Objectivism: President Trump has only been the beginning

For one thing, as I have said for many months, going backwards, or accepting socialism is not an option.  Watching a political insurrection occur is not acceptable and from my point of view the cause of most of the problems is stupidity.  In many cases made that way on purpose by our attackers.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Tea Party movement was going strong.  In fact, it produced the Trump presidency, and it never really went away.  But in many ways Trump replaced the need for the Tea Party with the kind of government we had been hungry for, and a proper take-over of the Republican Party took place and many of the concerns we had for our nation were being addressed.  However, the Trump administration was very much a surface fix.  Trump did all he could from the executive branch, but the limits became well obvious as time evolved that the overall philosophy of government in America had strayed way off path and the criminals which were now in elected offices were diligent in hiding their crimes by trying to get rid of Trump the moment he started culminating in this running out the clock judicially on the greatest election fraud scam in the history of the world.  So, to fix those problems it doesn’t so much take weapons to attack the perpetrators, but it does require intelligence to run a republic which is where we must begin in 2021, with restoring intellect. 

There were two very popular books that came out of the Tea Party period which inspired a movement of people to demand better government for themselves.  The first and most obvious was The 5000 Year Leap and the second was Atlas Shrugged.  There were others, but those two epitomized the Tea Party movement and the kind of things that it took to convince people to take a chance on someone like Donald Trump for president the first time.  Yet to maintain that effort, it would obviously take more of that energy, and more people to come to a better intelligence about how to run their lives, which is part of the China attack on our country, to infiltrate all levels of our government and dumb down our population with drugs, stupidity, and any vice that could be controlled to destroy the lives of human beings as a massive conquest of an entire population was underway for world domination and the spread of communism to every corner.  For many it is a difficult concept to wrestle with, to even recognize that they need to ask a question and that lazy tendency to trust anybody anywhere that they never overcame as children was necessary for the maintenance of a free society.  Ayn Rand’s work is the best place to start presently as the books of her efforts were written in the 40s and 50s of the last century and have been part of the American experience in a healthy way for many years now.

As I explained in the video above, I am not an objectivist, which is the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  I’m way too independent as a thinker to follow blindly someone else’s thoughts on a matter.  But the people I call friends are likely most notably those types of people.  I do get along with Christian people very well too, but like Ayn Rand, I have my own thoughts about things and see philosophy as a growing exercise, something that is always evolving based on human knowledge and experience.  Ultimately for me Ayn Rand was a woman and thought like a woman—not that, that was a bad thing, but it is certainly different from me.  In her books the great heroes of her stories essentially pack up and move away from an overly obtrusive government and are constantly being tortured and victimized by a looter society.  Like an angry woman who feels dejected by her husband, Ayn Rand’s characters saunter off to create their own society in the mountains of Colorado as the world falls apart in the outside would by the crushing effects of socialism.  While these books are great for people who have been taught in public education that socialism is the goal of the world and are now voting and making decisions destructive to our country, I have a much different mindset than Ayn Rand does about conflict resolution.  Don’t get me wrong, Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors.  But I would be more inclined to deal with a corrupt government as the historic figure of Wild Bill Hickok did, with a shootout in the street than how the fictional characters of Ayn Rand did, but taking their talents home only to go on strike until the world came to their senses.  I personally think liberty needs to be defended with an eye toward violence and destruction rather than sulking in paradise waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.     

That doesn’t cheapen the message though which is critical to even asking the questions needed to run a republic.  I have probably heard the word “democracy” more in the last week than I have in all of my life, now that people who have taken for granted that America would always be here no matter how much they abused it, only now are people paying attention to the value of a good democracy.  But as I have said many, many, many, many times dear reader, a democracy is one of the four elements of the Vico Cycle which states that all civilization exist on cycles of birth and destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Building a society around a mob driven democracy is not the way to maintain the kind of Constitutional order that is talked about in The 5000 Year Leap.  To overcome that faulty mindset of a democracy, you must first master it, then build something better as a highly educated republic.  You must build your mind to be a functioning member of a democratically elected republic and to have the intellect to maintain it valuing the objectivist elements of the best among us to drive society ever forward, instead of cowering to every lazy whim of the worst and dumbest of our civilization, as we have now. And to defend those intellects, you must stand and fight off the looters who will come after you for their own sustenance like zombies from a horror film so that you can continue your education and effectiveness as a contributing member of that republic.

 In spite of how things look today, with an obvious attack by China into our American way of life it is the 27th Principle in The 5000 Year Leap on debt that speaks so clearly what the strategy of foreign invasion has been into our lives.  It was Ben Franklin who said “think what you do when you run in debt; you give another power over your liberty.”  I was fine with President Trump running up debt to fix many of the problems we had in America, because he was putting the squeeze on China with the trade deal.  It forced China to reveal their cards and show us how deep their fingers have been into our society, which is valuable.  Trump was paying for the debt with projected growth which is well underway.  But the compromise of our judicial system, many of our legislative branch, our media, our law enforcement particularly in the FBI has been the result of crushing debt over the years and a loss of allegiance to America as those bankrupt souls have looked to Chinese communism for their bailout.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  We’re not going backwards, the same needs that elected Donald Trump are still there.  However, we can clearly see that for the future we’ll need a lot more of it, and we can only get there with an intelligent republic, which starts with a few good books.  And Ayn Rand is a good place to start.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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