve never had a problem with him, but I hear about all these terrible stories from just about everyone leaving people to wonder where the men are to defend against such bullies.                                                   

I am happy to report that the great Butler County Republican Party has endorsed Roger Reynolds for the upcoming election despite the seven Sheriff Jones indictments. This is even with Sheriff Jones being in the leadership of the Republican Party. The thing about politics is that people aren’t supposed to always get along. There are supposed to be fights and testing of the resolve for it to work, and Roger Reynolds has certainly shown himself to be tough and not back down from a fight.   It shouldn’t have cost him many thousands of dollars as he has to defend himself in court. At some point, Sheriff Jones owes Reynolds a lot of money to compensate him for the political hit job he has endeavored to utilize as an abuse of office to inflict catastrophic political damage to an innocent man. Nobody trusts the law when they indict Roger Reynolds but lets someone like Matt Miller go free. People see what’s going on. Despite trying to destroy Roger Reynolds out of political revenge, the Butler County Republican Party’s Central Committee did the right thing and voted to endorse Roger Reynolds anyway. So, there is good in the world. Sheriff Jones might not like it, but who cares.   He has put himself on the wrong side of history and obviously acted in ways that were not on the side of right. In public life, all kinds of people abuse their power to control and ruin other people’s lives. Roger Reynolds certainly isn’t one of them. And when it comes to standing up for what’s right, voting for Roger Reynolds on November 8th is undoubtedly a step in that direction. I’ll be voting for him proudly.  As to standing for what’s right, it’s not people who fail to defend innocent children, yet prosecute public officials who promote full disclosure who anybody should fear. There is no reason for men to hide from such bullies behind the skirts of their women while trying to impress them with talk of nail polish and feminine napkins on sale at Walgreens. It’s the bullies who should fear the men of Butler County. And as things stand now, it’s mainly the women who are the only ones standing up for anything.

Rich Hoffman

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The Public Education Scam: It’s all about protecting an image to sell tax increases no matter how bad the behavior of the employees is

I wouldn’t say that Thom Fladung of Hennes Communications is the example of evil in the world, but it would be quite sufficient to define him and his partners as bricks in a vast wall of evil meant to destroy the First Amendment and ruin the foundations of American government. Whenever you see a message on some news report, such as, “we are not in a recession” or “the sex allegations are unproven,” you are likely seeing the work of some version of Thom Fladung working the media behind a veil of manipulation that would make William Shakespeare blush. In a clear case of child pornography possibilities, such as the Matt Miller case at Lakota schools, where the school superintendent was interviewed by police admitting to pillow talk about drugging, molesting, and videotaping the abuse for sexual gratification, and the kids weren’t random, but kids who went to the school he manages, the lack of concern for the children involved has been stunning. Rather than disciplining the superintendent or finding a new one, once this information got out in 2020 the school board called up Thom Fladung, a managing partner at Hennes. They advertise for just such crisis management. For them, a crisis is meant to be repaired to maintain reputations. And the reports are that Lakota schools were willing to spend over $300 per hour to make the Matt Miller story go away. They weren’t concerned about the behavior; the school board determined that what Matt Miller did in his private life had no impact on his job, even though in Matt’s ex-wife’s police interview, she indicated that there were naked pictures of kids on both of their phones which the superintendent had sent her and that during the divorce, there was a lot of effort to hide his online dating profiles with Ashley Madison, which were on his school computer. Logic would say that hearing such a thing, there would be an investigation to learn the truth, which would be vital if the school’s priorities were the students’ safety. Instead, they called Thom to come in and provide “reputation, crises management.”

This is how they contain stories and keep things from the public. Most people don’t understand the law or their rights and are easily intimidated. But not Venessa Wells. With the amount of information that has come out about this client, discovery would be a good thing, and would put everything in a public record where people could then learn much more. When I saw this, I took it as a bullying tactic, and I don’t like bullies. Especially after what we learned after the police report. The response to this notice resulted in legal action going the other way, and the lawsuits against the school that have been occurring. This employee of Lakota schools is their responsibility, and bad conduct will not be tolerated. They should have dealt with him in 2020 when they first learned of this vile behavior.

Apparently, Matt Miller is listed as one of the top superintendents in the country and is scheduled to speak at the ASU+GSV Summit at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from April 17th  through April 19th in San Diago, 2023. To protect that reputation, built over a long period of time, Lakota was willing in 2020, when they first learned about the problem, to pay to make it go away. The work of Thom kept local media from getting into the story and concealed the details from the public in general as if the public never had a right to know what kind of people they were hiring at Lakota with taxpayer money. The goal was concealment and protection of a reputation that was meant on paper to prop up the superintendent in progressive circles and get awards like a dog for doing what his master told him to do. According to the ASU bio, it says of Miller that he was one of only two superintendents in the country to lead the League’s Real-World Challenge Collaborative, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. Yes, that “Zuckerberg,” the progressive owner of Facebook, and his Zuckerbucks program to illegally steal elections with mail-in ballots tampered with during the 2020 election. Those are the kind of people who think that Matt Miller has been doing a good job. Miller has since gotten into a lot of trouble by essentially being the Dr. Fauci of Lakota schools and strictly enforcing the mask mandates for Covid, which made many parents angry. And when Miller dug in and became more combative, people started digging into his personal life and found this messy divorce which Thom has been paid to cover up. And now it’s out in the open, and everyone through public records who wants that information can have it.

And, of course, the reaction of Lakota to all this information, which is clearly terrible for the superintendent, was to cover it up. They tried to find a way to prevent massive amounts of evidence from coming out in public requests, text messages, dating profiles, emails, and all kinds of very serious allegations. But the information got out through the local sheriff’s department as it should have, leaving Lakota obviously uncovered about their methods. They had been caught covering up the actions of Matt Miller in 2020, and now they were paying more legal clean-up people to continue to cover it up. The media all had the information, of course, but by the rules established by people like Thom, who has experience as the managing editor of the Cleveland Plains Dealer and the Detroit Free Press, nobody was going to run with the story for fear of legal action. And in that way, crisis management professionals keep valuable information away from the public when they need it most. When bad things happen, and government schools or other institutions can hire someone like Thom Fladung to keep the information from the public, how can justice of any kind be utilized?   And it worked at Lakota with a story that should have been national news. A big-time school superintendent was caught in sexual conduct involving children, at the very least, thinking about sex with specific children, and there was proof from the police. It wasn’t hearsay and irrelevant or gossip talk. It came from Matt Miller’s own mouth during a police interview that is clearly indicated in the police report. 

The terrifying thing about this case is that everyone was caught red-handed. We know what Thom did and when; we know what the school board did and who knew what and when. We know what Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools, did because of a messy divorce that shows a very different person from the one who is supposed to be a featured speaker at ASU+GSV Summit, where they give you rewards for masking kids and following the progressive rules that Mark Zuckerberg is pushing on society. When those kinds of people like what you are doing, it only supports those who say government schools like Lakota are incubators of liberal politics meant to reprogram our children away from their parents and into a progressive nightmare that is unraveling all over the country currently. But to hide that evidence, Lakota would rather pay Thom Fladung to perform “reputation management” than to deal with the bad conduct that harmed the reputation in the first place. It’s a phony system built on lies and manipulation. And the media is obviously controlled by public relations and legal manipulators who keep things concealed behind the scenes in the hopes that the managing public who pays for everything will never find out. And when they do, they just grab the ball and hope to run out the clock by denying everything until people get tired of asking. The government plays a little game to protect its own; the police play along by not charging the target, which keeps it from being a story. Lawyers use threats of legal action to keep everyone on the fence.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg and his progressive friends give out rewards to people like Matt Miller for their work toward liberal politics on a mass scale; and the local government school uses that reputation to help sell more tax increases to the public. But lucky for the people of Lakota, there was a lot of citizen journalism that people like Thom Fladung didn’t control who did report the story, and people know what they need to now despite the efforts to cover it up. And now we see all these characters for what they are, what they did, and when. And we are far better off as taxpayers because of the bold actions of many people who just want their kids safe in public schools.

Rich Hoffman

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What is a Right-Winged Radical: If I’m one of them I am very proud to be, and I’m not changing

I don’t know how you defend anybody who thinks about sex with little kids or even jokes about it. But because of the Matt Miller mess at Lakota schools, and my opinions about it, and leading up to it, I have been referred to as a “right-winged radical” more recently than normal. Part of the reason is that Democrats are poised to lose big on November 8th of 2022, and anybody on the side of MAGA (Make America Great Again) is being called derogatory names. The term “NAZI” is even being applied to anybody who is right-winged, as opposed to those on the “left wing,” which is most of the media, the political class, and all public schools to their core. But once again, the people doing the name-calling have a warped view of the world and clearly don’t understand how things work in the world. The projected bad election results are coming up because people are rejecting the Liberal World Order and its many failures.   The bottom line, which has apparently been their strategy all along, was to cheat in elections and gain power they didn’t deserve. If you keep liberals from cheating and disputing illegal votes so they aren’t counted, and that kind of thing, then Democrats can never win. There just aren’t that many liberals out there to have even the balanced power they appear to have now. Democrats and the Liberal World Order behind them stole the 2020 election with all kinds of mechanisms, electronic voting machines that could change votes and Covid to make mail-in ballots much easier to cheat, which they did in both cases. The proof is abundant, and we’ll talk about how they did it for the next hundred years. Americans will never forget what happened in 2020. And the cheaters will pay for what they did during several elections to come, starting with this one in 2022. 

But regarding right winged radicals, I have never moved my political position from the one I recognized from my grandparent’s generation. I have asked the right questions as to whether I needed to adjust what I was taught or modify it based on the projections of modern education. In cases where I might not have thought they were right, I asked those questions. But I quickly learned that it was the world that was wrong. The traditional America of my grandparents and beyond was the one I wanted to defend, and I have been that kind of Republican my entire life. I grew up with television shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Eddies Father, Little House on the Prarie, and many others, which showed a kind of America that was successful and brought many hopes and dreams to the world. The screwups, such as fighting World Wars and America being the police of the United Nations in places like Iran, Vietnam, Korea, and all other places of socialist, communist, and far-left instability, are the fault of the new political left that reinvented itself as progressives after their failures during the Civil War in America. The liberals were represented by the South, who wanted to maintain a European aristocracy. The Industrial North wanted a complete divorce from Europe and the rest of the world in general and to become an example to the world of how things should be. Not a follower. The America of Buffalo Bill, of American Expansion, and the great westerns of John Wayne, the Lone Ranger, Zorro, and Disney’s Davy Crockett is my America. The big difference is that I have stayed right with that America while many felt the pressure to move further to the left because they didn’t want to be called names by radicals from the left and were forced through taunts to adopt Karl Marx’s ideas to keep the peace. I have viewed this procedure as an invasion, not political discourse. I am where I have always been. It’s the rest of almost everyone else who moved to the left and expected that to become the new political center. 

Since the Matt Miller thing broke, I have heard the tactics of many of these far-left lunatics, people who obviously don’t know me very well. They are learning many hard lessons. I’m never going to move from my spot, and I’ll fight anybody anywhere, anytime, over it, in any fashion, they want to fight. That is kind of my standard policy. But I’m never moving to the left of where I am. Nazis, as I’ve said many times are inventions of the pollical left. They are a problem of European thought. Fascism, such as Musullini projected, is another leftist concept. They are all far to the left of where I am and not even close to the gun-slinging gunfighters of America with a whole new Biblical take on morality in a nation not run by an aristocracy but by hard work, innovation, empowered risk takers, and a desire to win as opposed to make a master happy with licked boots and professional titles. Anybody suggesting that is wrong for the kind of America that we have always been is out of their minds. But some of those Matt Miller fans have sent me lots of nasty messages, such as one I received making fun of my cowboy hat and referring to my right-winged view of the world with the famous Jim Carrey video he did called Cold Dead Hands. One of the shows that I always did like when I went to my grandparents’ house on a Saturday night at 7:30 PM was Hee Haw, and in the Jim Carrey video, he was recreating a Hee Haw episode to make fun of the kind of America that used to like it. Well, I still like it, and I reminded that person that Jim Carrey’s career never recovered from when he did that video. He and the Hollywood left thought it was cute, but America rejected Carrey thereafter, and his career has tanked ever since. 

What they call the “hard political right” is really where America has always been. I think the father in Little House on the Prairie, Charles Ingles was what every man should strive to be. I think the father in Eddie’s Father is the kind of dad every kid wants in their life; of course, they want a mom too. The wise old gunslingers from Bonanza who always had the right answer when a young person asked a question is what America has always strived to be. And what the political left has offered to America is a destruction of that. And to kiss the feet of an Administrative State run by Europe and the United Nations. I grew up wanting to be like those people, and I am. And I’m never going to move off that spot. I’ll hand out bottled waters to the wore out people who gave lefty ideas a chance and want to return to sanity in the new MAGA Republican Party. But there is nothing in the world that will move me off my position. The attempts recently have been humourous, but more than a laugh at them, it has illustrated where all the political divisions have sourced themselves. It’s in the push by politics, the media, corporate culture, and globalism in general to adopt the methods of Karl Marx, and America is about rejecting everything about Karl Marx. Anything that moves in that left-leaning European direction is garbage that must be fought, and fight it we will. The process has already started. But after this upcoming election on November 8th, things will start moving America back to the kind of America I have talked about here. Because to me, that is the only America, and I’m not going to leave it no matter how many losers scream that I should.

Rich Hoffman

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The Paper Tigers of Liberalism: Should we expect violence before and after the election and what to do about it

Many people are worried about how liberals will react after losing so much in the upcoming midterms. It’s a similar concern that I heard ahead of 2020 when people worried that the reelection of President Trump would lead to riots in the streets, the attack of Trump voters in their homes, and a general collapse of all society. That was until we saw the massive amount of cheating that took place, which put their pick, Joe Biden, the criminal, treasonous malcontent in the White House, through unthinkable scandal. But that was during an unthinkable year where Covid was used to steal the election and have a global insurgency against the trends of populism. We know a lot now that we didn’t then, and speaking from my personal experiences, I think it’s safe to say that we have witnessed the worst that the political left has to offer. Sure, they can still kick and scream and incite riots. But their strategy for everything has been endured, and the concerns that violence will erupt due to a conservative clean sweep is based on a paper tiger villain that falls apart quickly when wet. And as a result of this next election, that will surely be the result. It has been a scary time for everyone. But the bottom line is that much of the bad behavior that we witnessed that has given everyone the anxiety of violence has been illegal. This insurgency of the Biden administration and leftist politics, in general, has violated the American Constitution in favor of new rules written by the Desecrators of Davos under the United Nations. They planned to abandon our Constitution in favor of one written by the United Nations in the future, and in that act, they told us everything we needed to know about how to defend ourselves. 

Speaking truthfully, which is something I have been hesitating to talk about, but it’s been on my mind for two years now, I have expected every day and every hour of those days to be in a shootout with some branch of this insurgent government. Whether they were official officers of the law sent like the FBI to harass Trump patriots or paid off assassins by those forces so as not to have dirt on their hands toward groups known for terrorism and discord. I have expected to be attacked and to have to defend myself at all times. And it has been rough. I’m not Roger Stone or Paul Manafort, public figures who talk tough in public but quickly surrender when authority is applied. I would offer that the abuse of them and others around Trump was carefully selected. The authorities knew these personalities would not fight back when attacked, so they were picked to make an example of them to scare other supporters who were not so inclined. I’m sure the scouting report on me is deep, so I never expected any courtesy of politeness to be applied. When I was up reading at 2 AM in the morning, I was expecting a knock on the door, and I have been quite sure of how I would handle it. For me, the Bill of Rights of our American Constitution is absolute. It’s the agreed-upon laws of our land. There is no compromise with the 4th Amendment, which states: “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” The government cannot invent crises like Covid to bypass these laws. Once that happens once, even if the excuse might have merit, then the law loses its effectiveness, which was obviously the strategy of the global insurgents all along. 

A Great Work of Political Philosophy, and the Word of God as far as America Goes.

During the Covid lockdowns, it was clear to me that the governor was violating the American Constitution, and I did not follow the health director guidelines of the state of Ohio because there was no legal grounding for it. I argued many times with $400 an-hour lawyers in the heat of those times, and I was right about the validity of a state governor overriding the Constitution with emergency powers without the legislature to consider the proposal. And in the end, I was right, as the years in court after that would prove. But it was scary at the time. Even members of the Ohio Supreme Court whom I spoke with were unsure how to proceed with such an intrusion of our constitutional rights by the emergency powers of a governor under a crisis, made up or legitimate. So I operated my life as normal. I was on the road every day, and I fully expected to be stopped by the police at some point during the lockdowns and harassed for not following the made-up on the back of a napkin Governor rules for Covid. And that would have been a clear violation of the 4th Amendment, and I was prepared, and still am, to defend the Bill of Rights with the 2nd Amendment. Not that I ever wanted anybody to get hurt, but this violation of the law to me was serious business, and I felt that at any time, I was going to be targeted as an example to be made of so that others wouldn’t get the same idea.   I stayed on edge like that for two solid years until it became apparent recently that the whole Liberal World Order overplayed its hand and is now falling apart. I’m still ready for anything at any moment. But the political momentum for the political left is lost, and now they are in a retreat.

So to the point of violence, I can say from personal experience that the entire makeup of the Liberal World Order, from the local authorities to the military, to the IRS bureaucrats that there is so much talk of, are paper tigers wherever such Marxist pushes occur in the world, especially in Africa where rebels against insurgent Marxists have figured it out, that the Administrative State is filled with paper tigers that fall apart quickly. They do not have the moral authority to conduct their abuse. We have seen the worst they can manage to apply to the world in what they did under the Trump administration, climaxing into the election fraud of 2020 and the creation of Covid in a Wuhan lab in China to push the world into the Desecrators of Davos Great Reset. The whole event was a military attack to my way of looking at these things that were meant to destroy the American rule of law through the Constitution, and that was a line I was never going to cross. And others felt the same way; the result was that the effort failed for the Liberal World Order, and they were caught. So when they lose, which they will lose, they will not have the authority to go door to door, killing Republican voters. They don’t have a right to do that, and nobody should fear it or abuse authority to arrest people just because they voted for a conservative. Follow the Constitution. Keep it committed in your mind and be prepared to defend that rule of law in the face of lawlessness. I get it; it was scary during those Covid days. But know that the bad guys are weak; they are paper tigers who are easily exposed. And once people know that, the fear goes away quickly, and a world that is restored to the rule of law can take place once again, which is the obligation of each and every one of us. 

Rich Hoffman

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Liberals are Too Stupid to Hurt You: But they are also too stupid to know better

It’s time to admit something to ourselves that might sound harsh initially, but if you want to solve the problem, you have to identify the root cause. And that is that liberals, all liberals, are pretty stupid and that the rights they are fighting for are to make the rest of the world as dumb as they are, which of course, is detrimental to the causes of the human race. Liberals are dumb people, and what is worse than any of that, they are too dumb not to know how dumb they really are. Because they lack the ability to think, reason, and build their lives constructively, they always think they are the smartest people in the room. And through the disguises of collectivism, where they hide their stupidity behind a wall of mass opinion and popular sentiment, they complete a ruse that is mostly designed for themselves to provide the illusion that they have intelligence. Yet, the essence of their movement, of all that they stand for, is that they are fighting for the right to be stupid and to make the rest of the world that way, so they aren’t exposed as insufficient for a proper existence. When you have to talk to them, liberals are about as stupid as a typical animal, barely able to find food for themselves while they are awake as they plot and scheme the world around them to have more time to sleep. They aren’t about living life; they stand for turning the mind off with drugs, mindless entertainment, and overly sexualized lifestyles that an average horny dog might partake in while humping the leg of everyone who steps into their home. Liberals are gross, barbaric, and have nothing to offer the intellect of a long history of human endeavor and are not only detriments to themselves but to all, they come in contact with.

The Biden speech in Philadelphia is just one example of this stupidity. Someone in the White House and representative of the Democrat Party thought it would be a good idea to put a senile old man in front of a building draped in red, with military figures in the background, and that the optics would be beneficial to them in some way. These are the same idiots who have hampered California with insufficient electrical power because they are worshiping the god of Climate Change these days and are imposing their solar panels and wind turbans that barely work on the people. Then they want further to impose electric cars on that much-reduced power grid only to tell people to turn off their air conditioners during 100-degree days to save energy that they artificially imposed on themselves as a sacrifice to their stupid religion. Or the optics of storming Mike Lindell in a Hardee’s drive-thru to attempt to scare Trump supporters with the terror of the administrative state because he is an “election skeptic.” Only a dumb person would look at the 2020 election and not see the obvious election fraud that Democrats and globalists worldwide pushed to implement with Covid restrictions and the strategy of their Great Reset. You’d have to be really stupid to say there was no election fraud. But to insist that people like Mike Lindell accept the liberal premise that 2+2 is five or some other absurdity, the harassment by the FBI against their rival political party continues to escalate as we get closer to the midterms. Who thinks that is a good idea except for very dumb people who obviously don’t know better? Well, the same idiots who signed off on that Biden speech, knowing full well how it would look, how it would sound, but they did it anyway, thinking they were going to get an A on their paper as judged by the media, which is about as dumb as they are. 

The truth of that Biden speech in Philly, where so much election fraud did occur during the 2020 election and is at the center of many investigations as to how nearly a million votes were dumped into the system after election day, taking a massive Trump lead and shaving it away until the brain dead Biden and his corrupt, criminal family was put into the White House by people obviously not part of the American voting system, you’d have to be a complete idiot not to see the problem. And there just aren’t enough dumb people who are willing to buy the stupidity to allow the Democrat Party to seize power in the way they have and not to question it. But because people generally play by the rules, they accepted Biden as the president and looked to the next election for an opportunity to fix things. But the dumb people of liberalism sought to implement all their insane ideas within just a few months of gaining that power. You see, this is why we have the kind of Republic form of government that we do have. Our government isn’t designed to go fast. It is designed to put on the brakes so that government can’t grow too big too fast and destroy free enterprise, which is the real miracle of all economic growth, unleashing the imagination of free people for the benefit of all life on planet earth. Liberals want to micromanage everything so that they aren’t exposed to the genuine stupidity of their lifestyles, and their lack of intellect can be hidden behind the mirage of mass society. In their minds, if everyone is dumb, they will never be exposed for their lack of knowledge. And life would go on happily ever after. 

But that is why everything they do presents a Hellish existence, much like the optics of the Biden speech in Philly came across. The truth is that they thought the Biden speech was going to be a hit, and they were perplexed afterward that it wasn’t. Just as they are in everything they do, from energy policy to currency evaluation. I think Biden started the war in Ukraine because of the United Nations’ goals to defeat nationalism worldwide, but it has only strengthened populist movements everywhere. Russia has the upper hand over Europe and is most poised to crush the Desecrators of Davos, who are a much more significant threat in the world than the Russians are by a lot. Speaking of Russians, we just learned that the FBI had a Russian spy on their payroll, and they used him to advance their phony Russia story to attempt a coup against Trump. Only stupid people would look at all these actions and their involvement on January 6th to try to create bad optics for Trump in the wake of a stolen election, which they helped to steal to put their guy Biden in the White House and think that they’d get away with it because they thought the rest of the world was as dumb as they were. They thought the fear of force would take even smart minds and force them to turn off their intelligence long enough to complete their ruse to the world. Instead, we ended up seeing a bunch of losers who children would laugh at as ridiculous on an old Flintstones rerun. They are dumb as rocks, which might insult the rocks. The goal of all liberalism is to hide their natural stupidity because only dumb people would even associate with such a cast of characters. And to do that, they must maintain the illusion that they are the smartest people in the room but attempt to dumb down the rest of the world literally. But, it hasn’t worked, and most people, voters particularly, see what’s going on, and they aren’t going along with it, which is why there is much panic and a show of force by liberals now. Their Liberal World Order is falling apart. Smart people knew it always would. The dumb people are perplexed now as to why. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Attack on Small Business by the Liberal World Order: Remember the fire of 1666 in London, the same forces are at work now behind Covid

It’s not at all uncommon when we are dealing with malicious global societies and the wrecks of people who fall into god worship of pagan deities who seek social change based on their fears and starvation for power to impose on others. It was undeniable after the fire of 1666 when central London was burnt to the ground for many miles of former wood-constructed buildings that caught fire by accident. Yet, some early versions of the Masonic order emerged with plans to rebuild with star alignments and goddess worship in mind, with central planners ready to dig immediately. Accidental or planned tragedies have been the mode of operation that many secret societies have used to impose their version of reality on the world. And those societies were secret for the primary reason that they wished to avoid complete destruction by those in religious power at the time. So, they would, in the case of Masons emerging in London and other places in Europe, put on the mask of Christianity publically while behind closed doors trying to bring back the ancient society of Egypt, an oriental-based religion, to challenge authority and impose on the world their own religion for magical reasons that might appease the gods profiting of whatever tragedy might present itself. The fire of 1666 in London, which displaced many tens of thousands of people in its aftermath, was just one example of the many times secret societies have used tragedy to impose on the world a religious view that wasn’t popular in the mainstream but operated in the background to the misery of those that were imposed upon. So when the same type of characters who now operate in the same way today as the Desecrators of Davos and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset created a virus from a Chinese lab called Covid-19, the global lockdowns and protocols were meant to inflict social change through the ruins of mass society for the goals of a hidden religion. This time it was still the goddess worship that is a part of many pagan religions, but this time it was mother earth and the attempted centralized control of every economy in the world, especially the destruction of those in the United States. 

One of the keys to the greatest economy in the world within the United States is the many small businesses that make it up. One thing that became obvious during the Covid lockdowns was that, like the fire in 1666, there were surprisingly many people who knew what to do. It didn’t take them long to use Covid as the trigger for massive social reforms that obviously had long been planned out. And while governors all over America who were involved in the secret societies who, tongue in cheek, operated out in the open of progressive thought, a clear pattern emerged that showed a hostile war against those small businesses and legislative patterns that dramatically favored the big corporate stores who have bent the knee to global control. When businesses were shut down, large corporate stores were allowed to stay open as many mom and pop shops closed up and were destroyed forever. I recently had to travel across Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland for a Fast Draw Championship competition and was thinking about this topic while noticing the enormous amount of small businesses that there were, which make up a large part of the Ohio economy and the economy of America. I have similarly traveled across North America and noticed how many decentralized businesses there are, especially compared to similar distances in Europe, where land use is much more restricted, forcing people to live near more metropolis areas and take their businesses with them.   It’s quite clear that many progressive activists worship the goddess earth as a new age religion who wanted to use Covid to destroy American small businesses. If not for the tenacity of the American people and the legal constraints on government from the American Constitution, they would have succeeded as planned. 

Like that fire in 1666 or even in the ashes of 9/11 where the World Trade Center Twin Towers and several other buildings in that sector of New York were suddenly gone as a result of FBI incompetence to allow terrorists to do their menace, there are always people there ready to exploit the tragedy, with plans already put to paper for all to see, who are prepared to make their move. And the biggest of the corporations was primarily controlled by Larry Fink money mostly, with liberal tentacles into their boards of directors who were already kneeling to the new gods of worship that were presented through globalism; we saw the intentions for a New World Order, liberal in nature, ancient in its intentions, that was asserting itself and willing to run over anybody who got in their way, especially the typical small business in America. And it was a crime on such a vast scale that nobody knew how to consider the sheer evil of it. But unlike that fire in London, Covid wasn’t an accident; it was a purposeful attack on the economies of the world which intended to destroy competition to the big corporations who were leveraging control of the global economy into a system that would allow for more centralized control. These new forces didn’t want thousands of individual companies in America to resist their ESG scores or the reach of their financial controls clearly established by BlackRock and many other activist money managers and banks run by droopy pot-bellied losers with bad golf games. It was much easier to control the very few and very large companies than the massive task of many decentralized economic forces that were way too independent. 

It was the same forces that were behind the many European Inquisitions and Crusades who sought to protect the emerging religion of earth worship and get revenge for the past where Egyptian dark arts were suppressed by Christianity, the creation of America and individual rights and the goals of materialism built by capitalism that was the real enemy of the pagan Earth Goddess worshipers. They didn’t care who died in the process so long as they imposed their will on the world by force, just as they always have. The same forces that created many of the old secret societies and fled Europe’s ominous Roman Catholic Church in hopes of being free to worship as they pleased and not be killed for it, the experiment had gone out of control. The desire to regain control of it was pressing those same European forces toward a Great Reset that would put them in control of the world in ways they had always wished. And the aim was to appease the same goddess; whether it was called Mother Earth, Isis, or the Virgin, they are all the same as the true terrorists behind the movement. The attack on small businesses in America and around the world was malicious and purposeful. It was long planned and maniacal. And we must never forget about it. As I said about my recent trip, many small businesses are still recovering from the destruction that Covid brought them. It was never fair. And they need someone to defend them. The plan had failed, and things did not go as they were conceived. And the bad guys got caught cheating on the chess board. The Trump administration had forced them to attempt such a thing out of fear that their long-established plans might never get off the ground. So they unleashed Covid and took a shot to control the world. And we are still seeing the effects of that destruction years later while many are still trying to figure out what to do about it now.

Rich Hoffman

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